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Kus Kus – Suteki na Takaramono June 2, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Suteki na Takaramono
  2. Suki Kiss

1. Suteki na Takaramono

Hmm, a trio that sings electropop songs…its not like it has happened before right?  Y’know I was surprised Kus Kus kicked their careers with Suteki na Takaramono because it really has the basics of idol/EDM down with the synthesized vocals and cute sound mixed with some gritty synths.  As much as I can say, Suteki na Takaramono is a glossy song, but it’ll take more for me to fall for them if they continue on.  I will admit, the song is kind of catchy hehe.

2. Suki Kiss

The B-side, Suki Kiss, goes for the more quicker paced cutesy EDM track which is more or less good for the trio.  The vocals haven’t changed too much but there’s definitely some solo lines here which is a nice touch (though really hard to discern since it’s still under vocoder).  I do get somewhat annoyed over the repetition through the chorus, but the verses are kind of cool.



I mean, Kus Kus is kind of late to the electropop idol party (plus I still think portable and cosmeticROBOT had better debut singles which is a bit meh and they were active for a short time, so I feel like Kus Kus might be the same way.  Suteki na Takaramono isn’t a bad single but more of a basic single for electropop fans AND idol fans.  It’ll be interesting where the group’s direction will go with their future releases.