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May’n – Chase the world October 6, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Chase the world
  2. Hikari
  3. Chase the world (without May’n)
  4. Hikari (without May’n)

1. Chase the world

I’m a sucker for electro/anison songs out there and May’n luckily started this era out with one.  Chase the world is energetic and very quick-paced as well which gives out a little more room for May’n to sing with because her voice sounds really nice here.  The twinkiling could be cut down a bit since it kind of sounds cheap.  Otherwise, this song is pretty good!

2. Hikari

I wasn’t sure what I was getting into with Hikari, but unlike the A-side this is a little more dramatic and has more of a natural arrangement unlike the synth fest in the previous track.  I once again like May’n voice in the song and she sounds light and but strong too.  Not bad for a B-side but ultimately, I like “Chase the world” better.



After a break from “HEAT”, she came back with Chase the world which while it might not be the best in her repetoire, it’s passable and I enjoyed the electroness of it.  Hikari was also surprisingly good with pretty much the opposite style to the lead track…though I can see why it’s not an A-side as well.  Good single overall!