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portable – Hajimesasenai December 6, 2008

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Track Listing

  1. Hajimesasenai
  2. Boku no Bunshin
  3. Hajimesasenai ~instrumental~
  4. Boku no Bunshin ~instrumental~

1. Hajimesasenai

Yea, we have another J-tek entering the blog and they actually stand out from the one’s we know.  Hajimesasenai does sound a little like Perfume pre-GAME, but they sound prettty good under the vocoder.  The ladies sound definitly more mature and deeper than the leading ladies of J-tek which is one of the many reasons they stick out from the mold of a usual J-tek.  I actually really enjoy the robotic-like verses and then the lively chorus after.  It’s definitly nice to listen to.

2. Boku no Bunshin

Oh god, the beginning was friggin awesome.  Oddly, the piano melody of the song sounds familiar.  Like a little too much like “Colorful Tokyo Sounds NO.9”.  Luckily they leave the area and the song gets very catchy and fun.  The girls do seem a little more lifeless than in “Hajimesasenai” but I guess its what works in the J-tek world.  Musically I love the more aggressive sounds near the end and at the beginning, still, Good song though.  I equally like this to the A-side.



portable is an indies group, but they surely do not sound like it.  They sound like one of Nakata’s works, but they aren’t!  This is their debut single and for one, I actually enjoyed this a lot.  Got to thank Wota for putting them up, or I probably bypassed them unnoticeably.  Can;t wait for the next single