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Cupitron – Robot Boy Robot Girl September 22, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Robot Boy Robot Girl
  2. We Are Cupitron (Regular A only)
  3. π (Regular B only)
  4. Uchuu de Milk Cocoa (Limited only)
  5. Robot Boy Robot Girl TECHNO JUMBO Remix (Regular A only)
  6. Summer Kaijuu Akufen Remix (Regular B only)
  7. Robot Boy Robot Girl (Instrumental)
  8. We Are Cupitron (Instrumental)
  9. π (Instrumnetal)
  10. Uchuu de Milk Cocoa (Instrumental)

1. Robot Boy Robot Girl

Beginning their 3rd single, Robot Boy Robot Girl starts almost in a grand way with such a strong emphasis on bass drum, but as soon as the opening lyrics go by, the electropop sound starts to filter out through my headphones.  I feel like with each A-side, their producer also gets a bit more risky with the arrangement and I’m enjoying this one quite a bit!  It’s an adventurous piece of work and definitely their best yet!

2. We Are Cupitron

Strange it took them to their 3rd single to get a kind of theme song for the group.  I’m surprised that while it is slower than “Robot Boy Robot Girl”, the EDM here is a bit more gritty and heavy.  Though I can’t say that the vocal melody is very memorable as they kind of stay the same a good portion of the time and the chorus kind of bugs me…not their best work sadly.

3. π

Simply known as “Pi”, this song picks up after the disappointing previous track.  It reminds me of their more space-esque songs from previous single (especially from “Unicorn Parade”) and this one is futuristic but in a good way.  The vocoder and filtering is quite fitting and the chorus is strangely catchy (despite it just them repeating ~pi~ over and over again).  Still this is a really neat song from them!

4. Uchuu de Milk Cocoa

On the limited editions we get Uchuu de Milk Cocoa and it’s well similar to the previous songs (sans “We Are Cupitron”) with its cool EDM-sound.  I’m liking the progressive feel of the song and it’s got some interesting dubstep-y parts to make the tune pop out more.  It is the most straightforward song off the single and I think that’s why it might just be my favorite from the single!

5. Robot Boy Robot Girl TECHNO JUMBO Remix

So we get two remixes on this single strangely enough and the first is of the A-side.  Taking out the Perfume-esque twinkles, the tune turns into more like “Uchuu de Milk Cocoa” with the kind of 80’s-like feel to it with a lot of pounding bass through the song (mostly the chorus).  It’s different, I’ll give it that…but the original is still better.

6. Summer Kaijuu Akufen Remix

Finally we have a remix for their debut song, Summer Kaijuu!  I wasn’t expecting it to be the long song it was at 7 minutes, but considering it’s a remix I’m fine with that.  It starts off slow, but it has some disco elements thrown in which is pretty cool and matches with the ethereal keyboard playing.  Sadly once the group comes in to sing their lines, they’re overly filtered and computerized to the point where I can barely make out what they’re saying.  Sadly the bongo melody and light beats don’t really change it up and the horns and random quips are few and between.  It’s ok for background music, but it didn’t do Summer Kaijuu any justice.



Cupitron’s 3rd single and honestly it’s their best yet.  Disregarding the remixes, which were mostly disappointing, the 4 main songs are mainly really good tracks for them.  Robot Boy Robot Girl is very familiar, but really nice overall.  π and Uchuu de Milk Cocoa while similar in styles really captured the trio’s essence and definitely worked its way up their alongside the tunes I enjoyed from “Battery”.  Sadly, We Are Cupitron was pretty unfortunate leading to a rather monotone-sounding tune that got covered up by the other main songs.  Is there an album soon???


Cupitron – Battery May 13, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Battery
  2. WARP WARP (Regular only)
  3. Pi Po Pa Talk (Regular only)
  4. Denshi Keisanki no Yume (Limited only)
  5. Battery (Instrumental)
  6. WARP WARP (Instrumental)
  7. Pi Po Pa Talk (Instrumental)
  8. Denshi Keisanki no Yume (Instrumental)

1. Battery

Seems like the trio is returning with Battery and I think they finally got a good sound going for them that didn’t sound so off like with “Unicorn Parade”.  This song is still pretty much covered by a whole lot of auto-tune, synths, and everything you’d expect from a futuristic group.  It’s very cool and the arrangement is pretty damn enticing.  Not bad for their 2nd A-side to be honest.


While I didn’t care too much for the B-sides off their last single, I was hoping for something more for this single.  Like “Battery”, WARP WARP is pretty futuristic sounding too and a lot less cute sounding which is nice!  While it’s hard to tell which of the three is singing which part, the tune is pretty adventurous and makes me think of space travel.  I quite liked this song to be honest…one of the better techno songs of late.

3. Pi Pa Po Talk

Though, I have to say that I was expecting one of the songs to be along more of their cute side and this one sounds like it.  Actually the tune ironically reminds me of something early Perfume would have LOVED to have sung.  I do love how much the arrangement sounds as it gives much more life than the previous tracks did.

4. Denshi Keisanki no Yume

The limited edition does come with a different B-side (sad there wasn’t two though).  Denshi Keisanki no Yume sounds like a bit like “WARP WARP” which is OK, but the vocals are actually a bit more alive here so I’m more invested to follow it.  It’s a pretty cool song and probably my favorite of the single!

Wow, with how little I was interested in “Unicorn Parade”, I was pleasantly surprised they picked themselves up for their 2nd single, Battery.  All four songs are pretty awesome sounding technopop songs and whoever produced the single, totally worked wonders here.  I can’t wait to see their 3rd single!


Cupitron – Unicorn Parade September 27, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Unicorn Parade
  2. Pikopiko Club (CD only)
  3. Kasei Tour (CD only)
  4. First Contact (CD+DVD only)
  5. Unicorn Parade (Instrumental)
  6. Pikopiko Club (Instrumental)
  7. Kasei Tour (Instrumental)
  8. First Contact (Instrumental)

1. Unicorn Parade

So I was wondering what Cupitron would do for their first single.  Lord if the technopop style wasn’t evident, it’s even moreso with Unicorn Parade with heavy vocoder and auto-tune thrown onto the ladies vocals!  It does slightly remind me of something but I cant grasp it yet.  Overall, it’s alright, but after “Summer Kaijuu”, it does kind of sound odd to me.  Not bad, but needs time to stick on me.

2. Pikopiko Club

So the single splits into editions and the CD only gets two extra tracks.  I wasn’t sure what to think but damn this song kind of has a certain anison quality to it that makes me kind of grimace.  The song though has a LOT of synths being thrown in (alongside some 8bit stuff).  That ~pikopiko pikopiko pi~ lines are so fast and I wonder how any of them could pull it off.  It’s the shortest track on the single, but it felt like a longer song than I expected XD.

3. Kasei Tour

I think Kasei Tour tones down the energy which is something refreshing for the group and I’m loving the addition of acoutic guitars in the arrangement, though I am curious to why the vocals are so layered and filtered (reminds me of how portable sounded).  It definitely sounded different for the single and I quite liked it a lot!

4. First Contact

I remember hearing it when they did their first live, compared to the single it does have some more natural instruments like guitars and piano and even plucked strings!  It also is pretty cool that it changes tempo throughout by moving from a pop to a march style and then speeds back up.  When the chorus hits, I feel like it’s missing some punch and could’ve used a heavier beat.



I was expecting the worst when it comes to seeing Cupitron debut and their first single, Unicorn Parade wasn’t all that bad!  I don’t think the leading song was good enough to surpass “Summer Kaijuu” but I suppose it did sound a little more invested.  Of the B-sides, Kasei Tour and First Contact were the better songs, definitely has potential and shows potential for the group’s future endeavors!