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Not yet – Suika BABY June 8, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Suika BABY
  2. Kibou no Hana
  3. Fumuona Yoru (Type-A only)
  4. guilty love (Type-B only)
  5. May (Type-C only)
  6. Aisareru to Iu Koto (Not yet ver.) (Theater Edition only)
  7. Suika BABY (off vocal ver.)
  8. Kibou no Hana (off vocal ver.)
  9. Fumuona Yoru (off vocal ver.)
  10. May (off vocal ver.)
  11. Aisareru to Iu Koto (Not yet ver.) (off vocal ver.)

1. Suika BABY

Not yet gets onto releasing this song which is kind of a punch to people since their last release, “Perapera Perao” was clearly a summer tune and we’re given another to deal with x.x  I mean it’s a bit louder than you would expect it to be but it’s still just really another Aki.P summer song and I’m just kind of tired of it to be honest…is there really a way to really tell them apart? XD.  At least it’s just the four ladies performing the song.

2. Kibou no Hana

Moving onto the B-side on all versions, Kibou no Hana is a lot lighter than “Suika BABY” was and that’s nice but this is Not yet we’re talking about and this song doesn’t really identify as being something different which isn’t a surprise since it’s been a problem since they’ve debuted.  I guess the longing and sentimental feel of the song is nice and the girls aren’t hitting sour notes that I can hear of but it’s just nothing special.

3. Fumuona Yoru

I can see they were trying with Fumuona Yoru because the song has a different feel to it but still very Not yet-ish of them to release which is great to hear!  There’s still a lack of emotion in my opinion so they song kind of just drags a little bit for me but at least it’s something a little more memorable than the previous two tracks…Just not my thing to listen to to be honest!

4. guilty love

Written by Rie Kitahara, guilty love is kind of interesting to listen to actually.  It’s more engaging and has a different kind of feel (like a little anime-like).  Plus the four ladies are able to show more of their vocals with less music fueling them from behind which is nice.  It’s not too much different than “Fumaona Yoru” but this sounds better and I’m enjoying listening to the ladies a lot more than in said song before as well.

5. May

Our next song, May, is a solo track for Yui Yokohama and doesn’t surprise me it’s one of the lighter tracks on the single.  Yui’s vocals are a bit more cutesy but she can hold her own in pitch which is a nice thing to have but May is kind of underwhelming for some reason.  It’s like it’s trying to decide if it’s a pop track or enka/kayoukyoku.  It just throws me off with the low brass and then flutes…kind of throws me off everytime I listen to it XD.  It’s not bad, but it needs more XD.

6. Aisareru to Iu Koto (Not yet ver.)

So the final track on the single is a cover of ICE from AKB48’s Aisareru to Iu Koto but oddly was never released physically…>.<.  The song sounds really nice since it was made for an anime.  As it is another slower song out of the bunch, Not yet’s version isn’t bad but once again it kind of comes off as a tad boring and just kind goes nowhere except in the chorus which is nice but doesn’t bring enough power.  I just don’t think it really suits them xD



I’m guessing we could be getting an album from the quartet soon since Suika BABY is their 4th single and all.  I’m still not thrilled about it because they still kind of getting the bland stuff that AKB doesn’t really want.  I just can’t believe they’re given such mediocre songs but somehow still can stand for it.  I liked guilty love the most but that’s not saying a lot.  I hope the album won’t be as bad as I think it’ll be…but time will tell I guess haha.


Not yet – Perapera Perao November 18, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Perapera Perao
  2. Uminari yo
  3. Motokare ga Kekkon Suru Toki (Type A only)
  4. Fuusha ga Mieru Machi (Type B only)
  5. Mikata (Type C only)
  6. Perapera Perao (off vocal ver.)
  7. Uminari yo (off vocal ver.)
  8. Motokare ga Kekkon Suru Toki (off vocal ver.)
  9. Fuusha ga Mieru Machi (off vocal ver.)
  10. Mikata (off vocal ver.)

1. Perapera Perao

Since the group has not impressed me with their songs, I must say that Perapera Perao really has this SKE48 sound to it and reminds me of damn “Pareo wa Emerald”.  Also, didn’t we already have our summery song from Not yet with “Naminori Kakigoori”…it just seems they’re tackling the same ground again with little to no change at all IMO.  I kind of just rolled my eyes and passed this one up.

2. Uminari yo

If it isn’t cute pop, then most of the time Not yet gets stuck with doing ballads.  Though it’s weird that Uminari yo kind of finds itself in its own dimension with a piano melody and a mysterious glow to it.  I actually really liked this song since it isn’t in the norm for the group.  Though I will say that high notes are their weaknesses as seen in the chorus where they hit some snaggling notes.  Overall a much better song than “Perapera Perao”.

3. Motokare ga Kekkon Suru Toki

Getting into the version exclusives, I hoped that they did something cool with each of the songs.  Motokare ga Kekkon Suru Toki follows in the steps of “Perapera Perao” in the way that it’s more cute and upbeat of their current stuff.  I will say that they sound pretty good and the girls don’t sound as disappointing vocally.  They still have some spots where they kind of sound meh, but overall with the peppy arrangement worked for them here.

4. Fuusha ga Mieru Machi

I don’t like the next song on the list for sure since it just didn’t work with their vocals and the arrangement is just bland to me.  In the solos they sound alright but together it just felt like a drop after the previous two songs.  It just doesn’t work for me and I think I liked it less than “Perapera Perao”.

5. Mikata

Then Mikata begins and we get stuck with another slow song from the group.  It’s not as driven as “Uminari yo” which could be a killer for some people that really enjoyed it.  I’d say that it’s like their other B-sides in their discography which isn’t good since it’s not very memorable. 



Of all the AKB sub-groups out there, I kind of wish Not yet would just breakup already.  Their music doesn’t serve to make the group stand out because it’s usually carbon copies of other groups stuff (in this case Perapera Perao is more like any summer AKB tune).  The only song that really dignifies some kind of light for them is Uminari yo since it was mysterious and kind of cool.  Otherwise, none of the other tracks did much for me.  Might be their worst single yet….and yet it’s selling like hotcakes in Japan since it’s #1 in Oricon….


Not yet – Naminori Kakigoori July 8, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Naminori Kakigoori
  2. Vermeer no Tegami
  3. Hug Tomo
  4. Girisha no Kamotsusen
  5. Bokutachi no Offshore
  6. Naminori Kakigoori (off vocal ver.)
  7. Vermeer no Tegami (off vocal ver.)
  8. Hug Tomo (off vocal ver.)
  9. Girisha no Kamotsusen (off vocal ver.)
  10. Bokutachi no Offshore (off vocal ver.)

1. Naminori Kakigoori

I do enjoy my AKB sub-groups, but it seems like they don’t differentiate themselves enough to represent something different like other sub-units like Watarirouka Hashiritai 7.  Not yet’s Naminori Kakigoori is a good representation of that sentiment TBH.  It’s of course the group’s summer song and even though it does have only 4 members, it seriously reminds me of either “Ponytail to Chouchou” and “Chance no Junban” (the latter not even being summery).  Now I can’t tell who’s who in this group, but the vocals are alright for the most part, but I still can’t shake off the fact the mood and instrumentation is lacking majorly.  Sad that I consider “Shuumatsu Not yet” over this song.

2. Vermeer no Tegami

The thing I didn’t exactly enjoy about the group’s debut was the fact there were too many ballads on it.  To me it sounds pretty similar to “Girisha no Kamotsuren” for some off reason but whatever.  I did find this song a little bit memorable despite that it sounds like some of the slower stuff from AKB’s album.

3. Hug Tomo

I’m kind of happy the single doesn’t suffer from boring stuff since Hug Tomo does a little better of a job having a place here.  As another upbeat but slightly cuter song from the quartet, Hug Tomo kind of gives off this Country-Western vibe and I actually thought it worked for them…then again solos FTW.  I think it’s their best song from this single for sure!

4. Girisha no Kamotsuren

As the single’s other ballad, Girisha no Kamotsuren is a little more better of a ballad than “Vermeer no Tegami”.  I think it’s because the gals in their solos sounded more emotional than the lack of it in previous song.  However, it also showed that when they’re together they lack a certain spark and the melodies of the vocals are slightly unhinged.  Still, it didn’t bore me and like I said, the solos were so much better than the group singing.

5. Bokutachi no Offshore

Rounding out the single, is another summer song with Bokutachi no Offshore.  At least this one doesn’t seem to replicate anything out of the AKB library.  I enjoyed the inclusion of synths here, but it isn’t as epic as “Warau ga Ii” since….well nothing has topped that as of yet.  It’s alright, but nothing overly exciting.

I’m still on the fence if I really think Naminori Kakigoori surpasses “Shuumatsu Not yet”.  I mean the A-side is a lot more exciting and upbeat, but it sounds like any other AKB-related summer song so it didn’t impress me.  Neither did Vermeer no Tegami…kind of vocally suckish for a song.  The single edition-only songs were the better songs since they didn’t really sound like anything familiar and for the most part vocals were pretty good (with the exception of Girisha no Kamotsusen).  Not sure what’ll come next, but I seriously hope it surpasses these two singles they’ve released so far.


Not yet – Shuumatsu Not yet March 19, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Shuumatsu Not yet
  2. Hirahira
  3. Sunao ni Naritai (Type-A only)
  4. Warau ga Ii (Type-B only)
  5. Nakinagara Hohoende (Not yet ver.) (Type-C only)
  6. Shuumatsu Not yet (off vocal ver.)
  7. Hirahira (off vocal ver.)
  8. Sunao ni Naritai (off vocal ver.)
  9. Warau ga Ii (off vocal ver.)
  10. Nakinagara Hohoende (off vocal ver.)

1. Shuumatsu Not yet

For a debut song, Shuumatsu Not yet doesn’t seem like it would really produce much hype since it’s idol-pop, but not overly cute.  It’s just a good mid-tempo kind of pop song and since there’s no solos in the song, it’s hard to tell between the four vocalists in my opinion.  I did feel they were a little boring and wasn’t showing a lot of emotion in the vocals, but whatever it’s alright for right now.

2. Hirahira

As the single’s B-side on all versions, Hirahira is actually slower than “Shuumatsu Not yet”.  Also what struck me odd in this song was that it felt like one of the gals were singing in the verses and the rest of them joined her in the choruses.  It just felt uneven for me and once again, the song wasn’t really all that exciting to listen to either.

3. Sunao ni Naritai

Damn, are they going to be a group that just does slower songs?  Type-A’s Sunao ni Naritai finally gives us actual solos that make sense and they sound so much better than the previous two songs.  However, the song’s light R&B sound makes a quick bore for me.  The fact that they came together quite nicely in the chorus kind of fixes the boredom, but still not my kind of song.

4. Warau ga Ii

FINALLY!, If there’s one edition of the single you must listen, it’s definitely Type-B.  Warau ga Ii is the only upbeat song on the single and that’s saying a lot since it’s filled with a pulsing beat and enough synths to make it nice.  It’s still suffers from the girls not pushing more emotion, but it’s catchy and the arrangement is cool. 

5. Nakinagara Hohoende (Not yet ver.)

Closing the single with Type-C’s exclusive, Nakinagara Hohoende was originally a song done by Team K.  Now Not yet hasn’t really impressed me much, but I find myself rolling my eyes since it’s another ballad song.  The gals sound alright, but I’m even more bored than what I was back in the previous songs.

For a debut single, I wasn’t impressed at all by Not yet’s slower more softer sound.  To me, the quartet seemed to lack emotions in their song and just kind of inched by in at least 3 of the 5 songs.  Their best song though was the only upbeat track, Warau ga Ii.  If anything take a listen to that.