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SDN48 – Makeoshimi Congratulation March 2, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Makeoshimi Congratulation
  2. Kurikuri (Undergirls)
  3. Uekara Natsuko (Limited A only)
  4. Owaranai Encore (Limited B only)
  5. Makeoshimi Congratulation (off vocal)
  6. Kurikuri (off vocal)
  7. Uekara Natsuko (off vocal)
  8. Owaranai Encore (off vocal)

1. Makeoshimi Congratulation

I really can’t with this song.  It’s not them in my opinion.  I mean, don’t get me wrong I know the voices are there and such but the sound of Makeoshimi Congratulation doesn’t sound like SDN48 at all.  It’s more like an AKB or SKE song by arrangement and that disappointed me a whole lot since I like their K-pop-like songs and their more serious songs.  What a disappointing final A-side from the group IMHO.

2. Kurikuri

It’s funny that the Undergirls get the K-pop-like song on the single and it sounds rather nice for them.  Since there’s like 0 solo lines in the song I found it hard to judge the singing but I kind of like this song way more than “Makeoshimi Congratulation”.  I mean it’s no “GAGAGA” but this is pretty good for a B-side.

3. Uekara Natsuko

If this title looks familar to you then it should because it’s SDN’s version of “Uekara Mariko”.  I mean nothing has really changed musically and the lyrics are mostly the same with a few exceptions and the chorus changed from Mariko to Natsuko (and yes the Natsuko in question is singing in the song so it makes sense…well sort of.  I’m not sure of her importance to the group but she gets a song.  Otherwise there’s not much difference and I’m still not a big fan of this song or the original so *shrugs*.

4. Owaranai Encore

The group’s final song as a group (and yes all of the members sing here), Owaranai Encore is kind of the group’s “Sakura no Shiori” in the fact that they sing as one and it sounds pretty and all but the arrangement feels rather bland and yeah reminds me of “Koko ni Ita Koto” as well.  I know why this song is here, but I’m a little disappointed in this as well.



It’s funny that as this is the group’s final single, it’s nowhere to be seen on their best-of album, “BEST ENCORE” it kind of makes me curious why it’s not on it.  Makeoshimi Congratulation for the most part is a very disappointing single since 3/4 of the single is just not their style and kind of made me go ew.  Makeoshimi was clearly not SDN’s style and was a lame excuse of an A-side.  Uekara Natsuko being based off of one of AKB’s songs was stupid (even though SDN did their own cover of “Everyday, Katyusha” so meh.  Owaranai isn’t as bad as those two but it’s still meh.  The only good song on the single was Kurikuri because it was them and it sounds good along with the other B-sides prior to the single.  This just wasn’t the single that made me feel that closure for the group…might be worse than “Ai, Chuseyo”!


SDN48 – Kudokinagara Azabu Juuban duet with Monta Mino December 27, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Kudokinagara Azabu Juuban duet with Monta Mino
  2. Yaritagariya-san (Undergirls Team G)
  3. Gamjatang Bojou (Undergirls A) (Type A only)
  4. Kashasa de Jihaku Suru (Undergirls B) (Type B only)
  5. Kudokinagara Azabu Juuban duet with Monta Mino (off vocal)
  6. Yaritagariya-san (off vocal)
  7. Gamjatang Bojou (off vocal)
  8. Kashasa de Jihaku Suru (off vocal)

1. Kudokinagara Azabu Juuban duet with Monta Mino

I can at least say I didn’t expect SDN48 to pull off a kayoukyoku kind of song with Kudokinagara Azabu Juuban more or less have it be a collaborative effort with Monta Mino (who I’m sure is a kayoukyoku singer).  I have to say for the most part I wasn’t feeling Monta’s vocals when he sang by himself but the girls of SDN48 really sound strong for this song and I love the different style they’ve produced with this one when compared to their previous singles.

2. Yaritagariya-san

However, if you like their previous singles, you might find your kicks with this song since it actually carries itself similarly to “GAGAGA” which is pretty cool actually since I do like their K-pop inspired songs.  While there isn’t solos to be found here, I’m still enjoying it vocally for the most part.  I mean it’s catchy but the hook of the whole ~ayee-ayeee-aye~ gets jarring after hearing it over and over.

3. Gamjatang Bojou

For the edition-only songs the first one in Gamjatang Bojou kind of lets Undergirls A have their taste of the kayoukyoku style.  I love the amount of brass used in the song and it seems that I’m finding myself loving the vocals out of this selected group a whole lot!  Pretty cool song from them to be honest ^_^

4. Kashasa de Jihaku Suru

I kind of think that while Kashasa de Jihaku Suru also kind of takes that route of kayoukyoku, this is is leaning more towads a latin sound like one of their earlier B-sides “Tengoku no Door wa 3kaime no Bell de Hiraku” but a little more laidback.  Actually, I really liked the vocals here more than in “Gamjatang Bojou”…much smoother actually.



As it is more than likely SDN48’s final single, the let this single be their best one.  While I do think the collaboration song is the weakest of the 4, it’s still a good song to listen to once in a while.  After that, Gamjatang Bojou turned out pretty well too since this and Kudokinagara Azabu Juuban had a similar style.  However it was Kashasa de Jihaku Suru and Yaritagariya-san that stole the show one for the great vocals and one for the great arrangement.  Now I don’t know if there’ll release one more single before they disband in April…but I’m hoping for at least one album instead…who knows…


SDN48 – MIN・MIN・MIN August 18, 2011

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Track Listing

  2. Onedari Champagne (Undergirls A)
  3. Abazure (Undergirls B)
  4. Everyday, Katyusha (SDN48 ver.)
  5. MIN・MIN・MIN (off vocal)
  6. Onedari Champagne (off vocal)
  7. Abazure (off vocal)
  8. Everyday, Katyusha (off vocal)


I always knew that SDN48 would be the group to use so much synths in their songs and it shows in their 3rd A-side.  The girls do return to using whispery vocals like how they used it in “GAGAGA”.  Sadly, the chorus lacks a real tight hook and the ladies this time sound not so much melodic as they did in their debut A-side as well which is a frown.  Though I will say that it does beat their last one by a big amount.

2. Onedari Champagne

Just like the previous two singles we get two tracks from the split team of Undergirls starting with A and Onedari Champagne.  That beginning though is annoying as hell for sure since it’s them yelling.  They don’t sound as together like before and the song doesn’t really do much for me since it’s just an upbeat track with stronger vocals than found in “MIN・MIN・MIN”.  That’s not a good sign for this single.

3. Abazure

Thank god that Abazure fixes things for the time being.  Unlike the last track the arrangement is a bit more ear-catching and better vocals are also found within this tune.  Even the chorus sounds strong and the dance style feels perfect if not a little too light and cute but still comes off a bit sexy…Why couldn’t they have made this into the A-side eh?

4. Everyday, Katyusha (SDN48 ver.)

So I guess Rachel doesn’t get another solo song (sad face, Reiko is an amazing singer in the group).  Instead, we get a somewhat new version of AKB48’s last A-side and already from the beginning the song I can hear changes.  The biggest thing is that the song is in a different key and there’s a bit more guitars present.  Vocally, I seriously can’t tell the difference so it feels the same for me. 




I’m rather on the fence for SDN48’s 3rd single of their debut era.  It just seems that the A-side was a step up from “Ai, Chuseyo” but somehow the B-sides kind of lost its step this time around and while Abazure was the only plus side to the single I still love the previous B-sides a lot more sadly.  I didn’t understand why they needed to have their own version of Everyday, Katyusha because besides the key change nothing else really feels different right down to the vocals.  Kind of a bummer single overall.


SDN48 – Ai, Chuseyo April 9, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Ai, Chuseyo
  2. Tengoku no Door wa 3kaime no Bell de Hiraku
  3. Awajishima no Tamanegi (Type-A only)
  4. Aiyo, Ugokanaide (Type-B only)
  5. Ai, Chuseyo (off vocal)
  6. Tengoku no Door wa 3kaime no Bell de Hiraku (off vocal)
  7. Awajishima no Tamanegi (off vocal)
  8. Aiyo, Ugokanaide (off vocal)

1. Ai, Chuseyo

I wasn’t expecting SDN48 to release a rather cute song with quite failish vocals with Ai, Chuseyo.  I really don’t know why, but this song doesn’t feel like it would fit the groups look since it feels like…well…KARA’s recent outing hahaha.  What killed me the most about this song was the absurd need to try those seriously high notes and have more than one girl even try…they SUCKED!!!!.  This is such a disappointment after “GAGAGA” for sure!!!

2. Tengoku no Door wa 3kaime no Bell de Hiraku

Which is weird because the first B-side with Undergirls A was such a triumph after the hardcore fail of the A-side.  I love the latin flair of this track and already the vocals seem 100 times better than those of “Ai, Chuseyo”.  I kind of like the excitement and it sounds different from any of the other ___48 groups out there so it really stands out.  The melodics in the vocals might be a little shaky…but at least they aren’t hitting gross high notes.

3. Awajishima no Tamanegi

On the Type-A version of the single we have the Undergirls B take on a song.  It starts off funny with one of the girls yelling kind of epicly at the other members in a harsh way haha.  After the call and response stuff in the beginning the song turns into this trance-ish kind of song that kind of has singing and the yelling/responding going on.  It’s surprising that the 10 members singing have space for solo lines, but yeah…I shouldn’t be surprised. XD  Now, compare to the UG A song, this song has more energy and the melodies of the girls here are more easier on the ears than off the last song…which is odd since A’s song was more classy and spiffy arrangement-wise.  It’s the best on the single.

4. Aiyo, Ugokanaide

On the B version of the single, Aiyo, Ugokanaide is actually a solo track by Rachel which is kind of an alias of Reiko Nishikunihara who wasn’t present on the three other songs on the single.  To me, her solo song isn’t really that jaw-dropping being purely a piano/strings ballad.  I will say that her vocals are quite good and she has good tone despite being only an Undergirls.  Forget Tomomi Itano and Mayu Watanabe…get this girl a solo career DAMNIT!

Wow, I didn’t think Ai, Chuseyo (the song) would be this horrific after the uber catchy “GAGAGA”.  What happened here, I thought we were continuing to be the “sexy” 48…not SKE48…As for the rest of the single, all three were much better than the A-side but had problems.  Tengoku no Door is classy and has the image right, but the vocals were shaky as hell and not in tune with each other while Awajishima no Tamanegi sounds like it would’ve fit more on “GAGAGA” than on here being all synthy and tranced up.  Reiko’s solo as “Rachel” was a very good surprise showing us that at least one of the girls has amazing vocals…solo career please!


SDN48 – GAGAGA February 26, 2011

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Track Listing

  2. Kodoku na Runner
  3. Eros no Trigger (Undergirls A)
  4. Sado e Wataru (Undergirls B)
  5. GAGAGA (off vocal)
  6. Kodoku na Runner (off vocal)
  7. Eros no Trigger (off vocal)
  8. Sado e Wataru (off vocal)


I guess I should’ve known that SDN48 was actually going to cater to my kind of sound I like.  Being classified as being adult and having a sexier image than AKB48, I really like SDN for what they are since the song pretty much a dance track with a sexy atmosphere.  I will say that it definitely doesn’t feel like there’s many girls present, but the whispery vocals could hide that fact very well so.  It’s cute and sexy melded together and was a pretty epic track to debut with.

2. Kodoku na Runner

Though I’m guessing they wanted all the girls to be present for the B-side, Kodoku na Runner sounds a lot more different than the sexier “GAGAGA”.  It still follows the dance genre quite nicely, but this time the singers sound deeper and more woman-ly than the A-side as well which is cool for me.  Still a cool song for sure and lands up there with “GAGAGA”.

3. Eros no Trigger

So I guess SDN also has their own version of the “Undergirls” idea but they split them in half and both have a song to their own.  The first one, Eros no Trigger takes slightly slower feel, but it’s not bad since it does feature piano and strings along with the dance beats to make it a bit more classy.  It’s nice, but the loss of energy is quite obvious, but still not bad.

4. Sado e Wataru

Same thing could be said about Sado e Wataru, but there’s more oomph in the beats and no piano present.  It actually feels like a slower “GAGAGA”, but with slightly better vocals.  That’s all I can gather from this song, but there’s just something missing here.

Wow, for a group that was active since 2008 and it took them til 2010 to finally debut with a single…there’s something going on XD.  GAGAGA actually isn’t a bad single to debut on since the A-side is so catchy and very K-pop like.  Kodoku na Runner is pretty awesome though since it’s got deeper vocals and sounds like a legit song that doesn’t have idol wrapped all over it.  The Undergirls songs are a bit meh, but that’s to be expected at this point hahaha.  Good single overall.