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Columbia Girls Collection – Yumeiro Rhapsody May 17, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Yumeiro Rhapsody
  2. Futari no Koi Akari
  3. Yumeiro Rhapsody (Original Karaoke)
  4. Futari no Koi Akari (Original Karaoke)

1. Yumeiro Rhapsody

So when I think of idols, I think of sugary pop songs with some interesting things here and there and when I think of enka, I think of different vocal styles and more traditional music.  The two ideas together is pretty odd but in a way it’s kind of original in its own right.  There does seem to be a main singer in this group of four.  I’m guessing Kanako is the main gal here and she sounds as good as other enka singers so to each their own I guess.  Musically, it’s good sounding pretty traditional and such….hmmmm.

2. Futari no Koi Akari

As for the B-side, it’s pretty much like it’s A-side but has a little more of a flow and wave which the previous track didn’t pay attention to.  It seems the other gals have a bigger role compared as well which is pretty cool to hear some line distribution.  It’s definitely enka though so the vocals are going to be roughly strange sounding to newbies to the genre, but they aren’t bad.

Since this group came together simply for the fact that it’s Columbia’s 100th annivarsary, CGC is a pretty interesting idea and I don’t know if there is anything like an idol group that does enka for the most part but Yumeiro Rhapsody isn’t a bad debut.  It might be a little safe in the genre but not bad and the Kanako, Roze, Miki, and Hitomi sound pretty good from what I hear…but I hope it’s not a one time thing…