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lol – fire! February 3, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. fire!
  2. shake shake
  3. fire! (Instrumental)
  4. shake shake (Instrumental)

1. fire!

I was interested to see what this new group was to offer on their debut single and with fire!, I was slightly digging it, but at the same time not.  What I will begin with is the positives which are from the fact that they seem to be a dance unit which is always a nice thing to see from avex!  However, it feels like Moca and Yusuke are the de-facto leads and the other members kind of just lay low, made even worse is that the two members are just overloaded with auto-tune and that’s getting very tiresome and overdone at this point in music.  It’s an OK debut, but nothing that will stick to me in the long run.

2. shake shake

As for the B-side, musically it’s a bit more interesting and a lot more open and loud with the electro/dance arrangement.  It does seem that Naoto is also going to be one of the more pushed members as he gets just as much lines as Moca and Yusuke does as well (oddly enough, I prefer his voice).  It’s a little more edgier than “fire!” and hearing Hibiki do the rap section alongside Naoto is pretty rad!  It’s the better song for sure!



As this is the group’s debut, I have to admit at first glance I kind’ve though that this was going to be the new younger AAA to take on the faster songs, but as it stands, the group is a little but not a whole lot.  The songs were pretty energetic and the beats were intoxicating, but I think the problem here is their overuse of auto-tune, it really shouldn’t be used to fill a whole song (more or less two).  I just hope their next single is better, though it’s doing well on ORICON currently…hmmm.