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no3b – Kirigirisu Jin January 15, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Kirigirisu Jin
  2. Iin’ Jaa ne?
  3. MY SHINING STARS (Type A only)
  4. Futo Omou Koto (Type B only)
  5. Kimi ni Koi wo Shita (Type C only)
  6. Kirigirisu Jin -Instrumental-
  7. Iin’ Jaa ne? -Instrumental-
  8. MY SHINING STARS -Instrumental-
  9. Futo Omou Koto -Instrumental-
  10. Kimi ni Koi wo Shita -Instrumental-

1. Kirigirisu Jin

As this is my first song I’ve heard from no3b, I was curious to what their sound was going to be from Kirigirisu Jin and I kind of enjoy it even though they incorporate a little of that AKB blandness.  The horns are just a bit out of place for a song that sounds it wants to be a dance track but isn’t.  As for the girls, they are surprisingly good singers but it’s Takamina, Kojiharu and Miichan…what could really go wrong with this trio?  It’s not a terrible song, but it’s not really anything special (especially for how inactive the group was last year).

2. Iin’ Jaa ne?

It’s strange, but when I listen to the B-side, Iin’ Jaa ne? kind of gives me this anime feel which is surprising but welcomed.  I still kind of loathe hearing synth horns though, but once the main arrangement takes over, it’s kind of a cool song.  As for the girls, would it kill them to add some emotion?  Add that the girls don’t really harmonize very well either…I’m rather split on the song x.x;


The different editions the single each have a song sung by only one girl at a time.  Starting with Kojiharu’s track, MY SHINING DAYS brings us down to a lighter level when compared to the previous two tracks and it’s cute, but not overloaded with it it’s kind of that cute synth-pop track.  HOWEVER, the song is extremely empty (in my opinion) and Haruna doesn’t exactly sing with enough life so it basically falls flat overall.

4. Futo Omou Koto

We get into Takamina’s solo track and it’s kind of the same but replace the synths for just plain keyboard and some guitar and you essentially get this track.  I also kind of feel Minami’s voice works well here and she hits the notes smoothly (even the high ones).  The song is still unimpressive since I feel there could be more to the production but it’s better than Kojiharu’s.

3. Kimi ni Koi wo Shita

Finally we get Miichan’s solo track and in place of the previous two solos, this one has more of cuter tone to it moreso than Haruna’s track.  It sounds rather basic which is true, but there’s something about Miichan’s voice that I really like for some reason.  It’s not as emotive as Takamina’s but this kind of works here as well.



I still can’t believe it’s been a year since this group his released anything, but as the 4th single of the era, Kirigirisu Jin isn’t really impressive for me.  Both group tracks are OK at best, but they aren’t that great.  As for the solo tracks, I would really prefer both Minami songs over Haruna as they don’t feel empty nor poor vocally.  I hope the other three singles were better than this or I’m going to have trouble enjoying this.