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UVERworld – AS ONE May 24, 2020

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Track Listing

  1. AS ONE
  2. Spreadown
  3. AS ONE (instrumental)


I was wondering what I was getting myself into with AS ONE, especially after all the songs that they released for “UNSER”.  AS ONE though continues this experimentation with more synths and unique quirks about it.  Though it does lean towards more like “GOOD and EVIL” with the beautiful combination of the new things and the band’s explosive sound.  Another banger out of this one!

2. Spreadown

As for the B-side, Spreadown sounds a bit more edgier than “AS ONE”, but still carries the band across and fuses a lil less of the synthwork found in the lead track.  Though it is strong sounding and its various sections are cool and unique…it’s just an instrumental track, something UVERworld tends to do on singles.  So it’s good for the band, just could’ve used an actual vocal track.



As the first single after “UNSER”. AS ONE is OK for the most part I suppose.  Not their strongest offering though.  AS ONE does feel like a track leftover from their last album which is good because of the high praise I gave it and enjoying they’re continuing with that ideal, but it’s literally the only track because Spreadown was just an instrumental (which sounds like it could’ve used some vocals).  Not bad, but I’m hoping for more in their singles.


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