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HENRY – Fantastic October 12, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Fantastic
  2. TRAP
  3. Fantastic (INST)
  4. TRAP (INST)

1. Fantastic

Knowing that he’s in Super Junior when they release stuff in China, Henry was someone I wasn’t expecting to debut in Japan so I was happy to see that Fantastic was what he’d debut with because I LOVE this song when he released this in Korea because it was incredibly catchy and Henry sung well alongside using his violin skills and dance skills in tandem.  The song is pretty textbook K-pop, but I think it sounded great and while the song did go between Japanese and English, Henry did a good job I’d say.


As for the B-side (which is also another language switched song) TRAP is from his first mini-album of the same he released last year.  Unlike “Fantastic”, TRAP has a little more of an R&B sound.  I like the beat and Henry’s chanting of ~I’m trapped~ kind of gets stuck in your head.  Not as flashy or polished like the A-side, but I can totally get behind this.



So Henry is debuting in Japan finally, I wonder if this might be a push to get him to join SuJu maybe? Maybe not, but Fantastic is a great debut since both songs are pretty strong in their own rights, yeah they both might be just rehashed and resung in a different language (which like I said before, I don’t like) but I liked how both o these turned out so I’m fine with it for now.  Overall good single, just hope there’s more in the future!