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GENERATION 5: 144-155: Legendaries…Shmedenaries March 29, 2011

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Ahhhh, finally getting to our last of the PKMN posts (I know it’s sad xD).  If you missed out on the previous post here are the links to them!

Now let’s finish this up with the almighty legendaries…well…so-called!!!

144: Cobalion

So we start off with our first of the three seperate trios with Cobalion which is oddly enough the first legendary (that isn’t event-type Victini) that you can actually catch off in Mistralton Cave.  Cobalion doesn’t have a unique typing (sharing with Lucario) of Steel/Fighting but it’s color is nice and it looks cool for some reason.  I still don’t see how a quadriped is even able to be part Fighting since it’s just that odd, but whatever it’s a cool PKMN and it has it’s qualities to keep around.

145: Terrakion

Unlike Cobalion and Virizion, Terrakion possesses a unique dual-typing of being Rock/Fighting and is also the last of the Musketeer trio to be found in the game (on Victory Road like Moltres was once long ago XD).  It is the bulkiest of the three as well, but I think speed is where it kind of goes bleh in regards against the other two.  To me it’s nothing overly special seeing as it’s weak to both Water and Psychic types (which there’s a lot of the latter).

146: Virizion

As the final of the trio, Virizion is kind of the special one since the previous two focus more on the physical damage while Virizion’s Grass/Fighting type has it more special-based.  While the typing isn’t new (Breloom has it as well), Virizion is my favorite of the three just because it’s a Grass legendary (Shaymin…as cute as it is doesn’t work for me…though Sky Forme does x.x).  I do love that it’s a bit feminine in its look and it doesn’t take away from it’s design…cool PKMN!

147: Tornadus


We also have the Kami trio in this Generation starting with Tornadus who at the current time the only PKMN that’s a pure Flying type which excited tons of people and I can’t blame them it took them long enough to come up with them.  However, Tornadus and Thundurus are version exclusives and Tornadus comes from Black.  To me, it’s alright as a Legendary and it’s good…but it’s really nothing too special

Of course Black & White 2 happened and we get an update on the Kami trio because of how unoriginal the three looked together, we got new Therian forms.  Tornadus’ new look is definitely fitting as it’s more of a avian form.  Difference is is that it’s got better defenses and speed!

148: Thundurus


I do think Thundurus does have much more of a better job on it’s typing (only shares with Zapdos and Emolga) and despite being a White exclusive (sorry Black players), Thundurus is the better one to have.  The thing that gets to me though is that the Kami trio is really hard to enjoy because of their way similar designs and such…eh…they aren’t that pretty either x.x;

Black & White 2 brought a new forme for Thundurus as well giving it more of a unicorn/dragon-like look to it with better Special Attack, definitely was much better than it’s original Incarnate form (that’s what the original Pokémon are called).

149: Reshiram

Reshiram is Black’s mascot and I must say besides the crotch fuzz and unique typing of Dragon/Fire…it makes me wonder…why it took so long for a design like this to happen since most dragons by my knowledge do use Fire soooooo yeahhhh…This was the focal point of my reasoning of not getting Black since Reshiram isn’t all that interesting to me (then again some of the exclusives are also kind of meh to me).

150: Zekrom

On the flipside of the coin, Zekrom also has a unique typing of Dragon/Electric and to me that was more vibrant and exotic of a type mixture than Reshiram’s Dragon/Fire.  I still do think Zekrom looks like some uber powerful Mega-type Digimon, but it’s still one of the coolest designs of Gen 5 and it’s generator tail is quite epic IMO.  Let’s not forget that both Reshiram and Zekrom learn two signature moves so that is a nice little thing for them right?  Sweet deal IMO.

151: Landorus


As it’s the third of the Kami trio and the reasoning of Reshiram and Zekrom appearing before it is simply because it’s a post-game legendary so it makes sense it would.  Having a confusing dual type of Ground/Flying (Gligar’s family share’s it too) Landorus is kind of cool and bit more useful than the other two Kamis…but it’s design is still a little underwhelming, but it does come at a higher level…hmmmm who knows with this one.

Landorus’ Therian forme has a bit more focus on Attack and rightly so because Landorus became like a tiger basically.  Definitely kind of the coolest of the Therians IMHO.

152: Kyurem



As the final PKMN in the dex (giggle), Kyurem completes the Tao Trio (composed of itself, Reshiram, and Zekrom), but it looks destroyed right?  It seems that it needs the other two dragons to complete itself which by that sound…it means the third game could more than likely mean we’ll see a complete Kyurem.  Having an unique typing of Dragon/Ice, Kyurem is clearly weaker…which is odd since Giratina and Rayquaza were stronger than the version mascots…who knows.  It’s odd…

Of course they explained it further in B/W2 in which Reshiram or Zekrom can fuse together with Kyurem to become a more powerful entity.  Sadly, the type doesn’t change and continues to be Dragon/Ice.  I personally love Black Kyurem more than White because of the badassery XD.

153: Keldeo



Keldeo, who is the 4th member of the Musketeer trio…or I guess it’s a quartet now???  Just like Cobalion and Virizion, it does share it’s typing of Water/Fighting with Poliwrath.  Otherwise I don’t see too much with it and it kind of passes over my head…but it’s like who decided My Little Pony should be added to the game? x.x;

B/W2 introduced a new form for Keldeo called the Resolute Form, but it’s just mostly a graphical upgrade since it doesn’t seem to really do more of anything because it turns into it through Sacred Sword.

154: Meloetta


The next event PKMN, Meloetta doesn’t seem like much and it really isn’t sharing Girafarig’s Normal/Psychic typing, but I’m guessing it does have an importance since all event PKMN are basically important to the movies…ala Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys, Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus, Victini, Zorua/Zoroark.  Yeah, it’s prolly that important.

However, the neat thing that comes off from it is when you teach it Relic Song from a guy in Castelia City and then use it…it changes it’s look and everything to a Normal/Fighting type (unique) and its stats change to a more physical beast.

155: Genesect


Closing the Generation finally…Genesect is quite interesting.  First off as it is the final PKMN in the 5th Gen, Genesect ends up having a lot of connections to Mewtwo who was the final of the original 150.  I mean it was tinkered around by the bad group of the region (Team Rocket for Mewtwo and Team Plasma for Genesect).  It is Bug/Steel which is definitely not new…but it’s the first Bug legendary so it gets that trophy xD.  It’s interesting nonetheless…but there’s something weird about it…nothing epic like Arceus was…

AND THAT’S IT!!!!!….Should I do a review of the game or pass it up? COMMENT UR OPINION!!!


GENERATION 5: 125-143: The other normalities! March 21, 2011

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Meaning that on this post I’m going to finish the non-legendaries while the next post will deal with them.  Now let’s get to it!

125: Mienfoo, 126: Mienshao

To me, I think the Mienshao line kind of parallels more of the Medicham line because of how unusual they look and the mostly interesting take on Fighting types in which this line pure Fighting.  Though getting it to level 50 is a bit of a chore to get Mienshao.  I love the purple on Mienshao and it makes it look quite graceful…one of my other favorite PKMN of this generation.

127: Druddigon

For being the only Dragon-type to not be related to anything nor have an evolutionary line, Druddigon does really stand out on its own.  To me it’s also quite visually awkward looking for a Dragon…even though I think it’s more based on European ones.  I think the thing that weirds me out is is that its body is mainly blue but it’s face is red…it’s like designing collision course or something.  It’s pretty cool though and while it doesn’t topple other Dragons, it’s good enough for me.

128: Golett, 129: Golurk

Another unique dual typing this time being a Ground/Ghost PKMN (seriously, why didn’t Cofagrigus get this typing???)…the Golurk line must be quite something if Sugumori had nothing to do with the design this time around!!!  Anyways, I also love this line since it’s robots and Golurk actually learns Fly…even though there’s nothing to show that it can…unless it’s da boots!

130: Pawniard, 131: Bisharp

When the PKMN were first leaked, someone actually claimed there was a Power Ranger/Kamen Rider-like PKMN and that instantly shot my interest to high levels of awesomeness.  I’m also surprised that it took them this long to get a PKMN to finally have a dual typing of Dark/Steel (the types introduced in the 2nd Generation).  Pawniard looks cool, but Bisharp is by far the coolest one of the Generation looking all badass and not like Gallade where it has to have a sex change…xD  Also…don’t give it hugs!

132: Bouffalant

I also thought when I first saw our next Normal type that it was going to be a Tauros evolution (like when I mentioned Alomomola being the evo for Luvdisc).  Of course both statements are false and they are standalones.  Bouffalant doesn’t really stand out to me for some reason, but there’s no true point to capturing this since it’s late in the game when you get near Victory Road.

133: Rufflet, 134: Braviary

Back to version exclusives, White players get the Eagle PKMN, Rufflet and it’s evolution Braviary.  I found it funny that it was shown off in Japan as it was and it felt like there wasn’t going to be a counterpart seeing as it’s Normal/Flying and that doesn’t really feel like it’s made for that purpose but whatever.  I think Braviary is a great design, but evolving it from Rufflet at such a high level (54 to be exact) is a hassle IMO.

135: Vullaby, 136: Mandibuzz

I think players with version Black got the better Dark/Flying Mandibuzz line.  Being based on vultures was a smart way to make is parallel its White counterpart and that’s pretty cool.  However, the fact that it also evolves at Lvl. 54 is kind of meh and could make your level grinding that much harder and Honchkrow exists as well.  It’s still really your decision about which is better between Braviary and Mandibuzz…but there’s other PKMN you should check before getting one version or the other.

137: Heatmor

Heatmor has always stuck out to me as being weird being towards the end of the Generation before getting into the Legendaries and all.  The fact that it’s a pure Fire type is interesting and is made even moreso that it’s conencted to Durant kind of like how Zangoose and Seviper were.  Though it’s just funny how it turns out in the end XD.  Still a fiery anteater who would’ve known.

138: Durant

Yup there’s a rivalry between Durant and Heatmor and sadly, Durant loses on aspects on said rivalry because it’s typing Bug/Steel is 4x weakness to Fire-types in which Heatmor is made of.  Otherwise, Durant is a cool looking PKMN and I’m surprised that we never actually had an ant PKMN until this Generation.

139: Deino, 140: Zweilous. 141: Hydreigon

As the Generation’s pseudo-legendaries, the Hydreigon line is clearly showing promise.  I mean the unique typing of Dark/Dragon already sets it apart as well of it’s Hydra looks as well going from one head to two to three in its evolutionary line.  I know there’ll be a lot of people whoring this guy around and well…can’t blame em’ Hydreigon is that cool!

142: Larvesta, 143: Volcarona

Ending the non-legendaries, Larvesta and Volcarona are definitely a unique kind of PKMN also being the only ones with the Bug/Fire typing.  Odd enough is that someone in the game will give you an egg that’ll hatch into a Larvesta and later on in the post-game, you can catch a Volcarona in the Relic Castle as well…though I’m not sure why it’s a special case besides the high ass level (70).  Also it evolves at the highest level of all PKMN at 59…so it’s your decision to train Larvesta into it or just shove in a box and capture the higher leveled Volcarona.  At first I didn’t know what the hell it was because the sprites weren’t really helping.  Though it’s a moth and it’s kind of ugly…Larvesta’s sorta cute…but Volcarona is like wow…not pretty and yet awesome!



GENERATION 5: 101-124: THE GAME IS OUT!…yeah I’m late on that one huh? March 11, 2011

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So PKMN Black and White has finally been released how’s it going?  Did you like it, hate it, wish there were hot male models in it?!? Tell me about it and leave a message, but in the mean time let’s get into the next batch!

101: Joltik, 102: Galvantula

As our first on the list we get new combination of types!  Joltik and Galvantula are of the Bug/Electric type and I was waiting for something like this to appear.  Obviously by looks it seems to be parallels to Spinarak and Ariados…but there’s differences like Joltik is based more on ticks than anything near arachnids which makes the evolution a bit strange…(not like Remoraid to Octillery weird, but y’know what I mean).  I initially said I wanted to be in my final team, but it wasn’t xD

103: Ferroseed, 104: Ferrothorn

Another new type combination to the series, the Grass/Steel type Ferroseed and Ferrothorn appear.  I’m not sure why, but this was one of the first Pokemon that caught my eyes when they were leaked out.  Maybe it was the colors or just the fact they looked so strange to begin with.  What I know about them is that they have amazing defenses, but damn crappy speed.  Cool Pokemon, and it had earned a slot on my final team.

105: Klink, 106: Klang, 107: Klinklang

When JPN first showed off Klink, I thought it was adorable and kind of silly in a good way.  However, when Klang and Klinklang leaked my face turned into a frown because it doesn’t really “evolve” but more like adds more parts which is a little strange for me.  I like that it’s the only 3 stage PKMN that’s pure Steel, but it’s still not much for me.

108: Tynamo, 109: Eelektrik, 110: Eelektross

Uh-oh, here comes trouble!  Not only they’re pure Electric type, which is normally good, but it has the Levitation ability which makes them have no weaknesses period…think Sableye and you’ll get what I mean hahaha.  While Tynamo is more or less a cocoon for the evolutions and it also doesn’t even learn many moves hahaha and Eelektross can be obtained by using a Thunder Stone on Eelektrik.  The other two are quite awesome, but it’s still something and one of the best in the Generation.

111: Elgyem, 112: Beheeyem

HAHAHA, aliens in PKMN, and I mean actually aliens not like Clefairy and the other cosmic-looking PKMN.  I don’t exactly see the point of them in the game to be honest as they’re also pure Psychic types.  I don’t know how they’re like in the game since I never used them in the game, but I guess they’re cool and omg they’re ALIENS!!  Even cooler is the names that play off “LGM or Little Grey Men” and “BEM or Bug-eyed Monster”.

113: Litwick, 114: Lampent, 115: Chandelure

I’m so happy there’s at least a new Ghost line in the game, even more so Ghost/Fire ^)^.  I also love the fact that it has the best Special Attack of the entire dex, cept for obviously legendaries.  Even though I didn’t have a Chandelure on my final team, I sure would love to own one.  I think it’s one of the cooler designs though it takes a Dusk Stone to obtain one!

116: Axew, 117: Fraxure, 118: Haxorus

So I’m surprised that Iris’ main PKMN is found really late on the Pokedex.  Though I still wanna know how the hell it goes from Fraxure to Haxorus because they haven’t nothing in common in looks besides the tusks.  Add the fact the names are lulzy as hell…I mean Hax r’ us?  Really?  Funny enough though that they aren’t pseudo-legendaries and are of the pure Dragon type….you’d think they would be haha.

119: Cubchoo, 120: Beartic

So we get pure Ice types next and omg Cubchoo has to be one of THE CUTEST PKMN EVER!!!!  I mean I would spend time to catch one of these guys and hug it XD.  Well…maybe do something bout those boogies it has, but whatever.  Beartic though…aren’t we trying to be Ursaring pt. deux?  Even so…why does Beartic have a penis? XD jeeze….weirrrrd…

121: Cryogonal

There’s something really freaky about the other new Ice type, Cryogonal.  I mean beyond the good defenses it has, there’s not much else to really capture this emo snowflake.  It does leave itself open for a pre-evo if they decide to go along with one…but as a stand-alone…it doesn’t seem to work for me and it’s hard enough to find as well XD

122: Shelmet, 123: Accelgor

Wheee, so to answer the Karrablast to Excavalier shtick, you can’t evolve Karrablast without cross-trading with a Shelmet.  Now I can see the resemblances between them…but what the hell is Accelgor supposed to be?  It looks like a ninja…but in a cocoon or something.  Accelgor is pretty fast, but Ninjask is still way faster.  It’s pretty cool and for being an odd Pokemon that this and Karrablast weren’t exclusives for both games >.>

124: Stunfisk

As someone politely said, Stunfisk looks like a Diglett that got ran over by a pick-up.  As it’s the only PKMN with the type combination of Ground/Electric, Stunfisk is actually quite good for looking a bit off…I mean Dunsparce off…  There’s just not much for me to look for this guy.  Though, I still ended up catching the guy.

Funny enough, Galar introduces its variant on Stunfisk which is a Ground/Steel based on bear traps which is hilarious and kind of surprising for whatever animal Stunfisk is supposed to be based on XD



GENERATION 5: 076-100: Gettin’ better! February 26, 2011

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So, with 3 posts left, there’s a bit of PKMN left to shoot through so let’s get to it!

076: Zorua, 077: Zoroark

Zorua and Zoroark represent many things in the Generation.  First off, they were the first two PKMN that was shown off and started the 5th, the first Dark type event PKMN, and the first Event PKMN that’s found in the middle of the Unova Pokedex.  It’s sad though that the only way to really get em (without hacking) is with a special Celebi, but I guess it’s worth it for the mindgame of Zoroark’s ability, Illusion.  Special, but not really.

Kind of funny though that in Gen 6, wild Zoroark are obtainable easily XD…makes it seems so moot to have it so unique, but make it easy to get now.

078: Minccino, 079: Cinccino

When we first learned of Minccino’s existance, who would’ve guessed it would’ve ended up with an evolution of its own?  While I think Cinccino is kind of a lame evolution, it makes sense and it does evolve through the Shiny Stone which hasn’t been seen in a while.  They’re cute I admit, but they look like weaker PKMN in the long run.

080: Gothita, 081: Gothorita, 082: Gothitelle

So we have our next version exclusives once again starting with the PKMN in Black.  Now we learned of Gothitelle first and I was actually predicting that it was going to be a Dark type because of it’s primary coloring to be black for the most part.  Well we got jacked and it was told that it was a pure Psychic type.  I would’ve lived with a Dark/Psychic type…but could that game breaking???  I don’t know, but it looks like it’s a female-only line…but there’s male ones and makes me question wouldn’t the name change too? like Gothito, Gothorino, and w/e man is in French for the last one.

083: Solosis, 084: Duosion, 085: Reuniclus

For White, we get the Reuniclus line and I was also surprised that like the Gothitelle line, they are also Psychic type.  I wanted this line to be Psychic/Ghost because of the fact that it’s an ectoplasmic PKMN and it would’ve made perfect sense.  However, this line is probably my favorite of the Generation and has potential to by pass my favorite PKMN, Misdreavus.  Still I can’t think but whoever was thinking of type-casting both the Reuniclus line and Gothitelle line fucked up xD

086: Ducklett, 087: Swanna

Since, Ducklett and Swanna are both Water/Flying they kind of parallel as the Wingull/Pelipper of the Generation and it’s not a bad choice since I kind of like the ugly duckling to beautiful swan shtick going here…but Ducklett somehow is still cuter in an odd way.  However, you don’t evolve it by maxing it’s beauty (like Feebas and Milotic) which is a godsend hahaha.  It actually evolves regularly!

088: Vanillite, 089: Vanillish, 090: Vanilluxe

Finally we get some new Ice types!  The Vanilluxe line is another one of those bizarre ideas (like the Garbodor line), but this one plays off of both an ice cream cone and icicles!  I really think Vanillite is uber cute and it seems like it’ll be a good line to counter Dragons hopefully.  I do think the line does kind of remind me of Koffing and Weezing and the like xD

091: Deerling, 092: Sawsbuck

I will agree to say that Stantler was just not enough and I’m happy we got Deerling and Sawsbuck.  They stand out for two reasons.  First off is their typing is all to their own which is Normal/Grass which might be good or bad…depends on the player.  The other thing is that they change throughout the game surprisingly.  When the season changes, the PKMN changes as well…only aesthetically, not like the case of Burmy and Wormadam.

Since seasons do not exist in Generation 6 and onwards, all Sawsbucks caught are set in their Spring Form (though it’s possible to send one in its Summer, Autumn, and Winter form through the Poketransfer, but that means it’ll be in said form permanently).

093: Emolga

I guess Zapdos was feeling lonesome being the only Electric/Flying type around for four Generations, but as we turned onto the 5th, we get two more.  Emolga is the rodent of the Generation and while it stands out because of it’s dual type, Emolga is still one of the cutest PKMN of the Generation and I loved the fact they made it based off of flying squirrels!

094: Karrablast, 095: Escavalier

Let’s start with Karrablast.  The name feels like another case of similar names with Carracosta. (Remember 4th Gen with Gastrodon and Bastiodon?)  Second, it looks like another one of Volbeat, Illumise, and Kricketot clones.  It’s just wacky for a Bug type to have those odd things about it, but it gets odder when it turns into the Bug/Steel Escavalier.  The only way to get it is through trade, but YOU HAVE TO TRADE IT SPECIFICALLY with someone who owns a Shelmet.  What you get is an evolution on both side, but that is because they traded each others armor as well. It’s a cool idea, and both are in both games so it makes it somewhat easier as well…just get another DS if you want Escavalier.

096: Foongus, 097: Amoonguss

Since Shroomish and Breloom weren’t enough, we get a new set of Mushroom PKMN with Foongus and Amoonguss (say both of them, it makes a weird phrase XD).  Even though they are replacing those two, they’re more like Voltorb and Electrode because of the fact that their designs have Pokeball symbols on it.  It’s good that we have at least a new Grass/Poison type…but there’s better IMO.

098: Frillish, 099: Jellicent

As you can see with Frillish and Jellicent, they are the only PKMN (besides Unfezant) to have gender differences in the Generation.  Also replacing Tentacool and Tentacruel for the time being this brings a lot of interest to me.  Anyways, if you catch the male, it’ll be blue and pink for female Frillish and Jellicents. Also I find the Water/Ghost typing to be very interesting and makes me wonder how they’ll turn out in the metagame.

100: Alomomola

Closing the post out is the 100th PKMN in the Unova Pokedex, Alomomola (oh hey, palindrome!) is probably the most controversial PKMN that has been talked and talked the entire Gen so far (you can add Bouffalant to this as well) because of how Alomomola looks.  It’s so much like an evolution to Luvdisc that it’s so uncanny.  The fact that whoever decided to make this one a standalone must not have remembered it or just really wanted to fuck with people’s minds.  I still can’t get the fact that it isn’t an evolution, but I guess it is just for Heart Scales.

HEY NEXT TIME, 101-124….more interesting PKMN coming up YO!!!


GENERATION 5: 052-075 No Parallels!…I think? February 22, 2011

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I told you it wasn’t going to be long before another bout of PKMN awesomeness right? So let’s just get down to it

052: Cottonee, 053: Whimsicott

So we get Cottonee and Whimsicott who are both Grass types and luckily doesn’t exactly parallel any Pokemon that I know of (maybe Cottonee has a similar look to a cotton-like Hoppip).  I do really think Whimsicott is adorably cute like hell and I wonder what they’ll be like in the overall metagame, but right now they’re good.  Sadly for me, they are the first version exclusives only appearing in Pokemon Black.

In Generation 6, it’s the ONLY Unova Pokemon to gain the Fairy type alongside its original Grass type which is pretty cool and probably helps it out in the metagame (though funny that Whimsicott’s line is Grass/Fairy, but the Florges line isn’t…)

054: Petilil, 055: Lilligant

So if there’s Black Grass exclusives, that would also mean White has Grass exclusives and that’s where Petilil and Lilligant come in.  However, these two oddly remind me of Oddish and Bellossom respectively.  I found it very cool that it’s a PKMN that needs a Sun Stone to evolve…(seriously when’s the last time we needed one of those?).  Also Cottonee needs a Sun Stone as well to evolve.  I’m actually content with getting a Lilligant since it’s pretty cute ONCE AGAIN hahaha.  Also interesting to note that Lilligant’s are always female HMMMMM…

056: Basculin

Doesn’t this fish look so intimidating?  It makes Carvanha look a bit more tame than this angry fish.  As it is a pure Water type, it stands out quite a bit.  So I’ve heard, that this PKMN has 4 different ability choices which is great for some people that like tricks and upgrading attacks and such…it also comes in two different forms…One’s the one you see above and the other one is a Blue-striped version…(it’s really only aesthetic changes like Shellos).  I don’t think it’s gonna be huge, but it’s got attire and I like that and it replaces Magikarp (breath of fresh air for some and for others it’s a downfall since Basculin lacks an evolution).

057: Sandile, 058: Krokorok, 059: Krookodile

Sweet!!!  We get a PKMN who has a type that to it’s own kind.  The Sandile line is Ground/Dark and it’s a good looking line that’s based off of crocs!  I have to say that I love the look for Krokorok since it’s giving off such a snide look to it (similar to the Snivy line).  The thing that gets me the most about this line is how random Krookodile looks against it’s pre-evolutions.  I mean Sandile and Krokorok sport brown skin and somehow we’re supposed to believe it just simply turns red?!?  I’m not sure why but whatever it’s a pretty cool looking line though.

060: Darumaka, 061: Darmanitan

I’m pretty happy that there’s even more Fire types in the game but Darumaka and Darmanitan are quite not your usual ones at least Darmanitan.  I still think Darumaka comes off as a happy tomato, but this time there’s arms and legs!!!  LOL, I gotta say I like it.  However, when we learned of Darmanitan (one of the first ones that weren’t event PKMN, mind you) we didn’t know why we got it so early, but it actually has a secret.

Darmanitan’s Dream World ability Zen Mode is it’s own ability and only to Darmanitans.  What it does is that once Darmanitan’s HP reaches under half it transforms into its Zen Mode and things change dramatically.  First off, Darmanitan changes from a heated red wild PKMN to a blue reserved with no pupils kind of PKMN.  Next thing is its type changes from Fire to Fire/Psychic (which is the only other PKMN besides Victini to have it).  Also Special Attack gets majorly boosted and so does Defense/Special Defense…however Speed and Attack drop.  Very cool ability and I wonder how that’ll work in tournaments and the overall metagame.

Though curiosly in Gen 8, we are introduced to Galarian version of the line and instead of being Fire, they’re pure Ice types.  If you were curious though, it does still have Zen Mode as an ability, but it’s Zen Mode half is actually Ice/Fire which is really awesome to see!

062: Maractus

Because Cacnea and Cacturne weren’t enough as Cactus PKMN, we get another through Maractus which to me seems like a joke that mixed between the creators when they thought of Cacturne and Ludicolo.  There’s not much that really stands out for me with this little guy, but I’ll prolly end up catching this Grass type.

063: Dwebble, 064: Crustle

Seemingly looks like a mix of ideas from Paras/Parasect, Shuckle, and Krabby/Kingler….Dwebble and Crustle are a bit odd since they’re typed as Bug/Rock.  Since it is the first PKMN we see Cilan capture, Dwebble kind of stands out for me and it’s cute, even without its shell!  Crustle though would’ve looked a whole lot better without that piece of stone slammed on its back right?  It looks so weird that it HAS TO BE CUBIC…so strange…

065: Scraggy, 066: Scrafty

Another group of PKMN that has a typing to only itself: Dark/Fighting, Scraggy and Scrafty are quite something and could pack a punch to the metagame if treated right eh?  I think the names are a little strange for me, but it’ll grow on me I hope.  Though I can’t imagine Ash really saying either (he owns Scraggy BTW).  You should see the the in-game sprite, Scraggy’s is so funny…Also…half chicken/half lizard? EHHH?

067: Sigilyph

When I first saw Sigilyph being leaked, I had no idea what to think about this new Psychic/Flying…whatever it is.  I do like the fact that it learns a lot of interesting moves…but still doesn’t fully stand out for me besides it’s outside look which is still freaky to me.  I think I’ll end up catching it since it’s kind of cool looking to me.

068: Yamask, 069: Cofagrigus

I’m still pretty disappointed that Cofagrigus didn’t get a secondary type and just stuck with being a pure Ghost type.  Anyway, the idea of Ancient Egypt being the ideas for both Yamask and Cofagrigus is great and the look great with an interesting ability with Mummy.  There is one thing that’s gonna bother me for a while and that’s how do we pronounce Cofagrigus? It’s too weird of a combination of things…

In Gen 8, we do get a Galarian Yamask which changes types to Ground/Ghost, but it luckily keeps its typing when it evolves into Runerigus (more on that in the Galar Dex).

070: Tirtouga. 071: Carracosta

So now we get into the Generation’s fossil PKMN starting with the Tirtouga line which is Water/Rock and while that’s nothing terribly new, it’s nice there doing a turtle for once.  I’m not sure blue would’ve been the color I would’ve chosen for Tirtouga and Carracosta…but I think they’re alright for now

072: Archen, 073: Archeops

As for the other fossil Pokemon that’s Rock/Flying (ho crap Aerodactyl has some competition), Archen and Archeops are beasts and their Attack really shows it for sure, though it’s ability makes it risky to use since if it goes under half its HP, then its stats are cut.  I love the artwork for these two and especially with Archen who’s cuuute.  Still, I think I still will end up choosing Tirtouga since I like turtles more than archeopteryx XD

074: Trubbish. 075: Garbodor

Closing out this quarter set, we get trash Pokemon…I mean literally they’re based off of damn trash!  Trubbish has charm and it’s cute but Garbodor is just horrific for me…I just wonder who thought it was a smart idea to make this a PKMN.  Of and of course they’re the only pure Poison types in the game which to me make it seem they’re making a parallel to Grimer and Muk.  Who knows.

Gen 8 introduces a Gigantamax Garbodor and boy is it wrecking!

WHOOHOO NEXT TIME THE NEXT 25-ish PKMN…there’s more to the madness?!?


GENERATION 5: 028-051 Movin on =__= February 19, 2011

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I know it’s been quite a long time, but now with the game coming out soon, we will continue on!!!…If you haven’t read the first one HERE’S THE LINK  so let’s move on with our next quarter bunch!

028: Blitzle, 029: Zebstrika

Whenever I think of these two guys, I immediately think that these two are supposed to parallel Ponyta and Rapidash respectively except the difference being that these guys are Electric types and not Fire.  I do love the fact that we finally get zebra Pokemon…but yet we still have no dolphins…maybe the 6th Gen will have one or two…who knows XD  I think they’ll do fine and while they are definitely not gonna rank too high on the metagame, it’s still good to have Electric Pokemon!

030: Roggenrola, 031: Boldore, 032: Gigalith

I just keep getting surprised that this generation keeps getting parallels this early.  Our next trio is supposed to parallel Geodude, Graveler, and Golem even down to the ways they evolve which is great since it’s been a while since we’ve seen a Pokemon evolve into another through pure trade.  It was funny that when we got Gigalith, everyone thought it was related to the Nosepass/Probopass family…but that’s because the color palette is the same.  Though Boldore reminds me of Metang in ways…but I think it’s the crab-like look to it.  Either way, interesting family because of the pure Rock type…but I’m not sure I’ll go out of my way for this since I’ll more than likely get to Boldore and not have anyway to trade.  Finally, Roggenrola?!?! could’ve chosen a better name IMO

033: Woobat, 034: Swoobat

Ahhhh, Psychic/Flying bats!  Of course seeing that last word, you’d immediately think Zubat/Golbat/Crobat…but once again there’s no similarity in the types besides they’re Flying types.  Also they could’ve done a better job with the names because they just look way too much like said line.  Though I will say in their defense that they are much cuter (especially Swoobat!)  I’m not sure how they will be when they are put in the metagame…but I doubt it’ll be much even though the Psychic/Flying type is a nice thing to see thought it might take a while to get because it evolves through Happines.

035: Drilbur, 036: Excadrill

Is it sad that Drilbur is actually the only pure Ground type released in the Generation?  Yeah, it’s pretty sad.  Anyways, Our Sandshrew/Sandslash of the era are pretty cool especially Excadrill since it has a lot of positives working for it like an amazing Attack…but shitty Defense because of the Ground/Steel typing it has.  Add the fact that Iris owns one (though it acts almost like Ash’s Charizard after it first evolved).  Awesome Pokemon and prolly one I’ll catch.

037: Audino

Oh hey, a stand-alone Pokemon?  That’s pretty cool right?  Well, if you put in the fact that Audino is the Unova parallel to Chansey since the Anime shows it replacing them as aides.  It also kind of looks kind of creepy though, but I can’t figure why it is.  It’s like iono…what is it…a rabbit?  Still, it’s kind of just there and made more boring that it’s a Normal type though it’s main you is too grind for EXP (experience).

In OR/AS, Audino would be the first of the 5th Generation to obtain a Mega Evolution.  The big thing is that it changes to a dual type of Normal/Fairy (like Azurill), but becomes a little more sturdier in defenses.  Pretty cool huh?

038: Timburr, 039: Gurdurr, 040: Conkeldurr

So here we are at the Machop/Machoke/Machamp of the 5th Generation and I must say…UHHHHHGUHHHHHLEEEEE.  I really don’t know why the creators had to make these three so terrible.  Besides Timburr (who’s oddly cute), Gurdurr and Conkeldurr is just icky.  The veins being the main reason I dislike the look of them primarily.  Though still being Fighting types, the Timburr line is still pretty good since Conkeldurr has the highest attack of Fighting types though you have to obtain it by trading Gurdurr.  Still, the artwork of it, just horrid…but there’s still more PKMN to go XDDDDD

041: Tympole, 042: Palpitoad, 043: Seismitoad

Jeeze, when do we get to original ideas eh?  I mean the Poliwag/Poliwhirl/Poliwrath line (well you could say it’s more Politoed that Poliwrath, but that’s besides the point).  I gotta say I’m not a big fan of the line here as well, once again Tympole being amazingly cute with it’s meme-filled face.  Palpitoed reminds me of Clefable in body shape and I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought this, but the evolution to Seismitoad is odd…but still kind of cool.  Still, it’s nice enough to seperate itself from other frogs like Politoed and Toxicroak but joins Swampert with the same typing Water/Ground

044: Throh

Early to get the Hitmonchan/Hitmonlee parallels, Throh comes first in the list and unlike the next Pokemon, Sawk…Throh is more focused on grappling moves and it shows because it’s short and kind of built.  Though three fingers, Karate gi, and red skin is just awkward to look at in my perspective.  I think I’ll pass on this and choose…

045: Sawk

Hey I’m biased, I like the color blue a whole lot more than Red and while the weird three-fingered, clothed idea is still there, I like Sawk all-around and despite the Hitmon-ness of it all, I prefer this one.


046: Sewaddle, 047: Swadloon, 048: Leavanny

Finally reaching the bug trios of the Generation (surprisingly later on than in previous Gens) the Sewaddle line follows more closer to Caterpie’s line.  I will say I love this line for the amount of cute that’s shown between the three.  Of course Sewaddle is now a part of Ash’s team so I loved seeing that and c’mon it’s so cute!!!.  Swadloon’s rather depressive look is what makes it cute as well…but I wonder if it’s depressed because of the reason Pac-Man is on top of its head???  Once it evolves into Leavanny through Happiness (wow) it’s mood instantly changes into happiness (once again, wow) and it gets THIN!  Still I want one of these more than our opposite bug trio.  Also, Bug/Grass…might not be good…but good to know right?

049: Venipede, 050: Whirlipede, 051: Scolipede

I’ve always thought when it came the trio bug lines, it was always cute bugs and ugly bugs and with Venipede’s line…it’s definitely the ugliest (I mean I don’t think they’re pretty, but I feel that about the bugs they’re portraying here),  Venipede could be cute in some light, but Whirlipede looks so strange and well…looks suggestive if you ask me >.>  While Scolipede takes the cake since it’s the longest Bug type *shivers* and doesn’t evolve from Happiness like its counterpart.  Bug/Poison as well?…that’s not a good combination IMO…



GENERATION 5: 000-027 Teh early ones! November 8, 2010

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So I guess I’ve waited long enough to start this but it’s time to go through all the new PKMN Black & White has to offer ^_^ So let us begin from well…..0 XD

000: Victini

With Victini, the Unova Pokedex is the first region that actually has a legit Pokemon with the number 000.  I know you people are like OMG what about Missingno. and the like but those aren’t totally legit.  It’s also the first new dual type with Psychic/Fire (but shares this with a Zen Mode Darmanitan).  I don’t exactly know what it actually is based off of, but it carries on the tradition of cute legendaries (even though it’s an event PKMN though).  Still, I think it’s very cute, and I might want one since Fire types for me usually aren’t my interest.

001: Snivy, 002: Servine, 003: Serperior


So actually beginning the actual Pokedex, Snivy represents the Grass type and sticks to it through all it’s evolutions.  While I still think Snivy still looks a wee bit much like Treecko, it changes into something pretty epic at the end and that’s a grass serpent and that makes me happy and Ash owns one!.  While I don’t like middle evolutions much since they’re the kind of lazy-ish products, Servine isn’t so bad, but it feels like it would’ve kept the arms and legs just by guessing, but it didn’t upon its evolution to Serperior.  Of course by normal logic, lvl 17, and lvl 36 (typical level evolutions and all the starters evolve on these numbers too).

004: Tepig, 005: Pignite, 006: Emboar


As the Generation’s Fire starters and already on Ash’s team in the anime, Tepig was actually my initial PKMN that I was going to use when I got White.  Unfortunately as you can tell from Pignite and Emboar, they are they only starters of the Gen. that’s dual-typed.  It sucks though that their typing is Fire/Fighting (which we all know has been a curse since the 3rd Gen with Combusken/Blaziken and Monferno/Infernape).  So I’m probably still gonna choose Tepig, but I’ll prolly not going to exactly enjoy it.  Oh and Emboar = fat Infernape with pig skin XD

007: Oshawott, 008: Dewott, 009: Samurott


Water type starters have been pretty straightfoward through evolutions since we all knew what they turned out to be, but who knew Oshawott would end up turning into a more quadripedal-like Dialga…I mean I still don’t see the resemblance between the evolution of Dewott and Samurott.  It’s just rather bizarre and they way that they (the designers) couldn’t figure what to do with the final evo until they went to an aquarium is just a tad bit more weird.  I know (Remoraid to Octillery) but still strange XD.

Anyways, the starters for the evolution for me were a little more unoriginal this time around with the Grass type not going dual like the last gen, Tepig’s line ending up once again attaining the Fighting type AGAIN, and that oddball Samurott not being a sea otter…Maybe the 6th will be better hopefully XD

010: Patrat, 011: Watchog

Finally getting out of the starters, most of the PKMN of this Generation mirrors the first one is many MANY ways.  Starting with Patrat and Watchog they definitely represent the rodents of well every gen (Rattata/Raticate, Sentret/Furret, Zigzagoon/Linoone, Bidoof/Bibarel).  Of course both are Normal types and they otherwise don’t stand out from the bunch, but I like how Patrat (chipmunk) evolves into Watchog (meerkat).  They are probably only good during the beginning of the game and will prolly fallout during the later parts.  Still PSYCHOTIC CHIPPUMUNKU!

012: Lillipup, 013: Herdier, 014: Stoutland


Yeah, more doggies!  I’m still hoping for a weiner dog PKMN one day.  Anywho Lillipup, Herdier, and Stoutland are of course Normal types and they somewhat parallel other dog types mostly closely with Growlithe/Arcanine since the similarites between Lillipup and Growlithe with the fur color and small other things.  Still a cool looking line of dogs right?

015: Purrloin, 016: Liepard

Since we got doggies, we have to have kitties too and Purrloin and Liepard definitely fits the role.  Even better they are of Dark type and that makes them stand out more than the other cats lines (since they are basically Normal).  I would’ve liked it if they were actually black cats than purple since it makes me think they’re Poison types.

Though in Generation 6 and onward, Purrloin is now on its hind legs than on all fours.  Something I oddly noticed when playing each game after and apparently it was always meant to be on its feet (honestly, it looks awkward versus it’s 5th Gen stance).

017: Pansage, 018: Simisage

Some of the PKMN though in the generation are entirely on their own accord with no parallels at all and for the first time we get basically two sets of PKMN set in the starter types: Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott and Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour.  Since we get the Grass type first, Pansage and Simisage are ridiculously the cutest of the bunch and since all three elemental monkeys play off the whole “Speak no evil, hear no evil, and see no evil”.  It’s a good play on a phrase and Pansage is prolly the one I want the most.

019: Pansear, 020: Simisear

Of course I’m sensing that this era is doing a better job with bringing Fire types since the 4th was so bad not having many to choose from.  Pansear and Simisear is of course good choices as well, but it feels like later on we’ll get better Fire types to use.  LOL though at Simisear looking like Mario kind of jumped on his head and his body looks squished.

021: Panpour, 022: Simipour

So with the upbringing of Fire types was a surprise for sure, but this Gen shocked me more with the lack of Water types since there’s only a few found (also with the region not having many water paths like the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh region.  Panpour and Simipour are probably the best choice for an early Water type since there’s so few that early in the game.  To me, it always seems these two are female-only since the obviousness right?  YEAAAAAAAH…

Overall, the monkeys are a nifty idea and they all evolve through the Leaf, Water, and Fire Stones and it has been a while since we’ve seen something like this so I’m happy!

023: Munna, 024: Musharna

Yep, as our first pure Psychic types, Munna and Musharna are kind of parraleling Drowzee and Hypno a bit and I don’t mind that since they are both slowish Psychic types and they both kind of are based off the same myths.  I find it pretty sweet though that Munna was based off of what someone said in the R/B/Y games where a trainer mentioned something about a Pokemon with a flowery pattern on its back.  Add on that a special Musharna can be caught and it’s directly important to the story (well the smoke is to initiate the Dream World).  Gimmicky, but interesting nonetheless and Munna evolves with a Moon Stone which like the last 3 lines, something the game hasn’t used in a while!

025: Pidove, 026: Tranquill, 027: Unfezant


Of course, it wouldn’t be a Pokemon game without the typical early birds yknow Normal/Flying types like (Pidgey, Spearow, Hoothoot, Taillow, Starly,) well Pidove really doesn’t look special and due to it looking almost exactly like a Starly it doesn’t do much.  Tranquill looks a bit better and stands slightly more, but still not enough.  It isn’t until it evolves into Unfezant where it really stands out since it looks like it doesn’t even fly, even though it does learn the HM.  Even better is that there’s a big difference between the male and female and that’s in the mask and the overall colors.  Basically the males are the more colorful ones XD.

So this begins my look at the Generation’s new PKMN next time I’ll be going through 028-051