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LiSA – crossing field October 6, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. crossing field
  2. Itsuka no Tegami
  3. KiSS me PARADOX (Regular/Limited only)
  4. Kanashimi Ao (Anime edition only)
  5. crossing field -TV ver.-
  6. crossing field -Instrumental-

1. crossing field

I really liked how this song really just started off strong and right off the bad, LiSA just blows in with this powerful voice that kind of reminds me of Nana Mizuki just without the crazy vibrato.  The tune itself isn’t really much originalty spun since it is an anison song of course.  I’m just really blown away more by LiSA’s vocal performance, she just came out strong and killed it good!  I really enjoyed this track!

2. Itsuka no Tegami

By the looks of the title, Itsuka no Tegami would’ve clearly been a ballad and I was right!  I kind of like the simplicity of the arrangement where it’s just the normal instrumentation you would find on one.  LiSA seemed to slightly toned it down, but the chorus comes in and she’s pulling those strong vocals out again and I’m kind of enjoying it.  However, those ~la la la’s~ are kind of strange >.<.  A little plain, but it’s not bad.


Going into the split edition songs, KiSS me PARADOX comes first and this song has more of a pop/rock feel (like Shokotan’s recent stuff).  This is a little more happier though.  I’m not too excited about this one since it kind of is bland and LiSA doesn’t really seem to fit this style as much as the previous two tracks.

4. Kanashimi Ao

On the anime cut of the single, Kanashimi Ao definitely has anison written all over it but it isn’t as powerful as “crossing field” was.  Though I do love the effort LiSA is putting in this track because her strong vocals come through once again.  A little more blandness came through, but this song isn’t bad, just typical.



Only her second single and she already has an album and mini out prior?  Lord…LiSA is actually quite a strong vocalist and she has a lot of potential for future awesomeness, but right now she’s definitely catering to the anime world.  crossing field is really awesome and shows how powerful and exciting she can be.  The rest of the single doesn’t quite reach that level unfortunately.  Itsuka no Tegami is a good ballad, standard but good..actually the other two tracks can be compared to being standard but good.  I just hope she becomes a lot better in due time!