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GENERATION 8: Oh that’s pretty short of a Gen, but still bigger than Kalos! Pt. 3 February 27, 2020

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Yup, we’re finally here with last batch in Galar before going into Galarian forms and Gigantamaxes so here we’ll be goin through the last batch!  Shall we dive in?

052: Milcery, 053: Alcremie


Seems like we got this Generation’s Vivillon with the Alcremie line!  What I mean, it’s got many different looks to it!  Milcery isn’t quite that interesting although it’s clean slate look has its appeal is interesting (still kind of odd) but then once you give it a sweet (of 7 different kinds), do rotations (clockwise or counter-clockwise), how many spins and time of day, you can end up with 63 different forms of Alcremie.  Though outside of the many different kinds of Alcremie, it’s not totally special otherwise being a pure Fairy-type, but it does have a Gigantamax form, so I guess it pops off a little bit.  Also I really love Rainbow Alcremie, so it was my definite goal to get!

054: Falinks


When I first saw Falinks, I had kind of thought we had another Bug-type on our hands, but like the Grapploct line, it was a total lie and we have another Fighting-type on our hand!  It turns out this is like Exeggcute in where the 6 Falinks are they’re own thing, but the one with the big horn is the leader and with its Signature Move, No Retreat, it goes into a phalanx position (hence the name).  I’m a little surprised it doesn’t evolve or anything, but it’s odd type given could surprise opponents I’d say!

055: Pincurchin


When I first saw Pincurchin, I thought it was going to be like a Galarian Pyukumuku because they’re kind of similar in ways, but then it turns out it’s its own standalone Pokémon.  It’s also a bit better because while it’s a pure Electric-type, it does have a bit of power behind, but because it’s a one-stage, it doesn’t quite live up and just is a dex filler here.

056: Snom, 057: Frosmoth


See, all the Bug types are just interesting this Gen!  This line caught my attention immediately due to the fact that it’s a unique typing of Ice/Bug and Snom is just a cutey patootey!  Though I’m surprised they brought back the friendship/love evolution back for Frosmoth and even so shares what with Umbreon where they evolve through the night with max friendship.  I really like their designs and I enjoy this one exists even if its pretty frail.

058: Stonjourner


Wow, I had assumed we’d get a Pokémon based from Stonehenge, but boy is Stonjourner a strange looking Pokémon.  Granted, I didn’t get to use it much in Sword (even if it was a Sword exclusive).  Not much to say about this Rock-type though, but it kind of doesn’t give me a Pokémon kind of feel to it to be honest, but I think maybe it’ll stick out with visuals.

059: Eiscue


Shield players got Eiscue though which may have been the more interesting between it and Stonjouner to be honest.  If anything, Eiscue is kind of like a less useful Mimikyu because of its ability Ice Face.  What it means is that it’s head can protect it from moves, but it means it loses the cube and becomes it Noice Face until Hail is used where it can get its head back.  Beyond that, this Ice-type Pokémon isn’t quite interesting either, I think it could’ve used an evolution to be honest.

060: Indeedee


It seems we have our helpful Pokémon in this Generation in the form of Indeedee who remind me a LOT of Audino.  Sharing Girafarig & Aria Forme Meloetta type of Psychic/Normal, Indeedee was definitely not going to stand out to me, but it does have a Meowstic vibe due to it having a Male/Female variant with different moves (though they are version exclusives).  Just not my tea I guess.

061: Morpeko


Yup, it isn’t a Pokémon Generation without a Pikachu-clone somewhere in the list, but I’m surprised Morpeko is towards the end of it, but I mean you do find in the 2nd half of the game!  Being a unique typing of Electric/Dark, Morpeko also comes with a unique ability, Hunger Switch which works coinciding with its signature move, Aura Wheel which makes it change to its Hangry Form (the angry one of course).  It’s cute, a little gimmicky for me, but it’s fine (I still think Emolga & Pachirisu were more memorable).

062: Cufant, 063: Copperajah


It’s weird that Cufant is the first Pokémon we see from the intro of Sword & Shield in the possession of Chairman Rose.  Skip towards the end where they actually became available (with the exception of Raid Battles).  For me, I never got either until I had defeated Leon and the post-game story.  Being a pure Steel-type and a new elephant (after the Donphan line), Copperajah was interesting to see and considering how late game it is, I thought it was a good Steel type to have just in case.  Of course since it was the main Pokémon of the antagonist, it ended up with a Gigantamax form.

064: Dracozolt


I’m not really sure what to think of the selection of 4 fossil Pokémon.  I mean none of them evolve which is a bit sad, but a LOT of them are surprisingly good in their stats.  Now their design is a little shocking because they’re fusions of two fossils that DON’T work together.  I mean Dracozolt here looks strange because the electric chicken things doesn’t look right because it’s plastered on a dragon body (hence its Electric/Dragon type).  Interesting for sure and something that isn’t Zekrom xD.

065: Arctozolt


Seee the -zolt remains but now we’re giving the Arcto which makes this line Electric/Ice (which if I remember right is pretty unique besides Frost Rotom).  Beyond that, Arctozolt just brings more because the Electric half has a runny nose!  It’s just a goofy design, but I really like the typing!  Though these two (Dracozolt & Arctozolt learn the signature move, Bolt Beak so that’s pretty cool!

066: Dracovish


This is where the designs went from I get it to WTF happened here.  So if you’ve noticed the -vish is actually the head and it’s place onto the Draco’s tip of its tail which makes this incredibly uncomfortable and awkward especially since it has no arms to speak of as well.  Being a Dragon/Water type is a little interesting (Kingdra exists), but just on visuals alone, it’s probably my least favorite (though players seem to really like Dracovish’s stats and moves and abilities so it may be the best of the 4 ironically?

067: Arctovish


So at first I thought of all of Cara Liss’ creations (oh the pun hurts!), Arctovish was the best looking?  Maybe the most plain and not screwed up version of it.  Though with closer inspection, -vish’s head is upside down xD so the top of its head is its mouth which brings this design into a WHOLE ‘nother level of wtf.  Sad though that Arctovish’s type is the most commonly seen of the 4 (Ice/Water).  I mean it’s OK…still weird af.

Overall, these fossil Pokemon are so janky and slightly disturbin, but they do seem to work well in the game.  They are slightly version exclusives since Sword you can find Bird & Dino fossils easily and Shield has Fish & Drake.  I kind of hope that in one of these DLC packs that we can get correct fusions of the 4 because these don’t need to exist lol!

068: Duraludon


When they introduced Duraludon, I had kind of pointed it as the pseudo-legendary because it kind of had this aura about it on top of it being a Steel/Dragon (shares with Dialga).  Though to find out that it’s a standalone with no pre-evolution nor evolution (though a Gigantamax because Raihan did own one), Duraludon is kind of the oddball here.  I do like it though and it’s a nice ‘mon to catch towards the end of the game.

069: Dreepy, 070: Drakloak, 071: Dragapult


The actual pseudo legendaries comes in the form of the Dragapult line who literally was only available before the E4 battles.  Though it seems you could only catchy Drakloak in the Wild Area (and Dreepy on occasion), I felt this was incredibly and I ended up loving it real quick (though I didn’t use it in the final battle).  Dreepy is adorable though it is pretty weak and doesn’t evolve until lvl. 50 and then 10 levels later evolves into Dragapult and it’s a pretty good way to show that Dreepy sticks with the line (hell, Dragupult can launch 2 Dreepys when it uses its signature move, Dragon Darts).  Really cool line and the Ghost/Dragon type (shares with Giratina) is pretty awesome too!

072: Zacian


Now we finally enter the Legendaries starting with the box art legendaries!  Zacian is the main one for Pokémon Sword and it’s just such a cool doggo!  Now you may be wondering the two forms because prior to the game’s releases, we only knew about the one on the right.  The one on the left is the Hero of Many Battles form which is only a pure Fairy type and when it holds the Rusted Sword, it’ll become the Fairy/Steel Crowned Sword form.  It’s pretty powerful to say the least.  Definitely chose well!

073: Zamazenta


So the Shield doggo ended up taking the…err Shield!  Instead Zamazenta is curiously a Fighting-type and later becomes the Crowned Shield Zamazenta (Fighting/Steel).  While Zacian was proven to be the better of the two, Zamazenta looks pretty cool especially when it becomes its Crowned Shield form.  I haven’t had much time (it was the last to be added in my living dex), but it looks cool!

074: Eternatus


So the big baddie Pokémon in Sword & Shield, this Poison/Dragon type (shares with Dragalge & Naganadel) Eternatus is kind of the key behind the Dynamaxing/Gigantamaxing phenomenon and if I had to be honest gives me Ultra Beast vibes because of how outrageous and angled it looks.  I mean it looks fierce but unfortunately due to how lukewarm the story was, Eternatus wasn’t really given a lot of emphasis and was just presented like throwaway boss.  I kind of wonder if there’s more to it than meets the eye because it’s Eternamax form is unusable after the battle…which sucks, but I’ll talk more about that when I go through the Gigantamax Pokémon.

075: Zarude


And finally we have our first mythical of this Generation and I’m putting it here for now because it was just announced.  Being introduced in the Pokémon Movie, Coco, Zarude doesn’t really come off as a mythical to me (similar to how I felt with Zeraora).  I do think it’s Dark/Grass typing is OK (Nuzleaf & Shifty, Cacturne share this type too), but I don’t know we just got Rillaboom in this Generation and there’s not much else known other than its ability Leaf Guard which isn’t all that great…we’ll see how it goes!




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