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GENERATION 4: All those legendaries :/ July 28, 2015

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FINALLY, I’m able to finish Generation 4 and move onto Gen 2 (then 1 clearly).  On this post we get into the MANY legendaries that were shown off.  So let’s finish this off!

093: Rotom


While it’s a controversial to whether Rotom counts as a Legendary or not, it did get their music when you first encounter it in Diamond/Pearl.  It’s also interesting with its Electric/Ghost typing.  It’s not really an amazing Pokemon in those games, but it’s unique typing and look just made things pretty cool.

Then Platinum happens and we’re introduced to 5 new forms of Rotom: Heat Rotom, Wash Rotom, Frost Rotom, Fan Rotom, and Mow Rotom.  Besides the obvious visual changes they also trade a move off from Thunder Shock with a single move of the particular form it takes on: Overheat, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Air Slash, and Leaf Storm respectively.  Interesting to note that Rotom doesn’t change typings in Gen 4 until…

Generation 5 would bring new typings to these new forms.  Of them, Heat Rotom, Frost Rotom, and Mow Rotom gets unique dual typings which is pretty cool!  I’ve been biased to use Mow Rotom a lot because it’s got some new defenses and a lot of protection against other types.

094: Uxie


Getting into our actual Legendaries, we kick things off with the Lake trio with Uxie.  Maybe it’s just me but the fact that it does have a golden mask? (face?) made it stand out to me.  Beyond that it’s Psychic typing isn’t a new thing and it’s not exactly a powerhouse.

095: Mesprit


I also thought the fuchsia color of Mesprit made it stand out quite a bit too, but like Uxie…not exactly worth using to be honest…just not that memorable.

096: Azelf


The last of the trio (and argubly the leader of the three), Azelf is probably the forgettable one in looks.  I mean if its face is a shade darker than its body, then it’s just a bit too mono.  Also like its brethren, nothing about it remotely seems too interesting

Honestly, I would’ve expected the tree to have gained the Fairy type in Gen 6 since they are legitimately fairies…what’s the deal GameFreak?!?

 097: Dialga


So then we have Generation mascots next starting with the one that fronted Diamond!  Dialga has the unique typing of Steel/Dragon and it’s a beast!  While I never got to own Diamond (ended up with Pearl), After getting it though, I have to say I do enjoy Dialga a bit more than Palkia.

098: Palkia


I was kind of expecting Palkia to kind of match with Dialga with the whole Steel/Dragon type, but strangely enough it doesn’t!  It’s actually typing is Water/Dragon (so what does it have to do with water?)  I mean it controls space so besides its movepool where does its Water typing come from?  I do like the design a lot, but after some time Dialga just took over lol.

099: Heatran


Moving to post-game legendaries, we have Heatran, which was another Pokemon I never understood where the status came from considering we catch this guy in Stark Mountain.  As a Fire/Steel typing (unique) Heatran was a pretty strong guy and his signature move, Magma Storm is pretty amazing too.  Also, it’s the only legendary with genders so that’s pretty unique too…still why is it a legendary?

100: Regigigas


If its looks weren’t obvious enough, Regigigas is the kind of the ultimate of the Regis (I mean you can only get this guy if you own Regirock, Regice, and Registeel and go to Snowpoint Temple).  I do think the fact that it’s the first Normal-type Legendary to be kind of funny, but makes sense and it’s a POWERHOUSE.  Though with power comes its negtives and that’s mostly surrounding his ability Slow Start (which makes him unable to battle for a few turns).  Once it gets going though, it becomes a monster and hits REALLY hard.

101: Giratina


Our next Legendary is Giratina and is the 3rd between Dialga & Palkia.  Being a Ghost/Dragon, Giratina was the one that I instantly wanted because of its scary appearance and cool moves it gets (including its signature move, Shadow Force).  Definitely one of my favorites from the 4th Generation.

However that’s not where it ends, Giratina becomes the poster child for Platimum AND it gets a new form in its Origin Forme (the snake-like variant).  While there’s not a lot of major differences between the two, Origin Forme was caused by the Platinum-only new area, the Distortion World.  Outside of that, the only way you can get that form is through a Griseous Orb held on Giratina’s Altered Forme (the main one).  Overall, it’s a pretty awesome Pokemon overall!

101: Cresselia


Our final Post-game Legendary is this majestic Pokemon, Cresselia.  Considering that it’s the games roaming Pokemon (as in it moves around Sinnoh and randomly appears if you are in the same route as it).  Another pure Psychic type, Cresselia never really popped out at me and its signature move, Lunar Dance is a suicide move…it just doesn’t stand out nor does it feel like it manages to do much of anything.

102: Phione, 103: Manaphy


Now we get into our event legendaries starting with an odd one.  I’ll start off with Manaphy first because the only true way to get a legitimate Manaphy was transferring its Egg from any of the Pokemon Ranger games.  Manaphy is a pure Water type and is more well-known because it has a lot of appearances in the anime/movies AND its unique move, Heart Swap is pretty neat.

Then there’s Phione which can only be obtained by breeding Manaphy and Ditto together.  The strange thing is that while Manaphy can produce Phiones, Phione cannot evolve into a Manaphy (just seems rather ass backwards if you ask me).  To be honest, neither of them stuck around for me through the games, it’s just cool that it’s interesting to obtain.

104: Darkrai


Oooo, our first Dark-type Legendary!  Darkrai is pretty amazing and it looks pretty badass too!  Learning that it is paired with Cresselia makes it more interesting and Dark Void is such a useful move haha.  Beyond that, there’s not much else to say about it, but it’s one of my favorites as well!

105: Shaymin


I never knew what was so exciting about Shaymin to be honest.  I mean its Land Forme is cute with the flower on its head and such, but being a pure Grass-type it just left me wondering what was special about it.  Seed Flare is amazing though so I can’t say too much about that hahaha.

Though it was known when it data-mined in D/P, when it was officially announced (during Platinum days), a new forme was also announced, a Sky Forme as you will and it’s OK, I don’t think it looks that great, but the fact it becomes a Grass/Flying type (shares with Tropius) makes it somewhat more interesting. Plus you get it from the Gracidea flower.  Overall, it’s OK, but yeah not my favorite.

106: Arceus


The final Pokemon of Generation 4, Arceus is credited as the God of all Pokemon and it shows with its overpowered stats and its gimmick.  It has plates of EVERY type and once it’s holding it, it becomes that typing (so Arceus can be any type of the game!).  Also Judgment (its signature move) also becomes that typing.  Honestly, it’s pretty amazing, but what could you do from here? XD


GENERATION 4: What happened here? May 19, 2015

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Yeah, it’s been a while hasn’t it?  I’m going to try to finish up Gen 4 before the end of the week so let’s get started with this batch (which works because all of them are evolutions of previous Pokemon.  Before you wonder, I’ll do the ORAS Megas but they’ll be put into the Gen 6 section.

075: Weavile


First in this lineup, we have Weavile which is the evolution of Sneasel by leveling it up at night while holding the Razor Claw item.  Now, I love Sneasel and is one of my favorites that came from Johto.  Once I saw Weavile though, it’s OK, but nothing too impressive besides being faster and stronger.  The headdress thing is a little strange too, but it’s not bad (the same feeling I had for Mismagius).

076: Magnezone


Next up is Magnezone (the evolution for Magneton).  Once again I ended up feeling like Magneton was OK and this was just added fluff, but I do like its design overall and I did use one in Pokemon Y at the Elite Four so not all is lost on Magnezone.  Though I find it funny that the games nowadays HAVE to have a place for it (and Probopass) because their method of evolution is leveling up in an area where there’s high magnetism: Mt. Coronet in Sinnoh, Chargestone Cave in Unova, Route 13 in Kalos, and New Mauville in ORAS).

Although curiously in Gen 8 in the first DLC, wild Magnezone is a thing, but now it evolves with a Thunder Stone (makes me wonder if Probopass would be in a similar situation)

077: Lickilicky


I will never understand why some of these Pokemon in Sinnoh got such odd evolution as in the case of Lickilicky.  Evolving it by teaching it the move Rollout and leveling up, I never thought much of this guy.  Sure, I do love Lickitung (plus I caught a Shiny one in Y), but I have no interest to evolving it to this thing that has a wi-fi symbol on its body.  I know it’s stronger, but just not interesting, though in recent times…more surprised that it was planned as early as Gen 2.

078: Rhyperior


Another strange decision, I guess Rhydon wasn’t enough of a powerhouse already and gave it an evoluton (by trading with the held item Protector on).  Though I do think out of interest, it does have a move unique only to Rhyperiors and that’s Rock Wrecker, well it was until later gens.  I still think it was just adding more power on to it, but Rhyperior isn’t a terrible design, just an odd choice.

079: Tangrowth


Like Lickitung, Tangela (a one-stage Pokemon) also for some reason got an evolution of Tangrowth (obtained by teaching it Ancient Power and leveling it up).  Yeah same feelings applied here, I don’t think Tangela necessarily needed an evoluton and the ending result is more or less nothing spectacular.

080: Electivire


At this point I’ve started to notice that most of these evolutions are of from the Kanto Pokemon, though before the game was out we only really knew of Electivire (evolves by trading it with the held item, Electirizer).  I actually love this design a lot and makes a lot of sense after trading Electabuzz.  The cable antennae are a bit odd at first, but I grew to love it and much prefer this over most of the other evolutions we got in this generation.

081: Magmortar


I thought by far in 4th Gen, Magmortar had the worst look.  I mean it doesn’t even look like its previous forms (Magby & Magmar) and looks more like a denied DBZ character.  I don’t think it needed the weird arm cannons and while I know it’s a rival to Electabuzz, I think they could’ve done better here.  Also its obtained similarly to the previous Pokemon by trading it while it’s holding the item, Magmarizer.  Ick…

082: Togekiss


Finally an evolution not based on something previous in Kanto.  Though like most of the others, I didn’t feel like Togetic needed an evolution (by the way, gained by giving it the Shiny Stone).  I’m not sure what they were going for with Togekiss.  It looks like a plane and a bird, but it looks a little plump there.  I suppose it’s cute, but I think Sugumori’s artwork here is making it look awkward…

Though things change in Gen 6 when the Fairy-type is introduced and Togekiss (and the rest of the line got this addition, changing from a Normal/Flying to Fairy/Flying).

083: Yanmega


Even Yanma gets an evolution?  It turned something that I thought was really cute and gave it a demonic evolution in Yanmega, which I’m not complaining about, but damn does that look scary.  Just like Tangrowth, you can get one of these by teaching it Ancient Power and leveling it up.  Neat evolution and definitely says dragonfly (even though it doesn’t gain the Dragon type sadly).

084: Leafeon, 085: Glaceon


Seems we get another batch of Eevee evolutions in Gen 4 covering Grass and Ice types respectively.  I personally like Leafeon’s design much more than Glaceon (but I feel like the latter looks mad basic for some reason).  Though what’s odd about the two is the way to get them.  You have to go to a Moss Rock or an Icy Rock (which are placed in different places in Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and ORAS Hoenn).  Overall. not bad and great additions to a growing evolutionary lineup.

However in Gen 8, the way to get Leafeon and/or Glaceon is changed up slightly by going back to the basic stones (the Leaf or Ice Stone)

086: Gliscor


Even Gligar gets an evolution with Gliscor (which you can get by leveling in the night while holding the Razor Fang).  I remember him mostly because Ash has one in the Anime.  Though from Gen 2, I was happy that Gligar got this evolution, making it even better in battles with its Ground/Flying mix.  Very cool Pokemon for sure and has the cool looks going on!

087: Mamoswine


As the evolved form from Piloswine (after teaching it Ancient Power and leveling it up), Mamoswine while based on a mammoth (I think) didn’t exactly interest me either.  I do know that it is one of the few rideable Pokemon in X/Y so I suppose that’s a thing.  Still, it’s kind of nothing too interesting to me, but I do like the higher stats it got.

088: Porygon-Z


Talk about a Pokemon that is so mundane to obtain.  I mean you already have to trade it over once to get Porygon2 while it’s holding an item, but doing it again for Porygon-Z is just adding salt to the wound.  It’s kind of goofy looking with its eyes and the triangular body too.  I liked Porygon2’s duck look, but I’m not sure where GameFreak was wanting to take this design.

089: Gallade


Hey we finally get an answer to why male Ralts end up as Gardevoir.  I suppose the whole gender situation came front and GameFreak decided to branch out and let Kirlia (depending on male or female) split paths.  The male Kirlia (which still looks too feminine) now evolves into Gallade by use of a Dawn Stone.  It also changes its typing to Psychic/Fighting (sharing it with the Medicham line).  One of the cooler designs by far!

Though in ORAS to compensate that Gardevoir got a Mega Evolution in X/Y, Gallade also gained one and it looks pretty badass and makes for an epic knight!

090: Probopass


Yup, Nosepass…and it gets an evolution that reminds me too much of Mr. Potato Head with a big ass moustache.  It evolves the same way Magneton does (by a location where there’s a lot of magnetism around) it’s such a strange look and to be fair, it does get the added typing of Steel so that’s good I suppose lol.

091: Dusknoir


Another Pokemon that I didn’t expect an evolution for, Dusclops (traded while holding the Reaper Cloth) now evolves into Dusknoir and it looks badass XD.  At first I thought the face was the middle, but that’s I guess a fake face to scare people off.  Definitely a cool Pokemon overall and another awesome Ghost type.

092: Froslass


As the final Pokemon of this post, we have Froslass which is a split evolution from Snorunt (Strange, since Glalie totally doesn’t look like this).  Only female Snorunts can evolve to Froslass by a Dawn Stone.  Personally, it’s one of my favorite Pokemon of all time, having a unique typing of Ice/Ghost.  Plus it just wrecks things nicely (plus I own a Shiny Froslass) so it’s definitely badass.  Strange by giving a split evolution (like Gallade) but both really hit it out of the park.



GENERATION 4: Last before the shift! September 21, 2014

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So today’s post is about the next 25-ish Pokemon before the Dex just straight moves into evolutions and such for past Gens.  So let’s jump in!

052: Bonsly


Initially, Bonsly was part of the first 3 Pokemon to really kick the 4th Generation off (alongside Mime Jr. & Mantyke).  Also, we had a first where we could play alongside them in well a non-handheld Pokemon game in Gale of Darkness.  Kind of weird promotional material (even if Mime Jr. and Munchlax was also in said game).  If you may have guessed, it is the Baby Pokemon to Sudowoodo which means it’s still a pure Rock type.  Still not the most exciting but definitely interesting (plus seeing it in Super Smash Bros. Brawl was neat!)

053: Mime Jr.


Yup if you also couldn’t guess, Mr. Mime also had got a pre-evolution!  I thought it was weird that it did, but I had also thought that maybe they would introduce a Ms. Mime or something which is unfortunately the case and still makes no sense why female Mime Jr.s can evolve.  Also it is also pure Psychic too, but that’s no surprise is it?

However, in Gen 6 with the addition of the Fairy type, Mime Jr and its evolution got the dual type of Psychic/Fairy and I thought that made it more usable in the long run!

Surprisingly though, Mime Jr. (and Koffing oddly enough) neither got Galarian forms in Gen 8 though the evolutions did.

054: Happiny


Yup, even Chansey got a Pre-evolution too.  With Happiny, I didn’t feel like it was needed considering how powerful Chansey (and Blissey) were so it was odd to give it even more possibilities here.  I do remember it fondly when Brock owned one in the anime, but beyond that I never really cared (and if I did, it was only to just get Chansey).  Oh yeah Normal type…didn’t get the 6th Gen boost (though that would probably make it OP).

055: Chatot


So I remember first seeing Chatot and immediately thing that it would’ve been a Normal/Flying type and that came true, though I was hoping it would evolve like the others did and well…I was proven wrong.  That said, Chatot doesn’t stick out to me even though it does have a signature move in Chatter (which you can record your voice and it acts as an attack and induces confusion).  Gimmicky I suppose, but fits because it is based off a parrot.

056: Spiritomb


The next Pokemon really threw me for a loop (and I’m sure many of you were in the same boat).  Spiritomb is a pretty odd Pokemon all-around, but I think it is definitely worth to get it.  In Diamond/Pearl, Spiritomb is found by owning an Odd Keystone then going to the underground and talk to people you’ve personally connected with 32 times before coming back up and talk to the well on Route 209.  Such an odd way to capture this guy who is Ghost/Dark (which is shared with Sableye).  I’ve always thought this was one of Pokemon’s oddest designs because it’s a sphere of a soul stuck in a piece of rock.  I personally never owned one until X/Y because of the Friend Safari.  Yeah weird…

057: Gible. 058: Gabite, 059: Garchomp


So yeah, we got our Pseudo-legendaries quite early in Sinnoh with the Garchomp line and makes sense because they’re quite the feared land sharks.  Yeah Ground/Dragon is its typing and it’s a beast in battle and I thought it was one of the more useful Pokemon from the Generation.  Though I will say something about Gabite’s artwork makes it look awkward but it’s still a great Pokemon.

Oh, but that’s not all, Garchomp in Gen 6 was another Pokemon chosen to have a Mega form.  Though we find out that it’s actually weaker than normal ole Garchomp which is pretty weird and makes me wonder why’d GameFreak would make one if it was going to turn out worse in the end…

060: Munchlax


I think Munchlax really kicked off the Generation as we got to see it for the first time in Destiny Deoxys.  Acting like a bit of a nuisance but also seeming to help Ash and the gang.  Personally, game-wise like most of the other Baby Pokemon, I really didn’t see any use for it besides getting it to evolve into Snorlax and going from there.  Still nothing really special being a Normal type, but Snorlax is always good fun!

061: Riolu, 062: Lucario


So we get our poster Pokemon and really, could you really argue about it since Lucario was so popular to join Smash Bros. Brawl?  When we first saw Lucario, everyone had thought it was going to be a legendary because every movie since the first to up that point had importance to at least some kind of legendary.  After Lucario and the Mystery of Mew released, we find out that it was part of the regular Pokemon and starts off as a Riolu before then (some people mistakenly call it a Baby Pokemon when it really isn’t).  It does start off just as a Fighting type but once it evolves through Happiness in the daytime, it gains the Steel typing as well (why…beats me since it still doesn’t fully seem like it would be Fighting/Steel).

It still doesn’t make too much sense when in Gen 6 it also gains a new Mega Evolution and actually Lucario is one of the main story elements in X & Y simply because the gym leader, Korrina is in blood lineage with the Mega Stone and owns two Lucario (to which one takes a quick liking to you and joins your team).  I persoanlly didn’t know this during my playthrough and had gotten a Lucario through owning a earlier-caught Riolu so I had to make a choice and honestly, I still have both of them, but the Lucarioite went to the Lucario that I had trained from a Riolu (SORRY, Korrina, but the one you gave me is still kicking with my others ^^).

063: Hippopotas, 064: Hippowdon


Granted, the next Pokemon are another set that really never interested me despite being based on hippos…I mean I do like them lol.  Being pure Ground types (interesting since they are water animals, but looking at Hippowdon’s art, I suppose you can argue the parallels of sand and water).  Also, the gender differences are pretty noticeable here, especially female Hippowdons where her entire body is this blackish-grey look which is pretty cool!  Also another Pokemon with the -don suffix?  Jeeze…

065: Skorupi, 066: Drapion


I always love to see scorpions be a thing in Pokemon and we almost got that with Gligar (whatever that is based off of), Skorupi and Drapion are a pretty cool set of Pokemon.  Skorupi starts off as a Poison/Bug type which makes sense but upon evolution at Level 40, he drops the Bug type for the awesome Dark type (which is shared with Skuntank’s line).  Visually I enjoy Skorupi, but I’m not too fond of Drapion’s accordion smushed body..just something doesn’t add up and it’s face looks really weird to me.  I’m not sure, but I can get over it at least because it’s a solid Pokemon IMO.

067: Croagunk, 068: Toxicroak


Wow, a unique typing of Poison/Fighting? AND they’re based off of frogs?  Yeah, Pokemon and frogs are always interesting and this isn’t any different.  I actually like this line and stands as one of my favorites of the generation.  Toxicroak is pretty cool and has some nifty tricks that I love to use a lot.  Plus Croagunk, kind of took up the mantle May/Max left as the Pokemon that pulls Brock away when he gets all horny, LOL.  Overall, neat Pokemon!

069: Carnivine


Wow, so another Pokemon that I can only remember because of the anime, Carnivine was the replacement as James’ bane (ala Victreebel, Weezing, Cacnea, Chimecho etc.).  Beyond that, Carnivine doesn’t stand out much.  It’s a pure Grass type and it’s neither viable to me in anything since Diamond/Pearl.  I just wonder why he was brought in (kind of reminds me of Maractus actually, but the latter has some good tricks).

070: Finneon, 071: Lumineon


If there was one Pokemon that seriously left nothing in my mind to remember them, it’s definitely the Lumineon line.  I mean we already have multitudes of pure Water types, and a LOT of them fare much better in the metagame as well which makes me wonder why they were added.  Seriously, nothing about them stands out to me.  I suppose the tropical look is nice, but I would think it’d fare much better had it been in the Hoenn region.

072: Mantyke


Coming back to Baby Pokemon, we have one for Mantine, which is surprising because I like others didn’t think it really needed one.  Interesting to note though, to evolve it, you need a Remoraid in your party (simply put because Mantine has Remoraids on its underside).  Still not a great Pokemon and being weaker, makes it much worse since Electric attacks just nukes it to death.

073: Snover, 074: Abomasnow


Ending the post off, we get the Abomasnow line which still today is pretty unique as being the only Pokemon as Grass/Ice which is a pretty cool typing albeit still somewhat weak to a lot of things.  I still am not sure where Snover’s eyes (or mouth) is but it’s a neat little thing and then Abomasnow comes in with its monstrous look and it’s a beast.

So, in Generation 6 Abomasnow appears during the story to protect its lair and once you come by and check things out, it’ll present you the Abomasite which grants your Abomasnow the ability to Mega Evolve and it’s even more beastly and looks pretty awesome.



GENERATION 4: Complicated yet? August 31, 2014

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Welcome to our 2nd installment of the Sinnoh dex! Shall we get started?

026: Burmy, 027: Wormadam, 028: Mothim



Starting this list off, we get our what I can assume is our early Bug Pokemon.  However there’s quite a twist with them.  Burmys come in three different flavors; a Bug/Grass, Bug/Ground, and Bug/Steel (green, tan, pink) respectively.  The first you can get through just fighting in grasslands, the 2nd in desert settings, and the 3rd in cities (like Pokemon battles).  They all evolve at level 20 and depending on the last look it had it’ll be permanant on your Wormadam.  Also only females evolve into them.  As for the males, level them up to 20 as well and it’ll evolve into the Bug/Flying type Mothim.  None of them are too viable or were that interesting to me (except the Bug/Steel Wormadam) otherwise it’s kind of meh in the long run.

029: Combee, 030: Vespiquen


Wait we have another Bug/Flying type?  Yup one that’s based on bees (weird Beedrill is jealous).  Combee is rather cute looking and the whole honeycomb look is different and yet awesome.  However, the females are the only ones that can evolve to Vespiquen at lvl 21.  Definitely looks threatening and the fact it learns 3 signature moves is just awesome.  One of my favorites of this Generation.

031: Pachirisu


So our Pika-clone for this Generation is an electric squirrel? Yup Pachirisu is the new one and of course it’s mad adorable!  Initially writing it off as weak it actually became a VERY noticeable Pokemon in the metagame recently due to its epic battle in the Finals at D.C.  Interesting Pokemon and for being a basic with no evolutions, definitely took the stand and made itself known!

032: Buizel, 033: Floatzel


One of the early Pokemon shown off to the fans, Buizel was just MAD cute.  It does seem like it takes a little of its creation from Miles Prower, but I also think it doesn’t as well.  I do love the floatation device it wears and moreso on its evolution, Floatzel.  As Water types, they aren’t too fantastic, but they’re just so adorable!!!!

034: Cherubi, 035: Cherrim


It was only time before they would show off a Sakura-themed Pokemon and it came true with Cherubi and Cherrim which definitely takes itself literally.  Being a pure Grass type it’s still one of the more weaker inclusions which also includes Cherrim’s rather odd gimmick.  Normally Cherrim is not what you see above.  It actually closes itself off until Sunny Day (or an ability that makes it Sunny) is used, then it opens its leaves and reveals the happy-go-lucky Pokemon.  It’s a rather meh concept and kind of wish was gone, but what can ya do.

036: Shellos, 037: Gastrodon


So the next Pokemon I remember was a little curious amongst fans because they resembled Lapras (especially the blue ones) actually these were the first Pokemon that were different from placement in Sinnoh.  The pink ones are the West Sea variation while the blue are the East Sea variation.  Shellos are Water types while Gastrodon gains the Ground type.  Honestly, if it wasn’t for the variations, this would’ve been forgotten amongst some of the other in the Sinnoh generation.

038: Ambipom


So a lot of this Generation is about the past 3 gaining evolutions and pre-evolutions.  The first to really show that off is that Aipom gains an evolution.  The only way to get one is actually teaching Aipom, Double Hit and then leveling it up.  To be honest, Aipom was probably my most forgettable to memory Pokemon in Johto so I find it really odd that it got an evolution.  Even then, I don’t seem to recall Ambipom much anyways…Weird right?

039: Drifloon, 040: Drifblim


Our next Pokemon is another one that just surprises me a lot!  I remember that Drifloon’s were rare-ish to get (it actually appears once every Friday at the Valley Windworks in Diamond/Pearl.  As the only Ghost/Flying in the series so far, the Drifblim line is kind of dark in its entries but so cute (especially Drifloon).  I really like them and I’ve used them in a lot of games just because they were so viable for the games for me…One of the best lines from Sinnoh.

041: Buneary, 042: Lopunny


Eh? Another Normal type line?  Based off the simplest bunnies!, Buneary and Lopunny did throw some fans for a loop since the latter looked a little too sexualized which I doubt GameFreak would pull.  Honestly, I couldn’t get into them because they didn’t seem like they’d work on my team.

Though in OR/AS, in a freaky twist, Lopunny gains a Mega form and it looks quite badass and less sexualized than it’s non-Mega look.  Not sure what it’ll bring to the table besides raised stats but I hope it’ll be stronger.

043: Mismagius


Soo, my favorite Pokemon of ALL TIME, Misdreavus had been known in Gen 2 as the only pure Ghost-type available and now in Gen 4 is able to evolve into the darker Mismagius!  Using a Dusk Stone, a lot of its stats went up and became a powerhouse for Ghosts  Although I still prefer Misdreavus due to my nostalgic trip and love.  Still I actually own one that I’ve used since Pearl so it’s a pretty awesome inclusion.

044: Honchkrow


Like Misdreavus, Murkrow also had gotten a new evolution to bulk up its stats and become a little more useful all-around.  I do love its feathery hat and it’s kind of grim appearance.  Being the Dark/Flying type still, Honchkrow did slightly stand better than the previous Pokemon, but I did somewhat enjoy using it in X/Y for later battles online.  OH YEAH it also evolves with the use of the Dusk Stone!

045: Glameow. 046: Purugly


Then we get into our Generational cats and this is probably my least favorite Pokemon from Sinnoh.  I don’t know why, but I can never seem to remember anything about its stats or moveset (though being Normal types, is that really a surprise?).  Add-on that I think Purugly is kind of fitting to its name honestly.  They just did nothing to me.

047: Chingling


Another Pokemon I was surprised to see was a pre-evolution for Chimecho!  I never thought Chimecho needed a Baby Pokemon because it was rather weak it comes to other Psychic types but I suppose I was wrong.  Of course Chingling is weaker than its evolution, but it’s so cute and it’s a bell…what more do you want?

048: Stunky, 049: Skuntank


Hmmm, another Pokemon line that I just didn’t care too much is our Poison/Dark line here. The Skuntank line didn’t seem to impress me much because skunks are well ones that don’t seem to be animals that I could care about.  I think they would’ve been useful if not for the fact Drapion had also existed and it is more useful than Skuntank.  I really should look more into this guy and see how capable I can be with him 0.o

050: Bronzor, 051: Bronzong


The final Pokemon on this post, we have Bronzor and Bronzong, our Steel/Psychic types.  Even though the typing isn’t new, I also warmed up nicely to them because they were different and covered types that I love!  Bronzong is quite nice with its defense and it definitely can hold its own in battles too, I don’t recall using it in the Elite Four but it definitely was an interesting Pokemon eeven if it is surpassed by others.



GENERATION 4: Ehhh..what was it again? August 26, 2014

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Even though I had done Hoenn before the announcement of OR/AS, I guess I kind of lost out hahah.  Anyways for the next couple of days (or over a week, depending on reviews) I was talk about the Sinnoh era.  An era that for me personally I was kind of losing interest in Pokemon.  Of course, it was a busy time with me graduating high school and all so this was a pretty wild time and I really couldn’t remember much of the game itself (I had Pearl simply because I love Palkia).  I’m not sure why my nostalgia with this is to the point where I only remember the underground and gem finding.  Anyways let’s not waste more time of me rambling, let’s get to the Sinnoh Dex (well of just the new Pokes available ^_^

001: Turtwig, 002: Grotle, 003: Torterra


So of course, we kick things off with our lead-ins to the Sinnoh region with the Grass starters!  The Torterra line was pretty cool basing off an old legend of the World being on the back of a tortoise and it shows especially with the final evolution which by the way is actually a unique typing of Grass/Ground.  However unlike most of the past starters, I was surprised that it evolves early at Lvl. 32.  Very interesting.

004: Chimchar, 005: Monferno, 006: Infernape


Then comes our Fire starters which is finally something that really looks neat yeah?  I mean it’s not as evident in Chimchar or anything, it is there in both Monferno and Infernape which takes it’s style near the whole Sun Wukong myth.  Though when I saw it, it made me think MvC2’s Sonson.  However, it turns out that the latter two become the dual Fire/Fighting type which mirrors Combusken/Blaziken of the last generation which disappointed people.  For me, it just was OK…I didn’t get one until X/Y so it’s a bit of a bust in my eyes but there’s people who really love him (over the other Fire/Fighting starters out there).

007: Piplup, 008: Prinplup, 009: Empoleon


When it was all said and done, I had to make a decision on who to choose on my adventure.  I loved how Turtwig’s line turned out and the idea behind Chimchar’s line (and his appearances in the Anime) were cool indeed, but you just can’t defeat a penguin.  Yes, I chose Piplup and it was still in the time where I was giving a pattern out so it really worked.  What’s really interesting is that once it becomes an Empoleon, it becomes a dual Water/Steel type which is still pretty unique to it.  While it did get harder to use since enemies made mince pie out of it towards the end, Empoleon was a great asset for most of the adventure!

010: Starly, 011: Staravia, 012: Staraptor


So of course we have to deal with the normal essentials with new Pokemon like the typical early bird set.  In Sinnoh, we get Starly and I remember seeing it leak through this yahoo.jp thing that was like a little mini-game thing and well it’s just how it was leaked!  Anyways, this line is actually mostly considered the best line of the bird Pokemon thus far and it shows.  Fast, hits like a truck…very usable.  I definitely used one in the Elite Four which is great, definitely one of the better Pokemon from this generation.

013: Bidoof, 014: Bibarel


Then we meet the region’s rodent Pokemon and for Sinnoh, we get Bidoof which yeah by now is known to be a very derpy Pokemon which not much substance but this beaver is quite interesting because its evolution Bibarel (even derpier) is actually of the unique dual typing Normal/Water (doesn’t say much metagame wise though) as the Bibarel line is pretty much known as the epitome of the HM Slave status (as in it can learn almost any HM).  It’s cute, I will admit but definitely isn’t for the long run personally.

015: Kricketot, 016: Kricketune


When I first saw the leak of Kricketot, I, like many others thought it was actually related to both Volbeat & Illumise as they were all Bug types and kind of the same stature.  At least that’s what we were made to believe because we didn’t know of Kricketune until after the game released.  Though I’m surprised that it didn’t gain a new type since it got wings and such now.  Overall I otherwise can’t remember this Pokemon much since it wasn’t an outstanding Pokemon to begin with.

017: Shinx, 018: Luxio, 019: Luxray


Electric lions huh. Yup we have Shinx, Luxio, and Luxray…don’t they just look edgy (and adorable in Shinx’s case).  Now I’m sure most of the readers here has at least heard that Shinx was probably an homage to a leak that was before Shinx became a thing…You know the quote-on-quote Hey You, Pikachu! sequel and it “included” a new Pokemon, Korechu as seen here:


Yeah doesn’t it look quite a bit similar?  Anyways, I thought Luxray’s line was a neat one even though it’s really nothing terribly special in the grand scheme of things, but it’s a really interesting Pokemon.

020: Budew, 021: Roserade


I think as the only time in the series we get a pre-evolution AND an evolution to a past gen Pokemon. When we got our first look at Budew, we really weren’t sure what to think because it was just like a seed.  Though while it took a while we did eventually learn that it evolves into Hoenn’s Roselia by Happiness during the daytime.  Then you can simply evolve Roselia into Roserade by handing it a Shiny Stone.  Of course all 3 are Grass/Poison so they aren’t especially big in the scene, but I’m sure someone can turn it into a beast! lol.

022: Cranidos. 023: Rampardos


Interestingly enough the last four Pokemon in this post are actually the fossils you get!  First up is actually the one I chose from Pearl!  While I wasn’t entirely the biggest fan of the selection of fossil Pokemon in Sinnoh, the Rampardos line kind of looks badass in a way…although Rampardos looks like he’s wearing Soulcalibur’s Taki’s boob on his head to be honest.  As a pure Rock type, this line was OK, but I had better turnouts from the other fossils of the series.

024: Shieldon, 025: Bastiodon


The other fossil you could choose could be the more defensive Bastiodon line.  When I saw Shieldon, I was d’awwing a lot because it’s just so cute!  Then I saw its evolution and just was turned off by it…I really don’t like its design very much and the colors feel…weird to me.  Unlike the previous line, Both Shieldon and Bastiodon are Rock/Steel which might make it better, but the stats are just so far apart from one another and its use is for the more defensive/tactical player while Rampardos just wrecks things with power.