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About May 18, 2008

Heya guys, Name’s Brett your normal j-pop asian fanatic here!!!!  What I’ll do is to review albums/singles from my favorite artists.  Some you might never even heard of!  It’s just your review site and no i don’t get paid at all for this!!! isn’t that shocking?


Also, I review K-pop and once in a blue moon, C-pop on top of now reviewing games which is my other true love!

So I have many ways to contact me!

Personal E-mail = Talonstarray98@aol.com

Facebook Group = Here

Twitter = Here


98 Responses to “About”

  1. josh012595 Says:

    i saw your blog through vitamin drop and…
    i think your blog is awesome!!!
    so, how about exchanging links?
    my blog is called “Shuffle And Repeat”…
    a jpop music review site just like yours ^^


    so… yeah! thanks!!!

  2. Hey~ I noticed you linked our blog ^_^. I returned the favour on our bloggy~~

    – Megumi

  3. I took one look at your blog name, and I thought “Definitely the Tamaki Nami fan”. Of course, having a full album discography already reviewed also says something. 😉 I’ll probably read them later, but it’s a very nice section indeed.


  4. solarblade Says:

    ^hey, thanx Megumi and Tsuki….and Tsuki tell me about it, those were the most fun reviews I did lol. awesome site you two!

  5. blackmager Says:

    I’m adding you to my blogroll.

  6. lynethia Says:

    Hi! I just started a music review site and was wondering if you wanted to exchanged links?

  7. Edward Says:

    Hi hi :]

    I added you to my blogroll, so yay!

    and hit meh up on aim and myspace :B
    my aim is:

    and myspace is:

  8. radiantdawn Says:

    spiffy new layout! O:

    love it. c:

  9. waterhealer Says:

    Hehe, thanks a lot for commenting me on my blog ^-^
    It’s exciting having my first comment. XD
    I’ve got you added on my blogroll, I hope you’ll do the same. >-<


  10. NotebookDarling Says:

    I shall add you to my blogroll. ;D
    I like your blog alot.

  11. Jin Says:

    Hey, thank for the request! ^-^ Now I have something to spend my time with while I wait for new releases. :3

  12. sushibabyx Says:

    Of course we can exchange ^_^

  13. Jin Says:

    Are we allowed to spam here? o^-^o

  14. Arisa Says:

    I was wondering if you would like to exchange links with me at:


  15. Arisa Says:

    thanks for the exchange! looking forward for more reviews from you 😀

  16. bucebucethecaboose Says:

    Found you through Beyond the Sea, read your reviews and really enjoyed them. Exchange links maybe?

  17. CloudX Says:

    Hey! I come here once in a while to read your reviews from time to time. I just started a similiar review site too. Mind exchanging links with me?


    Great blog, BTW.

  18. Arisa Says:

    Hey there! Just want to say that I’ve changed links! 😀

  19. Ironic Clown Says:

    Thank you (: returned the favour XD!

  20. Crispy Says:

    hey I really liked your blog and I write reviews too, how about exchanging links???


  21. Crispy Says:

    I linked you up to my site, thanks for that kind comment

  22. Bozu Says:

    You know who I am XD. I have a new blog so please link me…(you can delete my dead one from your list, lol)


  23. hyperballad Says:

    Hi~ I love your blog! Can we exchange links? ^^

  24. askjeevas Says:

    Hey there! Your blog is soooooo cool. I’d really like to exchange links with you, if you don’t mind.
    It’s a J-Pop/K-Pop review blog called A Song for xx.


  25. solarblade Says:

    Already done and thx for the compliment!

  26. hyperballad Says:


    i have moved to a new place, can you please change my link on ur blogroll please?

    thank you thank you!!!

  27. hyperballad Says:

    Oop how ..sigh

    u can go there by click my name ^^

  28. firemutt Says:

    Interested in exchanging website links?


  29. Eve Says:

    I need your suggestions on organizing Aesthetic Rhapsody: http://aestheticrhapsody.wordpress.com/2009/10/04/rennovations

    Thanks! 😀

  30. Aoliwa and Kowezhi Says:

    Hey I have really enjoyed reading your blog… would you like to exchange links with my bf’s and mine jpop/jrock review blog?

    Tsuki no Ai: http://tsukinoai.wordpress.com

    I’ve already added you!


  31. Maiku87 Says:

    Hya! I liked your KOTOKO review posts, and all and everything, you have a fine blog. I also enjoy Nami Tamaki, KOTOKO and Utada Hikaru, how about Namie Amuro? I bet you know about the Aibu Blog, do you have posts there?(if you do, than shurly you know me…). Good God, the plp there love me for shure..
    I like how you review KOTOKO not from I’ve Sound general perspectice, like Aibu does. You separate the sides, other way around is like you would review I’ve Sound comparing it to KOTOKO all the times. Good job, and keep doing your thing!

    • solarblade Says:

      Thx for the awesome comment. Yeah I have followed lightly on Aibu’s blog and you definitely gots your “fans” foing there LOL. Yeah, I listen to too much music to really get really deep within the companies like I’ve Sound so I just base my thoughts on the artist and music and not on the other people involved (even though I should listen to some of those other songs that are talked about alot). Oh, I should update the favorite artists things, since it’s been WAY LONG NEEDED TO CHANGE XDDDDD.

      Maybe we’ll chat sometime, I think that’ll be pretty awesome ^_^

  32. r3z4prof Says:

    hi ! ^_^
    i saw your blog is awesome for reviewing some japanese music
    can i exchange link with you? my blog just publish new release for download
    here is my blog http://www.r3z4prof.co.cc

    contact me @ my email if you want
    thanks 🙂

  33. I Love Your Posts For Koda Kumi ( I Loved The “That Ain’t Cool” One – “That Ain’t Kuu (Feat.Mostly Fergie)” That Made Me Lol.
    Anyway Can We Exchange Links?
    Mine is Called – Review My J-Pop

  34. ♥nodame♥ Says:


    I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve added your link to my Blogroll 😀

  35. tikitok Says:

    Hey! I really like your blog. I kinda just started one too so it’s not much. =P Mind exchanging links? http://cutsiepopjpop.wordpress.com/

  36. eurekagirl07 Says:

    Hey Brett! im a new blogger here and before joining i read your blog all the time and really enjoy your material. I was wondering if you would like to exchange links. here’s my link:http://cookmusicreview.wordpress.com/

  37. Adee Says:

    Hi, great to see another Nami Tamaki fan. I really like your extensive reviews on your blog. If you don’t mind let’s exchange links. I’ve already placed your link on my blog. Looking forward to read more from you.

  38. wowwartechno Says:

    oh i phail 😛 I just noticed that ur following me on Twitter DX care to exchange links?

  39. bokuranorekishi Says:

    Ooooh. Solarblade, this is p00p from jpopstop. Exchange? xD Just made a new one.


  40. Austen Says:

    I love how dedicated you are to reviewing. I know I just started out, but would you mind adding me to your blogroll? I’d really appreciate it, you’re on mine already. 😀

    – Austen

  41. cr1st3ll3 Says:

    hey, I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I love your reviews so I added you to my blogroll :). I just recently started an Asian pop culture blog recently, would you care to trade links?

  42. james Says:

    Oh hai. Ehehe… I’ve made a new blog in place of MAKE A NIGHT FLIGHT :/ Add please? :3

  43. Migure Says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and now I’ve started one XD
    care to switch links?

  44. KremlinChaos Says:

    I’d like to exchange links with you!

    Blog: http://chaoticdusk.wordpress.com/

  45. Ester Says:

    Hey there! I moved Aesthetic Rhapsody to http://skyline.tetsunosuke.com/
    Mind if you change links please? Thanks! 😀

  46. amaizeitaku Says:

    Hi this is Alex

    could we exchange links?



  47. bestcritic Says:

    A great music review site. I would like to exchange links. My URL is http://www.reviewcarnival.blogspot.com

  48. bestcritic Says:


    I read your blog and really liked it. I am a blogger who reviews j-pop/j-rock/j-r&b, manga anime etc. on my blog Review Carnival (http://www.reviewcarnival.blogspot.com). I would like to exchange links with you. If interested, e-mail me at elementswater13@yahoo.com and I will add your link.

  49. ahtkachan Says:

    Hey! I would like to exchange links with you! Already added your blog on my blogroll!

    Here my link: http://monochromaticfutureremix.wordpress.com/


  50. treize-kun Says:

    I’m a big fan of your blog and have been reading it for quite a while now, and I would like to thank you for keeping up with so many reviews. I don’t always agree with some of your comments, but it’s always interesting to hear other people’s opinions about my favorite artists.

  51. My Lovely Lullaby Says:

    Hi, I’m a longtime reader of your blog, and I really like it. Keep up the good work! 😀

  52. 575 Says:

    Oh hey! Remember me? I’m the one who ran all of those blogs like Sakura Pierce and MAKE A NIGHT FLIGHT and I’m sure many, many others :l Anyway, I’m trying blogging one more time over herrrrrr – http://ijustwannaxxxyou.wordpress.com and I request your linkage :’D

  53. twoion Says:

    Well, there was no time to go thorough the quite amazing library here, but (naturally) I aimed for the ALI PROJECT section… I happened to notice You going into the instrumental arrangement every so often discarding the lyrics. Which are the other half of ALI PROJECT, and done very, very *well*! So I dare ask if you understand Japanese? As for me, I’ve been learning Japanese pretty easily by working with lyrics and all grew quite fond of it!

    • solarblade Says:

      I’m slowly learning japanese on my own, so I only know certain words and meanings and i know ALIRPO does some different things to their lyrical content…so it does make me wonder what’s going on for sure.

  54. Berrie Says:

    Heyy I love the blog!! It really helps me when finding new music, or if I’m interested in a new album or something. I was just wondering if it would be possible to add what genre of music an album or artist is? I usually enjoy dance/electro music and the only way I can tell what is what in your posts is if you say something about synths haha. But other then that keep up the amazing work!! ❤

  55. sammykawaii Says:

    I’m new but I’d love to exchange links. 🙂

  56. Jade Says:

    Dear affie,
    Maybe you noticed my URL isn’t the same anymore. That is because my ex, who used to host my website, decided to become revengefulness and so he kicked me out. I can’t update my blog anymore, at least for now. Don’t change my URL yet, you’ll get redirected to a new URL, but since I don’t agree with that one I will change it asap and I really hope I can continue my blog without starting from scratch.

    Love, Jade (MusicAddiction)

  57. ryuuchandesu Says:

    Dear, Solarblade (Brett-san)

    Please allow me to apologize for what one of our so-called-contributors’ plagiarism recently in our site. Actually, someone’s is using Valenz’s account to do a review and she did an extremely inappropriate things that a reviewer should not do.
    I just dropped in the site and saw the message you left in the C-box. Thank you for letting us know about the plagiarism. It was very embarrassing since Kurayami Monogatari’s been recognized as one of the best reviews’ site.
    We are now blocking the plagiators and promise to look after the originality of every post from our contributors before posting it on the site.
    Again, we are very sorry for this things and I hope that we can put this matter behind us.

    If you have any thoughts in this, please feel free to contact us @ futarinomusic@gmail.com

    ryuu from futarinomusic

  58. fnm Says:

    Dear Solarblade,

    As the admin of futarinomusic, I’m very sorry for not responded to this matter sooner.

    I hope we can put this matter behind and thank you very much for your attention.

    We have wrote off the troubled review and since the person who lent the account to someone else is one of our editor, we will take necessary action to prevent this kind of things happened again.



  59. Madison Says:

    Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back and we’ll talk about it.



  60. Jade Says:

    Hi Brett, would you please change my link to http://musicaddiction2.wordpress.com ? My blog got deleted by my crappy ex and I had to start all over again =( Thankyou and keep up the good work!

    ~ Jade

  61. Yume Says:

    Hey! Thanks for keeping up with this huge, fantastic blog! I absolutely love your reviews. I like how you seem to remain unbiased, and actually give honest comments on these songs. Whenever I need to catch up on any music i missed, i always check out your site! Dependable, well-written, and just AMAZING! Arigatou gozaimasu ^^

  62. yme5000 Says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your site. I’ve been trying to get into Jpop recently and it’s hard to find good review sites in English.
    Thanks for all your hard work! 😀

  63. deepriver Says:

    Hiya! I really like your blog~ Have been reading it since 2010 and i don’t regret it 😛 Your huge artist list is unparallaled x__X

    I was just wondering if you took requests for artists? There’s this new jpop girl group that debuted in October 2011. They’re called FLOWER and they are a dance and vocal group. If you know EXILE, then you might have heard of them because they are the sister group of EXILE. So far they have only released one single and have an upcoming one for 29.2.11. Their debut single is “Still” and most people agree that it is an incredible debut single. You might want to add these girls to your artist list, I personally think their music is great, it’s r&b-ish, kind of like the stuff Kana Nishino has. Just some extra tidbits: there are 9 members and because of this they have been called the Japanese SNSD. Hope to see some reviews of them in the future ~

    Thanks for this great blog! I discovered many artists thru it 😛

  64. Jake Says:

    Just dropping by to say that your blog is awesome! I’ve only discovered your blog a few weeks ago and I’m already hooked!

    Your level of dedication for the 50,000,000 some odd artists which you keep track of is nothing short of an astounding achievement; thanks for your hard work 😀

    P.S. You have a great taste in music. Huzzah!

    • solarblade Says:

      Hahaha, thx! ^_^ And most of the music I listen to was recommended so it’s mostly the readers to thank…but it’s true I’m very open-oriented when it comes to music

  65. Sabine Says:

    Hiya, just came across your blog and thought I’d say that it is really amazing. I have been a fan of a few J-Pop/J-Rock artists you have mentioned but I have always found it somewhat difficult to find other artists and bands I could try and get into. Your blog has really helped and I’m definitely going to follow it ^_^

    Thank you!

  66. 123 Says:

    Your blog is really awesome! The reviews help me find cool new Japanese artists! Keep it up!

  67. Megumi Says:

    Add our new blog to your blogroll or else!!!11!!

  68. Yama Take Says:

    Thx for all your time and effort. What a great info source…

  69. Yuki Nagato Says:

    I’m a big fan of your blog! It has helped me discover many different artists, and read great reviews about ones I already know :3

  70. 123 Says:

    haha i decided to start a blog, wanna exchange links?

  71. DL Says:

    Glad I found this Blog.

    I was born in the 50s, was 10 when The Beatles hit (took up guitar because of them), and grew up on all kinds of great rock, jazz and pop music, from McCartney to Bacharach to Jobim to Wonder to James Taylor to Steely Dan to Chick Corea, etc etc blah blah.
    I have become pretty disenchanted with the staleness and anti-melodicism of much American and western pop music in recent years.

    Then, quite unexpectedly, I discovered Japanese Pop music.

    I’m now trying to catch up on the wonders of JPop, which I stumbled into in 2011, originally, when first drawn to youtube videos of Japan’s cataclysmic earthquake and tsunami.
    Somewhere, I heard a song from an album by an outfit called The Weekenders (“World’s End”)–Not even a big hit in Japan. On impulse, I bought it, and was blown away.

    I was grabbed by the melodicism and harmonics of the songs, even though they were in the “Disco/Dance”-beat genre. Also, the use of the vocoder I found more artful than in the
    silly autotune tweakings common among US singers heavier on attitude than melody.

    Later, I stumbled across The King Himself (to my mind)–Yasutaka Nakata.

    It is Nakata who I now consider to be the best pop song composer in the world.
    I can’t critique his lyrics, since I understand no Japanese (although he matches up notes and vowel sounds like a songwriting master). But in composition he is second-to-none, and I am not referring to his flashy
    engineering and DJing skills, which he is also known for. His melodies are varied in shape, fresh and magical. His arrangements and voicings suggest a great sophistication in his musical mind.
    Great sense of structure too.

    He pours out interesting, catchy, and very MUSICAL songs like a bakery turning out gourmet cookies.

    He writes like he has digested the whole world of music–Suggesting much,
    but imitating NOTHING and NO ONE.

    He is a unique, 1-of-a-kind talent.

    But Japan has other talents too.
    Like the guy in AVTechNO! who wrote the song, “8 Seconds” for vocaloid Hatsune Miku.
    Incredibly dramatic and memorable song. Who IS that guy?

    Anyway, I can see that the person who does this blog probably doesn’t hold Nakata
    in as high regard as I might.

    Are there OTHER songwriters in Japan (or anywhere) that can come close to Nakata in terms of producing quality AND quantity like YN?

    Sorry to go on for so long.

  72. selectedworld Says:

    so, after such a long time of blogging, how many followers do you have? 🙂

  73. We have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. If you would like to participate, here are the rules, instructions and questions: http://wp.me/p3nUI2-fN. But if not, that’s fine; take this nomination as a compliment that we like your blog!

  74. We have nominated your blog (again) for the Liebster Award. If you would like to participate, here are the rules, instructions and questions:http://wp.me/p1ZpEV-6D. But if not, that’s fine; take this nomination as a compliment that we like your blog!

  75. Nyasha Says:

    Yes, Utada is one of my favourites too! ^^ By the way, I really like your posts! I have a blog where you can read and comment about my posts on Asian pop culture and video games. I also write a big language post in Japanese and Korean and have travel posts from Korea still going. http://nynyonline.co.uk

  76. BladeBlur Says:

    You got contact info?

    • solarblade Says:

      Oh yeah I do, I will update this ASAP, just watch this page….actually I’ll update now!~

      Curious, are you ze BladeBlue of the youtubes?

      • BladeBlur Says:

        The one and only actually. I am surprised you know who I am since I have been following your blog for over a year now, even more. Makes me feel humbled 😛

      • solarblade Says:

        I know that name was familiar, and I definitely remember that you comment often enough and I think got me to listen to new groups. Then I remember watching ya on youtube and was like waaaait *points two fingers together* LOL

  77. Alexis Says:

    Hey Brett! This is “Eve” from Aesthetic Rhapsody! Just popping by your blog and glad you’re still updating after all these years! Thanks for keeping me on your links 🙂 I’m going to be fixing up my blog and hopefully write again…. hahaha

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