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Fudanjuku – Jinsei Wahaha! January 17, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Jinsei Wahaha!
  2. Yuki no Yoru
  3. Senpai no Kanojo
  4. Jinsei Wahaha! (Instrumental)
  5. Yuki no Yoru (Instrumental)
  6. Senpai no Kanojo (Instrumental)

1. Jinsei Wahaha!

As its the first single I’m reviewing for Fudanjuku, I must’ve chosen a good one because Jinsei Wahaha! is quite strong of a song if I say myself!  This does have more of a heavy chanting feel and this would be amzing to hear live because it’s so in your face and loud.  Plus I love the “guys” singing more deeper! LOL.  I quite liked this song!

2. Yuki no Yoru

Found on all versions of the single, Yuki no Yoru brings the group back to the girl voices which is cool and suits and we get this mid-tempo winter song (which is odd timing).  Compared to the previous track, this is slightly a bit forgettable, but at least I can admit they all have sweet and pure vocals.  Ahhh well.

3. Senpai no Kanojo

When I get to this song which is found on 2/3 of the single…Senpai no Kanojo sounds like a Morning Musume when the 4th/5th gen because it’s got a lot of attitude but keeps it moving in a nice direction.  Actually it’s got a certain 80’s charm and I LOVED it!  Definitely the best the single has to offer!



As the group begin their 3rd era, I thought they did themselves with Jinsei Wahaha!.  The leading track and Senpai no Kanojo are both really good tracks and show a lot of character (if they hadn’t already to begin with lol).  Yuki no Yoru is a bit bland and kind of seems a bit typical of an wintry idol track but it’s not terrible.  Can’t wait to see what they have in store for 2013!