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Daisy×Daisy – Miraiakazuki December 29, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Miraiakazuki
  2. Hoshiyomi End Lover
  3. Kitto Uchuu no Katasumi de (CD+DVD only)
  4. Miraiakazuki (Instrumental)
  5. Hoshiyomi End Lover (Instrumental)
  6. Kitto Uchuu no Katasumi de (Instrumental)

1. Miraiakazuki

Listening to Daisy×Daisy for the first time, Miraiakazuki kind of sounds like a song I would hear in FFXIII-2 because it has that futuristic sound with MiKA under some filters.  It’s a really cool track to listen to and it’s quite catchy for her and her voice sounds really fitting as well…it’s like I’m listening to a softer version of “COSMIC LOVE” from her sister Nana Mizuki.

2. Hoshiyomi End Lover

The first B-side on the single, takes more of a pop/rock setting but still containing that certain anison drive.  MiKA’s voice is slightly lighter than it was in the A-side but when she comes out of it she gets strong!  The song isn’t as good at leaving a mark on me, but she sounds great in the song regardless.

3. Kitto Uchuu no Katasumi de

On the CD+DVD version of the single, it comes with an extra track and it’s a lot like a mixture of the previous two tracks because it’s spacey and still a pop/rock track…but a lot more energetic.  This is probably what I wished “Hoshiyomi End Lover” would’ve sound like.  A lot more of MiKA’s strong vocals and solid performance…good song!



As I got information, I totally did not see MiKA being related to Nana Mizuki as her younger sister, but after looking at pictures and such, they looked like twins.  Even I hear Nana’s voice in MiKA but she has a tone on her own and she’s quite impressive with what she have,  Miraiakazuki is a really impressive song to start a new era off and Kitto Uchuu no Katasumi de is also quite cool to listen to.  Hoshiyomi End Lover is good, but not as good as the other two tracks.  Great single and can’t wait to hear more ^_^