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The final Hoenn post is of course the list of Legendaries, now let’s not waste time and get into it!

126: Regirock


We begin with the trio legendaries and boy they had some interesting ways to get to them.  On Route 11 in the 3rd Generation games, there’s a cave inside and you have to figure out what the Unown spell out and in this case it tells you from the sign, move two steps right, two down and use Strength to obtain it.  Of the 3 Regis (plus Regigigas), I kind of of enjoy it the least, but being a pure Rock legendary is nifty.

127: Regice


I think the next Legendary is my favorite looking of the 4 Regis.  It might not bring anything too new to the table since we have Articuno as that Ice legendary but this is a pure Ice-type.  I just love how smooth and angled it looks.  Definitely a pretty awesome Pokemon.  Also, to obtain him in Gen 3, go to the Island Cave on Route 105 and just wait 2 minutes in front of the Unown sign…yeah that easy xD.

128: Registeel


The last is Registeel and you can guess by its name, it’s our Steel-type Legendary.  You go to Route 20 to the cave there and just use Fly in the middle of the room to be able to fight it.  Registeel is pretty notorious for having the Hitler salute in Gen 4, but otherwise, it’s a pretty cool Pokemon even though I would still take Regice over it any day.

129: Latias


Back when Gen 3 was announced there was a picture shown of a female trainer riding a cross between Latias and Blaziken and well you know how that turned out.  Latias is 1/2 of the roamers of the generation and is only found in Sapphire normally in its roaming state.  In Ruby, you have to either well trade one from Sapphire or be involved with an event that comes with an Eon Ticket which you can catch Latias right on the spot.  Being a Dragon/Psychic type…well that just screams powerful.  Also has the unique move Mist Ball…hmmm.

Though in X/Y through hacking, we find out that there is a Mega Evolution for it…though that’s currently the only way to get one.  I wonder if they decided to not make it public to make more use of it in OR/AS since it is Hoenn and Latias/Latios are where they debuted.  Though after playing OR/AS, it seems that both Latias and Latios were more important to the story and with their new Soar ability…yeah they were central to the storyline.

130: Latios


Basically, Latios is reversed to its sister. So the same thing applies into catching it but flip the games.  Still a Dragon/Psychic and its always male lol and it has the unique move, Luster Purge.

Read above to see the news about them having Mega Evolutions.

131: Kyogre


Sapphire’s main legendary is Kyogre who is a pure Water-type.  Even though it reminds me of Wailord, Kyogre is a pretty awesome Pokemon and has a lot better stats too.  Being part of the game’s story as well sounds intriguing….flooding the lands basically.

So with the remakes happening, we get a new kind of Evolution that surrounds itself with the two legendaries from Ruby/Sapphire.  This new “Primal” evolution deals with the Pokemon going back to their original (and more powerful) forms.  Kyogre’s doesn’t do much at the moment but everyone knows it’s a lot hell stronger!

132: Groudon


Ruby players get Groudon which like its name suggests, it’s a Ground type…and yet whenever I see this guy around its using Fire moves majority of the time (and Earthquake it seems).  Even in Smash Bros., it was using Overheat (a Fire move).  In the story, Team Magma wanted to revive it to dry up the land so more land Pokemon can live on the land.

In OR/AS the worries of the lack of Fire type is erased!  It’s Primal Evolution changes it to a dual Ground/Fire type and with that comes more power for this heavyweight!

133: Rayquaza


The 3rd one and really the last before Event Pokemon, Rayquaza was pretty much a post-game addition kind of being the middle of the whole Kyogre and Groudon mess in which Rayquaza controls the air.  Being a Dragon/Flying type, it’s a beast as well and having legendary stats, it’s one to take notice and it definitely did as a boss in Smash Bros. Brawl.

I definitely would expect Rayquaza to get a Primal Evolution just as Kyogre and Groudon did in OR/AS though ironically, Rayquaza ended up getting a simple Mega Evolution, but by god it looks amazing and it goes into it due to its unique move Dragon Ascent.

134: Jirachi


There was surprisingly two event Pokemon in this Generation comparing to the last 2 Gens having just one.  The first is Jirachi who is a Steel/Psychic Pokemon (shares with Metagross’ line).  Being one of the more cutesy legendaries, Jirachi was pretty useful and its moves aren’t bad, though it’s signature move, Doom Desire worked like a Steel-type Future Sight.  Overall not bad!

135: Deoxys


The last Pokemon from the Generation, Deoxys was an interesting Pokemon.  Being like a more space-centric Mewtwo (pure Psychic too).  Also it was pretty damn powerful especially with its signature move, Psycho Boost.  Though those were not the only surprises that was in store.

FireRed and LeafGreen introduced Attack and Defense forme Dexoys and respectively the stats were focused on said Forme while the original R/S forme was named the Normal forme.

Then in Emerald, Deoxys got a 4th forme based on Speed.  All of these were interchangeable with meteorites that you found in most of the games that were after this Generation.



GENERATION 3: Before hitting the Legendaries! January 6, 2014

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Alright, we’re getting close to finishing Generation 3, but lets get through our non-legendaries before everything else.  So let’s get things going now!

101: Kecleon


Kecleon is our first to come up in this post and fitting as well since it was also one of the first Hoenn Pokemon announced!  Sadly, it’s another one of those Normal types that really don’t have much to do in the long run.  Initially it’s ability was useful, but since then other Pokemon have obtained it so it makes Kecleon even more low on the tier and kind of doesn’t seem useful even for regular play.

102: Shuppet, 103: Banette


Finally some Ghost types!  Of the two lines we got, I wasn’t as impressed by them unlike the next one, but that’s because Banettes were everywhere in the later half of the game so it did get annoying to deal with.  They still are pretty freaking cool and since Ghost types are my favorite type, I did find these to be great to use.

In Generation 6, it got a boost in the form of a Mega form.  Why it got it beats me, but it definitely gave the line a little more importance (and it kind of caught of with Dusclops after it got Dusknoir as an evolution).

104: Duskull, 105: Dusclops


I actually preferred the Dusclops line because simply, they look cool as hell!  Duskull was another Pokemon that was first shown when the Generation was announced and I kind of was surprised that it wasn’t as common as Shuppet/Banette was.  Still not my favorite Pokemon but it definitely was a great addition to the series.

In Gen 4, Dusclops got an evolution with Dusknoir and you get that by trading Dusclops while it’s holding a Reaper Cloth.  More on it in a later post and eventually you can catch wild Dusknoir in Gen 8!

106: Tropius


I never understood why Gamefreak never really did anything with Tropius after the 3rd Gen because as a single stage Pokemon with a unique typing of Grass/Flying (well until Shaymin’s alternate forme), I would’ve expected by now it would’ve had a pre-evolution at the least…it just seems to make sense that it would.  I don’t hear a lot about it in the metagame so I really don’t know if it really stands out amongst the crowd or not.

107: Chimecho


Another odd addition to the series, Chimecho was this generation’s Cryogonal (meaning it’s found in one spot in the game and it has a very low appearance rate).  I mean it was great finding one and catching it, but as a pure Psychic-type, Chimecho kind of runs on the lower side of the charts with nothing totally big about it.  When I first got the game, I loved it for it’s weird design

In Generation 4, we got a pre-evolution in the form of Chingling which were catchable and like other Baby Pokemon, you have to raise its happiness high enough and level it up to gain a Chimecho.

108: Absol


Probably my favorite design of the Hoenn region, we have the awesome Dark-type, Absol!  I don’t know why I like it so much but it has a pretty awesome look to it.  It’s not a useful Pokemon in the long run right, but I think maybe people ignore that and use it regardless because it’s a nice Dark type to have on your team.

To add more awesomeness to Absol, in the Kalos region, it gains a Mega Evolution and it becomes a force to reckon with making it a LOT better than before.  Great boost to an already good Pokemon!

109: Wynaut


The only other Pokemon in the Generation to be related to someone in the past Gens, Wynaut is the pre-evolution to our favorite troll Pokemon, Wobbuffet!  It’s addition wasn’t too big, but it’s weird thing is that it gets 4 extra moves so now the Wobbuffet line can learn 8 moves in total and it’s still a troll Pokemon through and through.  I can only wonder why it was made for such a Pokemon that is already odd xD  Damn Psychic types xD.

110: Snorunt, 111: Glalie


We get into some Ice-types which is another type I really love and wished it was more capable.  Glalie as a pure Ice-type is a really defensive and fun Pokemon to use, but the design kind of heavily reminds me of Forretress >.>  Snorunt is adorable and the fact Ash had captured one made me love it even more!  Overall, even though there’s better Ice types out there, I love these two designs.

But it didn’t end there.  In Gen 4, the line got a split evolution in the form of Froslass who has a dual type of Ice/Ghost and is female-only.  More on that when I go through Sinnoh.

Then in Generation 6 OR/AS, Glalie gets a boost with a Mega evolution as well which looks beastly and looks awesome, but kind of sad that it’s jaw is broken!

112: Spheal, 113: Sealeo, 114: Walrein


Oh hey another 3-stage Pokemon!  As the type of Water/Ice, the Walrein line was one that never really stood out well from the Generation.  They were found a bit late in the game and by then I was already suited with Glalie to not have found another Ice type.  I’m sure they have their uses, but not with me unfortunately.

115: Clamperl, 116: Huntail, 117: Gorebyss


The next couple of Pokemon are more Water types which is cool and all but there’s not a lot of special ones here.  Clamperl though might be something different.  I mean it has a split evolution right off the bat!  Depending on which item your Clamperl is carrying, a DeepSeaTooth or a DeepSeaScale, you get either Huntail or Gorebyss respectively and the difference between the two is that Huntail is more Attack-based and Gorebyss is more Special Attack-based.  For me, I like Gorebyss better, but I know people can enjoy Huntail as well.  BTW, both are still pure Water-types after evolution.

118: Relicanth


As a Rock/Water type, Relicanth was also another rare Pokemon to get in the R/S games and makes sense since it’s based off of the Coelacanth which was thought to be extinct  in real life but recently made a reappearance.  The importance though comes with its appearance in Ruby & Sapphire where you need one of these and a Wailord to kick off the obtaining of the Regis.  Otherwise, I tend to forget it’s a Pokemon to use in-game lol.

119: Luvdisc


I had no idea what to say back then when I saw Luvdisc because being so cutesy and a pure Water-type easily meant it was going to be a weak Pokemon.  I didn’t expect it was going to be crappy all-around and only caught for Heart Scales (items you can give to the Move Tutor to make Pokemon learn moves).  I still kind of wished Alomomola was related to it to give it some kind of boost, but it didn’t happen.  Still sucks today.

120: Bagon, 121: Shelgon, 122: Salamence


We get into our pseudo-legendaries starting with the Salamence line.  As the ever usual awesome Dragons, I thought this was a great line in Sapphire especially when it reaches its final evolution where it gets the dual type of Dragon/Flying.  Though Shelgon is one UGLY design.  I will never understand why certain Pokemon need cocoon mid evolutions (akin to Pupitar) plus Shelgon is a totally different color from Bagon and Salamence…never really made sense that it’s basically Cloyster with legs and a Dragon typing xD.

So OR/AS introduces us to Mega Salamence and well nothing too much changed, it looks like a giant boomerang/torpedo XD with a LOT of extra defense to boot.  Be interesting to see how it’ll turn out.

123: Beldum, 124: Metang, 125: Metagross


The final Pokemon before hitting the Legendaries, the Metagross line was another design I instantly fell in love with but was sad to see that you didn’t get a Beldum until WAY late in the game (actually if I remember, it was post-game?).  This Steel/Psychic (if it wasn’t for an event Pokemon, it would’ve been unique) Pokemon is great and a must-have for the 3rd gen.

I love how OR/AS has brought Mega Metagross in.  When the game first releases, there’ll be an event that’ll yield a Shiny Beldum and with the new Mega Evolution present…this is a MUST HAVE!



GENERATION 3: Some oddballs up ahead! December 31, 2013

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Well part 4 huh, not much to say but at least we get some interesting Pokemon here!

076: Spinda


Kicking this post off, we get Spinda who by thought isn’t really all that special, since it’s a pure Normal type.  Though its gimmick in the series is that not one Spinda is the same (aesthetically).  There are actually 4,294,967,296 different variations and you probably need to double that number because the fact shines exist so it’s pretty damn high.  Still, it’s mostly just for to capture and doesn’t really stand out otherwise beyond its many different looks.

077: Trapinch, 078: Vibrava, 079: Flygon


I’ve always thought the Flygon line was one of the more odd additions to the Generation though it kind of makes sense as it starts from and Antlion and grows into an adult one.  Though the Ground typing makes a lot of sense, it’s addition of Dragon once it evolves into Vibrava is a little bit of an odd choice, but it’s always a great combination and to be honest, I prefer this over Garchomp, though the latter IS better in certain cases.

080: Cacnea, 081: Cacturne


When it comes to the more evil-looking designs, I can’t help but think of the Cacturne line right from the start.  They look so freaky yet so cool and basic that it kind of worked and I definitely raised a Cacturne up during my adventure.  Cacnea starts off being a pure Grass type and when it evolves becomes the dual type of Grass/Dark (which like I mentioned before, shares with Shiftry & Zarude).  Cool looking Pokemon FTW, even better that Cacnea was pretty much James’ foil in the Anime after Victreebel.

082: Swablu, 083: Altaria


It seemed like when I played through Sapphire, I saw a LOT of Altaria in the game.  Swablu might not be anything very exciting since it’s a Normal/Flying type and we all know how those turn out most of the time.  However, once it evolves, it drops the Normal-type and replaces it was the Dragon type and we get a pretty cool Pokemon (which it only shares with Dragonite and the Noivern line).  Altaria is a pretty great Dragon to have on your team and even I used one most of the game to the Elite 4 even!

In OR/AS, we get a Mega Evolution for Altaria, changing it’s typing to Dragon/Fairy (ironic since Dragons are really bad against Fairy-types).

084: Zangoose


I know there’s a lot of Normal types but damn they could’ve done something cool with Zangoose.  I love its design hands down and its ferocious tendency to attack Sevipers as it is, makes it a pretty cool Pokemon.  Sad to say though it was only in Ruby so I missed out on it up until Y where I finally was able to catch/train one, though it’s still rather lackluster seeing as it doesn’t evolve.

085: Seviper


For us Sapphire lovers, we got the Poison-type Seviper and I still find it hilarious that the anime screwed up and thought Arbok evolves into it.  Even though it has a more interesting type, it’s still rather plain and being a Pokemon with no evolutions, it kind of sits low on the totem pole alongside its rival opposite.

086: Lunatone


Another set of exclusives, Lunatone would be the Sapphire’s choice and I really liked how it’s based off the Moon.  Being a Rock/Psychic type doesn’t mean it’ll be used in a crowd but it’s still a cool design and one of the more stranger designs to come from GameFreak. Though fighting Tate & Liza’s Lunatone & Solrock was just aggravating (plus it was the first gym battle with a 2 vs. 2 match.

087: Solrock


Probably the second Pokemon that I wished wasn’t an exclusive, Ruby players got Solrock who is essentially just like Lunatone but in a way it has more usage because it’s more attack-based.  Being based off the Sun, I was also surprised seeing it learn some Fire-type moves despite that it’s also a Rock/Psychic type like Lunatone…definitely a strange Pokemon, but I like it a bit more than it’s Lunar counterpart.

088: Barboach, 089: Whiscash


Oh boy another Water/Ground type!  I’ve always though the line was a weird addition as well, though it gives Electric types more woes than it needs haha.  There’s just something about Whiscash that I never found too appealing for me, but they aren’t bad Pokemon.  Though Barboach is kind of cute and Whiscash is derpy cute lol.

090: Corphish, 091: Crawdaunt


Even more Water Pokemon!  They kind of remind me of the Kingler and Clawitzer line which is pretty cool since we’re getting marine animals from all over the map (since Hoenn was very ocean-centric).  Corphish is pretty basic, but it evolves into the Water/Dark Crawdaunt (whose name WAS going to be Lobstar but changed at the last minute).  Crawdaunts are pretty cool and love having one in my team, but in recent games Crawdaunts look smaller than what I was expecting.

092: Baltoy, 093: Claydol


I think the weirdest designs are probably these two Pokemon, Baltoy and its evolution, Claydol, are based off of old clay figurines (and when I saw Claydol more importantly, it did remind me of Digimon’s Shakkoumon).  They are also a unique typing of Ground/Psychic which is pretty awesome and Claydol was another I kept around for a REALLY long time.

094: Lileep, 095: Cradily


We finally get to the Generation’s selected fossil Pokemon starting with the oddball one (in my opinion).  First they are unique as they’re still the only ones with the type of Rock/Grass.  However, the shenanigans are more around its design.  I get what they were going with, but did they really need a wreath of penises?  I didn’t choose it not because of the latter reason, but I kind of liked Armaldo a bit more than the strange Cradily.

096: Anorith, 097: Armaldo


Ok, so the design for Armaldo’s line isn’t all the great either, but at least it’s not covered in dongs lol.  However, its typing is not unique, Rock/Bug (shares with Shuckle and the Crustle line).  Armaldo though would’ve been better if those eyes weren’t so oblong xD.  Otherwise, I just used it because it was a fun fossil Pokemon.

098: Feebas, 099: Milotic


Probably the most infuriating and frustrating Pokemon to get we have a sort rival to Gyarados’ line.  Feebas looks like a Magikarp that became rotten.  Sad fact though is that to find one they are in ONE little block on one of the bigger routes so it’s pretty rare and crap to catch.  Adding more salt to the wound, it’s evolution, Milotic was originally just as tough to get because you have to max out its Beauty stat with the Pokeblocks.  A lot of work to get Milotic who’s still a pure Water type at the end of it all, but it’s definitely a nice Pokemon to have.

In Gen 5 and on, the way to get Milotic is changed and now you just merely trade a Feebas holding a Prism Scale.

Though in the Hoenn remakes coming for the 3DS, we seem to go back to the old way to obtain a Milotic and then in Galar you can find a Milotic in the Wild Area!

100: Castform


The final Pokemon on this post is a rather unique Pokemon and not much like it.  Castform at its roots is a Normal-type Pokemon and really doesn’t stand out amongst the crowd.  However, once you get into weather changes thats where it begins to stand out.  When either Rain Dance (or raining in the area), Hail (or when it’s snowing in the area), or Sunny Day is in effect, Castform’s ability Forecast makes it change its type into Water, Ice, and Fire respectively and its look changes to fit said condition.  Otherwise, it’s a pretty gimmicky Pokemon and nothing that would really stand out in the metagame.  BTW, it has BOOOOOBS.

Though interestingly enough after the Pokémon HOME app was released, it seems that those Castform transformations actually got Shiny variants!



GENERATION 3: Moving midway! December 30, 2013

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Woo, we’re at the mid way point, sorry for missing some days, you know the holidays and all xD…anyway, let’s move on!

051: Sableye


On our 3rd post, we begin with another duo of version exclusives.  Sableye are found only within Sapphire and they’re a pretty unique type of Dark/Ghost (well before 4th Generation happens).  There’s something quite edgy about this Pokemon and its gemstone eyes are totally cool.  Before other greats came along, Sableye was pretty good not having a lot of weaknesses.  Since then it’s been surpassed and now all I’m thinking is why doesn’t Sableye have an evolution???

I suppose that’s sort of answered in OR/AS where it gains its Mega Evolution.  Visually not much has changed in Sableye other than getting a giant gemstone.  Though it’s special defense goes way up!

052: Mawile


Ruby players instead get Mawile who actually at that time was the first pure Steel type to be found.  I’ve always was interested with it because of its design and the funky jaw hair that it has.  For a while, I thought of it just like I did with Sableye because it doesn’t evolve or anything.

However, once Generation 6 rolled around, there were some changes for it.  Mawile became a Steel/Fairy type (which it shares with Klefki & Magearna) AND it got a Mega Evolution to go along with it.  It’s pretty strange that it did because it’s one of those that came unexpectedly.  Still a cool Pokemon regardless.

053: Aron, 054: Lairon, 055: Aggron


After the introduction of the two types in the previous generation, Gamefreak did need to raise the amount of the Pokemon for them a lot.  The Aggron line was a pretty cool addition and has a pretty strong typing with Steel/Rock.  A bit bulky and slow, but still a pretty powerful Pokemon regardless

In Gen 6, in its “rivalry” to Tyranitar, Aggron got a Mega Evolution as well and as we all should know it’s the only Mega that lost one of its typings (in this case, Mega Aggron lost it’s Rock type and became pure Steel).

056: Meditite, 057: Medicham


Our next Pokemon was another one I used prominently in the game and that’s the Fighting/Psychic Medicham line.  I have to say I really liked using Medicham back then because it was pretty versatile and quite reliable.  I don’t get the color change between the two although it works with Ruby/Sapphire right?, but it’s a pretty quirky Pokemon.

Gen 6 brought it a Mega Evolution and it’s another one of those that I didn’t really understand much because I didn’t think it needed it in the first place, but hey it’s whatever.

058: Electrike, 059: Manectric


Same can be said about our next Pokemon in which they have a weird color switch upon evolution.  As pure Electric types, the Manectric line initially looked a bit odd to me, especially Electrike because of its corn husk ears xD.  Then it shifts into the Blue/Yellow Manectric and it kind of just looks so much better

However, another thing that this and the Medicham line shares is that it has a useless Mega Evolution and design-wise looks pretty bad, especially the fact its fur takes the shape of a lightning bolt…  I’m rather here nor there with this line, but I tend to be fonder of Manectric over Medicham so hmmm and that goes even for its Megas.

060: Plusle


To me, I think 3rd Generation solidified that the series would begin another set of Pokemon that would always show up somehow in a Gen.  That being a Pika-esque Pokemon.  In 3rd Gen, we get two of those and we start with Plusle, or the one we find in Ruby.  The big usage is to kind of promote the new 2 vs. 2 battles since having Plusle and Minun together seem to work out better.

061: Minun


Though I will say that if I did get one of them, I usually end up with Minun simply because blue is one of my favorite colors and I think it slightly got the better draw of the hand, but it’s still rather weak.  There’s really not much else to say about these two other than it’s a Sapphire exclusive of course.

062: Volbeat


As one of the first Bug types that were revealed, I was certain that it was going to take the place as the Gen’s typical first bug, but in actuality it isn’t.  Add on that it’s an exclusive to Sapphire and you’re just kind of like BUT IT’S RED!!.  Yup, for being a pure Bug type (and not Bug/Flying or even part Fairy) it kind of doesn’t really stand out well and it’s kind of basic to me and it’s male-only…hmm

063: Illumise


On the other hand, Ruby gets the female-only Illumise (whose name always bothered me with pronunciation, it’s not ee-loo-myze….but it’s ee-loo-mee-zey).  That’s just a tad awkward figuring that out in the long run.  Like Volbeat, I don’t find much use in it because they share the same type and almost have similar stats.  Not a bad Pokemon, but not memorable.

064: Roselia


I really don’t know why Gamefreak released so many one-stage Pokemon and Roselia is another one of those baffling mysteries, well originally.  As a Grass/Poison type, it really never stood out (especially since there were others like Venusaur and Vileplume who were pretty much stronger in every aspect.  It is pretty cute though so I can’t bag it too much.

With 4th Gen, Roselia got a pretty big buff with an evolution in Roserade (with the new Shiny Stone) BUT also got a pre-evolution as well with Budew.  It was pretty weird to see that Roselia got both pretty quickly but it definitely helped the line out.

065: Gulpin, 066: Swalot


Whenever I see these two Pokemon (especially Swalot) I can’t help but think they’re just clones of Grimer and Muk.  If you didn’t know they’re also Poison types so the similarities are just that much more obvious.  Though they do learn some pretty good moves, I usually tend to forget about them as well.

067: Carvanha, 068: Sharpedo


I was wondering when we’d get our shark Pokemon and once again we have a case of illogical evolution process.  We know Carvanhas are based off of Piranhas, but how is it even possible to evolve into a shark?  Seems a bit farfetched (no pun intended).  It’s Water/Dark typing is pretty nifty (and only shares at this point of time with Crawdaunt).  It’s nice, but Sharpedo has always looked weird to me, like it needs a longer body…it just looks awkward like that…

OR/AS though brought us a mega evolution with Sharpedo which looks a lot better as a shark!  Though nothing too noticeable happens beyond the extra Attack and the fact that it LOOKS like a shark xD

069: Wailmer, 070: Wailord


I remember when Gamefreak was starting to talk about Gen 3, we got Wailmer as one of the first Pokemon to be shown and I was a bit confused because it was so rotund and didn’t really look like a whale, but then Wailord appeared and things made sense.  Plus Wailord is used for getting one of the Regis and it began that really awkward meme about the fact Skittys and Wailord can mate.  Strange Pokemon, but I kind of like it as a Water type (though I didn’t use one at the end).

071: Numel, 072: Camerupt


So we get our next Pokemon and at first I was going to say that it made no sense because Numel is a camel while Camerupt looks more like a cow than a camel, but has volcanos as humps xD.  As the only Fire/Ground still to this day, they still look a bit fragile and a bit tad slow at that too.  It’s derpy though and I like that about these designs.

Camerupt though gets a new Mega Evolution in OR/AS and it really doesn’t impress me very much and it just kind of seemed to be a thing because Camerupt was like the main Pokémon for Team Magma (while Sharpedo was for Team Aqua).

073: Torkoal 


You’re gonna hear me say it again, I can’t understand why some of these Pokemon didn’t get evolutions (or pre-evolutions) because it seems so strange to me for Pokemon like our pure Fire-type Torkoal to really be a stand-alone.  Let’s be honest though, the only reason I remember Torkoal is because Ash owns one.  I just kind of wish it had more to it, though later on Heatran would come along and kind of steal its spotlight (even though minus the spider-y bits, it reminds me of Torkoal).

074: Spoink, 075: Grumpig


Finishing pt. 3, we end it off with Psychic-type piggies.  Yeah, you heard it, Spoink and Grumpig are Psychic types which is really weird because who would’ve though to put those two together.  They kind of go hand-in-hand with 5th gen’s Elgyem & Beheeyem in the way that they’re just there and really didn’t leave much of an impact on me.



GENERATION 3: Diving in Further! December 24, 2013

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Now we’re slowly getting into some more interesting Pokemon with the 2nd Post!  Let’s get into it now!

027: Wingull, 028: Pelipper


Wingull and Pelipper are first in this set and they’re quite something to be found early on as well lol.  As the early Water/Flying types, they definitely did make up for those who chose anyone else that wasn’t Mudkip as their starter so in that respect it’s definitely a viable option in the early game.  Wingull though is so cute!

029: Ralts, 030: Kirlia, 031: Gardevoir


Another surprise in the early list, we get our first Psychic types with the Gardevoir line.  Surprisingly, I was enjoying that we had a pretty good Pokemon to start with given it’s type and it’s look is very interesting with the whole ballerina look (but then came in the whole, why do male Ralts have to look like this?)

Those questions were answered with the 4th Generation and the addition of the split evolution into the male only, Gallade

Also, when the 6th Gen kicked in, we find out that not only Gardevoir gets a Mega Evolution but the entire line (sans Gallade) are all retyped to Psychic/Fairy which gives this line even more life than before! Even better is that even Gallade gets a Mega Evolution in OR/AS

032: Surskit, 033: Masquerain


I really couldn’t make deal with this line because it never really seemed to stand out for me.  Though it does change types from it’s Bug/Water type to Bug/Flying when it becomes a Masquerain.  It’s sad because Surskit even today is the only one with its typing (well, until Gen 7’s Araquanid line) and then evolves into something that’s a lot more common.  I don’t know, but it never really caught my eye lol.

034: Shroomish, 035: Breloom


Our next Pokemon Shroomish is also a bit derpy looking but so cute at the same time.  As another early favorite, it evolves pretty soon after into Breloom and gains the Fighting type, which at the time was pretty unique until the later generations came in.  One of the Pokemon that were on my team when I defeated the E4.

036: Slakoth, 037: Vigoroth, 038: Slaking


There’s just something about the Slaking line I just don’t like.  I mean it could be that it moves from being a sloth to looking like an ape almost (questionable evolution process) and it could be that Slakoth (and Slaking)’s ability, Truant makes using him quite frustrating.  Vigoroth on the other hand doesn’t have the ability and works better than its evolution (despite being more powerful).  I never was interested in this line and for being pure Normal types, I was kind of expecting something more lol.

039: Nincada, 040: Ninjask, 041: Shedinja


This line is a bit strange even by today’s standards hahah.  We first find Nincada which is a Bug/Ground type but still not all that strong.  By the time it gets to level 20, it evolves into Ninjask which is one of the fastest Pokemon available, but THAT’S NOT ALL, if you have an open space on your team and an extra Pokeball you get the shell of the Pokemon, Shedinja (who’s a Bug/Ghost type since it is technically dead skin lol).  The shtick with Shedinja is that it only has 1 HP…but also its ability Wonder Guard which means not a lot of attacks hit it, but it’s still quite the frail Pokemon.  Great line and I love having a Ninjask on my team.

042: Whismur, 043: Loudred, 044: Exploud


Another line of Pokemon that still doesn’t really stand out for me is the Exploud line.  However, unlike the Slaking line, this one doesn’t have any REAL issues about it, but they just kind of run with that meh Normal type Pokemon list.  Though people were wanting a Sound type (and I’m sure if that happened this line would almost be the poster Pokemon for it).  I do like the design too, but Exploud…crazy, big design here.

045: Makuhita, 046: Hariyama


Our next line are both pure Fighting types, Makuhita and Hariyama and boy are they bulky to go against because they are based off sumo wrestlers.  I feel like it’s nice since they are early Fighting types, but it seems like they get past up by various other Fighting types and they seem to just kind of miss the radar a lot with me (cept Sun/Moon where they’re early and viable in the story of the game).

047: Azurill


Doesn’t it look so sad?!?  When I went back and looked at the Hoenn Pokemon introduced I was surprised there was only two Pokemon to be connected to another from a previous generation 0.o.  Of course Azurill is the Baby forme of Marill which is pretty cool but it’s also a Normal type which really is kind of odd but at the same time not.  Still pretty weak regardless but if you want a Marill or want Azurill I guess its good for completionists.

Though in Gen 6, Azurill’s type got an addition and it’s now a Normal/Fairy type.  Granted, still not the best to use but at least the rest of the line got the addition as well.

048: Nosepass


This generation introduced a LOT of Pokemon that didn’t evolve and a lot of them left me wondering why they were a one-stage Pokemon like Nosepass.  I mean it’s a pure Rock type which is the 2nd of its kind (Sudowoodo although Regirock shares it too but it’s found later in the Hoenn line).  Based off the Moai statues, I thought Nosepass was a really odd Pokemon in-game and also in the Pokemon world.  It just didn’t excite me.

When the 4th Gen happened though Nosepass did get an evoluion in the form of Probopass, but we’ll talk about him at a later date, just know that it gained the Steel type to go alongside it’s previous form’s Rock type.

049: Skitty, 050: Delcatty


The last set of the Pokemon in this post, we get another set of Normal types with Skitty and Delcatty (continuing the set of Cat Pokemon is every generation except Johto).  They also seem to be the only ones between them that has to have a stone to evolve, in this case to get a Delcatty, you have to use a Moon Stone on it.  Though like the other kitties, they aren’t all that useful and the Moon Stone could be used for other Pokemon.



GENERATION 3: Welcome to Hoenn! December 23, 2013

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Ahh the 3rd Generation.  Initially Gamefreak didn’t really want to continue after the 2nd Gen (especially looking how Gold/Silver kind of made the games look like the ultimate game).  Though with the sheer popularity it got, they continued on with a new Generation.  From living through it, it didn’t seem to really fare as well as other Gens (maybe cept the 4th) but we got a lot of new Pokemon (actually 134 new Pokemon).  So let’s get started on out first 26 Pokemon!!!

BTW since this is me going back to an older Generation, I’ll talk about them as if they were just coming out (and then mention things that have changed since then since it’s 3 gens ago).

001: Treecko, 002: Grovyle, 003: Sceptile


Of course we have to get through the basics of the Generation starting with the region’s starters.  Treecko was never a Pokemon that I really owned in comparison to the other two so I can’t say I have much to say when it comes to Hoenn’s Grass starter.  They look great (and Treecko was awesome in the Anime) and Sceptile looks pretty cool though it’s tail still kind of looks odd on it.  Oh well xD

In the 6th Gen, more specifically in OR/AS…we are introduced to Mega Sceptile which changes up the game for our Grass starter, even gaining a new type, making it a Grass/Dragon.  Interesting!

004: Torchic, 005: Combusken, 006: Blaziken


When I first delved into Sapphire, I also didn’t choose the Fire type starter simply because I was kind of going on this equality route with typings (Kanto/Johto: Grass, Hoenn/Sinnoh: Water, Unova/Kalos: Fire (though I did break the chain with Unova xD).  Torchic didn’t really interest me at the time though.  It was great to see that it did end up evolving into a Fire/Fighting Combusken (though it did start a chain of those Fire/Fighting starters in future generations >.>).  I actually did get to train one with the Event in Pokemon X/Y (but so did everyone else I bet because it had its hidden ability, Speed Boost).

Also it is the only Hoenn starter in X/Y that got a Mega Evolution so that’s pretty cool, if not a little bit obvious it would lol though OR/AS would bring the remaining starters up to date.

007: Mudkip, 008: Marshtomp, 009: Swampert


Yup, in the end I did choose Mudkip for my adventure in Sapphire.  I’m not sure why I did choose it (this happened before I started the pattern above) and sure it happened before Mudkip became a meme all over the interwebs (“I herd u liek Mudkipz”).  It’s definitely a usable Pokemon since it does grow into the Water/Ground type which makes Electric types near useless against it.  Very awesome Pokemon and I can’t wait to transfer it to Y in a couple days!

In OR/AS like the other starters it also gains a new Mega evolution but unlike Blaziken and Sceptile, I feel like it got the short end of the stick.  Nothing much to report, but hey something for my current Swampert to enjoy!

010: Poochyena, 011: Mightyena


Wow that’s pretty cool, we get a Dark type Pokemon real early in the game!  Poochyena and Mightyena might not be the first Dark types to go to, but they were great for early battles in the game.  Plus in a way I used to think they were there to be the opposite to Houndour and Houndoom, but that didn’t seem to happen haha.  Early fodder Pokemon, but interesting nonetheless.

012: Zigzagoon, 013: Linoone


Taking up as the early Rodent Pokemon of the Generation, Zigzagoon and Linoone never really caught my attention but then again neither did Rattata and Sentret (and everything after).  Though I will say, I do have a Shiny Linoone from Sapphire which is also moving into Y so that makes a cool thing right?

Though curiously enough, in Gen 8, the Linoone line got a Galar variant form (and an evolution in Obstagoon).  Quite a change indeed!

014: Wurmple, 015: Silcoon, 016: Beautifly


Then we enter our Bugs for the generation with something that’s actually a little different from before.  Usually there’s two specific lines but this time we get a split evolution that grows into two different lines.  Wurmple is our basic of course and it evolves into Silcoon above or Cascoon below (though there’s not really a certain way to calculate what it’ll evolve into until it happens).  Silcoon is your basic cocoon type before it evolves into the Bug/Flying, Beautifly (kind of a nod to Butterfree lol).  I’ve always liked Beautifly though so it’s a pretty cool Pokemon.

017: Cascoon, 018: Dustox


On the other hand, Wurmple can evolve into the more purplish Cascoon that would eventually evolve into the Bug/Poison, Dustox (which Jessie owned in the Anime >.>).  In comparison, I sort of like Dustox’s design but I don’t find it useful on my team.  Still pretty unique line right?

019: Lotad, 020: Lombre, 021: Ludicolo


Depending on which version you had between Ruby & Sapphire we come into our first set of version exclusives.  Lotad comes first in the Dex and they were only found in Sapphire!  They are Water/Grass and that’s still pretty much unique to just this line.  Also to get a Ludicolo, you have to use a Water Stone on Lombre.  They’re a pretty fun line to use and Ludicolo is just such a happy, ducky Pineapple that you can’t help but wanna use one on your team!

022: Seedot, 023: Nuzleaf, 024: Shiftry


The Ruby-only set, the Shiftry line has always been a strange one for me, but I can’t explain why.  I mean it’s an acorn that ends up evolving into the Tengu…strange.  It does start off as a Grass type, but once it evolves into Nuzleaf its typing changes to Grass/Dark (which it only shares its typing currently with it’s region-mate Cacturne and Gen 8’s Zarude).  Also it evolves by giving a Nuzleaf the Leaf Stone.  It’s pretty cool, but the design baffled me a bit.

025: Taillow, 026: Swellow


Ending this first post, we get our Normal/Flying business but it follows Spearow and Hoothoot with just having one evolution.  I remember using Swellow a LOT in Sapphire which makes it a pretty good Pokemon for a while.  The thing that really stood out is that Winona (the Gym leader of Fortree City) owned a shiny Swellow which looked so damn cool in the Anime!