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DiVA – DISCOVERY October 12, 2014

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Track Listing

  2. Believe in myself (Type-A only)
  3. Surrender (Type-B only)
  4. WOW WAR TONIGHT ~Toki ni wa Okose yo Movement~ (Type-C only)
  5. DISCOVERY (Instrumental)
  6. Believe in myself (Instrumental)
  7. Surrender (Instrumental)
  8. WOW WAR TONIGHT ~Toki ni wa Okose yo Movement~ (Instrumental)


When the song begun, I had thought that DISCOVERY was going to be a little edgier, but the tune turns out to be kind of mid-tempo in a way.  Then learning that Tetsuya Komuro produced the single, I was kind of disappointed because this song doesn’t seem like the tune I would think of DiVA releasing because their songs are more cooler and this isn’t really.  Plus, there just doesn’t seem much of a chorus, it just melds with everything else in the tune.  Not impressed.

2. Believe in myself

The first B-side, Believe in myself actually sounds a lot more closer to what I would expect from DiVA because it has a much broader sound and the arrangement is nice mixing acoustic guitars with synths to being this kind of cool tune.  Though I feel like Tetsuya has done this arrangement before with Kie Kitano and AAA.  I pretty much prefer this over the A-side (though it could be a little faster).

3. Surrender

Next up is Surrender and it kind of reminds me of something the group has done before (maybe “Tsuki no Uragawa”?).  I actually feel like it’s a mix of the previous two tracks, but the vocals between the 4 members are a lot more suiting and they aren’t all that bad.  Not as memorable as “Believe in myself” is, but I’d say it’s quite passable.

4. WOW WAR TONIGHT ~Toki ni wa Okose yo Movement~

I wonder why almost every group that has something to do with Tetsuya HAS to cover this H Jungle with t song.  I mean it’s not all that great of a song and the group covering it sugarcoats it up more than it should which makes the singers sounds so unimpressive to me.  It just didn’t sound right coming from DiVA and it just did nothing for me.



As the group’s 4th and sadly final single before their album and disbandment, DISCOVERY disappointed me.  Not only because Tetsuya produced it but it didn’t have the energy the group is known for from their last three singles.  Something about the single just didn’t sit right with me and while I’m so happy that Yuka Masuda returned to complete the group’s lifespan, I couldn’t help that the group had changed in their sound with this and I didn’t care for it.  If anything, Believe in myself was the best the single offered, otherwise I was unimpressed.  Though shady at the (dance) members barely being noticed lol!!


DiVA – Lost the way March 25, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Lost the way
  2. Kanashimi no Mirage (Type A only)
  3. Stargazer -2012 Here I am cuz of U- Yuka Masuda from DiVA (Type B only)
  4. Kimi wa Pegasus -DiVA Ver.- (Type C only)
  5. Kimi wa Pegasus -Original Track Cover- (Theater Edition only)
  6. Lost the way (Instrumental)
  7. Kanashimi no Mirage (Instrumental)
  8. Stargazer -2012 Here I am cuz of U- Yuka Masuda from DiVA (Instrumental)
  9. Kimi wa Pegasus -DiVA Ver.- (Instrumental)

1. Lost the way

I have to say of the Aki.P subgroups out there and with SDN48 disbanding, my attention has focused on DiVA who still have amazing vocals!  Unlike their previous two A-sides, Lost the way is a bit more anime-esque and also a bit more to the book as well.  I was expecting that this song would feature the four girls plus the new 6 ladies…but it stayed as the primary four oddly enough.  It’s pretty though and while I don’t think it’s better than “Tsuki no Uragawa”, it’s quite good.

2. Kanashimi no Mirage

The first B-side that occurs first is definitely fitting to be alongside “Tsuki no Uragawa” and “Cry” since it’s synthy but not focused on energy…just keeping a smooth atmosphere and cool attitude.  I really love this side to the group and it just shows me that they can be pretty damn impressive and do amazing things without depending on the AKB-title.  This is a good song that should represent them.

3. Stargazer -2012 Here I am cuz of U- Yuka Masuda from DiVA

Jeeze, long title aside, we can easily assume that Yuka got a solo track.  However, what I wasn’t expecting was that Stargazer to be downright badass for being a solo track.  Yuka’s vocals are pretty deep and she sounds REALLY good for doing an anime-esque song like this.  It’s powerful and really shows her off in a bright light…definitely loving this song for sure!

4. Kimi wa Pegasus -DiVA Ver.-

The final two tracks are covers of AKB’s Team K song from a while ago.  The DiVA version is actually quite different from the original, having a new arrangement basically.  Unlike the previous tracks, Kimi wa Pegasus has this 90’s pop feel…almost like TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE’s sound currently.  It’s alright but I don’t find it very memorable.

5. Kimi wa Pegasus -Original Track Cover-

The original version is based off the original arrangement but kept the same four ladies around.  Compared to the DiVA version, the music sounds a lil more watered down which is to be expected but I do feel the vocals are a little different as well…and I’m not sure why.  Ehhhh, I’ll take the revisioned one over this.



Wow, DiVA just struck gold with Lost the way.  I’m a lil surprised that while they went with auditions and added 6 new members, they didn’t utilize them in the single (vocally).  I mean, Sae, Yuka, Sayaka, Ayaka are amazing and all that but it’s kind of like why the dead weight if they aren’t going to be utilized (though I’ll hold off until the next single to see if they’re being put on as dead weight and added eye candy to the PVs.  Single-wise, Lost the way is awesome of a single.  Minus the Kimi wa Pegasus covers, the single was amazing LOL.  Yuka is amazing in Stargazer and just all kinds of epic is found in Kanashimi no Mirage.  Best single yet!!!


DiVA – Cry August 12, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Cry
  2. No way out (Type-A only)
  3. Chika Suido (Type-B only)
  4. MARIA -DiVA ver.- (Type-C only)
  5. MARIA -Original Track Cover- (Theater Edition only)
  6. Cry (Instrumental)
  7. No way out (Instrumental)
  8. Chika Suido (Instrumental)
  9. MARIA -DiVA ver.- (Instrumental)

1. Cry

DiVA kicks of their second A-side with a stronger presence of sound when compared to “Tsuki no Uragawa” and oddly enough the addition of electric guitars being a good force behind it was an interesting idea for sure.  I like the emotional sound when the ladies say ~cry, cry, cry!!!!~  it just gives such a good vibe otherwise.  However, I might not be the only one to think, but this reminds me a lot of “Tsuki no Uragawa” but with more force. 

2. No way out

Hmmmm, I didn’t think the quartet would tackle something like disco for their first B-side.  I love the song’s upbeat nature a little more than I did with “Cry”.  Throw in the funky guitar melody and the lighter vocals together and you get a pretty sweet track.  I can see why these four were chosen, they have good vocals!

3. Chika Suido

I somehow found myself liking Chika Suido the most of this single for some reason.  It’s different from anything from the group before and it’s a nice change.  I love the darker dance style for it and the dramatic singing from the members did a good job for making the tune pop out a little more than normal.  Definitely impressed by this song!

4. MARIA -DiVA ver.-

The rest of the single is actually of a song off of one of AKB48’s multitudes of theater albums.  Oddly enough MARIA was remixed and sung by the members of DiVA.  I like the beats of the song and it carries the same mysterious vibes like some of their other songs which doesn’t come off as a surprise but I guess why change something that’s good already.  It’s an interesting cover I guess, but I wanted something a little more exciting.

5. MARIA -Original Track Cover-

I will admit that it’s strange that DiVA would include the original arrangement of MARIA and still make it their song in the first place and change the vocals where it’s only the four of them.  Of course MARIA’s original version is poppy and a lot more of what I expected out of a typical AKB tune since it has more guitars and a central idolly feel.  The difference between the two versions is like night and day so at least they’re different enough from each other but still actually nice.




So the 4 members actually managed to stay together for one more single before the additions were made.  Cry is slightly better than “Tsuki no Uragawa” but not by much because the two singles were similar as it was.  Cry does feel like a little more of an action-oriented “Tsuki no Uragawa” but that’s a good thing, but I still slightly enjoy their debut A-side more.  No way out and Chika Suido brought new things to the table and we’re nice tunes and surpassed the A-side as well.  The newly arranged MARIA compared to the old MARIA are polar opposites but I liked the DiVA a little more than the original cut.  Sad to see that this is the last single with the 4-nin but it’s a good single sitll overall!


DiVA – Tsuki no Uragawa May 19, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Tsuki no Uragawa
  2. Fade out
  3. Information
  4. Blue rose -DiVA ver.-
  5. Tsuki no Uragawa -Royal Mirrorball Mix-
  6. Tsuki no Uragawa -Instrumental-
  7. Fade out -Instrumental-
  8. Information -Instrumental-
  9. Blue rose -DiVA ver.- (Instrumental)
  10. Tsuki no Uragawa -Royal Mirrorball Mix- (Instrumental)

1. Tsuki no Uragawa

So I’m guessing that Tsuki no Uragawa would make for a fitting debut for an AKB sub-unit right?  I mean it has pretty strong vocals from the four ladies and that’s a nice surprise and this song really does come off as an opening or an ending to an anime.  It’s pretty catchy and the mysterious air about the song really captured my attention.  Good song to debut with right?

2. Fade out

Getting into the specific edition tracks we start alphabetically with Fade out.  It carries the same danceable style and mysterious style and oddly enough sounds more anime-ish than friggin “Tsuki no Uragawa”.  The vocals aren’t as smooth, but this song still sounds pretty good for them and by listening to it, it has pretty good line distribution.

3. Information

At first, I thought I was listening to something from AAA because of the overall light dance feel I got from this song.  It does stand out from the previous two songs by not being so anime-ish and more like something I would like to hear performed live.  However, there doesn’t seem to be much to remember it by sadly.  I might have to get used to this track.

4. Blue rose -DiVA ver.-

So I guess DiVA decided to do their own version of a song that was performed in one of the Theater albums.  Not that there’s anything wrong, but there’s so many songs they’ve done.  I can’t say I’ve listened to the original, but I’m guessing the arrangement changed for DiVA to fit their sound.  I like the more sultry side to their vocals and whoever sang in the first verse has great vocals.  I found it so much more memorable than “Information” at least.

5. Tsuki no Uragawa -Royal Mirrorball Mix-

It just seems I’m crashing into Royal Mirrorball all the time.  This time remixing the title track, Tsuki no Uragawa being touched up like this and all isn’t all too bad, but like with any of their remixes, I feel they just missed the mark a bit and left the original to be the better one.  I like that it’s lighter and more bouncy, but it just seems like it lost what made the original so good.

Yeah I’m reviewing DiVA but that’s because I reviewed the two DIVA songs when it was just a small idea on AKB’s singles.  Since then they dropped the random girls being chosen and took in four girls in which 3 of the 4 were in DIVA.  Also, as it seems this is the only single with 4-nin, Tsuki no Uragawa gave us a good taste of what’s to come and I kind of like it.  I mean dance track with good vocals WHOOP!.  Fade out was a little much like the A-side but not bad and Blue rose was pretty good as well.  Information was kind of meh just like the remix for Tsuki no Uragawa.