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Brown Eyed Girls – SIGN January 18, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. SIGN
  2. Love is…
  3. SIGN (Korean version)
  4. Abracadabra (FRAKTAL Voodoo Remix) (Limited B bonus track)
  5. Abracadabra ~ Dondake Beauty Mix (Limited C bonus track)
  6. SIGN (Junjamin Remix) (Limited C bonus track)


I’m curious to why BEG chose SIGN to debut because I felt like “Abracadabra” was the more well-known but it just seemed to work this way I guess.  SIGN is kind of different from the normal K-pop songs since this is a little more light and fluffy.  I actually really like the song though since it’s got catchy lines and the members really sound pretty not gonna lie.  Though I will say Miryo (the group’s rapper) kind of sticks out but she always does so it’s not news to me.  They even made the last run through the chorus be in Korean…COOL BEANS!  Yeah, I’m just loving the song right now!

2. Love is…

The B-side, Love is… features half the members in Jea and Miryo.  Kind of interesting to see these two together but it somehow works in the end.  The tune is kind of the norm R&B style they have and like I know it’s split between Jea taking the melodious route while Miryo sticks to rapping.  Pretty good B-side to be honest.

3. SIGN (Korean version)

I’m surprised that the Korean version of SIGN has more English than the Japanese version…that’s a surprise to me actually.  Same things apply here since the song is otherwise the same with its rather glossy appearance and such.  Still funny enough, this is one of those times where I prefer the Japanese over the original *gasp*.

4. Abracadabra (FRAKTAL Voodoo Remix)

I’m pretty surprised that they would fill the single out further with remixes…(even though two of the three are from the “Sound-G Sign” mini-album).  The first takes from the Korean version of Abracadabra and adds a more dance-friendly beat that isn’t like the original’s beat.  It sounds like it doesn’t have enough dimensions to it to make it strong but it didn’t destroy it which is good I guess. 

5. Abracadabra ~ Dondake Beauty Mix

At first this new remix of Abracadabra begins like the original but kind of takes a rather subdued line.  I’m not really a fan of this but I’m hearing this as a Japanese version of the song which is kind of meh to begin with.  Then there’s this IKKO guy that has lines deep into the song and I’m just not liking this remix at all…TBH, it sounds like BEG resang the song since Miryo sounds different from the original Japanese mix of the song…Iono…it’s weird.

6. SIGN (Junjamin Remix)

The other old remix…SIGN’s actually is the best of the three mixes oddly enough.  Now since this is based off the Korean version it’s not much of a bother to me.  Instead of the whole glossy pop style, it sounds a little more synthy and electropop which is cool and all that and it works for the song’s melody as well. 



As this is BEG’s debut in Japan, I thought their choice of SIGN was odd, but somehow worked for them since the song is quite catchy actually and in both languages as well!  Love is… was also a good song since it was catchy and the two members featured worked quite nicely.  As for the remixes, I think SIGN’s was the best since I felt that there was something lacking with both Abracadabras…I will say it’s been nearly a year…where’s our next JPN release ladies…I mean a Japanese “Sixth Sense” is so wanting to happen!