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GENERATION 7.5: Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon…there’s more?!? December 20, 2017

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Yeah, it’s that time to return to Pokémon, even if this post might be super short because not a lot were introduced, essentially more Ultra Beasts and an Event Pokémon.

NOTE: If you’re looking for the Lycanroc form and the new Necrozma forms, they’re in the older posts I did from Gen 7!

So let’s get it rollin’!

082: Poipole, 083: Naganadel


Well, we finally have our first evolutionary line of Ultra Beasts with Poipole & Naganadel!  As the main Pokémon that the Ultra Recon Squad uses, Poipole is such a cute one (which can’t really be said about the other UBs).  Though it does finally evolve once it learns Dragon Pulse which is pretty late game to level up to.  Naganadel though is wild being a Poison/Dragon (which I think it shares with Dragalge).  Initially it looks more like a purple Wasp more than anything draconic, but it’s various arts having been providing a better look to it than its Sugumori art on top of Ash owning one in the anime.  Though funny enough, stated in its Dex lore, in it’s time, it’s actually a starter Pokémon, so that’s pretty weird (especially since it breaks the motif of Poipole having 2 evolutions like every other starter we know (with the exception of Eevee)).

084: Stakataka


I was shocked USUM was getting more UBs and both of the exclusives were beyond strange (but I can say that for the rest of them except for Poipole).  Stakataka is the exclusive for Ultra Moon and while its typing of Rock/Steel isn’t quite interesting (there’s plenty of Pokémon that has that typing), its just all-around kind of forgetful despite its defenses being pretty decent.  I do think it’s design is wild though (a fortress with eyes huh?).

085: Blacephalon


Ultra Sun’s exclusive though was the more interesting overall, Blacephalon which is a Fire/Ghost (which shares with the Chandelure line & Alolan Marowak, which are AMAZING).  This was so out of left field when it was revealed as it was so colorful and its exclusive move, Mind Blown is neat (big damage for half health).  I love the colors and its Shiny is awesomes too!  Great addition!

086: Zeraora


Anyways, USUM surprisingly had one more Event Pokémon to throw at us (after Magearna & Marshadow) with this pretty cool fursuit…I mean actual Pokémon.  Zeraora is a pure Electric type and for right now it only has a Signature move with Plasma Fists.  It looks pretty edgy and really looks like one I’d use for a long time.  To be honest though it kind of doesn’t feel mythical (but this gens mythicals have been rather lukewarm regardless…).  Though it felt rather passed over despite it was a lead in its own movie.

087: Meltan, 088: Melmetal


Even though for a while, it hadn’t been clarified if it was part of the Alola region or not (considering we meet this in Pokémon GO! and the Kanto remakes on the Switch, it’s kind of just there as the newest addition after Zeraora.  This Steel type mythical (the first to have an evolution, sorry Phione/Manaphy), I’m not quite sure how I feel about it and how it’s just found in the Pokémon GO!.  Beyond that, it does learn a lot of Electric attacks but 200 candy just to evolve it is crazy.  Odd way to either close out Gen 7 since its confirmation that it was indeed a Gen 7 Pokémon.

Though it is the only Alolan Gen Pokémon to get a Gigantamax form in Gen 8 which makes it more humanesque and alien.  Really interesting to see and curious to me (and I hope I’ll be able to catch one).  Though recently in a Google tie-in and voting of best Pokémon, it seemed the line was not under Gen 7 but in Galar & etc.  Really strange…even Pokémon HOME (the Switch upgrade from the 3DS’ Bank), it makes the Melmetal line in its own category “Unknown Origins” so really it’s very much in a grey zone all things considered, but considering this line came out during the promotion of the 7th Gen Pokémon games, I’ll keep it here.

WILL POKEMON SWITCH BE MORE GEN 7?  Seems like this is the last of Generation 7 though it feels like!


GENERATION 7: Alola forms, Hawaii flavored Pokémon? July 29, 2017

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Here we are with right now the final post for Generation 7 (at least until we figure what’s going to be included in Ultra Sun/Moon & the unknown Switch title.  We’re going to talk about the Alolan forms of Pokémon (ironically was left to certain Kanto Pokémon) so shall we begin?

019: Rattata, 020: Raticate


We begin with the Raticate line which as you can see changed colors from a predominant purple fur color to a black color and Raticate is a bit fatter as well xD.  They also changed from Normal to a Dark/Normal type.  It’s a bit better for them, but not so much that they’re must-haves!  Though I do give it props that Rattata will only evolve to this only at nights.

025: Raichu


Now, on this list not every Pokémon in a evolution line gained an Alolan form.  For example, Raichu here was the only one to get an Alola form (Pichu didn’t get anything and Pikachu either, though it did get Hat forms, w/e they are right?).  Back to Raichu, it managed to gain a new type making it a Electric/Psychic type (a first for the series).  Unlike many others in this list though, Raichu evolves in the same way Kanto Raichu does (by a Thunder Stone that is).

027: Sandshrew, 028: Sandslash


The next ones up were of the Sandslash line which actually went from being a Ground type to an Ice type (Ice/Steel in the case for Sandslash).  While the typing overall is much worse off for these two (because Ice is bad defensively already and the 4x weakness to Fire in Slash’s case, I feel like I love the aesthetics more than I like their gameplay now.  Though I seriously love both of their designs strangely.  Sandshrew though now evolves only by use of the new Alolan Ice Stone.

037: Vulpix, 038: Ninetales


I suppose in Alola, Sandshrew & Vulpix are a bit in a rival as they both got them Ice treatment in the game.  Though interestingly enough, I think Ninetales got the longer stick in the end by having its type changed into Ice/Ghost.  At least the meta is a bit more forgiving letting Ninetales be a bit more of a Special Attacker.  I also like its design, but I feel like I like the original designs more!  If it wasn’t obvious though, Ice Stone, just saying…

050:Diglett, 051: Dugtrio


You think changing a Pokémon’s design would make sense and while the change to Dugtrio’s typing makes sense when you really do research the fact that the design’s addition is hair to make it from Ground to Ground/Steel is bizarre yet unique. Granted, I do think it got boosted with the new typing and does a smidge better in-game, I just can’t get the Hanson reference out of my head xD

052: Meowth. 053: Persian


I’m pretty much OK with changing a Pokémon’s design for the sake of it, but I don’t think changing Meowth’s color and blowing up Persian’s head is quite enough to make me care about it.  Though I do approve of changing its typing to Dark and making it’s evolution friendship-based interesting, I think I cared the least about this line out of the Alolan forms.

074: Geodude, 075: Graveler, 076: Golem


As the last Alolan Pokémon to be revealed for Su/Mo, the Golem line was also another group of PKMN that I wasn’t expecting to get new forms.  Though I was pleasantly surprised by it by adding the Electric type to its already known Rock type giving it some nice coverage and some Special power (even if it’s more of a physical attacker/defensive tank).  Not quite sure of Golem turning into a launcher, but I suppose it makes sense in a way.

088: Grimer, 089: Muk


Yeah, I’m not surprised that the Muk line got new forms, but I wasn’t expecting that it would be a positive thing they exist for Alola.  The Muk line also gained a new type changing it to a Poison/Dark type to give it some push like the Drapion line does.  An interesting thing is that the colors on Muk changes (though in the game it is a little awkward with it changing and stopping).  Otherwise, it’s a nice upgrade, but still not a Pokémon I’d really use.

103: Exeggutor


Probably the most unusual of the new forms we have Exeggutor (which strangely enough to see that Exeggcute did not get anything).  The original was a Grass/Psychic type but here after absorbing the heavy amount of sunlight (though really a Leaf Stone), it evolves into this towering Grass/Dragon type (which to me still doesn’t make a whole lotta sense to me).  Besides the fact it became a meme real quick and how absurdly tall it is, I find it a nice addition and does a lot for the line!

105: Marowak


Last, but not least we have Marowak (strange as it seems that it ends a little after 100 Pokémon (when Kanto has 151, going by Pokedex number).  I will say that Cubone not getting the form as well is odd, but once again makes sense once you read the little blurb about Marowak here who went from a Ground type to a wholly new set of Fire/Ghost (sharing with the Chandelure line).  I REALLY like the firedancer motif it has and the undead feeling just feels right.  While it’s still not quite as awesome as Chandelure, this was a great addition.




GENERATION 7: Those legendaries and what? Ultra Beasts…ehhhhh? February 18, 2017

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Here we are, to the big legendary post right?  Yeah there’s quite a lot this time (maybe not much as Generations 4 & 5, but still a lot).  So shall we start?!?

064: Tapu Koko


We begin with the first of the legendary Tapus which in the game are considered island deities!  Now most fans will think Tapu Koko because it was shown off first (the other 3 would be revealed together a couple months later).  Being an Electric/Fairy type, it does share its typing with Dedenne, but luckily it does have more power (being a legendary, you’d hope so, right?).  Now all the Tapus do share similar abilities and signature moves (on top of a specific Z-stone they share amongst each other).  Though, I do like Tapu Koko still over the other 3, but I dunno it’s cool…

065: Tapu Lele


The next Tapu is the guardian deity of Akala Island!  Being the Psychic/Fairy type (shared with the Gardevoir & Mr. Mime lines).  Now because of that I’m not totally fond of Tapu Lele as much as I am with the others, but oh well.  So talking about unique move’s, Nature’s Madness is learned between all 4 Tapus and it’s a move that cuts HP in half…pretty cool move to have I’d say!

066: Tapu Bulu


Just from the look of it, I never would have guessed Tapu Bulu would’ve been a Grass/Fairy type (I going by actual colors, I would’ve thought it was a Fire type, but color me surprised when it isn’t).  Sharing types with Whimsicott, Tapu Bulu was quite a feat to capture (wasted so many Ultra Balls on this thing)…and I was so finally happy to capture this guy, but once again I felt like Tapu Koko had more interesting options.  Talking about abilities, they all have an ability called ____ Surge where it’s like a ____ Terrain move but the type of Terrain is of the Guardian’s primary type so here with Tapu Bulu it’s Grassy Surge which puts down an automatic Grassy Terrain for 5 turns.

067: Tapu Fini


Last but not least, Tapu Fini comes in as the Water/Fairy Tapu (sharing types with the Azumarill line & Primarina), it’s probably the next forgettable Tapu for me though I do prefer it slightly over Primarina, but definitely not Azumarill.  Still, it’s one of the more interesting designs of the 4 so that’s always good!

068: Cosmog, 069: Cosmoem, 070: Solgaleo, 071: Lunala


Wow, our first Box Legendaries that actually evolve from something?  Yup, interestingly enough this is a split evolution line and is made so from what game you own (Sun for Solgaleo & Moon for Lunala).  As majority of the story revolves around Lillie and her growth and story, we also follow her Pokémon, Cosmog…now storyline-wise, you do watch it go from its aloof self to the legendary of the game (and later keep, as Lillie doesn’t want it to not have an adventure).  Though it’s weird that you can get another Cosmog post-game, but it’ll evolve into the same legendary you have already.

Talking about the pure Psychic-type Cosmog & Cosmoem, they’re both REALLY useless in the game as the Cosmog you get post-game starts out at level 5 and only knows the move Teleport, and only evolves into Cosmoem at level 43 and only gains the move Cosmic Power which is still mad useless.  I will say that Cosmoem is the heaviest Pokémon currently now, but otherwise these two are bad to have on a team.

Ten levels later, Cosmoem will evolve into either Solgaleo or Lunala depending on the game.  Starting with the Psychic/Steel Solgaleo, I did end up getting this after the game through trading since Moon didn’t have it.  Now, I personally thought it would’ve been a Fire type because of its signature move Sunsteel Strike being a thing).  Now, the whole Radiant sun form doesn’t really show up anywhere in the game (well storymode a lil bit, but nowhere else not even in battles).

Lunala was what I got and I ended up enjoying it so far though being a Psychic/Ghost isn’t a new type to us (Hoopa has it).  Moongeist Beam has saved me a lot of times and honestly between the two, Lunala has the better design IMO.  Like I said above, it’s “alternative” Full moon look, isn’t really delved upon, so not sure why the site made a big deal about it though.

072: Nihilego


Moving onto the Ultra Beasts now, these guys were post-game missions where they transported to Alola from the dimensional portal that Lusamine opened in the game’s story.  As Nihilego is kind of shown off as the main UB shown off (at one point taking over Lusamine), Nihilego is quite a danger to people.  Though after capturing one, we find out more about it and it’s very cool!  A unique typing of Rock/Poison (strange but suiting), it’s a cool thing! (they aren’t classified as Pokémon, so I’m not calling them that).

073: Buzzwole


I have to admit, these UBs were such a shock to see being included because their designs overall are so different and doesn’t scream Pokémon at all!  One of the Sun exlusives, Buzzwole are Bug/Fighting types (shares with its Moon counterpart, Pheromosa & Heracross) and such a strange look to it, but that may be due to its HUGE muscles and yet walks on fours!  Like I said in previous posts, Sun exclusive were late to the party so I haven’t really paid too much attention to Buzzwole

074: Pheromosa


To be fair, I was more intimidated by its Moon counterpart, Pheromosa which like I said with Buzzwole, a Bug/Fighting type.  It’s quite something when they’re super fast and quite crushing with their moves.  I think I would’ve preferred some color here and let’s be honest, despite not having genders…it’s CLEAR which one is male and female here lol.  Though there was a scene in the game where Buzzwole/Pheromosa would clash off with Tapu Koko, there was no true conclusion to it and left me wondering.  Still, I really liked this Ultra Beast!

075: Xurkitree


When they started showing off these UBs, I, like many others felt that they were connected to some of the human characters (like Nihilego resembled Lillie, Pheromosa with Lusamine and now Xurkitree with Guzma (Team Skull’s leader).  Of the UBs though, Xurkitree is the only one with just a single type, Electric.  This one can be a terror if you let it reign over you.  With a lot of strong Electric-type attacks mixed with its ability, Beast Boost (an ability that all UBs have where it boosts the highest stat of the specific UB, in this case Xurkitree’s SP.ATK when it downs an opponent, so battles can go from doable to unbearable real quick!

076: Celesteela


They just keep getting more bizarre doesn’t it?  Another set of game exclusives, this time the Moon exclusive comes first in Celesteela (which ties with Cosmoem as heaviest Pokémon).  This futuristic bastion of a Pokémon, Celesteela shares its typing with Skarmory (Steel/Flying).  I really like this Ultra Beast though (but I’m a sucker for the turquoise color!).

077: Kartana


An Ultra Beast that’s based off of origami?  Though like Nihilego, it does have the great unique typing of Grass/Steel (and great, I mean a totally unfortunate one because it has an EASY 4x weakness to Fire moves.  It’s also so tiny, but I like that it leans a lot of slashing moves.  It’s probably my favorite of the Ultra Beasts, but I’m sad that I had to trade for it since it’s a Sun exclusive.

078: Guzzlord


Hmmmm, the strongest of the Ultra Beasts (and the last one to obtain in the post-game mission), Guzzlord is quite the best and it doesn’t help that its best star is its HP (which luckily is not boosted from Beast Boost but its defenses are raised.  This thing is just HUGE and such a big mouth!  Sharing its dual typing of Dark/Dragon with the Hydreigon line, the two share a lot of strange things together, but this one cane survive a LOT more hits.  Interesting fella to say the least.

079: Necrozma


So after you’ve finished dealing with the Ultra Beasts, Looker tells you of another possible one found on Melemele Island.  Though unlike the UBs, Necrozma is actually a Pokémon, due to it being able to actually be caught in a Pokeball (something I didn’t mention was that Ultra Beast can only be caught by Beast Balls).  It’s a strange happening and it feels somewhat anticlimactic because there’s really not much behind it sadly for a legendary.  I do like the design and the whole prism shtick is great…but a pure Psychic?  At least make it Rock/Psychic at least…

Though in USUM, we’re introcuded to the idea that Necrozma is an Ultra Beast and it comes out and essentially forces itself on Solgaleo or Lunala (depending on the version of the game) and becomes a similar situation to White/Black Kyurem called Dusk Mane/Dawn Wings Necrozma.  Types do change where Necrozma gains the secondary typing of whichever legendary it takes over.  Interesting designs, and it looks like a virus corrupting the two!

Though it also seems that all this culminates into it’s main form, Ultra Necrozma which ultimately changes its typing to a Psychic/Dragon and has its own exclusive Z-move!  Personally, the look of it is pretty bright (being yellow, its Shiny design is a bit better).  Mad powerful and really gave Necrozma a nice arc in comparison to its original appearance in Sun & Moon.

080: Magearna


Then we have our event legendaries and ironically enough Magearna was the first of the 7th Generation to be revealed!  Being a Steel/Fairy type it might not have an unique typing but the look and artificiality about it seems unusual here, but with a nice signature move in Fleur Cannon.  It also looks a LOT like Diancie but more mechanical and technically its true because it was created to be based off a Diancie to begin with.  It’s cool and though it has been released in-game, I want its Pokeball variation (is it going to be any different or what?).

Though I guess this Pokeball Variation, like AZ’s Floette, ended up being totally ignored and hasn’t been released at all and the current only way to get it is by hacking for it. That is until Pokémon HOME released and if we complete the National Pokedex, we get this form of Magearna (nothing unique though, just an aesthetic change though).

081: Marshadow



The last event Pokémon (well, until USUM), Marshadow actually was initially a name leaked alongside the names of the starters and legendaries way at the beginning of promotion for Sun/Moon.  Being a unique typing of Fighting/Ghost, Marshadow is going to be interesting because it has a unique move AND a specific Z-Stone.  Though it doesn’t seem to have an alternate form especially after its movie appearance and it’s only unique thing is that it changes colors before attacking, it made wonder why it was so important and one that’s curious to one day see what’s so great about it!


GENERATION 7: What a Short Post! February 1, 2017

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As the title implies, yeah this will be a shorter post due to being close to the end of the dex and right before we get into the Legendaries & Ultra Beasts!  So let’s get the remainder of the Pokedex

051: Type:Null, 052: Silvally


Kicking things off, we have the strangely named Type: Null & its evolution Silvally!  Now strange as it seems, you can’t even obtain this Pokémon until post-game so it feels strange that it’s found in the main section of the Dex with other Pokémon.  Most of the game though will have you battling Type:Null due to Gladion owning one of them.  After you do get it, level it up with high happiness and the helmet comes off and it turns into Silvally.  What’s more interesting is that because it’s a chimera of sorts and its ability is called RKS System, it seems like the Aether Foundation were trying to recreate the God Pokémon, Arceus.  Even its ability uses “memories” in the same way plates are used for Arceus.  Strange Normal type for sure…

053: Minior


When I first saw this Pokémon, I had thought that it would be somewhat related to either both Solrock and Lunatune.  However, at the end of the day Minior is a standalone Pokémon and pretty neat since it does share the aforementioned twos typing of Rock/Psychic.  What makes it stand out though is that once you lower its HP under half, its shell breaks and we get a plethora of colors like the pink one (pictured above, the its shiny form is my favorite of the bunch).  Pretty neat Pokémon and its got a cute gimmick.

054: Komala


A Pokémon many fans were SO sure that would get an evolution, ended up not getting, this Normal-type Komala is a pretty confusing one to say the least.  Mostly it’s due to its ability, Comatose where its in a constant state of sleep without being actually asleep, which means Sleep moves (Sleep Talk, Snore) works and it can’t have any other negative ailment (Poison, Paralysis, Frozen) be put on it.  I think it if it had an evolution, it might have been a bit OP (unless it had a different ability).  Still, not a totally interesting Pokémon, but has a pretty neat idea behind it.

055: Turtonator


Ahhh yes! A Fire/Dragon Pokémon that isn’t Reshiram!  This Sun exclusive was late to joining my party, but I find that because its a bit slow, its a Pokémon I wouldn’t care to use but Shell Trap (a signature move for Turtonator) is a nice counter being a bit slower than a lot of Pokémon.  Beyond that, I still haven’t really found much of a use for it, but time will tell!

056: Togedemaru


As a pattern with every generation, there’s always going to be a Pika-clone of sorts and in Generation 7 there’s two strangely enough.  The first is Togedemaru which beyond its full Japanese name being kept, is an Electric/Steel type like the Magnezone line but a lot more weaker in that sense.  I do love its hedgehog-inspired designed and the spikes that can protrude from its body, but to me I get strange Emolga feels from this.

057: Mimikyu


I definitely wasn’t expecting a Pika-clone is the furthest sense of connection like Mimikyu who is our first Ghost/Fairy type.  I will say between this Pokémon and Decidueye, the sheer popularity contest definitely went to those two.  Mimikyu is being pushed immensely and its backstory is cute, sad, but cute too.  In game, it has a signature ability in Disguise (which works like a built-in Substitute) and it gets a free move with no damage.  It’s such an unexpected but great idea of a Pokémon!

058: Bruxish


Of the Pokémon in this generation, many fans have deemed that Bruxish is the weakest and I have to agree with it because the colors clash a bit too much (even worse when considering its shiny form) and while I like the idea of basing this off the state fish, the lips and jagged teeth is creepy and I have to say that I like Starmie a bit more as a Water/Psychic type than what Bruxish can do.  Plus it’s a bit difficult to find one too.  Just not a good-looking Pokémon.

059: Drampa


Towards the end of the main Dex, we have the Moon exclusive Drampa (who is our first Normal/Dragon type).  Sadly, we really don’t get to obtain one until we start climbing Mt. Lanakila to the Pokémon League.  A little too late to be training one for use in the League, Drampa seems to be in the background a lot.  Not sure what to say, but I suppose it works.

060: Dhelmise


One of the last Pokémon we got to check out, Dhelmise; like Bruxish and Mareanie are pretty tough to find (fishing in one specific spot on Poni Island, on top of a low encounter rate).  I wasn’t sure what type it could’ve been but in the end ended up being Grass/Ghost (sharing Decidueye and the Trevenant & Gourgeist lines.  Though in come its signature ability, Steelworker and it might as well be a Steel type too (Steel type moves get extra power).  Strange Pokémon in design, but it can be a powerhouse if used right!

061: Jangmo-o, 062: Hakamo-o, 063: Kommo-o


The last set of Pokémon in this post is of course telling as these three represent the pseudo-legendary line of the generation.  The Kommo-o line is pretty unique as both Hakamo-o & Kommo-o are both of the unique dual type of Dragon/Fighting (Jangmo-o is a pure Dragon type).  I do like the kind of regal design the evolution line has and Kommo-o’s signature move, Clanging Scales is pretty cool despite having setbacks to its Defenses.  Overall a cool design and much better in usage than the Goodra line of 6th Gen.



GENERATION 7: Alola x2! January 20, 2017

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Welp here goes nothing!  Time for Part 2 of going through the new Pokemon!

026: Mareanie, 027: Toxapex


Kicking things off, we have the Poison/Water type Pokemon Mareanie & its evolution Toxapex.  Now when we got that TCG preview/leak of it, I kind of figured it was going to be those typings because it was underwater and the barbs were kind of a giveaway.  I do like Mareanie’s design, but find Toxapex a little strange especially walking with the flaps and such.  It does have a signature move in Baneful Bunker (cool name BTW) that shields itself but poisons the opponent if they use a physical move.  Also, finding one of these is HARD because you can only find them in SOS battles with Corsola and even then that’s hard to pull off.  Not sure if that was a smart way to do things, but meh.

028: Mudbray, 029: Mudsdale


As the pure Ground type Pokemon, the Mudsdale line isn’t too much to gawk at honestly.  I will say that they do have great power, but lack heavily in the speed department.  Also, a donkey evolving into a Clydesdale is a little strange (not as much as some others, obviously).  I’m OK with it and the fact it’s a Pokeride is pretty nice too.

030: Dewpider, 031: Araquanid


Oh dear, as one of a few Pokemon we didn’t get a video reveal for, I wasn’t expecting a water spider to be a part of this shindig.  As a Water/Bug (which it shares with Surskit, and the Golisopod line, funny enough) I never really found myself wanting a Dewpider just because it looked a little too goofy or my tastes, but I saw the crazy design of Araquanid and I had to have one.  It’s just so alien-like and sleek!  Really one of the coolest designs of Gen 7!

032: Fomantis, 033: Lurantis


Another curious situation, the Lurantis line is actually not Bug/Grass as everyone expected (especially since it is based off an Orchid Mantis.  Nah, it’s just a pure Grass type and normally that doesn’t help its situation due to MANY better Pokemon than it, but  what does help that my Online name is Solarblade which is its signature move (a physical-based Solar Beam).  That in itself made it stick onto me and I’m going to train this baby quite nicely!

034: Morelull, 035: Shiinotic


Talking about Grass types, we have our next Pokemon who are actually Grass/Fairy (shared with Whimsicott), the Shiinotic line!  When I first saw Morelull, I thought it was cute and the whole bioluminescene shtick was a neat idea and how the mushrooms light up are just cute…then it evolves into something scary xD.  It’s like what if Amoonguss was a Fairy type xD.  There’s just something about Shiinotic’s face that bothers me…a little Espurr here?

036: Salandit, 037: Salazzle


Finally something a little different than the normal (raise it to a certain level) we have the Salazzle line!  Starting off, it is the first line to have a unique dual type of Poison/Fire on top of their signature ability, Corrosion (which poisons types that are normally immune to it like Steel types).  Add on that ONLY female Salandits evolve into Salazzle and you’ve got a Pokemon that sticks out in the generation!

038: Stufful, 039: Bewear


Probably the one that brought humor to this generation, the Bewear line is surely a strange one at that too.  Stufful is adorable though and finding one is just appealing especially with its Normal/Fighting typing (shared with Meloetta’s Piroette forme) before evolving into a Bewear.  That’s when we find out that it also wants to gives hugs but due to its sheer power, it’ll destroy people and anything in its path!  Goofy backstory aside, Bewear sure is slow, but packs a wild punch!

040: Bounsweet, 041: Steenee, 042: Tsareena


Ohhh, another line that has two evolutions to it!  The Grass-type Tsareena line is a pretty quick one if I remember correctly.  As Bounsweet, I thought the whole mangosteen look was cute and knowing its preyed upon a lot is sad.  Luckily in-game, you find Bounsweet and doesn’t take very long before it evolves to Steenee.  Teaching it Stomp and leveling it will then make it evolve further into Tsareena and gain its signature move Trop Kick!  It’s definitely for the waifu lovers out there ironically and I didn’t find much to use with this one.

043: Comfey


Another Pokemon that feels like its typing is missing something, Comfey is our pure Fairy-type here and I initially thought in its reveal that it would have evolved, but nope, it’s a standalone here.  Sadly it doesn’t seem to fare well in the meta and is just kind of there to be like the Hawaiian lei Pokemon.  It’s cute though and the lei idea is cool (though its shiny is pretty disappointing).

044: Oranguru


To some Version exclusives, Orangurus can be found only in Moon (makes sense with the purple coloring and all).  Being a Normal/Psychic type (sharing with Meloetta & Girafarig), I had one for quite a while, but then Lunala came in and this one fell to the wayside.  Sadly, I had my own issues with it being so slow and not having the strongest moves in its arsenal.

045: Passimian


Its Sun counterpart, a pure Fighting type, Passimian caught my attention a little more due to its design and the fact it’s the more offensive Pokemon between the two.  Plus it looks like a rugby player doesn’t it?  Sadly, I didn’t really get to obtain one of these until post-game when I wanted to finish the Living Dex (one of every single Pokemon).  I have to see how well it does for me before I can decide conclusively if it’s a good Pokemon to have.

046: Wimpod, 047: Golisopod


When I first saw Wimpod in its reveal, it remided me a LOT of Abra, but its ability Wimp Out lets it escape battle once its HP is under half.  That made me worried and the fact that it’s found in 3 spots specifically (on top of having to chase it via Tauros) makes me aggrivating a little bit on top of it being weak.  However, Golisopod comes in and it just tears things up.  While I still disagree with Golisopod’s ability, Emergency Exit (Wimp Out basically), its signature move, First Impression is really great!  Also, what a badass design!

048: Sandygast, 049: Palossand


One of the weirder designs of the Generation, I never thought that a haunted sandcastle would be a thing but now there is with the Palossand line.  First off, I really enjoy the Ghost/Ground typing (Golurk line has this too) and the backstory and designs themselves are pretty neat and strange.  I didn’t get to use this because the line is also particularly slow as sludge so it didn’t get a place on the team.

050: Pyukumuku


The last of the post, Pyukumuku was always a strange one to me.  It’s cool we get our sea cucumber Pokemon and all and its pure Water typing is slightly boring on the flipside of things.  Though I think the fact that its more of tricks and tanking and its lack of offensive moves might turn some people off on top of that its only true way of physically hitting is in its ability Innards Out where it does damage after it faints.  Kind of a bummer situation if you ask me…



GENERATION 7: Welcome to Alola! December 2, 2016

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Welcome to going through another generation, though I would be at least done with the first two gens, but time slipped from me and before you know it, Sun & Moon had released and my focus had shifted towards the new generation.  Of course with the new Pokémon there are other new things as well including UBs and Alolan Forms which will add to the list (UBs will be talked about alongside the legendaries while Alolan Forms will get its own post).  So let’s get started!

001: Rowlet, 002: Dartrix, 003: Decidueye


Of course like with EVERY Pokemon game before it, we have the starters with Grass, Fire, and Water.  So I found it interesting that of the three, Rowlet is the 2nd time where a starter begins with a dual type (this time with Grass/Flying).  The only other time is Bulbasaur was back when.  Also, the only other Pokemon it shares that with is Tropius & Sky Forme Shaymin.  Though once Dartrix evolves into Decidueye, it changes its secondary typing to Grass/Ghost (sharing with Gourgeist & Trevenant’s line & fellow gen-mate, Dhelmise.  I actually dug this design and seeing that many fans loved its archer look and the surprising typing in its final evolution it sticks out…though many find it meh due to speed (which is a COMMON problem with this generation in comparison to past ones).

004: Litten, 005: Torracat, 006: Incineroar


Like I mentioned in previous Pokemon posts, I had concluded that I wanted Litten as my starter because it brings me back to a pattern that I had since the beginning of the series.  Though many had feared that its typing would be the almighty Fire/Fighting as it had been most times with past Fire starters, Incineroar’s final dual type ended it at Fire/Dark (typing shared with the Houndoom line).  Besides the speed issue, Incineroar was pretty awesome on my team and making it to the Elite 4 was great and he saved my ass a lot and hell, Incineroar was good enough to join Smash Bros!

007: Popplio, 008: Brionne, 009: Primarina


After the last gen with its sheer winner in Froakie, It seems the popularity of the starters went mostly to Litten and Rowlet this time and Popplio ended up with the short end of the stick.  At the final evolution, Primarina ends up with a Water/Fairy type (sharing with Azumarill & Marill).  Though I do wonder why Primarina is more of a feminine Pokemon despite the M/F ratio to be equal…the males are Primorino?  About the same feeling of weirdness like with Mr. Mime.

010: Pikipek, 011: Trumbeak, 012: Toucannon


Another one of those, how does one thing end up as another thing.  This time it’s the typical early bird Pokemon, Pikipek and its line.  Naturally, the three are of Normal/Flying type (very common!).  Though I feel like it has some purpose and Toucannon being focused on Attack is pretty cool (on top of having Beak Blast, its signature move).  Still, a woodpecker at its beginning that ends up as a toucan?  Little strange, but I definitely had this one in my Elite 4 team!  OH yeah, I feel so strange that Toucannon has those angry eyes…

013: Yungoos, 014: Gumshoos


Of course after the generation bird Pokemon, we have a generational rodent Pokemon with our mongoose Pokemon, Yungoos and its evolution Gunshoos.  Nothing too unique about it to really talk about it besides the fact that it evolves during the day and keeps its Normal typing throughout

015: Grubbin, 016: Charjabug, 017: Vikavolt


So unlike previous generations where we would have two bug lines early in the Dex, we just have the one this time around with the Vikavolt line.  You get Grubbin quite early enough as a pure Bug type and eventually evolves into Charjabug after leveling up and gains the Electric typing (this dual type shared with the Galvantula line).  Though what bums me out is that you get Vikavolt way late into the game (4th Island, Poni).  I was also expecting it to be fast, but damn its not!  Still, I kept it in my team for the Elite 4!

018: Crabrawler, 019: Crabominable


When I first saw Crabrawler, I expected it to be like previous Crabs in having it be a Water type, but I was happily surprised that it just turned out to be pure Fighting.  You can find them in Berry piles throughout Alola, but like Vikavolt, Crabominable is a late game gain because you can only obtain it by leveling it in the caves of Lanakila (Alola’s Victory Road).  I have to say though Crabominable’s unique typing of Fighting/Ice is awesome (yet incredibly fragile) and its design is funny, yet cool!

020: Oricorio


Our next Pokemon brought something a little different to the table.  Depending on where you find them they will be of different typing (and design) on each of the islands.  On Melemele, you will find the Pom-Pom style (the yellow one) which is Electric/Flying and for an early catch, I think it’s a good start.  Then you travel to Akala and you end up with the Baile style (the red one) and that’s Fire/Flying!  Then there’s the Ula’ula variation with the Pa’u style (the Psychic/Flying pink one) and then the Poni variation with Sensu style (the Ghost/Flying blue one).  All of them don’t stray too much in stats from one another and they have their unique move, Revelation Dance which caters to the different typings they can take.

021: Cutiefly, 022: Ribombee


Awwwww!  I have to say that I really love the Ribombee line as being pixie-like bees!  As the first Bug/Fairy types, the Ribombee line is only one in a couple Pokemon who are decently fast!  Pollen Puff is what I think of because it’s its thing and signature move so it really is cute, fast, but not totally a powerful Pokemon.

023: Rockruff, 024: Lycanroc


Wow, I didn’t realize the Lycanroc line is found at the end of the first island.  Anyways, as our pure Rock type, Rockruff is just SOOOO adorable and being based off a Spitz is just as cuuute!  Though what makes it interesting is that depending on the game you have you can get a Midday Lycanroc or a Midnight Lycanroc.  Though they aren’t version exclusives (you can find the opposite towards the end of the 4th island).  The difference between the two is that the Midday form is faster and has more battle options, but Midnight form has more power.  Though for me, I had a Midnight on my team for majority of the game (though got taken out when I caught Lunala).

HOWEVER, Ultra Sun/Moon introduced us to a 3rd form named, Dusk Form Lycanroc and it’s essentially a fusion of the previous two gaining both signature moves, but it’s orange and has green eyes (it was shown off initially in the anime as Ash’s Lycanroc evolved into it.  In USUM though, you get this form from a special gift Rockruff who can only evolve only in a space time of like one hour in the morning and evening.

025: Wishiwashi


The last Pokemon of the post, we have our Water type Wishiwashi and it’s a VERY strange addition to the metagame.  So Wishiwashi is unique in that it doesn’t actually evolve, but its ability, Schooling has it change into this beast that even beats out Gyarados!  Sadly there’s a catch, once its HP goes below half, it becomes the solo form and its stats are sheer embarassment, where its stats altogether are even worse than Sunkern (the previous holder of weakest Pokemon with total base stats).  I could see the School form opening a battle with power and destruction, but once its HP goes and enters its Solo form, you might as well just put it away.  Risk/Reward basically!