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FictionJunction – Parallel Hearts September 25, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Parallel Hearts
  2. Hitomi no Chikara
  3. Parallel Hearts ~Instrumental~
  4. Hitomi no Chikara ~Instrumental~

1. Parallel Hearts

Now, I know my Kalafina and I know KEIKO and WAKANA so this is kind of my elements here.  Going into Parallel Hearts, I was surprised that the group had started out with an anison rock track which shows Kajiura’s versatility.  I hear a lot of KEIKO though in this song which is awesome because she’s showing a lot of force in her voice.  The other three ladies, WAKANA, KAORI, and KAIDA do also have their moments, but it’s hard to tell them apart at the moment.  Still this song reminds me of “sprinter” and I like that about this song!

2. Hitomi no Chikara

The B-side isn’t a surprise for me, but the voice is….it’s a lot higher than I would’ve expect ANY of the four would have.  Then I researched a little and found out that it’s sung by Yuuka Nanri (who during their releases is FictionJunction YUUKA).  Unlike the leading track which is powerful, Hitomi no Chikara is quiet and only really features piano and YUUKA.  The four ladies I assume are the background vocals which are nice, but I’m just not a fan of YUUKA’s high vocals at the moment.  Just seems to remind me Hanako Oku for some odd reason.



Even though it’s not their debut, it is the first single as a collective group so it does stand out.  I really liked Parallel Hearts and gives me the same feelings I’ve had for Kalafina’s music which is already a good thing!  Hitomi no Chikara is just a little too simple and YUUKA is just a little too high-pitched but it’s whatever.  I’d get it for the awesome A-side!