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Kazusa – Oboetemasuka December 4, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Oboetemasuka
  2. Hello, It’s Me

1. Oboetemasuka

It’s been quite a while since Kazusa released anything but taking a two year break would do that to ya.  Oboetemasuka reintroduces us back to Kazusa who sounds just as lovely as she did back in 2010.  It’s a simple ballad which isn’t surprising since that’s her style and all that!  Still, she sounds really pretty and the song is quite pleasant and has a soothing feel to it…I enjoyed it quite a bit!

2. Hello, It’s Me

The B-side of the single reminds me of a mixture of Rie fu and Kaori Mochida’s sound since it’s quite laidback and Kazusa is singing in English which has a bit of added twang to it that kind of sounds different from before.  It’s kind of nostalgic, but I really liked this song as well!



I’ve always wondered what happened during the two year hiatus Kazusa was under because her debut album was such a pleasant listen and one of the more interesting releases of 2010.  Though she’s back and released Oboetemasuka which shows that it feels like Kazusa was never really gone and her music remained pleasant and easy to listen to…Great single overall!