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DJ OZMA – Chin Kon ka December 16, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Chin Kon ka
  2. Chin Kon ka (Instrumental)

1. Chin Kon ka

Haha YAY!  Chin Kon ka is kind of a guilty pleasure for me (then again when isn’t OZMA being such a guilty pleasure?).  The song starts with OZMA with an acoustic guitar before the song opens up to this kind of groovy pop setting.  I’m surprised to hear OZMA taking the vocals for this one since I’m used to one of the other two guys that he does the PVs with take over but still awesome.  But it gets even sillier when he makes fun of AKB’s “Aitakatta”, KARA’s “Mister” and Girls’ Generation’s “Gee” in that order…it was kind of a funny twist to the song!  However, unlike the PV, there’s more to the song but it gets kind of happy-go-lucky and gets upbeat and fun.  It’s a pretty fun song to listen to and the little nods to different songs make it stand out on its own.



It has been about three years since we’ve seen DJ OZMA releasing anything (the last was a best-of collection).  Though we’ve actually had Ayanotsuji with Kishidan, ravex, and YAZIMA in between to fill the gap.  Chin Kon ka is a great return to the silly OZMA-ness that most fans love to go WTF to.  It still has that trademark oddness that made “Spiderman”, “DRINKIN’ BOYS”, “MASURAO”, and even “I RAVE YOU” so damn good.  I hope this means his 4th studio album is probable ^_^