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GENERATION 8: Galarian Forms! The sequal to Alolan Forms! Pt. 4 March 17, 2020

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So now that we have gotten through the bulk of the Generation, it’s time to tackle the Galarian Forms, new variation takes on older Pokémon, though the difference this time versus Gen 7 is that some of these lines get brand new evolution where the previous ones didn’t (like Hoenn had Zigzagoon & Linoone and now it’s those two plus a second evolution in Obstagoon, so let’s check them out!

076: Galarian Meowth, 077: Perrserker


Seems like Charizard and Meowth have been getting a lot of pandering and love these last two Generations.  For Alola, we had a Dark Meowth and here in Galar it’s a Steel type which is pretty interesting and happy that Meowth covered both types that were introduced in Gen 2.  Though I wasn’t expecting Meowth’s evolution to be visually different to either of the Persians introducing Perrserker who resembles Meowth more than the aforementioned Pokémon.  I do enjoy that it’s based off of Vikings, but it’s so tiny and easy to find in the game.  Interesting idea, but I think GameFreak could lay off of Meowth for a while…

078: Galarian Ponyta, 079: Galarian Rapidash


Seems we get some exclusives here, we first get the Shield exclusive in Galarian forms of the Rapidash line.  Going from it’s Kantonian form which were pure Fire-types to this is a BIG change.  Ponyta in Galar are Psychic-type which explains the glowy tail and the unicorn-like appearance.  Once it evolves at lvl. 40, it’ll become the Psychic/Fairy Rapidash and I was kind of hoping for more out of this design, but I suppose sticking to the unicorn look made sense.  It’s interesting and feels a bit more useful than its original Kanto look.

080: Galarian Slowpoke


So Slowpoke was actually a post-game addition to Sword & Shield (was announced and added to the game when they announced the DLC, so I didn’t know if it should be included in this post, but considering I now own one, I suppose it fits here.  This variation of Slowpoke is different in that it’s now a pure Psychic-type, but also learns Acid which is the only move difference.  With the DLC bringing in Slowbro in Isle of Armor and Slowking in Crown Tundra, we will see what happens!

081: Galarian Farfetch’d, 082: Sirfetch’d


Sword got their exclusive in Farfetch’d here and it was a long time coming.  I didn’t Farfetch’d itself would get a Galarian form.  It’s now a pure Fighting-type, but it also comes with an evolution in Sirfetch’d which is pretty awesome, though it is of a few odd evolutions with an even weirder way to evolve.  In this case Farfetch’d has to land 3 critical hits in one battle before it can evolve.  The best way early on is to catch it with a Leek (a held item it commonly comes with and fight against a Wobbuffet).  That usually does the trick IMHO.  I do really like Sirfetch’d though and its signature move, Meteor Assault is awesomes!

083: Galarian Weezing


Only a couple lines were like a few in Alola where not the entire line gets a new form in this case Koffing wasn’t touched, but instead Weezing was the one that got the change.  Though seeing as its type was changed to Poison/Fairy left me rather intrigued and I’m surprisingly happy with this new look because it’s humorous and it’s new moveset is nice, despite still having Explosion in its arsenal (especially trying to catch it late-game), it’s pretty decent!

084: Galarian Mr. Mime, 085: Mr. Rime


Like I said above, not all Galarian formed lines all had the change.  In this case, Mime Jr. didn’t get the change, but now Mime Jr. with the help of knowing the move, Mimic, in Galar, will evolve to the now Ice/Psychic Galarian form, Mr. Mime.  At first I kind of wonder if it was to kind of cover up the fact Jynx probably won’t get one, but if you train it to level 42, it’ll evolve once again to Mr. Rime.  This was a surprisingly interesting line and Mr. Rime really sticks out because it has 4 eyes (2 on his face and two on his jacket (chest?) that looks a little bit like Mime Jr.  Strange, but I guess it works?

086: Galarian Corsola, 087: Cursola


So Shield users had another exclusive in the form of a new variant of Corsola.  Though it’s pretty tragic because it’s based off of bleached coral (dead coral basically).  That said, Corsola’s new type is pure Ghost which is such a different feeling than its original Water/Rock type.  At level 38, it’ll evolve into the new Cursola and it’s even more interesting because it breaks from the coral and now is like ectoplasm.  Very unique and just cool, something I had missed out on, but I do enjoy using mine now!

088: Galarian Zigzagoon, 089: Galarian Linoone, 090: Obstagoon


When the Galarian forms were introduced (to no one’s surprise), we knew we were going to get some interesting Pokémon from it and the Alolan forms previous did that (albeit to only Gen 1 Pokémon).  Seems Gamefreak decided to make the leap and make non-Gen 1 Pokémon with the introduction to Hoenn’s Linoone line which was given a pretty badass black & white look (the reminds me of KISS, who…well weren’t British.  Though another new thing happened where these Galarian forms can have a brand new evolution only set for the Galarian variants like for example Obstagoon!  All 3 had become Dark/Normal type and you could only get Obstagoon by getting it to level 35 during the night hours.

091: Galarian Darumaka, 092: Galarian Darmanitan


For Sword users, we got the Galarian Darmanitan line.  Another choice from Unova, the Darmanitan switched types to be a pure Ice-type and looks ridiculously funky at the same time.  I do think Darumaka is really cute though, but Darmanitan looks weird with the giant bubble head.  Still, it was a rather solid design.

Just like in Unova, we also get Zen Mode Darmanitan and yeah, what an odd change it is with getting a fiery snowman which yes, means it’s the first Ice/Fire type we’ve gotten in the series.  Little strange is that we can only kind of obtain it through just raid battles currently, but it looks pretty neat and IMO is WAY better than Unovian ZM Darmanitan.

093: Galarian Yamask, 094: Runerigus


Another great choice from Unova to have been given a new look, Yamask here instead of taking over a mask takes over now a piece of a dragon rune here.  Add on that it’s a Ground/Ghost type (something that I actually was originally hoping Unovian Yamask was going to have).  Though I think the evolution process to get it’s new evolution Runerigus is rather strange and yet unique (though makes me wonder how they’ll work around this in later generations). What I mean is that you have to have Yamask lose 49 HP (in battle) and then take it to a certain arch in the Dusty Bowl (in the Wild Area) to get it to evolve…yeah, slightly convoluted.  Still, it’s a really solid Pokémon and surprised to see how big Runerigus actually is.

095: Galarian Stunfisk


Last, but not least we have Stunfisk which is probably my WTF choice here in this game and it takes the role of the (fake Pokeball, surprise battle) situation.  Changing it to Ground/Steel, it makes sense because Stunfisk looks like an actual bear trap.  I dig it, but I never really used it on my team, just because there was others that were better.  I don’t know if it stacks up against the original’s Ground/Electric-type, but I guess it’s ok.




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