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Best of 2009 – The PVS January 23, 2010

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Yeah, so I’m ending off this best-of 09′ with the top PV’s this year…no worsts cuz there’s way too many of those this year XD…But I’ll do the 5 that really stood out to me this year.

5. Aira Mitsuki – Plastic Doll

After the upsetting PV in “BARBiE BARBiE”, I was wondering what we’d get for the album’s promotional track and honestly I was surprised from what we got.  We even get somewhat of a storyline with the song.  Also, the PV ends like it starts so it’s definitely one of those easily repeatable PVs.  I mean Aira slowing turning into a doll is kind of freaky but the effect were damn cool, better than “GALAXY BOY” for sure (but nothing beats out 2D Aira.  Also, Aira is playing? drums here?  Yeah, strange but she looks cool playing it with her headset on haha.

4. Saihuun – Break your name

Who doesn’t like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy?  I mean Saihuun’s took this route for their debut PV.  I mean I was like…Organization XIII in Zanarkand = WIN.  Even better is that everyone is dancing amazingly and adding such energy to the music is a great factor.  It’s just a very fun and easily danceable PV…Though I’m still ticked that they didn’t show any of the members besides the AAA guys.

SAWA – Swimming Dancing

Who know that SAWA could pull something amazing like the PV to Swimming Dancing.  I thought it was going to be like a PV just of synchronized swimming, but what we got is basically a huge nod to “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and SAWA was the alien here.  I really like how she looked badass with all those hand signals she was pulling off.  If it was me I’d be like “HOLY SHIT RUN SHE GON KILL DA PLANET Y’ALL!!!!”.  Definitely made me watch it more than once.

2. GIRL NEXT DOOR – Infinity

There’s just something about robot cheerleaders that intrigue me, and GND’s video for Infinity took that and run far with it and I liked it alot.  I mean I already love this song, but seeing the video was pretty awesome.  The dancing was pretty sharp and the paint explosions in the background looked pretty cool and artistic in a way.

Namie Amuro – Dr. & Defend Love

I’m surprised Namie went for animation for these two PV’s and funny enough, they’re tied together for this storyline which, ok, doesn’t really makes sense yet, but it’s still one of the most visually appealing PVs I’ve seen all year.  We have Dr. which is about how we’re basically destroying the planet and all that fun stuff, but there was a lot of time traveling involved here XDDD.  Defend Love is a little more complicated, but it does mean war doesn’t really solve anything and that Namie loves GUNDAM so much that she had to get freaky with Amuro Ray XDDDDD


BEST & WORST of 2009: ALBUMS! Part Four: ALBUMS!! January 8, 2010

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Yep, here’s the whole shebang and here’s where we start!

The 5 albums that were great, but not enough to make the 10

Yeah these 5 albums: BEST★SCANDAL, Seirios, Colors of my Voice, PLASTIC CONFUSION, and RE:BORN almost made the list, but sadly fell short….awwwwww


10. Ayumi Hamasaki – NEXT LEVEL

There’s something quite different going on this time on NEXT LEVEL when compared to her last effort, “GUILTY”.  I mean it’s a lot more energetic for sure with songs like Rule, Sparkle, LOVE ‘n’ HATE and so on, it would’ve been higher if there were less interludes in the album…I mean really?


Rie fu really caught me off guard with the entire era leading up to this album.  I thought she was changing because her music was getting kinf of meh and it was…URBAN ROMANTIC gave Rie fu a chance to dive into some upbeat ideas like Romantic, Business, and Something In My Head, but gave us the usual Rie fu style as well with PRESENT.  It’s a strong album on her own and it might be her best one.

8. Namie Amuro – PAST<FUTURE

Namie contribution this year was definitely something I was hoping for.  I mean besides the lack of singles prior to the album, PAST<FUTURE has it’s mix of well…past and future.  I thought FAST CAR was a little devient tune that was forcing me to love it and it worked while WILD and Defend Love got my blood pumpin’ with its edgy beats and great singing.  Pretty solid album, except for FIRST TIMER which is too chaotic for me.

7. HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR – swamp man

Taking a small break, adding a new member and being overall kickass, HandMC’s swamp man pushed many many boundaries that the group has barely scratched previous and with new singer HALCA in tow, everything felt so right and made me thing Maaki never really left at all xD, I mean I never heard anything like XYZ or fly me to the other moon before so yknow, awesome album on par with “ROCK PIT”


For being the first seiyuu/singer to ever hit number 1 on ORICON is a pretty amazing title to have and no doubt because ULTIMATE DIAMOND is a really great album.  She dabbled in various styles and most of the songs turned out great, though I’m still a little peeved about them taking off “COSMiC LOVE” at the last minute, that made me mad

5. Chihiro Onitsuka – DOROTHY

It’s been way too long Chihiro, DOROTHY is such a great album to listen to.  Right from the opening song with the native american arrangement I knew I was going for an experience and she nailed it.  She did miss with a few songs, but overall this album basically makes her last three albums look amateur when compared to this one.

4. Kou Shibasaki – Love Paranoia

Probably the longest album I reviewed this year, Kou’s Love Paranoia was amazingly strong from start to finish, well minus those songs where Kou uses her high register, but otherwise this album has great flow.  If you like long albums, Kou’s is definitely one to listen to.


This was a surprise this year.  Yui Sakakibara is mostly known for her cute overly gushy stuff.  END PROPHECY is luckily devoid of that issue entirely and Yui’s vocals were amazing as well portraying as a deeper more powerful vocalist than her cutesy alternate.  Definitely an album to get, but be warned about her other stuff that isn’t PHANTASM-related.

2. ravex – trax

I think it’s safe to say that the idea behind ravex was the smartest plan ever because trax is just a great dance-infused album.  So many ideas from three different producers and we get such an amazing collection of songs by artists mostly everyone has heard.  Who knew, BoA, Anna Tsuchiya, Maki Goto, and MONKEY MAJIK would have great contributions as well as the others.  Almost perfect album and seriously they need to release more xD

1. Kalafina – Seventh Heaven

I think Kalafina did it for me this year, I always thought Yuki Kajiura was a great composer/producer so when it came to Kalafina’s anticipated debut album, Yuki and the group did not disappoint me one bit.  Well the only real thing that disappointed me besides the lack of Maya…was one of the B-sides that made it on the album.  Everything else was almost damn near perfect.  Seventh Heaven is great and should be recommended by anyone.

Uh-oh the uber bad but not in the REALLY bad list

Koi no Dekaris, Magic Time, unveil, Kana -Itoshiki Hito yo-, and TRICK made the 5 that didn’t make the full list.  Pretty bad albums otherwise lol

10. Buono! – Buono!2

Buono!2 to me is on this list because while it had its really good songs, it also has its horrendous tunes.  It’s a real hot/cold album.  Though I hope this next album is a whole lot better.

9. AAA – depArture

I’m not sure why, but depArture was somewhat lacking the spark that their previous 3 albums had (not including the cover album).  depArture really wasn’t good because of the lack of good singles or even good album tracks.  At least they had their bad album and the singles released after has redeemed themselves back up to awesomeness.

8. Rina Aiuchi – THANX

If there was a trophy for most rushed out feeling album, THANX would definitely be one of the higher candidates this year.  I don’t know what happened but not a lot of songs were memorable and even then sounds so similar to the other songs off the album, it was clear she just wanted another album out fast and sadly it failed on most accounts.

7. Asriel – Quo Vadis

The worst of two albums released by Asriel, Quo Vadis felt so boring to listen to becuase each song just felt more boring as time went on.  There were a few shiners no doubt, but the lack of anything interesting makes this a pretty bad album, and to say “unveil” was only a little better says alot.

6. Mano Erina – FRIENDS

While yes, I did enjoy it at first listen, FRIENDS became more tedious to listen to and with Manoeri’s meh-ish vocals to add on with the subpar songs, besides a certain few singles, the album did not do anything for me in a positive way.  I’m sorry, but FRIENDS was just filled with meh tracks.

5. Hanako Oku – BIRTHDAY

The same thing I said bout Manoeri’s album could be applied here as well, cept Hanako’s vocals are even more shriller and the arrangements are pretty pale and dull.  It’s sad that this album was this bad because people have said previous albums were better all-around…

4. Q;indivi feat. Rin Oikawa – Winter Celebration

Q;indivi to me has been losing steam lately because of the “Celebration” albums, but their winter album was really pushing my buttons.  Having awkward renditions of Christmas classics is definitely not the direction I would’ve taken and left the songs alone, but nooooo.  Srry guys but this album was pretty bad.

3. alan – my life

I put my life way up here because just like Rina’s THANX album, this was rushed way too fast and most of the songs are vocally dead to me besides Kuon no Kawa.  Even then when it was released simultaneously with “Voice of EARTH” you’re bound to be destroyed and my life did it in the worst way possible.

2. Yui Sakakibara – Dream Party Memorial 2009

Yeah, this album was definitly fail from track one up, even the best track found on the album, Premonition Dream was vocally bad so that should tell you that this album is not for the faint-hearted.  Too much seiyuu-ness in one sitting can cause deafness.

1. Tommy heavenly6 – I KILL MY HEART

Hands down, the worst album of the year goes to Tommy heavenly6’s final album under DEFstar, I KILL MY HEART, or as everyone dubs it, I KILL MY CAREER because this unfortunately came out right before the expiration of Tomoko’s band and side-projects.  No singles were released before this and it shows how lazy it was because it just didn’t have the Tomoko spark that her last two albums had (and they were great albums too). 



So there you have it, ALBUMS…..next time is PV’s and that’s going to be down to 5 each and also I will do my text rundown through all the groups for you guys ^_^


BEST & WORST of 2009: ALBUMS! Part Three: ALBUM COVERS!! January 6, 2010

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Well, it’s time for great album and horryfying album covers for the year!

Covers that almost got on the list but are still pretty cool!

Yes, these 5: Genetic World, BIG BANG MUSIC, BEST ★SCANDAL, Legend of Twin I -Futago Densetsu-, and Poison round out the barely made it list and look at em, colorful awesomeness

Now for the big roundup!!!

10. YMCK – Family Cooking

Ok, I’ll admit that I love my isometric games and with Family Cooking, it’s just pretty cool and quite colorful as well.  Even better is the cover has a city and the members working on food ON A BENTO BOX or all things which also matches the theme for the album as well.  Pretty cool cover if you ask me.

9. Namie Amuro – PAST<FUTURE

Yes, Namie’s album cover for PAST<FUTURE was also great because we see what the meaning is to Namie herself which in this case saying that this album is better than “BEST FICTION” since it’s being ripped in half lol.  Pretty angsty if ya ask me.

8. Ayumi Hamasaki – NEXT LEVEL

I actually liked this cover for some reason.  I think it might’ve been all the colors on it.  It’s just so bright and pretty.  The only problem was Ayu’s hair but otherwise everything else was pretty awesome.  Fit the mood of the album.


It might have been a simple band shot, but this cover just comes off as epic to me.  I love how Monkichi’s guitar has KUMAMERO on it while Azumi is holding a toy laser gun, it just makes it funny and cool at the same time.  Cool cover!

6. Nana Kitade – Bondage

If there was one surprise this year, I think Nana’s Bondage was a shocker cover.  It kind of looks like a wanted poster, but prettier due to the amount of different flower bordering the photo.  Add in the fact that Nana is nibbling on an apple too and we get cover No. 6

5. Kalafina – Seventh Heaven

There’s just something mysterious and cool about Kalafina’s debut album’s cover.  Even though there is an absence of Maya which at that time we didn’t know she left the group to continue with school, Seventh Heaven is just a beautiful cover, almost magical.

4. Aira Mitsuki – PLASTIC

I just love red and black together so when I saw PLASTIC’s covers, I nearly orgasmed from the choice covers picked out.  I do like this cover more than the rectangular ones cuz they have the info of the album on the side and I thought that was a no-no.  Still, the cover fit the title with a plastic background.  Cool cover, but doesn’t beat “C.O.P.Y’s”.

3. Akiko Shikata – Harmonia

I love Akiko’s album cover a lot. From the ghostly looking forest to the arches and flame piller and Akiko standing on top of a platform bordering a stream, it really paints the picture in your head.  I even like the key design on the lower corner, pretty cool cover for Akiko.

2. Kanon Wakeshima – Shinshoku Dolce

Once again, red is another major color that makes any cover just pop out and with Shinshoku Dolce, she did it really nicely with her red dress.  Even better was that white cello she’s holding, I’ve never seen a pure white one and it looks awesome!  Then on a a smaller scale, we see that Kanon is holding a carousel, interesting of course and brings the weirdness of the cover together I think.

1. Chihiro Onitsuka – DOROTHY

If weird has a meaning, DOROTHY would be definitely a part of that definition.  It might be a cross of Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz.  It’s that kind of fantasy that caught me off guard and is definitely is her best cover ever.  Plus porky over there seems appetizing.

Now for the 5 not-too-bad, but appears through 11-15


10. ikimono-gakari – Hajimari no Uta

This album cover just seems way too plain and definitely make the group look very plain and ugly too.  I’m sorry, but this made “My song Your song’s” cover look like royalty

9. Angela Aki – ANSWER

ANSWER while is one of Angela’s better album covers, she’s still rather too plain to make it formidable as a best.  You can only go so far before these kind of covers pisses fans off and well, that’s already happening.  Srry Angela….


Talk about putting faith into MEG’s covers, BEAUTIFUL suffers a lot from this cover.  It just seems that the photographer wanted to take it and its worst moment and we got it.  Even worse was that picture of MEG laying on the floor with her baby portal sticking out….just so wrong…just icky cover

7. chatmonchy – Kokuhaku

I don’t know why, but I thought this was a pretty ugly cover from the group.  It looks like some 70’s cover with the girls faces kind of drawn on the cover, it’s kind of meh.  The red, white, and blue also is here, but to me it just doesn’t make the cover any better.


As much as I like red, I AM AMWE kind of made an ugly color.  Though I like the 007 idea to it, it’s just not really that memorable and kind of ugly too.  Sorry

5. Hanako Oku – BIRTHDAY

Doesn’t it seem like not enough ideas were thrown out before this cover?  There is just nothing making this cover memorable and it seemed that it costed less than ten bucks to create.  It’d just very lazy IMO and sucks as a cover.

4. Ai Otsuka – LOVE is BEST

TOO MUCH PINK THINGS, LOVE is BEST is probably one of the wort covers I’ve seen from her.  Another thing that bothered me on this album was her hair…I’m it’s frizzled to no end and it makes me wanna punt more puppies because of it.  *sigh*

3. Tommy heavenly6 – I KILL MY HEART

Yeesh, this is just plain ugly!  Tomoko is probably the only person saving the cover from being the worst because she does kind of look hot, but her cohorts are just the brand of ugly that I would not even get near to.  It’s that bad.  Glam is not good for guys today…

2. MiChi – UP TO YOU

Because holding a mugshot of yourself is so righteous, MiChi’s album gets the number two spot because she’s just fugtastic.  Not a very flattering way to have an album look, but w/e.

1. Momoi Haruko – Henji ga Nai, Tada no Shitsuren no You da.

The number one ick cover of the year, Momoi’s debut under her own label is just not right.  I mean she’s trying to be sexii, but it just backfires and gives us this very uncomfortable cover.  Henji ga Nai is just a fug headshot cover…



Tomorrow, I’ll be finishing up this picfest with best overall album!


BEST & WORST of 2009: ALBUMS! Part Two: Mini-Albums!!

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Yeah, but this time the lengths of the list are short since there wasn’t that many releases this year.


2. SAWA – Swimming Dancing


SAWA had to be epic again huh?  Swimming Dancing blew me away by first listen.  It could’ve been because of the PV being so different and yet showing SAWA in an epic way.  Plus nothing wrong when your producer is Taku…

1. Saori@destiny – EZ DO DANCE (WOW WAR TECHNO)

It’s one thing to do a cover, but when the cover is miles better than the original song, you know it has to be on the list.  EZ SO DANCE, a cover of TRF’s song basically took the mid-tempo tuned, gave it an energy drink and basically let it go and boy did I love it!  So much power packed into a song, I’m surprised she rocked it out in this song.


2. SAWA – I Can Fly

SAWA keeps going on this rollercoaster of good and bad releases, but I Can Fly, the song was definitely her poorest excuse yet.  I really didn’t enjoy her nasally-ness in the song and nothing else really stood out in the song.

1. misono – Tales… (Tales with misono -BEST)

misono really picked a bad time to release Tales… the only new song off this mini.  Tales… really goes back into her dat roots which is cool and all, but the song is just a majorly bore fest since nothing really got her off the ground in the song.


2. marino – lollipop+


I have to say, marino might have had a poor mini-album, but at least the shining point of the mini-album is the cover for lollipop+.  I just love what she’s wearing at she’s pulling cute quite nicely.  Cute cover

1. Saori@destiny – WOW WAR TECHNO

Another great cover from Saori, WOW WAR TECHNO’s cover is just vibrant and full of color.  From the yellow-orange car that I wouldn’t know what it is, to the city landscape, and then Saori’s outfit, it’s a great cover



It isn’t that I didn’t like it, but it was just the most unoriginal cover, being that it’s a color palette swap between this and it’s two singles.  Then again, pink and brown aren’t too good of a combination, but w/e.

1. Eri Nobuchika – hands

It’s great and all that Eri returned to the music scene, but her cover for her return mini-album, hands is rather pretty ugly.  I mean it looks really bad when it looks like it wasnt done professionally and add in that the sewing looks really crappy.  Last minute FAIL!


2. Kylee – Love Kicks…

Yeah, I think Kylee might have a strong career up ahead and Love Kicks… was a great way to pop in the J-pop world, even though the mini is all English.  Has great memorable tracks and is a fun album nonetheless.

1. SWEET BLACK feat. Maki Goto – SWEET BLACK

Gotta give credit to avex for making Gacchan’s debut really hot and something we were anticipating and such.  SWEET BLACK is such a great mini no doubt about it.  There wasn’t anything real bad about the album and even Queen Bee got awesome.  Love this mini!


2. SAWA – I Can Fly

Yea unfortunately, I Can Fly is a pretty bad mini-album, though it comes with SAWA becoming a major label artist so obviously it’d be a pretty meh transfer/debut.  Everything felt too off for SAWA who worked so hard at “TIME&SPACE” so seeing this made me cringe.

1. marino – lollipop+ 

Though the worst mini-album of the year has to go to, marino.  First off this was a rerelease which is already red flag #1, #2 was that her vocals were excrutiating through most of the mini and #3 Nakata-produced songs were even worse because Nakata thought he could pass her as cute, which obviously didn’t work…


OK, now next post will be the albums art covers!


BEST & WORST of 2009: ALBUMS! Part One: ALBUM SONGS!! January 3, 2010

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So yes, we start off the best/worst of albums with individual tracks.  Yes, IN-DI-VI-DU-AL!


Great album songs but just beaten by 10 others!

These 5 tunes: Etsuraku Camellia (ULTIMATE DIAMOND), A.T.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E, Seirios, WHY (BEAUTIFUL) and HYPNOTIZER (Humanizer), just almost made the list but didnt.


10. Daichi Miura – Who’s The Man

If being conceited makes a great song, than Who’s The Man was pure genius.  It’s definitely got a groove to it that I can’t help but love. The thing I loved about this track was how easy it was to get into and not let go.  Sold song all-around

9. Rie fu – Business (URBAN ROMANTIC)

Besides, “Romantic”, Business is such a fun song to listen to.  I mean even when the English lyrics like ~14 down, and a another to take home~ appear, you can’t help but wonder what the girl was thinking in making such a fun tune.  Is there really anything wrong with this song at all?

8. HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR – fly me to the other moon (swamp man)

It’s funny how a little hiatus could do to a band and swamp man’s fly me to the other moon was just a shocker too many fans because it used a whole lot of synth, but mixed in their normal rock sound to make a great song.  Both Yuusuke and HALCA did a great job singing here as well.  LOVE IT!

7. Morning Musume – SONGS (Platinum 9 DISC)

Ahhh, the Momosu surprise!  SONGS was definitely what got me hyped up for the album.  I just love how fresh and hip SONGS was all-around and even going to the point of adding auto-tune to the girls, this definitely rock my socks off.

6. Kalafina – love come down (Seventh Heaven)

Besides “sprinter”, love come down was my favorite new song off the album.  Maybe I loved because it was in the genre of dance, or it could be from the girl’s heavenly vocals that blended awesomely with the arrangement, either way love come down is just amazing and paved the way for “progressive”.

5. BONNIE PINK – Rock You Till the Dawn (ONE)

Even though IMO this album did not have the big hitters that the singles had provided us, Rock You Till the Dawn felt like those two embodied into one song.  I just love the fact that Kaori had some much pep and and full on attitude to make this song (while wholly suggestive) great!

4. Ayumi Hamasaki – LOVE ‘n’ HATE (NEXT LEVEL)

Yes, LOVE ‘n’ HATE makes this list simply because it’s just that damn epic of a song.  I mean she didn’t have to go to China to get a song like this, but everything about from the counting, the heavy beat, and even the strangely placed synth lines just made a good combination of old Hamasaki and new Hamasaki.

3. Aira Mitsuki – Plastic Doll (PLASTIC)

Even though Aira isn’t at No.1 this year unlike last year’s “GALAXY BOY”, Plastic Doll was just as good as the former album track because it defied our expectations.  I mean who knew she was going to pull off a rather ethereal track.  It could also possibly the next best thing she’s released this year so that’s a great thing.

2. Koda Kumi – Driving (TRICK)

Kuu like I’ve said before hasn’t a great year of releases, but she snuck this little gem in her TRICK album.  Driving shows that Kuu does amazing with electronica because I just love everything about the song.  Even though the rapper dude was a little random, the buzzing of the arrangement just sped to overload and easily became the “TABOO” of the year.

1. Perfume – NIGHT FLIGHT (⊿)

Another one of those obvious No.1’s NIGHT FLIGHT is just genius for Perfume.  I mean it fits with the album’s somewhat theme of flight and having that promo that lasted like 30s did not make the wait any better, but once we got the full song, NIGHT FLIGHT easily caught my attention with a 8bit arrangement and catchy vocal lines from each girl.


The 5 that are just unbearable, but at least they weren’t top 10

Yep the bad album tracks that didn’t make the top 10 are: Losing a distance (DOROTHY), Gothic Lolita Doctrine, Macaroon☆Holiday (Magic Time), Speed of Sound (⊿), and Brand New Tops (ULTIMATE DIAMOND).  These 5 barely scratch the surface of badness until now…


10. Morning Musume – Guruguru JUMP (Platinum 9 DISC)

The reason why this is on the list is because we get three singers with different vocals that should not work together….together!  Guruguru JUMP was just way too icky for me to handle and c’mon the pandas + Koharu (r.i.p.) are just not great together and luckily will never be put in that awkward position again.

9. Angela Aki – Somebody Stop Me (ANSWER)

I know Angela Aki is like a piano goddess and all, but would a goddess release elevator music?  Somebody Stop Me to me just has not flavor or anything to really keep it afloat besides the xylophone which was shortlived…Bad tune there, Ms. piano goddess.

8. Kaori Mochida – Real or Imagined (moka)


7. alan – Nobody Knows But Me (my life)


6. Namie Amuro – FIRST TIMER feat. DOBERMAN INC.

I think everyone knows why this song is on the list.  FIRST TIMER is a really hot mess…There’s just too many things going on at once and it’s tough to hear the coherency in the song.  DOBERMAN INC. doesn’t really help the problem, he actually adds to it.  Basically, I was just left cringing.

5. Yui Sakakibara – Thank you for us (ArrangementVersion) (Dream Party Memorial Party)

Seiyuus and ballads never do well and case in point Thank you for us.  I know the album is cute but she just crossed the line with this very icky song. 

4. chatmonchy – Yodan (Kokuhaku)

When you have a band that has a not-so-good singer, it should be obvious to not let her vocals enter the danger zone, but with Yodan those ideas were dashed since Eriko sounds horrible in the song, and in the messy arrangement too and we get a pretty bad song.

3. Hanako Oku – Saigo no Koi (BIRTHDAY)

BIRTHDAY had a lot of ballad songs on it, but there’s so much I can take before I start choking a bitch because songs becoming way too stale.  Saigo no Koi for me was my high point and crossed it multiple times.  Even vocally it was pretty bad.

2. Buono! – I NEED YOU (Buono!2)

I don’t think there was ever a time I was offended by Buono!…That is until I heard this track and I ended up mentally shutting down because of how bad it is.  I NEED YOU featured bad vocals from ALL members and the music was just too plain and unexciting. 

1. Koda Kumi – Bling Bling Bling feat. AK-48 (TRICK)

My number one worst album track is definitely Bwing Bwing Bwing.  The song just sucked all-around from lyrics, to music, to AK-48…the list can go on with how bad this song is.


NEXT TIME, we go down best/worst album covers



BEST & WORST of 2009: SINGLES! Part Four: Overall!! January 2, 2010

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Yep, the final list is basically the overall package of good and bad singles!!!


They were close, but not quite there, but still recommendable

Yep these 5 singles are great in their own way; FREAK, Ano Hi no Yakusoku, Unmei no Farfalla, YELL/Joyful, and sea-through communication are amazing singles yes, but they aren’t as amazing as this collectible bunch *giggles*


10. High School Boyz – CHILDHOOD’S END

Beginning the top 10, CHILDHOOD’S END was a great debut for this group for sure.  I love how they decided to mix rock and synths together to make a fun-sounding single.  Even though CHILDHOOD’S END is a serious song when compared to BAD CITY (Its B-side), this single made sure they were going to be strong contender in the music biz.

9. angela – Spiral/Link

Boosted by the awesomeness that was Spiral, Spiral/Link was a great single with two really great songs.  I just love how animu Spiral is and then hearing the more interesting Link just connected the single in a great way.  Way to go!

8. Nichika – River’s Edge

Why they broke up, we’ll never know, but they were riding high with River’s Edge.  It’s quite unfortunate because both River’s Edge and Nowhere Cowboy were of the usual Nichika-ness, but taken to a greater level.  Both were just great to listen to in the dark, Best single they ever released, yeah.

7. Yuka Kagiyama – Love player

Another awesome debut this year, Yuka Kagiyama’s Love player and Akuma wo Nemurasete were kickass rock tunes.  I also loved her vocals because they were strong, hard, and was empowering.  Why she hasn’t released anything since makes me sad, but I hope it’s not too long.

6. UVERworld – GO-ON

Not even taking a break after “AwakEVE”, UVERworld continues to release solid stuff like this uvertastic single, GO-ON.  Besides the kickass A-side, the truth and Madara Chou were just as good, the truth being another blast of rock and Madara Chou taking up the depressing route, it’s just an almost perfect single.


After a rather icky year of releases, KOTOKO finishes up the year with SCREW, which has a pretty kickass tie-in to ASSAULT GIRLS.  Pair it up with this year’s best B-side, BUCCANEER; SCREW just was an excellent single and brought hope that I’ve Sound can really pull some great tunes from its ass.  WTG KOTOKO!

4. Aira Mitsuki – Sayonara TECHNOPOLiS

Of all the Aira releases this year, Sayonara TECHNOPOLiS was the only one to really have a huge impact.  It’s also the single with the most songs, so you can’t be too down in the dumps right?  I loved the A-side for sure but when it came down to the B-sides, HiGH SD Sneaker and COSMiC CHOPPER were the only two the stood out and in a very good way.  distant STARS was a little better than the last ballas B-side so I guess that means something and the remixes were great as well.  Basically best Aira single of the year.

3. Kalafina – progressive

Ok, so progressive ranks high because Yuki Kajiura finally gets one of her dance/hybrid tracks to be the A-side and that turned out just as good as her previous efforts.  Even Utsukushisa (a ballad) was made more memorable by its lead to an impact.  Definitely a strong single.

2. Buono! – MY BOY & Bravo☆Bravo

I love MY BOY straight up.  It’s my “Rottara Rottara” of 2009 and add in the fact that Warp! was just as good as the A-side really tells me something about H!P and that is, Buono! has really never disappointed with B-sides, maybe once or twice.  In the case for Bravo☆Bravo, it was the “Rottara Rottara” single of the year because both songs are just rockin’ and who really expected such a track with -Winter Story-

1. Namie Amuro – WILD/Dr.

Was there any real argument who was going to take No.1 this year?  Namie’s WILD/DR. proved that Namie can still release amazing songs and WILD represented her dance side and by god that video was hot and Dr.’s experimentation won many fans over with it’s time switches smooth singing and animated video.  To me this will be the song I think of when someone mentions 09′


The singles that I wont listen to, but at least isn’t on the WANTED list….

Yep these 5: Kono Mune wo Tokimeki wo, Magic Number, Over Load, Ave Maria! ~Schubert~, and GIVE ME UP were pretty bad singles with many problems at least to me there were a lot of problems, but these singles can be atrocious.

Now the really bad singles on my list this year

10. Koda Kumi – Alive/Physical thing

In all honesty, 3 SPLASH wasn’t that bad of a single, but Alive/Physical thing just went over that line.  Alive can be dumped into Kuu’s stale ballad trash bin and Physical thing tried to replicate the other hot & steamy songs and failed horribly.  Joyful was also a song I didn’t want to hear live and while the full version of TRICK was nice and all…it’s just an opening and basically the single went down the dumps.

9. BoA – BUMP BUMP! feat. VERBAL (m-flo)

Sadly, this wasn’t really BoA’s fault this time.  VERBAL basically made me hate the single with a passion and I still do.  Without him, both BUMP BUMP! and IZM would’ve been great songs but no….stupid rappers destroying songs…

8. Yui Sakakibara – Déjà vu/Silky Rain

While I’ve found something to like in most Yui’s singles, Déjà vu/Silky Rain had absolutely nothing for me to enjoy except the meh arrangement of Silky Rain.  There was just not enough to keep me interested in listening to the songs again and I just quit midway.

7. Shoko Nakagawa – Kokoro no Antenna

Ok, so I admit that I love Moe yo Gizamimi Pichu!, but that was on another edition of the single.  The regular edition had Garasu no Prism and the original Kokoro no Antenna were really bad or really boring.  The other B-side and the rearrangement are nice but not memorable so….basically, this single is just not that good.

6. Hitomi Shimatani – SMILES

I think the reason I really dislike the single is because it continues this roll of disappointing releases since “Nakitai Nara” and I continue to dislike “Flare” a lot so hearing this with such a Flare-ish sounds just made me frown, then add the fact that this was the only single she released, it really made me furious.  I’m srry, but SMILES just sucks all-around

5. Rina Aiuchi – MAGIC

It’s hard when you’re working towards a best-of and MAGIC hardly made any impact at all.  When the single was basically a clone effort from last single, “STORY/SUMMER LIGHT”, MAGIC and hands was just a very bland ballad effort.  Just a really bad single from Rina, could be her worst actually.

4. Nana Mizuki – Mugen

Nana! Why did you release this abomination?  Why didn’t you at least try to add a little bit of originality here?  Seriously, Mugen feels like so many other songs she’s released in her career, even the B-sides, Tenkuu no Canaria, Dear Dream, and STORIES all sounded like previous released stuff, so in that respective, it sucked.

3. Aya Ueto – Smile for…/Mou Ichido Dake

When compared to the other 3 singles of the era, Smile for…/Mou Ichido Dake was just a vocal nightmare.  I mean Aya don’t be singing cutesy pop tunes because this simply is terrible.  Mou Ichido Dake was trying to be nicer, but it got boring really quickly.  I also hate the single alot!

2. Koda Kumi x misono – It’s all Love!

I think we all know that this entire single was planned with failure in its mind because this single is chock full of it.  It’s all Love! is so damn messy and the girls were all over the place and didn’t make any sense.  Then we get into the solo songs and OH HOW BAD WERE THEY.  Kuu’s was just another generic mess that fits with Alive in the trash of ballads and misono’s was just really bad…I mean Tenbin shouldn’t have ever existed.  Let’s just blow it up with explosives

1. U3 – 9sai no Omoide

With the lack of Hikki this year, Her old works decided HEY! let’s become cash cows and release this bag of ugh to the world AGAIN!  9sai no Omoide was just a terrible decision on her behalf and honestly the songs suck because they weren’t redone or anything so we here Hikki being all out of tune and Engrishy….it truly was the suckiest release of the year!


OK!  Singles are all done, next are ALBUM Tracks!


BEST & WORST of 2009: SINGLES! Part Three: Art Covers!!

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Oh yeah, today’s post is about the good covers and the well not-so-good covers!


The pretty ones that almost made the list!

Since CANDY GIRL, Watashi Iro/Bokura Style, tsukihana, Shiroi Tsuki, and MATERIAL WORLD didn’t make the list, it doesn’t mean they’re bad.  There’s just others that were better xD  Still pretty awesome covers right?


10. Ayaka Hirahara – akane

Who knew a re-cut single would have a good art cover.  Ayaka H’s cover for akane is just a really pretty setting for her.  It just feels real natural and the scarf thing (while strangely colored) fits the mood quite nicely.  Even the thing she’s holding gives it a vibrant color like the rest of the picture. 

9. Meisa Kuroki – SHOCK -Unmei-

Even though the single was a failure, SHOCK -Unmei-‘s covers are quite awesome if you ask me.  We all know Meisa’s a hottie and that shows quite nicely with the scarlet dress she’s wearing.  Add in the fact this this particular cover has her sitting upside-down on the ceiling next to a chandelier.  Very interesting cover and looks so much better than both “hellcat” and “ATTITUDE”.

8. Akiko Shikata – Katayoku no Tori

Wow, what a spiritual looking cover right?  Katayoku no Tori’s cover right from the start captured my attention and look at it as a whole.  I mean the girl in the window was really mysterious looking, the one wing the branches out from the title and the light blue hue on the roses were just amazing.  Very pretty cover if you ask me.

7. Perfume – One Room Disco

In honesty, One Room Disco has a pretty vibrant cover as well.  It could be from girl’s pastel looking dresses to the red, white, and blue areas behind that stood out more than its other cover.  Plus I love how Kashiyuka looks like she’s advertising her dress too, it’s just too funny. 

6. angela – Alternative

Maybe I like weird cover arts and angela’s Alternative definitely fits that bill and I love it.  The black and white stripes mixed with that ONE lone red stripe and running through both atsuko and KATSU is a really cool look.  Even though the cover might make you dizzy, I still love it either way.

5. Mix Speaker’s, Inc. – Yuuwakusei Rhythm

Continuing on with weird covers, Mix Speaker’s, Inc.’s cover for Yuuwakusei Rhythm just made me stare in awe at how colorful and random the entire cover is.  Even right down to the members it’s just WHOA.  I mean who would’ve thought the sun has huge lips?  I wouldn’t!  Love this cover!

4. Kalafina – storia

Kalafina also has some of the most interesting covers.  storia is one of them because it’s actually set outside like “fairytale’s” was.  Except this time instead of the enchanting blue forest with snow, we get a cloudy day, tents, grass, and cool outfits for the girls.  It’s a rather great opposite cover to “fairytale” and while “Hikari no Senritsu” borrows a bit from this cover, I thought it was pretty.

3. GACKT – Setsugekka -The end of silence-/ZAN

It is so hard to decide on which cover was better.  Both are beautfiul covers showing so much awesomeness.  Let’s talk about the regular edition (top one).  I love the dark setting with the moon and clouds up above.  It gives such a surreal feeling and that was what made it such an awesome cover.  Even the snow falling in that cover looked great…I thought it was stardust at first.  Now the Dears limited (bottom one) was just as good because instead of the night setting it’s daylight and you see snow falling more and then you see a river and a forest in the background with a tree losing its leaves.  It’s just this whole picture is great. 

2. ALI PROJECT – Jigoku no Mon

I love traditional covers, but ALIPRO is anything but, I’ve always been impressed by their covers and they did a doozy this year with Jigoku no Mon.  While, I’m not sure that is ACTUALLY Arika here, but damn welcome the empress of radical fashion XD  It might be the gold throne that brought me with its dragons.  Then again, the peacock fan was really cool too.  It’s just one of ALIPRO’s best cover arts.

1. school food punishment – futuristic imagination, butterfly swimmer, sea-through communication, light prayer

Really do we even need to bother with who won this year’s best art covers?  Yeah it might not even be random or fancy, but these covers while simple were just artistic enough to be so out there and original.  I love how futuristic imagination and butterfly swimmer seemingly fit since the first one is the warping (ala Portal) and the moving through the warp in butterfly swimmer.  Maybe sea-through communication was the pullback and being that light prayer was the position of being stuck in the middle.  I don’t I’m just hypothesizing this, but still these are amazing covers and since the album is next, I hope that blows me away!


The almost crappy covers

Yep, these covers were THIS close to entering the icky 10.  daily-daily Dream, Kono Mune wo Tokimeki wo, It’s all Love!, Aka no Kakera, and Stand by U were pretty bad covers for sure, but they arent as horrendous as these

Hide your children, these 10 covers might frighten them!

10. Ayaka Hirahara – MIO AMORE!

Girl, there is just nothing appealing about this cover.  I mean Ayaka in white, smiling and she looks poofy in them clothes too.  The sparkling water was a nice try but the text over it just killed that in one fall swoop.  MAMMA MIA….

9. Ayumi Hamasaki – Sunrise/Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~

Wow…this cover made me wanna cry when I first saw it.  Maybe it’s the way Ayu is depicted in the facial area that freaked me out.  She looks so weird with that pose of hers.  Besides that, the island background was a nice setting even though Anna Tsuchiya did a shot like this earlier in the year so seeing this was a big ick. (I almost picked Rule/Sparkle, but this was a bigger offender).

8. Chihiro Onitsuka – X/Last Melody

Honestly, Chihiro looked butt-fuckin ugly on this glorious cover for X/Last Melody.  She just looks greasy and hasn’t slept ANY for a long time and she just looks like pure crap.  Maybe going au naturalle was a bad idea in the case of Chihiro.

7. High Speed Boyz – CHILDHOOD’S END

I guess this kid is pretty ugly when compared to that last cover so it’s obviously worse.  Broken glasses, case of lazy eye, smoking a pipe and trying to be a bigger knockoff at a 50’s Harry Potter, CHILDHOOD’S END’s cover was just fugtastic and still is if you ask me…

6. Yui Sakakibara – Happy⇔Lucky X’mas♪

Oh boy…Not only was this looking like a few other LOVE singles she’s done previous, the cover is just wrong!  I mean who sprays a christmas tree.  I guess I know now huh?  Though the thing that really killed the cover was Yui’s pissed off look on the cover.  I mean with a title like Happy⇔Lucky X’mas♪, you’d think she’d be happy be she is definitely not in the mood here….AWKWARD

5. alan – BALLAD ~Namonaki Koi no Uta~

Bad A&B-sides and an equally bad cover?  Oh bad news!  The cover just messes up on everything that made alan covers so great.  It just seems way to plain for alan.  From the lone teardrop coming from her eyes is just weird (the other cover is just as bad) and the weird bubble thing at the top was just too weird and useless to make any connection.  Just BADDDD!

4. ALI PROJECT – Rara Eve Shinseiki

I know I’ve said ALIPRO has great covers, but they do have their stinkers as well.  Rara Eve Shinseiki’s covers were trying to be futuristic in a way, but PINK of all colors had to be used?  Even then Arika doesn’t look too comfortable in that body armor contraption thing she’s wearing.  Sorry but pretty ugly covers/color

3. Masami Okui – Starting Over

If you look in a dictionary and look up boring, this cover will definitely be on that page.  I know Masami doesn’t have too many exciting covers, but this one was way too plain and just too ugly to make it work.  I thought it was fan-made, but seeing it on her website made me cry.  This cover sucks!

2. GACKT – Faraway ~Hoshi ni Negai wo~

Pink again?!?  While the other cover is passable, this version of Faraway’s cover is just frightening.  I mean I don’t think I wanna see GACKT’s band’s asses BUT THERE THEY ARE!  It’s just so frightenning and just makes me blush to know that the positions of the guys jumps are rather girlish too….oh boy…it’s terrifying, but who’s No. 1?

1. Yuzu – Ichigo

HOLY MOTHER FUCKING GOD, WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED HERE!  Yuzu is good for a laugh or two since their covers are rather lulzy, but this one, THIS ONE just made me barf a little on the inside (and outside).  I mean farm animals is ok, mountains, cool, giant ass…wait, I’m pretty sure everyone is starting at that at first sight and that just made me cry since the cover is basically all gravitating for that GIANT ASS!!!!

Tomorrow, will be the last entry for the singles, which is best and worst overall!!!


BEST & WORST of 2009: SINGLES! Part Two: B-sides!! January 1, 2010

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Yep, the second post will be about the good and bad B-sides released this year XD


B-SIDES that were great but not able to get on!

Yep these 5: Futatabi (akane), Lights and Shades (Nakitaku Naru Kedo), 3, 2, 1, BREAKIN’ OUT (Shouganai Yume Oibito), In Flames (Flower) and Nowhere Cowboy (River’s Edge) were awesome B-sides but just wasn’t enough to get on the list since the top 10 were better!


10. Shoko Nakagawa – Moe yo Gizamimi Pichu! (Kokoro no Antenna)

You can flame me all ya want, but the song about the Notch-eared Pichu is just way to fun and abstract to not pass by.  Shoko’s enthusiasm is definitely shown throughout the song and it’s just a fun cute song. 

9. MONKEY MAJIK – robots inc. (Aishiteru)

For a rather quiet year, MOMAJIK did get to release this great B-side.  robots inc. gives the band a rather more serious rock tune.  Even then, as the only English track on here, it’s still pretty awesome.  Sadly, it would’ve been higher if it was a bit longer.

8. ALI PROJECT – Takarajima (Datengoku Sensen)

Everyone would know that I’ve been off and on with ALIPRO, luckily Takarajima caught me on my good side and is one of the eeriest yet most compelling B-sides to hit my eardrums.  I love the mysterious opening to the use of the “Crystal Theme”.  Though that last one might not be true, but either way, Great song

7. school food punishment – fiction nonfiction (sea-through communication)

Of all the awesome thing sfp did this year, fiction nonfiction was the most abstract and interesting song I’ve heard this year.  It went back to their indies roots.  Yumi’s vocals were just great and the rest of the band was as well.  They need more of these kind of tracks.

6. Ayumi Sakai – Arigatou ~I miss you~ (KONAYUKI)

It’s funny that the best thing Ayumi S. has released this year was her wintry B-side.  Arigatou takes a rather mundane piano arrangement and added a dance beat and made it so much more better.  Luckily that piano-only doesn’t exist xD.  Even her vocals weren’t bad, but they only suffered because she never put emotion in them.  At least she did it right this time.

5. Kalafina – Utsukushisa (progressive)

Yes the trio has managed to release really good music this year.  Utsukushisa is a great sample of Yuki Kajiura’s amazing compositions done right.  It has an amazing buildup and once you reach its climax, it works it way down to the end.  It’s talent like this that makes Kalafina so great and this was no exception.

4. Aira Mitsuki – HiGH SD Sneaker (Sayonara TECHNOPOLiS)

OMG, I initially though that the song was going to be a ballad or something, but once it rushes into it’s edgier arrangement, HiGH SD Sneaker definitely stood out from the other B-sides with it’s aggressive sounds and all the interesting parts like the speaking verses, counting down in the bridge, the fake ending in the middle…there’s just a lot to love about it.

3. Kalafina – lirica (storia)

Wait another Kalafina B-side makes it on the list?  Why yes, lirica was even better than “Utsukushisa”.  Instead of having a ballad that was building up to its awesomeness, lirica is already filled with it from the start.  It’s even more sinister and has more things that just stood out from everything else.  I think it was amazing!

2. BONNIE PINK – You and I (Joy/Happy Ending)

Another great year with BONNIE PINK, You and I was jusr great and just a lot of fun to listen to.  Even though it still ranks lower to last years “Pump It Up!” You and I is acoustic pop/rock goodness.  Once again, it could’ve been filled out more, but this was catchy and got me singing along. 


I think though that the best B-side released this year was, BUCCANEER.  Even though she hasn’t had a great year, she luckily fixed it up with this song.  While some people think it’s a futuristic sea shanty, I just call it the best B-side.  It does sound like what people have been saying, but I was entranced by the way KOTOKO was flying through the song.


The B-SIDES that were almost craptastic but luckily aren’t on the list

Is this really surprising?  Well we have With you (Hide-away/Hide & Seek/Find you), Time After Time (MATERIAL WORLD), Sweet Rishi Boy (Brave vibration), Wasted (SHOCK -Unmei-), and Shiroi Chizu (Kimi to no Tabiji).  These 5 were pretty bad, but not as bad as these 10


10. ikinono-gakari – Orion (Nakumonka)

IMO, singles-wise ikimono-gakari were just not having their year…even though they sold pretty well otherwise, Orion…Nakumonka’s lone B-side was just way too boring to sit through on a full listen.  It’s just way too much of ballad from this year and Orion was just the bland frosting on a bland cake…

9. Kana Nishino – Dear My Friends (Motto…)

I’m still not a Kana fan, but this was just trying to stab my head with this song.  It’s just way too bubblegum pop for me and her vocals being all chipmunky and high just did not settle right with me….I wanted to slap a bitch whenever I listen to this.

8. Yuna Ito – Happy Days (Let it Go)

Oh boy, After such a great album, she had to release this B-side to the world.  I was just not finding anything worth really that good about this.  Continuing that B-sides are somewhat boring when paired with an equally boring A-side XD

7. Chiaki Ishikawa – Daremo Oshiete Kurenakatta Koto (First Pain)

Ballads are nice right?  Well it’s true, there’s a lot of good ballads out there, but that’s because they have the right vocals for it.  Chiaki’s B-side ballad would’ve been nice if it wasn’t for the lack of an arrangement and how odd her vocals were getting through it.  She’s got better ballads in her arsenal, but this was just a mistake IMO

6. Shoko Nakagawa – Garasu no Prism (Kokoro no Antenna)

As much as I loved “Moe ya Gizamimi Pichu!”, Garasu no Prism tried to replicate the same cute idea, but it strangely failed hardcore.  I don’t know why but Shoko being cute doesn’t always work and this would be on of cases. 

5. Nana Mizuki – Dear Dream (Mugen)

Yelling isn’t always great to hear in songs and Dear Dream basically has that problem.  As such, Dear Dream was going to sound like Trickster 0.2 but with the strings and and wild singing going on, I was just tired of listening to it after the first listen.

4. Nami Tamaki – in my life (GIVE ME UP)

WHOA, Nami actually released a bad song?!?  Yep, in my life was her first ballad of her new era/new company and what the hell happened with it is beyond me.  in my life sounded honest enough until Nami started singing horribly throughout.  HIGH NOTES = NO NO! 

3. alan – Shiawase no Kane (2009 ver.) (BALLAD ~Namonaki Koi no Uta~)

If there was anything worse than BALLAD ~Namonaki Koi no Uta~, it was the rearranged version of Shiawase no Kane.  They took out the bells of the song BELLS when the song title means “Bells of Happiness” I MEAN WHY EVEN DO THAT?  Definitely one of the poorest rearrangements of the year.

2. Akiko Hasegawa – XxX (LEVEL∞)

XxX really made all seiyuu’s sound better.  I did initially like the song, but when Akiko started singing, it made me wanna die.  Her voice in the song is just so high and almost Alvin chipmunk like that it really bother me to death.  This is a song to avoid at all costs, this song and the next one are just in the red zone of FAILURES

1. Diggy-MO’ – Drifting Away (Arcadia)

Mix in weird vocals from a guy, a country arrangement, rapping and we get the WORST B-side this year.  Drifting Away just proves how much I really don’t care for Diggy-MO’ even though the other songs were good.  I wish he’d never made this but what could I do?



Next time, I will be doing the best/worst of art covers  Oh yea HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVERYONE!


BEST & WORST of 2009: SINGLES! Part One: A-sides!! December 31, 2009

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Yeah, how amazing!  So anywho, I’ll be obviously going through the best and worst of the singles this year (at least the ones I was able to listen to this year)


A-sides that were so close but no cigar xD

Yes, these five almost made the list, but the other 10 just came out so much better, but Love player, Sparkle, GHOST, Synchronize, and Kaerimichi wo Nakushite were definitely great songs by their respective artists, NOW LET’S GET DOWN TO IT!

10. GIRL NEXT DOOR – Infinity

Surprisingly, GND had a much better year with their singles than their debut era.  Still, they are somewhat stuck in a rut because of their producer which is unfortunate.  However, that rut was a special case with Infinity.  Released in June, Infinity blasted on the scene quite awesomely with catchy lyrics, awesome lead in the chorus with the chanting of WHOA WHOA! and of course the PV where colors were everywhere.

9. alan – Gunjou no Tani

While last year when we were bombarded by news that alan was going to release 3 more singles in 2009 it really bummed people out.  It turned out that Gunjou no Tani and Kuon no Kawa would turn out to be singles in different eras and Liberty was just an album track.  Gunjou no Tani was definitely a step in the right direction because it was produced by Cocco who’s also a well-known J-pop artist.  I loved the entire song and even though alan’s vocals weren’t like OMG blessing, it still made the song epic in many ways.

8. Namie Amuro – Dr.

It was hard trying to decide whether to include WILD, the furious dance song that still pounds in my head or Dr. the more intricate tune and in the end I chose Dr.  I used to hate this song like wildfire because of the whole weirdness of the chorus (or at least that’s what I think it is).  Anyways, after time the song got really awesome and the march chorus was exciting and added a boost the song needed and gave it more importance.  Even the PV was pretty exciting!

7. AAA – Break Down

I guess since “WILD” isn’t on the list, the other hyperactive dance track to really blow me away was AAA’s return after their rather disappointing 4th album.  Break Down is totally not what they usually release, it’s basically trance/techno/dance all of the above and what came out of it was a very energetic tune.  The overflow of beats and synths just made me happy.

6. UVERworld – GO-ON

Yes, UVERworld was definitely on a roll this year after AwakEVE.  GO-ON is just really surprising and brought the group such a new harder and more epic sound with GO-ON.  I love the synthy opening to the song before rushing in with TAKUYA and the rest of the group hitting the ground running with this tune.  ~BOOM, BOOM, BOOM~ is ever so awesome!

5. Aira Mitsuki – Sayonara TECHNOPOLiS

Aira has definitely not been making the most memorable music this year, but oddly enough she pulled off another shiner with Sayonara TECHNOPOLiS released in January.  I really love the fact that it sounds so different from other songs she’s done.  Even the groovy sound is ubertastic here and her sort of pseudo-rapping/singing here is fun to listen to.  Oh yea, I CALLED THE SONG’S MEANING BEFORE IT CAME OUT, BOO FRIGGIN YA!

4. angela – Spiral

I loved Spiral right from first listen.  There was just something about the song that just kicked so much ass.  It could’ve been from KATSU’s awesome arrangement down to atsuko’s expressive vocals, but altogether, Spiral was just an electrifying experience.

3. POLYSICS – Shout Aloud!

Same issue applies here.  The energy of Shout Aloud! is just WHOAAAA!  If you’re a big POLYSICS fan, this song would definitely surprise many fans because of its sheer energy.  All the members of the group play really well for something so demanding of them and it’s difficult to see KAYO leaving the group next year, but this was my favorite KAYO-filled POLYSICS song.

2. Stereopony – Namida no Mukou

Yep, I think most people will instantly know why Namida no Mukou is up here.  Like I said, I’ve never disliked a GUNDAM song so Namida no Mukou was instant love at first song.  It helps that the song has such a great flow to it and AIMI’s vocals are sharp and exciting.  E to the P to the I to the C!


Well, I know people will probably flame me for this, but MATERIAL WORLD was the best A-side that was released this year.  I mean while it didn’t score to well on ORICON…the song is just electronica goodness brought to us by Taku of m-flo fame.  There were just a lot of parts that sounded epic in the track (mostly in its arrangement and the bridges).  Way to go Sowelu, you’re not all bad just keep sticking with this sound with SON…..oh yeah she got transferred to avex’s rhythm zone….


THE A-SIDES that were lucky enough not to make the list!

For the amount of BAD a-sides, there were far more better A-sides which is definitely a plus from last year’s horror fest…I mean wow xD.  Anyways, Lacrimosa, daily-daily Dream, Mugen, SMILES, and Take It Easy! were rounding out the baddies this year.  Not all of these were real bad, just not more of the pleasurable A-sides.

NOW THE LIST *evil laugh*

10. AAA – Tabidachi no Uta

I cannot get into why I disliked this song.  I mean ok, it’s an AAA ballad which means more Nissy x Misato, but did we need Hidaka rapping in such a way that makes me want to punt a puppy?  This song wasn’t furthur on the list because it was fixed up in the [TW Departure Mix].  Not a bad ballad, but certainly tasteless with the Hidaka rap!

9. Morning Musume – Kimagure Princess

I was getting more and more into Momosu these last few years and then they had to send Koharu Kusumi off with this really raunchy song.  Kimagure Princess to me is the group’s perv single and it seems they have quite a few.  The thing that took me out was the vocals…they were off the charts bad and even Ai couldn’t save it from being a bomb!

8. Sayuri Sugawara – Kimi ga Iru Kara

As much as I was excited to see that a newcomer got to sing a FF song, Kimi ga Iru Kara kind of dashed my thoughts.  It’s way too simple and boring to really stand on its own and strangely enough it was the worst song on its respective single.  I’m not too impressed on Leona’s tune either…talk about being disappointed.

7. Mika Nakashima – CANDY GIRL

Oh boy, CANDY GIRL was a doozy to listen to this year.  Why, of all the people, did Mika follow the circus theme.  She just did not get this song right at all and even though it was an OK try in the arrangement, the overall repetitiveness of the song just killed any hopes.  It could be Mika’s worst A-side.

6. Rina Aiuchi – MAGIC

It’s tough when you are helplessly shoved with a single that sounds like the last one but even worse.  I was hoping MAGIC would go back into her synth-popness that filled out recently, but MAGIC was more like “STORY/SUMMER LIGHT” which was acoustic pop and I’m sorry when you repeat it and make it boring, you know you need to release a BEST-OF….oh, yeah she did XD

5. Aira Mitsuki – BARBiE BARBiE

Sorry to say, but Aira had both a great song and a bad one and BARBiE BARBiE was that song.  I’m not fully sure why I don’t like it so, but I always get bored with this and go back to “Robot Honey”.  Then again the similarities between the two are really high and goes in their own respective PV’s.  So it’s a Robot Honey came first so the secondary lacks kind of deal.

4. Mano Erina – Kono Mune wo Tokimeki wo

Out of all of Mano’s A-sides released this year, this one takes the cake as the worst.  While, the whole wintry theme might have been secretly inputted in the song, Kono Mune wo Tokimeki wo really brought out the worst in Manoeri.  Her tone was just everywhere and she didn’t even sound like she wanted this song to even happen either.  What a sad, sad song XD

3. alan – BALLAD ~Namonaki Koi no Uta~

Yeah, besides having a good single as well, BALLAD came in as well a ballad and what a boring one at that.  It couls be that alan was constantly releasing ballads and this one didn’t do a thing to me.  It’s even weirder that it’s one of the better ballads of the era it was in so that should tell ya what’s coming up xD

2. BoA – Believe in LOVE (acoustic version)

BoA has really had a rough year of releases, but she did have a good song within Believe in LOVE which is actually ravex’s songs.  It was a great A-side no doubt, but when BoA released her single which included a new version of the electronica ballad, things just blew up and pissed me off greatly.  The acoustic version was so dry, so emotionless, and just lacked the spark the original had altogether…it almost hit No.1

1. Yui Sakakibara – Happy⇔Lucky X’mas♪

I know this has been only out for so long, but this song takes the cake for worst A-side of the year.  Happy⇔Lucky X’mas♪ (ugh hate the symbols) is just winter cheese and not in a good way.  Pair it up with Yui’s bad seiyuu vocals and we get a really nasty mix.  I just wanted to get that review over with quickly…girl needs to sing right…PHANTASM or serious singles PLZ!


This is part 1 of 4 post through singles.  Next post will be about the B-sides of the year. WATCH FOR IT


ORICON Top 200! Well…at least the stuff I care about XD December 29, 2009

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Yeah, so basically I wanna rundown the list and see the placing for all the singles and albums I mostly got to review this year.  Now I won’t list the full list unless you all want me too, and if you do then plz comment this ok?


  • 191 – SCANDAL – ShoujoS
  • 190 – GIRL NEXT DOOR – Seeds of dream
  • 188 – GIRL NEXT DOOR – Be your wings/FRIENDSHIP/Wait for you
  • 187 – Mari Yaguchi / Airband – Seishun Boku/Seishun Ore
  • 184 – ikimono-gakari – Nakumonka
  • 181 – Yajima Biyoushitsu – SAKURA -Haru wo Uta wa Nevada-
  • 176 – Mai Kuraki – Beautiful
  • 175 – abingdon boys school – STRENGTH.
  • 173 – Aya Kamiki w TAKUYA – W-B-X ~W-Boiled Extreme~
  • 171 – Kou Shibasaki – lover soul
  • 169 – alan – Kuon no Kawa
  • 167 – ayaka – Minna Sora no Shita
  • 165 – Aya Hirano – Super Driver
  • 163 – Shoko Nakagawa – Namida no Tane, Egao no Hana
  • 145 – Koda Kumi – Alive/Physical thing
  • 142 – Morning Musume – Kimagure Princess
  • 139 – Yuna Ito – trust you
  • 136 – GIRL NEXT DOOR – Infinity
  • 135 – Kana Nishino – Motto…
  • 133 – ikimono-gakari – Hotaru no Hikari
  • 130 – Mai Kuraki – PUZZLE/Revive
  • 123 – AAA – Break Down/Break your name/Summer Revolution
  • 122 – ayaka – Yume wo Mikata ni/Koi Kogarete Mita Yume
  • 121 – Morning Musume – Naichau Kamo
  • 116 – Yajima Biyoushitsu – Nihon no Mikata -Nevada Kara Kimashita-
  • 113 – AAA – Hide-away/Hide & Seek/Find you
  • 112 – fripSide – only my railgun
  • 108 – Morning Musume – Shouganai Yume Oibito
  • 105 – abingdon boys school – JAP
  • 100 – GACKT – The Next Decade
  • 99 – ikimono-gakari – Futari
  • 98 – Nana Mizuki – Mugen
  • 97 – Porno Graffitti – Anima Rossa
  • 96 – Junko Akimoto – Tasogare Love again
  • 95 – Stereopony – Namida no Mukou
  • 93 – Nana Mizuki – Shin’ai
  • 87 – Porno Graffitti – Kono Mune wo, Ai wo Sasu yo
  • 86 – Koda Kumi – stay with me
  • 85 – UVERworld – Kanashimi wa Kitto
  • 83 – UVERworld – GO-ON
  • 82 – Morning Musume – Nanchatte Renai
  • 76 – Ayaka Hirahara – Nocturne/Campanula no Koi
  • 72 – supercell – Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari
  • 71 – Angela Aki – Tegami ~Haikei Juugo no Kimi e~
  • 70 – Miliyah Kato x Shota Shimizu – Love Forever
  • 67 – Koda Kumi – 3 SPLASH
  • 66 – ikimono-gakari – YELL/Joyful
  • 65 – Tohoshinki – Survivor
  • 63 – Gackt – Journey through the Decade
  • 61 – Koda Kumi x misono – It’s all Love!
  • 59 – Perfume – One Room Disco
  • 53 – AKB48 – 10nen Zakura
  • 51 – YUI – It’s all too much/Never say die
  • 50 – Ayumi Hamasaki – Sunrise/Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~
  • 49 – Tohoshinki – Bolero/Kiss the Baby Sky/Wasurenaide
  • 47 – AKB48 – Iiwake Maybe
  • 45 – Namie Amuro – WILD/Dr.
  • 43 – Ayumi Hamasaki – Rule/Sparkle
  • 39 – AKB48 – Namida Surprise!
  • 36 – Porno Graffitti – Koyoi, Tsuki ga Miezu Tomo
  • 34 – YUI – again
  • 33 – JEJUNG & YUCHUN from Tohoshinki – COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~/Shelter
  • 29 – Tohoshinki – Share the World/We Are!
  • 26 – Ayumi Hamasaki – Days/GREEN
  • 22 – AKB48 – RIVER
  • 21 – Tohoshinki – Stand by U
  • 11 – NEWS – Koi no ABO
  • 4 – Junko Akimoto – Ai no Mama de…

REALLY?  The top selling single from my blog this year is Junko’s 3rd single?  I’m happy with this list though xD


  • 180 – Koda Kumi – Out Works and Collaboration Best
  • 178 – Tommy Heavenly6 – Gothic Melting Ice Cream’s Darkness “Nightmare”
  • 166 – Maaya Sakamoto – Kazeyomi
  • 164 – Tommy February6 – Strawberry Cream Soda Pop “Daydream”
  • 157 – Mika Nakashima – NO MORE RULES.
  • 146 – Tohoshinki – T
  • 144 – Perfume – GAME
  • 143 – MiChi – UP TO YOU
  • 136 – Koda Kumi – Driving Hit’s
  • 134 – Ayaka Hirahara – my Classics!
  • 115 – Kou Shikbasaki – Love Paranoia
  • 105 – Ai Otsuka – LOVE is BEST
  • 94 – Mai Kuraki – touch Me!
  • 93 – Namie Amuro – BEST FICTION
  • 91 – Miho Fukuhara – RAINBOW
  • 86 – Junko Akimoto – Second Story
  • 83 – Nana Mizuki – ULTIMATE DIAMOND
  • 79 – supercell feat. Miku Hatsune – supercell
  • 60 – chatmonchy – Kokuhaku
  • 59 – Mika Nakashima – VOICE
  • 58 – Ayaka Hirahara – Path of Independence
  • 57 – BoA – BEST&USA
  • 55 – Kana Nishino – LOVE one.
  • 53 – Crystal Kay – BEST of CRYSTAL KAY
  • 51 – Angela Aki – ANSWER
  • 49 – UVERworld – AwakEVE
  • 44 – Ai Otsuka – LOVE LETTER
  • 28 – Utada – This Is The One
  • 25 – Mai Kuraki – ALL MY BEST
  • 21 – Tohoshinki – The Secret Code
  • 20 – Perfume – ⊿
  • 17 – Miliyah Kato – Ring
  • 16 – Ayumi Hamasaki – NEXT LEVEL
  • 15 – Koda Kumi – TRICK
  • 12 – ikimono-gakari – My song Your song
  • 5 – ayaka – ayaka’s History 2006-2009

At least ayaka went out with a bang right?  interesting xD