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Wow, almost 10 years…. May 5, 2018

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Yeah, even I’m surprised at how much time flew by these 10 years with this blog.  At the beginning, I had just graduated high school and thought this would be a good place for me to just gush about songs and artists and reviewing their discography and recent releases at that time.  During the early-to-mid 2010’s I had basically found new artists through friends, YouTube and other awesome forums and blogs and really found myself becoming enamored.  There was just a lot of J-pop in my life during that period.

However, the last couple years have dwindled a lot because I have a job now and J-pop isn’t too heavy on my radar currently (doesn’t help that a lot of artists that were big are now slowing down in releases and the fact I’m into K-pop nowadays.  Either way, it’s been a crazy ride and while I have no intention to shut this blog down at all, I do feel like I should apologize for not being able to keep up with all the groups that I have reviewed and sticking to artists that I kind of loving during this slow phase.  I love Hello! Project entirely, the big names in J-pop still resonate with and there’s a lot of electro I still love when it comes to J-pop, but other artists, I’ve just fallen off the radar for.

Anyways, back to my main topic….holy shit it’s been 10 YEARS!  I think I should do something special on the 18th right?  Well, I figure…10 years has been a long time and I should see what my thoughts have changed on the album I had reviewed the same time 10 years ago in the month of May, So I’m announcing that I will be “re-reviewing and taking a look back on:

  • Nami Tamaki’s 4 SONY albums; “greeting”, “Make Progress”, “Speciality”, and “Don’t Stay”
  • Ami Suzuki’s 3 avex albums; “AROUND THE WORLD” and “CONNETTA” & “Dolce” (I would do her SONY albums, but literally no thoughts have changed)
  • Perfume’s 1st two albums, “Perfume ~Complete Best~ & “GAME”

I may do more re-reviews in the future (If there’s any you would like to see, comment below and I will definitely take thought to it).


Anyways, thank you my readers past, present, and future…this is a passion of mine and it’s been a wonderful and awesome 10 year running and I hope to continue it to maybe 20? who knows!!!!


Ok, let’s talk about KM XD February 12, 2014

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So in recent times, I’ve been getting a lot of messages asking who I will continue to review or not, since I was so burned out last year by it all.  So I will make a list of artists that will be continued to be reviewed and followed (and hopefully caught up) this year!  Also, I’m showing off a couple of new artists I’m following as well!

  • 2NE1
  • 4minute
  • 80_pan
  • 9nine
  • AAA
  • abingdon boys school
  • access
  • Ai Otsuka
  • Aira Mitsuki
  • Airi Takasaki
  • AKB48
  • Akiko Hasegawa
  • Akiko Shikata
  • alan
  • Ami Suzuki
  • Anna Tsuchiya
  • Aural Vampire
  • ayaka
  • Ayumi Hamasaki
  • Beckii Cruel
  • Bentley Jones
  • Berryz Koubou
  • BoA
  • Brown Eyed Girls
  • Buono!
  • C-ute
  • capsule
  • Chiaki Kuriyama
  • Chihiro Onitsuka
  • Crystal Kay
  • D
  • Daichi Miura
  • day after tomorrow
  • DiVA
  • Do As Infinity
  • Dream
  • Eiko Shimamiya
  • Eri Kitamura
  • Eri Nobuchika
  • Fairies
  • faylan
  • FictionJunction
  • FLOW
  • Genki Rockets
  • hitomi
  • Hitomi Shimatani
  • i☆Ris
  • Ifu Sarasa
  • immi
  • Juice=Juice
  • Kaela Kimura
  • Kalafina
  • Kana
  • Kanon Wakeshima
  • KARA
  • Kavka Shishido
  • Kaya
  • Koda Kumi
  • Kou Shibasaki
  • Kyarypamyupamyu
  • Kylee
  • Larval Stage Planning
  • Leo Ieiri
  • LEO Imai
  • LM.C
  • m.o.v.e
  • Mai Kuraki
  • Maki Goto
  • Mami Kawada
  • Maon Kurosaki
  • MEG
  • Meisa Kuroki
  • MELL
  • MiChi
  • mihimaru GT
  • Mika Nakashima
  • misono
  • miwa
  • Mix Speaker’s, Inc.
  • Momoiro Clover Z
  • Morning Musume
  • moumoon
  • Nami Tamaki
  • Namie Amuro
  • Nana Mizuki
  • panache!
  • Perfume
  • plumsonic!
  • Prague
  • Rie fu
  • Rina Aiuchi
  • RIZE
  • S/mileage
  • SAWA
  • Sayaka Kitahara
  • Sayaka Sasaki
  • Sayuri Sugawara
  • Shoko Nakagawa
  • Shoujo Jidai
  • SNoW
  • Sound Horizon
  • StylipS
  • SuG
  • Super Junior
  • supercell
  • T.M.Revolution
  • Takuma Terashima
  • The Candy Spooky Theater
  • THE Possible
  • Tohoshinki
  • Tommy february6
  • Tommy heavenly6
  • U-KISS
  • Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari)
  • Utada Hikaru
  • UVERworld
  • Vanilla Beans
  • W
  • Weather Girls
  • xTRiPx
  • yanaginagi
  • YMCK
  • You Kikkawa
  • Yousei Teikoku
  • YUI
  • Yukino
  • Yun*chi
  • Zwei

Of course I’m adding a couple of new artists like:

  • Rei Yasuda
  • Kus Kus
  • BiS
  • v-u-den


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Wow, I never thought that I’d make it to 5 years, usually review blogs like mine never really last this long, so I feel like I’m really setting a milestone here and I couldn’t continue without the comments and support of my readers ^_^!

It’s really sad that this year, the J-pop review podcast, Gaijin Kanpai ended because they were the voice of what we do as reviewers and critics.

Hopefully there’ll be a surge of reviewers once again, I love reading reviews and while I don’t comment too much, it really gives me a fun look into what people love (and hate) about Japanese music.

I can’t promise another 5 years, but I’ll try to take this road a bit longer!!!

(if you readers have some interesting idea, let me know…I’ll think about it!!)


(btw this post is two days before the 5 year, but I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow soooo… doing this early ^^)


So I return BUT… April 13, 2013

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Yes, I am back from a nice lengthy break, but I’ve given thought and I can’t keep up with everyone I’ve added anymore so I’ve decided to review what I want when I want…So music reviews have mostly been axed haha, but I will review things that really impressed me or by groups that I’ve REALLY came to love.  It’ll be hard to catch up with various things…but I wanna review video games more as well…even it out….


What do you guys think, yay or nay? XD


Yeah, I’m going to take a break for a while March 28, 2013

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If you haven’t noticed, I’m so far behind releases now….my interest has started to dwindle a bit, so Im going to go on a break for a while…..I know releases are going to pile up but I do need time off since I’ve been doing this nearly 5 years straight so it’s not bad if I take a break right?


Yup, I decided it was time to close shop…..JUST KIDDING! April 20, 2012

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So, in recent times I’ve become quite enamored over H!P and the entire selection of songs that are present ^_^  So I made a blog so I can well gush over said company with Iroppoi Twilgiht Game.  Hopefully I can get some of my readers to check it out too…even though there really isn’t much cept my introduction there but hey support it ^_^  I wanna share my excitement, my disappointments…and futures with you all ^_^


SOOOO… March 13, 2012

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Since wordpress decided to be lame and change formats on my Future Review page and there’s no way to bring it back, I’m going to delete the two pages. (EDIT: I got it working correctly again, ignore this hot mess) BUT….

Also because of the recent shutdowns of tons of sites, I’ve also decided to cut back on reviews on tons of artists…

Now the current reviews will stay put be there’s certain artists whose full discographys I still have planned to do like Hitomi Shimatani and Ayumi Hamasaki which I’ll still keep up with but some of them like metronome and RENTRER EN SOI I’m going to leave behind because the downloads are mostly kapoot.

Also, for the second time…I’m having to cut down some artists.

  • aNNina (but Annabel stays)
  • Kazusa
  • mochA

I might have to do a page of stuff I have to review from other stuff not listed in the list of reviews