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Track Listing

  1. Road of Resistance
  3. Awadama Fever
  4. Yabaa!
  5. Amore -Aoboshi-
  6. META! Meta Tarou
  7. Syncopation (Japanese editions only)
  8. From Dusk Till Dawn (Overseas only)
  9. GJ!
  10. Sis. Anger
  12. Tales of The Destinies
  13. THE ONE (Limited & Regular only)
  14. THE ONE -Unfinished ver.- (THE ONE Limited only)
  15. THE ONE -English ver.- (Overseas only)

1. Road of Resistance

BABYMETAL of course would begin their sophomore album with the oldest song of the album (and digital single), Road of Resistance.  Also, it was also in the Overseas release of their first album which is bizarre, but makes sense.  Anyways, being the opening song, Road of Resistance.  I mean as I said in the review of their first album, this song really sets up for some badassery with some dramatic sounds before going into a VERY speedy metal track.  It’s a pretty awesome song, although the percussion is a little overboard here…


Which leads into the promotional track for the album, KARATE.  Since I’ve finally have some new songs to deal with, I was wondering what BABYMETAL would bring.  KARATE is definitely a lot more hard hitting than I expected (especially coming after “Road of Resistance”).  Luckily it seems that MOAMETAL and YUIMETAL makes more of an appearance as the squeaky cutesy members with SU-METAL still being the prime singer here.  I do like this song though and the arrangement is just menacing in such a good way!  Definitely a a good choice to promote this album!

3. Awadama Fever

I was surprised to hear synths open the next track, but then as quickly as the appreciation started, the tune jumps into some angry riffs.  I do like that YUI and MOA do have echo filters and all-around do have more to do than just makes short quips.  The song is really adventurous and when the bridges drops out and turns even more darker, I feel like it’s just overall badass…yeah…I’m very much loving this one!

4. Yabaa!

With a title as such, I was wondering what could come from this song and I have to say the tune is a lot lighter than most of the other tracks from the album.  Though that’s not always a bad thing here.  It has a certain vibe that it comes from their first album and the kind of Sublime-ish sound is interesting.  It also contains some darker tones (especially the bridge), but really it’s a nice track…not as memorable as “KARATE” but decent.

5. Amore -Aoboshi-

Opening with SU-METAL singing to some underlying synths and filtered music, I really have to say that she’s become a much valiant singer in the trio (makes me wonder why MOA or YUI haven’t had this kind of training yet.  After the introduction, it turns into a pretty badass guitar solo.  While this is strictly SU only, I feel like so far this song has the strongest and easy-to-follow melody I’ve come across on the album so far.  It kind of sounds like an anison track here and there too which might add to my appreciation to this track.

6. META! Meta Tarou

I hear synths again opening a song again lol.  I feel like this is going for an epic sound as seen from the intro from the two screamers.  Actually, there’s some Scottish about the song and I believe it’s from the chanting and flutes throughout.  I’m actually surprised to hear YUI & MOA having more lines than normal, but SU still kind of leads the rallying here.  It just sounds like a medieval song and the march feeling I get is pretty awesome!

7a. Syncopation

So for some reason all versions of the album (except the overseas versions) ended up with Syncopation.  It brings back a harder tone that the earlier set of songs were definitely following, but I really like the guitarwork out of this one, but like “Road of Resistance”, there’s just a too much percussion going on.  The bridge does include new synth melodies, but I liked the metal more this time around.

7b. From Dusk Till Dawn

Though for international releases, we instead got From Dusk Till Dawn.  I actually was surprised at how lowkey and different it begun, but then it opens up VERY aggressively with guitars and loudness.  Though the verses die down immensely into this soundscape-like atmosphere with who I think is SU-METAL being light and prickly into this loud chorus of echo filters and shouting.  Also, English is heard (which might be why it’s only on the Overseas version).  Between the two, Syncopation is the better track, but From Dusk Till Dawn brought some experimentation to the table and that was also quite nice…hmmm so who got the short end of the stick at the end of the day?

8. GJ!

Next up is the shortest track of the album, barely making 3 minutes lol.  Already from the start, I feel like despite the short time it’s going to be a hard-hitting song.  It sort of reminds me of Slipknot’s arrangements which is cool I suppose.  I do feel like this song is more for YUI and MOA as I only hear them sing in the track.  Despite its length, I found it somewhat quick and nice.

9. Sis. Anger

It sounds like we’re in an underground facility with the intro of our next track and boy does it hit hard like a truck once the band joins the fray.  Once again, YUI & MOA sing first and they sound so kawaii being in front the track which is otherwise a punch in the face.  It seems like SU is in the background of this one and that’s a surprise for me.  Though like “Road of Resistance” & “Syncopation”, the song is hampered a little too much by the speed drumming…maybe the worst of the 3.


Ehhh?  Strings opening a song?  Wait, a ballad?  It seems so very random to find a track like this on an album like this.  I have to say, SU does a great job here and she sounds radiant.  It does slightly make more sense when the band starts to come in alongside the strings-based arrangement which makes it a power ballad.  It’s a really powerful track and definitely was something I wasn’t expecting from BABYMETAL!

11. Tales of The Destinies

After that short sidestep, Tales of The Destinies pops up next and it sounds like it would be something that I would’ve heard earlier in the album, but it’s just a cool song at first.  It does change pace when SU-METAL takes the front role…that’s when the song just kind of goes all over the place and it surprisingly loses my pace in my head.  Though this would be the first song from this album that really makes me go WTF with a ragtime passage to a long piano outro…it’s such a bizarre song, but after songs like “Ii ne!” this wasn’t too surprising…just unexpected after how straightforward the rest of the tracks have been.

12a. THE ONE

Finally we enter our final track of the album with THE ONE and it comes in 3 different flavors! It opens with a lengthy passage of guitars and drums and it sounds like an epic track ahead.  Being as SU-METAL fronts the song she starts off the verses in English before sliding into Japanese and going back and forth.  I really do love the broad sound of the track and it feels like it was made to be the epic ending that this album needed…also SU…what an amazing voice!…Being the ending to the Japanese versions of the album, it was an epic closing!

12b. THE ONE -Unfinished ver.-

On a specific limited edition of the album simply titled THE ONE Limited Edition, this version of THE ONE is actually a ballad version of the track.  Also it’s based off the English version of the song so it’s a really unique, but lovely version of the song as we get to hear a stripped down version and SU-METAL sounds just as radiant as she does in “NO RAIN, NO RAINBOW”.  I’m a little sad that it’s three minutes shorter, but still a great version of the track nonetheless.

12c. THE ONE -English ver.-

For international versions, we get an English take on THE ONE (though the song was already 75% English as it was).  Just know that it’s now entirely in English.  While I haven’t mentioned it, SU-METAL’s pronunciation is pretty on point, but you can tell there’s some kinks in her voice (which can be remedied with more training).  I think it’s still an amazing song overall and a great ending to the album!

Tracks Recommended

  • THE ONE (all versions)
  • Amore -Aoboshi-
  • Awadama Fever

Song of Avoidance

  • Sis. Anger

After fearing that BABYMETAL would’ve been a one-time deal after their self-titled debut (and the fact that all three members had graduated from their mother group, Sakura Gakuin), I was more than happy to see that the sheer fame they garnered because of their unique sound and premise got them a sophomore album!  When it comes to METAL RESISTANCE, it felt like the group dropped their idol shpeel and went full-on metal to which surprised and excited me and this album was amazing to say the least!  There’s not a lot of moments that bored me and most of the songs left some kind of feelings in a good way, I have to say this was what they needed after they’re groundbreaking debut *RECOMMENDED*


BABYMETAL – BABYMETAL February 26, 2014

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Track Listing

  2. Megitsune
  3. Gimme Choco!!
  4. Ii ne!
  5. Benitsuki -Akatsuki- or Benitsuki -Akatsuki- (Unfinished ver.) (BABYMETAL APOCALYPSE Limited only)
  6. Do・ki・Do・ki☆Morning
  7. Onedari Daisakusen
  8. 4 no Uta or 4 no Uta (444 ver.) (BABYMETAL APOCALYPSE Limited only)
  9. U・ki・U・ki★Midnight
  10. Catch me if you can
  11. Akumu no Rinbukyoku
  12. Headbanger!!
  13. Ijime, Dame, Zettai
  14. Road of Resistance (International Edition bonus track)
  15. Gimme Choco!! -Live at 02 Academy Brixton, London- (International Edition bonus track)


Wasn’t surprised that the trio would kick their album off with this song!  Being a B-side from “Ijime, Dame, Zettai” I was surprised at first because the intro is haunting and almost wants to lead into an epic song.  At least the tone of the song sets the album up for what’s coming for the rest of the album.  It’s very heavy and the arrangement is very quick and you can tell with the guitar riffs and drumming that went on.  The girls for the most part are kind of laying low while the growling goes on…they have small parts but still it sounds like an intro that went on a bit too long.

2. Megitsune

Moving to the trio’s 4th single released, Megitsune definitely impressed me musically more than it did vocally but SU-METAL rocks this song out completely and the melody of the song is just bangin’ amazing!  It’s just an amazing song and was heavily impressed by the song in its entirely…it’s my favorite of the A-sides and for good reason.

3. Gimme Choco!!

I was pretty sad that the album would only contain 3 new songs.  The first is the one that promoted the album, Gimme Choco! and unlike “Megitsune” it has a little more synthwork and a little more cuter side to it especially the chorus.  Plus it seems like YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL have a little more light here and they seemed to work well together surprisingly.  Not bad of a choice to promote the album with.

4. Ii ne!

Released as their technical first single, Ii ne! was on a joint single they did with Kiba of Akiba (which I didn’t review) plus it was on their Sakura Gakuin album but a revised version, but this is the original.  This is where I started to really enjoy the group and about when they started to get warmer reception from idol fans.  It’s a fun track to listen to, but the rap section is still a big WTF for the song since it sounds like YUI and MOA are leading it before coming back to death metal growls.  That part reminded me of Chelsea Grin…weird…Old song, but a pretty good song all-around.

5a. Benitsuki -Akatsuki-

As one of the B-side from “Megitsune”, Akatsuki is a SU-METAL solo (wait, already?).  There’s no doubt that she’s the group’s best singer so she’d get a song that would really cement that mindset.  She begins the song by herself and piano before the angry guitars come in and turn this into a death metal song with pounding drums and some good piano lines too.  The other two girls do provide some backup melodies, but it’s mostly SU for the majority.  Still a good song overall!

5b. Benitsuki -Akatsuki- (Unfinished ver.)

So on these special limited editions we got a different version of this B-side which is a surprise because I didn’t think they could.  The biggest difference is the fact that the entire song is just piano, so there’s not metal explosion to be had, so the flow on the APOCALYPSE edition is kind of wacked up because of this.  The other two members also also cut so we’re left with a total SU-METAL solo here.  I liked it overall, but I think the album works better with the original.

6. Do・ki・Do・ki☆Morning

Wow I wouldn’t have thought they would include this song.  I remember when I reviewed Sakura Gakuin’s debut album and running into this little gem.  Little did I know, this would make the three so popular that today, they’re bigger than the main group 0.o.  It’s definitely the song on the album that really has that idol feel somewhere in it amongst the nitty and gritty.  Suffice to say, it was surpassed by its successors lol.  I still do think the pre-chorus is the best damn thing about this tune.  That nostalgia tho…it’s still good today even though vocally it’s a bit eh xD.

7. Onedari Daisakusen

The other B-side from “Megitsune” comes next and this one focused more on YUI and MOA here and they’re the younger vocals here.  The song they got is a bit more and I was surprised of the direction of the song by making them rap here and there but sing too and their voice are so high.  Like I said on the single review, this would be great sung live but the studio version doesn’t really do much for the tune.

8a. 4 no Uta

We get our next new track from the group with 4 no Uta and it reminds me of “Ii ne!” with the first half being more of a hard rock song.  I mean I can get behind this quite a bit because it can be catchy.  Though like the aforementioned song they throw in a random segment of reggae and it goes back to heavy rock and back to reggae.  It’s definitely not conventional and it’s not handled as smoothly as “Ii ne!” was.

8b. 4 no Uta (444 ver.)

Once again, the APOCALYPSE edition comes with another redone, but of a new song?  That’s a bit bogus right?  To be honest, there’s really little difference here except this version lacks the echo filter…otherwise it’s nothing totally different.  Song is still really bipolar XD.

9. U・ki・U・ki★Midnight

Next up is the B-side from “Headbanger!!” and it’s a lot like “Do・ki・Do・ki☆Morning” in where it has it’s darker rock moments but also has a more idol-like sound but still continues to rock out during them parts.  Like the various experimented songs, this one features dubstep as its middle.  Solid song overall!

10. Catch me if you can

Moving to the other B-side from “Ijime, Dame, Zettai, it’s another YUI and MOA led song and this one felt like it hit harder than “Onedari Daisakusen” did and I actually found this the better of the two songs.  Also like the previous track, it had another bout with dubstep and this one felt messier but this song was jsut heavy and edgy as it is and it didn’t need it, but overall it was good.

11. Akumu no Rinbukyoku

The last of the new tracks, Akumu no Rinbukyoku was a lot heavier than the other two new tracks and it seems there’s a clear lead in SU here.  Surprisingly as a SU song, I kind of forgot about the song midway through as it didn’t have as much excitement as with other songs.  Though once again, cemented why SU has such good vocals!

12. Headbanger!!

As the trio’s 2nd single (technically), Headbanger!! was so wild and relentless and I loved the PV that it got too haha.  The tune is pretty loud and definitely the energy is through the roof…though I loved the part where SU sang in front of some harpischord…so cool.  I enjoyed it pretty much through!

13. Ijime, Dame, Zettai

I love that they chose to close it out with their first major label single.  Right from the piano intro, Ijime, Dame, Zettai left the best sound of the A-sides and it mixed what I loved the most about BABYMETAL into one track because SU leads this one and lord she took this song to new heights.  It’s rockin’ and just closed the album with a strong point!

14. Road of Resistance

So the next year over, it seems that BABYMETAL had become popular enough to release the album internationally and came with some bonus tracks!  First is the song they released after this album’s release but was only a digital single at the time.  I love how epic it begins with some great power chords and some dramatic percussion.  Though it switches gears quite abruptly to a more furious setting.  I love SU-METAL here as she brings some good vocals to a powerful song.  Still find it weird that it’s on this album and will be on their upcoming album…

15. Gimme Choco!! -Live at 02 Academy Brixton, London-

Last but not least, there was a live performance of Gimme Choco!! and boy do they bring it in live settings because the band playing was really hardcore and the trio actually managed to keep up with everything that was going on!  Really awesome performance  of the song and just solidifies how great the group is!

Tracks Recommended

  • Ijime, Dame, Zettai
  • Megitsune
  • Ii ne!
  • Benitsuki -Akatsuki-
  • Headbanger!!

Song of Avoidance

  • 4 no Uta

Wow, even though it took a while for this album to come together, BABYMETAL’s self-titled debut was pretty awesome!  I mean despite that there’s only 3 new songs on the album it was mostly a strong album for the trio and definitely would love to see more, but I’m not sure it they’ll continue though Suzuka is doing fine without being in Sakura Gakuin.  Great album though!


BABYMETAL – Megitsune June 25, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Megitsune
  2. Benitsuki -Akatsuki- (Regular only)
  3. Onedari Daisakusen (Limited only)
  4. Megitsune (Air Vocal ver.)
  5. Akatsuki (Air Vocal ver.)

1. Megitsune

Taking a bit more of a heavier synth style to add alongside their metal sound, BABYMETAL is definitely a push back to their first song because you can really hear them being a mix of idol and metal and I’m loving every minute of Megitsune!  Of course this song is pretty hardcore and even the slow parts is pretty badass!  I’m not even missing the two younger members because they’re covered up by the arrangement while SU-METAL is just kicking ass.  This song was a winner in my book!

2. Benitsuki -Akatsuki-

The regular edition has Benitsuki -Akatsuki- which begins with SU-METAL singing the opening lines in a very light piano-fronted arrangement.  Though all worries go away when the song becomes fast and pounding (which I’ve said in the past that those kind of drum beats do annoy me in metal songs because they just pound in your mind).  Though they do go away, but there’s a lot of percussion lol.  Akatsuki is pretty good and then I start to question where the other two members are because they are lying low in this track.  I don’t think it’s quite as good as “Megitsune” but it’s a good B-side.

3. Onedari Daisakusen

On the Limited versions, we get Onedari Daisakusen and we get to hear a lot more of the younger members (actually quite a lot) and they’re doing some rapping against the heavy metal background which seems to be cool, but a little meh…could’ve been a Momoiro Clover Z track xD.  It’s definitely a song that could be well executed at lives but in studio form, Onedari Daisakusen seem to be a little off putting, especially for really no SU-METAL.

With an album announced for October and feeling a bit better that SU-METAL is sticking around a tad bit longer (remember, she graduated from Sakura Gakuin recently) I think Megitsune was a better turnout than “Ijime, Dame, Zettai” did.  The A-side is definitely what I was hoping for and they kicked ass!!!  Plus I was not bothered that MOAMETAL and YUIMETAL were kind of blemishes to both the A-side and Benitsuki -Akatsuki-.  Though that being said, Onedari Daisakusen on the other hand was really just those two and not a whole lot of SU.  Not bad of a single overall and I’m excited for the album!


BABYMETAL – Ijime, Dame, Zettai January 14, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Ijime, Dame, Zettai
  2. Catch me if you can (Regular only)
  3. BABYMETAL DEATH (Limited only)
  4. Ijime, Dame, Zettai ~Nemesis ver.~ (Limited only)
  5. Ijime, Dame, Zettai (Air Vocal ver.)
  6. Catch me if you can (Air Vocal ver.)

1. Ijime, Dame, Zettai

I wasn’t expecting BABYMETAL to open the song with a really nice piano solo before the actual song opens things up to their normal level of awesomeness.  I’ve really started to get into the group and I felt that Ijime, Dame, Zettai is probably their most melodic idea yet since there’s not a screaming and a bit more singing from SU-METAL who oddly enough is really great in this song!  The speed drumming could get annoying though which isn’t surprising, but the guitar solos are aplenty and still powerful.  For being 6 minutes long, this was a pretty awesome song!

2. Catch me if you can

Only on the regular editions, we get this B-side which is the shortest song off the entire single at 4 minutes.  This does bring MOAMETAL and YUIMETAL to the forefront and while I think they’re still kind of just side cheerleaders in the group, SU-METAL still is there singing the choruses, but this song isn’t really all that great compared to their last releases.  Plus that smidge of dubstep wasn’t too distracting so that’s a plus? lol.


On the limiteds, we get two extra tracks!  The first is aptly titled BABYMETAL DEATH and boy does that kind of sound a little like foretelling?  The song starts off with this ghostly and flowing chanting style which sounds haunting in a way.  Then the pounding guitars replace that and we get this kind of gothic metal track (which is new for them and I like it).  Though most of the time, you hear the growling repeating ~death, death, death, death~ and some small quips from the ladies but it’s mostly the shouting so it does kind of feel like you’re not really listening to the girls at all.  It’s kind of borderlining useless for me, but the guitar licks and such might keep some people interested.

4. Ijime, Dame, Zettai ~Nemesis ver.~

So we get a remix of Ijime, Dame, Zettai?  I’m not exactly sure what the big difference is between the two tracks because they sound kind of exactly the same to be honest.  Unless if it’s lyrical changes, this is the same thing so I don’t really understand the changes (if there was any to begin with).



BABYMETAL is just getting stronger as a group and with Ijime, Dame, Zettai they’ve really put out a really solid lead track.  It’s just powerful and really makes me love SU-METAL for this (which also includes that Nemesis version even though I don’t get what’s different).  Catch me if you can and BABYMETAL DEATH though have their own issues though…the former is a bit messy and the latter doesn’t have enough substance to it to make it as good as their other songs.  Though with Suzuka graduating Sakura Gakuin, it really makes me worried what will happen with BABYMETAL because I don’t think Moa or Yui can really hold the group by themselves.


BABYMETAL – Headbanger!! December 7, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Headbanger!!
  2. U.ki.U.ki★Midnight
  3. Headbanger!! (Air Vocal Ver.)
  4. U.ki.U.ki★Midnight (Air Vocal Ver.)

1. Headbanger!!

I was wondering what BABYMETAL would released even with the two songs that I’ve know since I’ve reviewed both SakuGaku albums but here we are at the groups first true A-side (that isn’t a joint single) and Headbanger!! is pretty edgy like all their previous songs and I’m just really loving the song since it’s about as fierce as their previous songs.  Though there is no rap interlude so it’s definitely no “Ii ne!”.  I’ve also started to notice that SU-METAL is kind of the lead vocalist while they other two are more like support but not really since they don’t do much either.

2. U.ki.Uki★Midnight

Yay!  The group has their first B-side and this song mixes in some synths alongside the heavy guitars and angry mood.  Though this song kind of is their lightest track to date when compared to the three other songs they have.  It has moments though like the growling and whispers.  However what sets this apart is that is has dubstep thrown in there too which makes the song a bit strange as a package but it’s not bad of a song. 



I was wondering when BABYMETAL would finally get a single to themselves and they finally managed it with Headbanger!! which isn’t a bad single.  I do find that both songs aren’t as random like their first two songs, but they’re worthy to listen to over and over again…plus Headbanger!! is slightly badass lol.