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Best of 2012: Debutees & ARTISTS BLOWOUT (I guess?) December 4, 2012

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It’s strange, this year there didn’t seem to be a lot of debuts when compared to last year…even with the artists I know that I haven’t reviewed that still is a pretty small number….but I tried to get a couple.



So the first artist that debuted, Leo Ieiri was coined as the next ayaka/YUI and so far she has shown a lot of potential for the future.  This year alone, she has released three singles (Sabrina, Shine, and Bless You) before she released her debut album, LEO in October. She’s rising to be quite popular and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2013!


Ever since Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 began, I’ve always said that I wanted Mayuyu to go solo and invade ORICON with her cuteness and she did!  She’s really only released three singles (Synchro Tokimeki, Otona Jelly Beans, and Hikaru Monotachi) and with a possibility of an album looming in the distance, she’s becoming one of the better soloists to come off from AKB48!


Even though she was well-known as part of binaria and she was the lead vocalist during supercell’s second album era, Nagi finally got hold of the reins and debuted with solo works in 2012.  Like the previous artsts, she too has also released three singles in Vidro Moyou, Ambivalentiea, and Laterality.  I hope an album comes soon!


Known better as Show Luo, SHOW is a pretty well-known name in China, but it seems he wanted a taste of Japan and in 2012 kickstarted his career in Nippon with his first single DANTE in February and MAGIC in June before releasing his first original Japanese album, THE SHOW in September.  Not bad, but hopefully he’ll continue in Japan!


Remember Team DEKARIS back in the end of 2009?  Well it seems like the group reformed (Arisa Noto, Maho Matsunaga, Yui Ogura, and Kaori Ishihara) and got renamed to StylipS (of course, this group doesn’t have ties to their old name).  They released three singles this year: STUDY×STUDY, MIRACLE RUSH, and Choose me♡Darling to which they’ve been gradually getting more popular with each release.  They have a mini announced for 2013 titled “Step One!!” so I can’t wait to hear what’ll be on it!


Finally in February we got Yukino who hasn’t fully popped out into the mainstream zone, but she has loads of potential from her debut mini, You make me blue….however the rest of the year has gone by with nothing from her until the announcement of her first single RanTiKi in February of next year!



Up Up Girls (Kari) actually formed in 2011 by a good portion of the Hello Pro! Eggs that had finished training at that time (sans Yuu Kikkawa and Sayaka Kitahara who both went solo).  This lively group consisting of Minami Sengoku, Konatsu Furukawa, Akari Saho, Ayano Sato, Saki Mori, Azusa Sekine, and Manami Arai and they REALLY busted down the doors this year.  With the added fact they are also UFSZ, the group had so much work and it showed with a whopping 8 SINGLES this year.  Which were Going my ↑, Barebare I LOVE YOU, Uppercut!/Yuudachi! Through the Rainbow, Mecha Kyun♡Summer (‘▽`)ノ, Namen na! Ashi Girls/Marvel Hero, End Of The Season, UPPER ROCK/Ichiban Girls, and finally Chopper☆Chopper/Survival Girls (in which the last single was released under their new label T-Palette)….yeah they get the crown for release whores this year XD.


Technically they debuted last year, but they were more of unit that is really only for Sakura Gakuin.  This year though with their surge of popularity, managed to debut as their own unit with their joint release with Kiba of Akiba.  Then released another single Headbanger!! and another single coming up next month with Ijime, Dame, Zettai.  This group is just impressing me on so many levels!



Like Shuhei Kita, HIMEKA, Sayaka Sasaki, and Marina Kawano before her, Konomi Suzuki was the winner of 2011’s ANIMAX competition and finally debuted in April of this year with her single, CHOIR JAIL and then released her second, DAYS of DASH in November.  She kind of reminds me of Sayaka in how she’s releasing the singles but she’ll find her niche soon enough!



Just seems like a lot of models are turning into singers nowadays (there’s a couple that have debuted this year that I haven’t paid attention to)  Kavka Shishido though is impressive since she’s a percussionist and that always wins me over.  She did debut in May with a digital single in Day Dream Rider, but officially released her first physical Aisuru Kakugo in September, I hope to see more of her next year because she’s really got potential too!



So one of the newer Korean groups formed last year, decided to debut in Japan after only one single in Korea and so be that their first song in JPN is their debut in KOR.  They have two singles out here with Message and What’s Up…hope to see more next year!


Not much is known about Rola except she’s a model turned singer and she debuted with Memories which was tied to Pokemon: Best Wishes…after that nothing…one off deal or is she really just waiting for the next thing?



Everyone knows who Tomoko Kawase is right?  Well she’s the creator of our next group who debuted in August with their mini-album, A☆M☆O☆Y☆A☆M☆O.  Then in November they released their true debut, LET’S GO OUT.  Not bad for a duo created by Tommy…hopefully they’ll last MUCH longer that Tommy☆angels.



I don’t know too much about these girls but they’re all models coming together to form this kind of quote-on-quote super group.  Together so far, they’ve only released one single in ROCK STAR.  Let’s hope there’s a second in the works.


It’s hard to find an idol group that’s somewhat original with the amount that are around these days but panache! is trying to be more like a cosplay idol unit which is a bit new to me for sure.  They look bright and cute so it might be cool to hear.  They’ve only released Kirameki Miraizu and I’m excited to hear more.


Like the Weather Girls. I’m not sure what the whole idea of the group is but they’re from Taiwan so that must mean something right?  They’ve only released their first single Koi no Tenki Yohou this year but it sounds like their might be a second in the works…Hopefully they’ll stick on to me.



I really don’t know what’s with avex and their sudden interest in idols groups the last couple of years (I guess they’re just following the trend huh?)  Their newest addition is tagged as an anison idol group and well i☆Ris haven’t been together long enough to show off their personalities or real style with their lone single for the year, Color.  They will probably gain some push next year but right now they don’t stand out to me lol.


The last artist I added that debuted this year is still kind of hard to find much info about, but I know he’s a seiyuu so it’s no surprise his debut, magic words was well anison lol.  Hope to hear more from him in the future!


I was wondering when I’d get a new electro artist to simply enjoy this year and it seems that Yun*chi is another model turned singer but she has the added effect that she’s on asobisystem (the same record company as Kyarypamyupamyu).  She only released her self-titled debut but it’s not true worry as it’s November


2012 must seriously have been the year for models to turn into singers because Yurika debuted at the end of the month of her cover of Ann Lewis’ Roppingi Shinjuu…it’s actually not that bad of a cover and she’s got potential as her voice is powerful enough to do wonders!  Hope to see more!


SOOOO…there you have it….Comment if any of these artists impress you or any other debutees of 2012 have….

(EDIT: since I guess I added a bunch of new artists, why don’t I just call it an ARTISTS BLOWOUT which means writing up a profile for Fairies


Fairies debuted last year so they aren’t with the above artist/groups.  Anyways I added them because while I have a love/hate relationship with them, they got potential to lead avex in with solid vocals and dances (though TG’S seem to be the group that avex spends their cash on clearl) XDDD…I’ve reviewed all 5 of the current singles they’ve released so I hope an album is on the way!+++++++++++


ARTISTS BLOWOUT!!! ….Has it really been that long? September 23, 2012

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Like really, I haven’t added anyone since February….how crazy is that?!? Since then I’ve only added two acts in the months between so now I’m going to profile those AND the new ones so GET READY!!!


The first group I added since the last ARTISTS BLOWOUT!!!, ABCHO is a unit that is made up of Rika Ishikawa and Hitomi Yoshizawa.  Now you might be thinking that…wait…Isn’t that HANGRY & ANGRY?  Essentially it is, but the motive for them is a tad different since they sang a theme for an anime, “Me wo Tojite Gyuushiyou”…They haven’t done much since, but here’s hoping something happens either with H&A or ABCHO.

Up Up Girls (Kari)

The other group I’ve reviewed before now, Up Up Girls (Kari) are a Up-Front group consisting of 7 of the Hello! Pro Eggs.  They actually formed last year, but in 2012, they have started releasing original material…and I mean A LOT OF IT.  As of now, I’ve reviewed four singles with two more on the way AND they’re moving labels to T-Palette (familiar to me because they’ll be on the same label as Vanilla Beans).  SO BUSY OF A GROUP!

Kavka Shishido

When I first saw her preview for “Daydream Rider”, I kind of double taked because she looked a lot like Chiaki Kuriyama, but knows how to play drums and damn she’s good.  I will start reviewing with her debut, “Aisuru Kakugo”.


I know I’ve said before that I would pass her up reviewing, but recently, she’s been standing out and becoming super cool with her upcoming album.  I might review “SPIRIT” before it, but I know I’ll review both albums hopefully.


Well, I guess I have to be somewhat original in the next artist and SHOW is definitely the guy to go to…being as he’s from Taiwan and all that lol, I will start with his legit debut single, “DANTE”.


A rather new anison artist, she’s already climbing the charts with similar power like Nana Mizuki ^_^.  I will begin with reviewing her best single yet, “crossing field”.


Another anison artist that I’ve come to enjoyed since she collaborated with Makkun (Masami Okui), May’n also has a pretty powerful voice and a nice catalog of singles.  I will begin with her single “Chase the world”.


So you get 2/3 of Kalafina, Yuuka Nanri, Kaori Oda and Yuki herself in a group, you know I’m all for it!  Even though the idea of FictionJunction has been around for a long time, there is finally a group with just FJ with no member name after.  I will start with their first single “Parallel Hearts”.


I noticed a lot of my readers REALLY wanted me to add RADWIMPS so I did lol.  As a pretty hi-energy band, I kind of liked some of the stuff I heard so I will begin with “Kyoushinshou”


Why this boy-ban…..WAIT…these are GIRLS!?!?!  Yup, Fudanjuku’s shtick is that they are dressing up like guys and oddly enough works it like its nothing and I LOVE that about this group, I will begin with their single “Love Spider” (I think it’s the first since the kanji in the name changed).

Acid Black Cherry

Yup, even though Acid Black Cherry is a band persay, it really is a solo prejcet for Yasu as well since he’s pretty much the face of the band LOL.  Anyways, I might review “2012”, but will probably skip the singles since there’s just too many LOL.


FLiP is a group that really reminds me of SCANDAL, chatmonchy, and Stereopony all rolled into one and I find that pretty cool!  I will begin reviewing them with their single “Hoshii Mono wa”.


Hehehe, you know once I found out that MiKA was Nana Mizuki’s sister, I was on the train to add her to the blog!  I’m really excited to actually hear what she has since she’s been singing for quite a while too.  I will be reviewing Chizu no Arika/Watashi no Ikiri Imi.

Eri Kitamura

My love for anison singers is continually growing it seems.  As the better voice in ARTERY VEIN, Eri Kitamura has really surprised me with her solo career as well…I’ll review her upcoming single “Destiny ^^

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku

Nothing like another idol group to infiltrate the blog.  As they are called the sisters of Momoiro Clover Z, I can totally see it since they have strange covers and presentation.  I will begin with their major single, “Karikeiyaku no Cinderella”.

THE Possible

So here is the last group I’m adding, THE Possible.  They of course were the first group Tsunku made with just H!P Eggs (yeah, S/mileage doesn’t have that award!), though they moved to different labels and in 2012, moved to Victor which is where I will start with the first single under that label, “Nanja Korya?!



So there you have it! the new additions!


ARTISTS BLOWOUT!!!: Well…a small one xD February 15, 2012

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Yeahhhh so I just decided to add 7 new artists….one I already reviewed xD


The first group is actually the group I’ve already did a review of their debut single!  Now, I personally don’t think it’s a “NEW” group persay but it’s a definite new style for this group which has YuiKaori, Arisa Noto, and Maho Matsunaga.  If it looks familiar, it should because those are all the members of Team DEKARIS back in 2010.  So I’m curious to see how long this group will last XD


Now here’s a group that’s basically unknown to except a few people.  Why?  Because they are part of BEMANI / KONAMI in the way that they do music for the Pop n’ Music series as well as Beatmania!  Even though they have a lot of songs they only recently released their sophomore album….gonna review both hopefully ^_^


Our next artist is quite the anison singer and even though she’s released a lot in such a short time, I’m just going to begin her 4th era with “Invisible Message”.


I’m going to add SONY’s girl group FLOWER which might be interesting considering it is SONY backing them up.  Plus, I’ve heard them via the E-Girls collaboration so I wonder how their music stacks up to Dream and Happiness (even though I don’t like the latter).

Super Junior

Yup, I’m adding that huge boy group that could totally pass for being epic with Super Junior.  Of course this is restricted to their JPN releases so I’m going to start with Bijin first!

Leo Ieiri

Another artist included is actually debuting this month, already called a YUI-voice, Leo Ieiri does have that tone going for her and it’s great!  Reviewing her debut single, “Sabrina”!


The last group added is ALTIMA who are actually a special group containing members that are well-known in the anison world.  Maon Kurosaki (the solo gal), motsu from m.o.v.e, and sat who produces and is 1/2 of fripSide came together for this super-trio.  I’m going to review their debut “I’ll believe”.


ARTISTS BLOWOUT: Teh first of 2012! January 31, 2012

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Yup, there’s 7 artists that I decided to add on the site…well 3 are of my decision and 4 are recommendations XD…Since it is 4/3 I’ll go back and forth ^_^


The first group the was actually recommended to me was no3b which of course is another AKB-related sub-group but the music caught me off guard.  I’m gonna start with their single “Answer”.

Mayu Watanabe

Yep, I’ve said in my reviews of WH/WH7 that I was waiting for the time that Mayuyu would get a solo career and it seems that that became true and now I’m including her on the site starting with her debut, Synchro Tokimeki.


After BoA there hasn’t been really a solo artist that really caught me eye from Korea but there’s now a sign in IU.  She’s finally making the switch to the Japanese market with her single “Good Day” which I’ll review when it comes out.


Yeah another K-pop group crossover.  Though AFTERSCHOOL has been doing stuff in Japan for a little while.  Bang! will be the first review from them lol.  Another SNSD XD….aye carumba XD

Nagi Yanagi

As the ex-singer from supercell, Nagi Yanagi fortunately found herself starting a solo career and I’m so happy she did since she was a great singer for ryo.  Her debut single, Vidro Moyou will be reviewed in due time!

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

Even though it’s really hard to describe their music, Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas are unique to me and they surprised me with their music.  I’ll start with their recent release in “Just Awake”.

Jin Akanishi

Ex KAT-TUN member Jin Akanishi surprised me by starting a solo career and trying for the American market as well.  I’m going to start with his single Eternal and work up to his upcoming album, JAPONICANA.



Like this list of artists??


ARTISTS BLOWOUT!!!: Hallyu Waves and lulz catching up XD December 3, 2011

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I thought I’d catch up once again and add a couple of new acts to the site WHOOOOOO!

Genki Rockets

The first artist I added back in the past was Genki Rockets which is the project of SONY’s Tetsuya Mizuguchi.  Meaning that there’s a lot going on for this project as well.  Not a lot of releases though with two singles and two albums in which I reviewed one of the albums XD.  I might review the others but who knows!


U-KISS is the first K-pop group added from this list!  Though I won’t be reviewing their older Korean stuff, I’ll start from their first Japanese single, Tick Tack!

Dream Morning Musume

Of course I wasn’t planning on reviewing them since I only thought they were just going to do self-covers but seeing as they are releasing their first single in “Shining Butterfly”, it’s worth to review them now WHOOHOO!


I have always wanted OZMA on the site after hearing him in “I RAVE YOU” and “Spiderman” but opted out since he was so-called finished under the moniker and joined Tunnels for the whole YAZIMA Beauty Salon era.  Since he’s back I’m going to start with “Chin Kon Ka” his first single in almost 3 years.


So, I guess GACKT’s new project does deserve a mention as well.  Since he’s doing this simultaneously with his solo work, he’s definitely a busy guy.  YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz does feature a lot of well-known members and two singers GACKT and Jon.  I already reviewed “THE END OF THE DAY” and waiting for their next one.


RAINBOW is also another K-pop group riding along the Hallyu Wave by debuting in Japan.  I’ll start by reviewing their first single A. 

Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation, SNSD, Shoujo Jidai…whatever you call them they’ll be reviewed on the site now since they are one of the more well-known K-pop groups out there…no thanx to friggin “Gee” XD.  I’ll be reviewing the first J-pop era and “The Boys included!!!!

Brown Eyed Girls

And finally the last group brought in is BEG which really surprised me with their Korean album, “Sixth Sense” (which I’ll review) and of course their Japanese single “SIGN” before “Distance comes out!


ARTISTS BLOWOUT!: Fill you in time I guess!!!! August 29, 2011

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So yush I have been randomly adding new artists over time since I don’t get spazzy enough to add 10 or more different ones but I have added a few before and I’m adding new ones now so here’s the list y’all!!!…Starting with the ones I have reviewed already XD (and a few that don’t have profiles ((excluding that uber big post))).

Sakura Gakuin

I can’t believe I never wrote about them on at least one of the artists blowouts I had.  Sakura Gakuin is of course an idol group with older and younger set girls.  Good thing is is that 2 of the members originally came from Karen Girl’s which meant that they were in it to get popular.  Of course at the time I saw them the first time they hadn’t released “Yume ni Mukatte/Hello! IVY” and today they’ve also released their first album after that.  Looking forward to what’s next from them.


At the time I didn’t really think about him or HIROKO having a profile considering they were already there as mihimaru GT but I guess I’ll be nice and just put em up.  miCKun when I first caught notice had announced that “Kyouka Suigetsu” was his solo debut so I had added him simply because so (and this was before HIROKO’s announcement).  Speed up to now and we have one single and one album.  Since the members came back, I guess solo works are on hiatus.


HIROKO’s announcement came soon after miyake’s and she came out strong with “GIRLZ UP” and “Saigo no Koi” before releasing “OPEN THE DOOR”.  it was alright but by smart decision skills she joined back together with miyake and once again solo activities have stopped for the time being. 


Rina or Rina Sakurai back in her indies days kicks off her major label career and while she only has two singles out “Angel” and “Gray Zone”.  She’s still pretty new since she’s a model turned singer but I think she has hope if she continues to release music ^_^


It’s weird to see that Aki.P decided to take DIVA which was kind of a small sub-group to just have songs be essentially the B-sides to AKB singles before cutting the members down to four amazing singers to form DiVA with a lower-case i.  Now they’ve only released two singles in “Tsuki no Uragawa” and “Cry” but it’s sad since new members will join for the third single sadly…

You Kikkawa

I guess I forgot to mention Yuu here.  She was announced as a solo singer before Sayaka announced her solo career and TBH, I think Yuu is for the long run since she joined UNIVERSAL-J and all that and has one single out with “Kikkake wa YOU!” and a second one coming out soon with “Happy Wrapping ~Sunrise~”.  I think she has a bright future since she was one of the better singers originally from Hello! Pro Eggs.

Marina Kawano

So I’m gonna say that every year that the Animax Anison Grand Prix happens I’m always gonna add the winner and 2011’s winner was Marina Kawano.  She has released her debut single, “Morning Arch” at least but she’s been quiet lately…hope she announces a new single soon!

Larval Stage Planning

I did explain who LSP were in my single review of the single but it’s literally I’ve Sound’s three new singers (and possibly to make up for the fact that KOTOKO left for Warner).  To me they have voices that kind of cross between Mami Kawada’s and Kaori Utatsuki’s but more towards the cuter side unfortunately.  I do hope for more stuff from them because their debut wasn’t too bad!


Kind of like sphere but at the same time not, RO-KYU-BU! I think is just a one-off group because they are a group based on the anime of the same name so I wouldn’t be surprised if “SHOOT!” was their only release but if they get another one out that’ll be pretty awesome too.


Kyarypamyupamyu is Nakata’s newest understudy and she seems to replace MEG with the cute-techno vibes with her first major debut mini, “Moshi Moshi Harajuku”.  I like her and her voice is easier on the ears but she needs some edgy songs before I can conclude how I feel towards her right now!


Chiaki Takahashi

One of three new artists starting out their JPN careers the first caught me off guard like HYNA did earlier this year.  Chiaki is relatively an unknown to me like Aimer which gives a mysterious vibe but I will definitely have fun reviewing “Konya wa Chupa♡Riko”.  Such a raunchy little video too…damn I think Kuu needs to teach these new gals a lesson XD

Tomato n’Pine

Yup it’s another idol group but they also just came out of indies-land with their first single “Tabidachi Transfer” and they released their second one “Nanairo Namida” just recently.  They actually sound good and could have the following Momoiro Clover did in their early days too hopefully.


Another brand new artist to debut but with a triple A-side “Rokutosei no Yoru/Kanashimi wa Aurora ni/TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR”.  I don’t know much about Aimer but her voice has a YUI-ish sound to it so I guess you might like it if you like piano music too XD


Sakanaction to me is if School Food Punishment stuck to more of an electro underground sound and I like that a lot about Sakanaction because it’s more synthetic and cool to listen to.  While their album “DocumentaLy” is coming out next.  I’ll review their three singles leading up to it hopefully beforehand.


Oh yeah, I’m definitely adding this K-pop group to the site because they have a JPN discography piling up and it’s definitely sweeeeet.  Now they second album is coming soon but they’ve released 3 digital singles to lead up to it and that’s where I’ll start with them is “I Am The Best”.



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So I’ve got a bunch of artists I’ve now added to be reviewed so let’s check it out!!!!

Sayaka Kitahara

So of course since I have added You, it would be simple to add Sayaka who’s also going solo.  Even though in literal sense it’s a character single…I’m still going to add it since she’s got an alright set of vocals.  “Yappa Seishun” is definitely going to be reviewed.


Yup, it seems like we’ve missed out on some well, hot n’ sweaty songs and since Kuu isn’t really bringing it it seems we get new artists of the loop and HYNA does bring it with “Taratika” which will be reviewed in time.

Columbia Girls Collection

Hmmmm what’s this an idol group that does enka?  HEY, I could get into this perhaps since it’s like the best of two worlds clashed into one really.  Their debut, “Yumeiro Rhapsody” has already been released, but I’m looking for it for sure ^_^


A duo that debuted under the 5pb. Records company (Zwei, Yui Sakakibara, Asriel, Akiko Hasegawa) ARTERY VEIN has a darker tinge to their music and has released two singles which I’ll review pretty quickly.  Looks good huh?


PASSPO☆ is the final new group added to the site and of course they’ve been an indies idol group for a while, but all of a sudden their popularity has risen and they moved to Major Label status under UNIVERSAL JAPAN.  Their first single under the label, “Shoujo Hikou” will be reviewed ^_^

AND UNDER THOUGHTS, I’ve decided to review the current H!P acts from their beginnings and work on up ^^


ARTISTS BLOWOUT FIRST OF 2011!!!! February 21, 2011

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Well, well, well…from the last blowout til now there have been NUMEROUS RECOMMENDATIONS coming from all over and I can’t thank you guys enough for that since there’s a bunch this time.  However, I closed it down for the time being since this is getting a bit much right?  I know I’m such a giver XD 

I’ve also noticed I haven’t been reviewing many older things and I wanna change that for this year since there’s still artists from the last blowout that I have not gotten to.

Also, there’s been a few artists that I’ve grown to enjoy less of in time and I’m thinknig of stopping reviewing them since either they are on hiatus or broken up…this would include: Rentrer en Soi and metronome being a few examples.  Anyways leave a comment saying if I should dump or just leave em there.

Anyways let’s get into the 23!!!! new artists/groups I’ve added

  • Kaela Kimura
  • ClariS
  • KARA
  • eufonius
  • Kazusa
  • Piko
  • Dir en Grey
  • Ceui
  • LIL
  • 9nine
  • Jade Villalon
  • Safarii
  • SDN48
  • Plastic Tree
  • mochA
  • Dream5
  • Not yet

Sorry that there’s no pictures but it’s way late and I wanna get everything updated XD


So…ARTISTS BLOWOUT: 2nd IN A ROW!? October 25, 2010

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Yep, first two days of reopening the recs page and I get bombed with many so here’s the new people that I’m including! (of course I’m adding a few of my own which I’ll do first!!!


Yep, as a relatively new act and since they are rather good sounding, I’m adding them to the site starting by reviewing “Tapestry” and moving on up!


Because avex didn’t have faith in TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE enough, they decide to bring in another idol group…though unlike the other idol group they are debuting with an album which I’ll review when it leaks out!

Haruka Tomatsu

I guess since I was asked to add Ayahi Takasagi (who’s a part of sphere in which I review, why not add the girls individually?  Haruka Tomatsu is probably one of the more recognizable names in seiyuu land right now.  I’m going to start with Nagisa no SHOOTING STAR and go from there!

Minako Kotobuki

While Haruka is busy in her 2nd era the other three members are beginning their solo careers with Minako and Ayahi soon to be releasing their 2nd singles and Aki releasing her 3rd.  I still can’t differentiate the voice so hopefully I can by listening to them seperately.

Aki Toyosaki

Yep another member from sphere of course.  She’s on her 3rd single so I shall catch up to her releases!

Ayahi Takagaki

Yeah…you have the drill, at least she was recommended!


Of course SONY has strong J-rockers and Prague is definitely a good meaning of what I just said.  I’ll start be reviewing their debut up to their album since that’s the last thing they released.  ^_^.


Another relatively new band, ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D is kind of like WEAVER and Prague, but I needed more guy bands so this fit the description, and they do anime themes, so here they are!


A J-pop duo that’s females?  Given there’s a few out there already, but I like their soft music.  I’ll start by reviewing Tsunaide te and then moving towards their album release!


Hey, it’s nice to have a male-heavy group where the lone female is the drummer of the group (MAXIMUM THE HORMONE being the other).  Either way, DUSTZ sounds pretty cool for a newly label changed group.  I’m going to start by reviewing their major label single!

Eri Takenaka

For me, I found it surprising I never heard of her before she was recommended to me because I found her voice very sweet and soothing to listen to.  I’ll begin with “Kiiroi Hana -Wedding Dress-” and work my way up to “Garden”.

Airi Takasaki

Yeah, Airi Takasaki…not sure who she is yet, but I will actually start with her mini album “Blue Bird’s Nest” before getting into the singles leading to her debut album.


I think we all have our own fierce bitches…exist†trace is probably in literal sense fierce because it’s an all girl v-kei band.  I’m not sure if they’re the only ones, but whatever they’re pretty damn cool right now.  I’ll start with their single “KNIFE”.

the GazettE

I guess I needed another V-kei group to fill in the spaces while some others on breaks.  They also kind of remind me of Dir en Grey in some odd way, but LOL hey I’m just surprised no one has recommended them before the GazettE.  (If you try now I won’t take em since I’m happy with this group for right now).

anNina / annabel

Not sure entirely who annabel is (most likely the lady of course).  Still I’m interested in her styles since it’s different from what I usually go for!  Of course anNina is them two while annabel is her solo works which ill count as one!


I guess I needed more male singers so why not?  Suneohair isn’t all too bad and his voice sounds goot especially in his more recent work.  I’ll start with “Sakasama Bridge”. 

Etsuko Yakushimaru

Yeah, while she might be a member of that uber-weird Soutaiseirion, Etsuko finally breaks out and starts a solo career so I’ll definitely start with “Oyasumi Paradox/Jenny wa Gokigen Naname.


I actually have heard of her before adding her to the site, but unfortunately it’s not what she is anymore.  The Lia I knew was known as LIA in the I’ve Sound catalog and with stuff like “Disintegration”, she really impressed me.  Now while she isn’t there anymore, she still releases songs for anime’s and that’s good enough so I’ll start with her return “My Soul, Your Beats!/Brave Song”.


Did anyone miss my ARTISTS BLOWOUT? I sure did and RECS are OPEN!!!!! October 23, 2010

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So we’re here at the nearing end of October and I thought I’d be nice and fill you in with everyone I added since the last time and with my recommendations open again, one can wonder how quickly I’ll fill up with possibilities!

There is news on my end about some.

I don’t review everyone’s full discography just some if I feel that there’s that much of an interest or well…I started up with them with their debut.

Also, noelle has been officially cutoff from the blog since there’s no picture of her AT ALL!  WTH is this!

Either way let us begin!

Maon Kurosaki

So our first (not chronologically) artist up is Maon Kurosaki who debuted under Geneon this year with an album, “H.O.T.D.” which all of the songs on the album were ending themes for the anime, HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD (ending themes changed each episode, so that’s why).  Still with an upcoming single soon, I’m liking this gal a bit!


So this group has been going on for a while and it took me til now to actually add them to the site since the albums were all found.  pLumsonic! might be following the technopop craze of 2008-09, but they have a pretty unique sound to them that combines Perfume and YMCK to have this rather obscure yet relaxing sound.  Definitely review their debut up to their upcoming album in Nov., “Atomic-girl”.


SuG might be a familiar name to all the V-kei and Oshare-kei fans out there, but I felt like I needed to have a new band to follow since the bands I review now are starting to fade away.  They also have just changed to a major label recently…so that piqued my interest enough to add them!


Yep the latest from the Techno-pop central label D-Topia, KOR=GIRL is actually two girls in which one of them won the audition D-topia had earlier in the year.  While they started off on a bad foot, we don’t know if they’re still together since the label switched to D-Topia UNIVERSE.  I hope their sound changed as well.


I think that Angelababy has been a little quiet since “Beauty Survivor”.  Either way, since Angelababy is another case of model turned into singer (and that can be easily questioned) she’s debuted in a good way under Shinichi Osawa.  Though it makes me wonder what she has in store for us!


Yep, I added a K-pop group to the site, but that’s not the point!  They also have a career in Japan (even though essentially it’s just Japanese versions of their Korean hits). I do like what they’ve started to accomplish and their Japanese is getting better…but c’mon I’d still want a auto-tuneless track from them for once.  Can’t wait for their debut album!


Also another artist that’s been known elsewhere, MAA was originally the lead for MarBell and since her change of sound has went to a more electro state, I got interested in her music.  I do like that there’s another single and a mini-album coming up though so I’m looking forward to that!


Hmmmm, so YuiKaori’s members were half of Team DEKARIS which has been rather done for since that album released.  Released two singles and a third coming up, I’m keeping my eyes out for these ladies!

Sayaka Sasaki

Yep, this would be the same Sayaka Sasaki that won the event that HIMEKA won a year prior.  I actually think she can be pretty good and even though her releases so far have been alright, she’s got untapped potential here!


I actually don’t know her deal to be honest, she just kind of popped out of nowhere and started off big with “Nakigao Smile”.  While she hasn’t released anything since her second single, I’m kind of hoping for another soon, or a mini…still she’s pretty good so far.


Yup, since Lariku is starting to slow their releases down, it gave HYDE a reason to come back to VAMPS for a sophomore era which I did like for the most part.  Either way, they’re soon to release a recut single out of “MEMORIES” so we’ll see what happens if they stay together for a third album.


Another YUI-ish type singer eh?  Well, at least she has a unique voice to back that up.  Just released her 3rd major label single, Maika should be able to get fans hopefully with her Westernized sound.  Can’t wait to see more from her.

xiah JUNSU

Considered the ugliest, yet best singer of the group, JUNSU is now solo y’all.  However, I’m not sure if it’s permanent since there’s troubles with the group he came from and the fact he hasn’t released anything since “XIAH”.  Maybe there’ll be more who knows XD


And finally ending this long post, is well….whatever is left of Tohoshinki.  At this point in time I won’t be surprised if they break up since all of their drama is just all over the place.  Still a mini-album and an album in less than 6 months is pretty interesting though.