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GENERATION 8: The Crown Tundra Below! November 6, 2020

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We finally get the 2nd DLC (and final for now?) The Crown Tundra and it’s time to dive into the new Pokemon and forms that were introduced in the release!

I will start off by saying that Zarude is staying in the Isle of Armor post I did because despite that everyone (cept Japan) hasn’t received one yet, it’s still released on that update.

099: Galarian Articuno

Starting things off, the DLC had 3 arching stories, one based on Calyrex, one based on the Regis and one based around the Kantonian birds (though looking a bit different than what we’re used to).  Honestly, when it came to Articuno, it was the easiest for me to catch, but the most difficult to activate the battle because you have to corner it so it splits into 3 mirror versions and you have to pick the odd one out.  Now, Articuno did get a change of typing with it now being a Psychic/Flying type which there’s been a few and curiously it does fully stick to Psychic-type moves though it’s Signature move, Freezing Glare is the only move in its main level-up pool that can freeze opponents.  I actually love the design out of this one though!

100: Galarian Zapdos

Zapdos was the 2nd I searched for and was the easiest to catch up to, but didn’t have too much trouble catching it, took longer than Articuno for sure though!  Though you find Zapdos running across the Wild Area (in the main game).  Now, like the other birds, Zapdos had a change of types moving to a Fighting/Flying type (of course its signature move, Thunderous Kick is the only representative of its Electric typing of its Kantonian forms.  It also seems like it doesn’t really fly like the other two, focusing more on it’s legs more than anything else.  Neat design though!

101: Galarian Moltres

However, Galarian Moltres gave me the biggest problems, it wasn’t hard to find on the Isle of Armor, but trying to catch it was just stressful and wasted so many balls on just trying to catch the damn thing!  Switching to a Dark/Flying type was cool and the dark flames are so cool to see and likewise it’s movepool has quite a bit of Dark-type moves on it on top of Fiery Wrath being the only Fire-related move since it’s the Signature move.  Crazy cool design and I can see myself using it in the future!

102: Galarian Slowking

After Slowpoke and Slowbro, it comes to no surprise that there’d be a Slowking variant down the line and kind of surprised they did it one by one by the expansions.  Of course, just like with Slowbro, you need 15 Galarica Twigs to make a Wreath and then give it to Slowpoke.  Of course it also becomes a Poison/Psychic type and its signature move, Eerie Spell does damage while also lowering the PP of the last move your opponent made!  Visually, it’s strange to me with the Shellder giving me some DBZ vibes with the angry look and green gem.  Bizarre part, but otherwise, nice Pokemon to have around.

103: Regieleki

Yup, we get new Regis as part of the arc of that storyline.  Unfortunately, it is tied to a decision between obtaining it or Regidrago and I didn’t choose it so I can’t say too much.  I really like the electric lightbulb vibe I get from it and the fact it’s a REAL powerhouse is interesing, plus Electric Cage (its Signature move) is really neat to watch as well.  It could possibly vibe alongside Xurkitree, what a dangerous duo!!!

104: Regidrago

The other half was indeed the one I chose at the end of the day with the Dragon-type Regi, Regidrago!  There’s something about it that feels incredibly neat with it, especially since it’s the smallest of the 6 known right now.  Plus, it learns Dragon Energy which is like a pretty badass move to watch too!  Though it may not have the better stats, but I think I could use it more!  

105: Glastrier

So we knew most of the Pokemon we were getting when they first introduced the Crown Tundra expansion (which was the same time the Isle of Armor was announced too) and yet they somehow managed to keep these quiet (though not without leakers doing what they do best).  Sort of, we knew there were horse Pokemon, we just didn’t know the names til they came out.  Glastrier, obviously is an Ice-type so neat, but the design is a little too simple and its movepool isn’t that great either, not even having a Signature move.  Plus it has a unique ability, Chilling Neigh when it defeats an opponent its Attack stat grows.  Also just like the two new Regis, you can only choose between Glastrier or Spectrier and I didn’t choose this one…that means…

106: Spectrier

Yeah, of course since I love Ghost types, Spectrier was going to be my choice when it came down to it and while the design is also kind of plain jane, I do appreciate the disconnected hooves on Spectrier.  Though despite me liking this more, it’s kind of the same disappointing movepool here and just is kind of a trophy Pokemon to kind of show off Calyrex.  Though I do like its ability Grim Neigh where when it defeats an opponent it’s Sp.Atk goes up!

107: Calyrex

As the main course of the DLC, Calyrex was such a fun Pokemon to get to meet and learn about, especially knowing that it’s a myth to people and Calyrex was sad knowing people forgot about it as time continued on.  Now, Calyrex on its own with the Psychic/Grass type is interesting, makes me think of Celebi of course and surprised me a bit

Though I think most people will get more out of Calyrex with either of its “fusion” forms, Ice Rider or Shadow Rider (basically it sticks the Reins of Unity on and connects to either of the horses, Glastrier or Spectrier).  That said, it changes the Grass-type to match the horses (Ice or Ghost respectively) and gains a unique move from them (Glacial Lance or Astral Barrage, again respectively).  To me it’s not a full fusion like what with Kyurem did in B2/W2 but it is what it is…interesting concept though!  They’re also the first Pokemon to have 2 active abilities at once, titled As One (Calyrex’s Unnerve and either of the horses’ ability).




GENERATION 8: The Isle of Armor Awaits! June 18, 2020

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Well, the Isle of Armor is currently out now and that, me returning to talk about the new Pokemon (or forms) that are unreleased.  Which means I’ll be talking about them where they land on the Pokedex (with the exceptions of the Gigantamaxes which will be the last of them.  So let’s go!

095: Galarian Slowbro


After giving a tease with Slowpoke in between the main release and the DLC release, we finally get the first of the evolutions with Slowbro and as I guessed from just Slowpoke having the move, Acid, Galarian Slowbro is a Poison/Psychic type (the first with the dual-type) and I find it pretty interesting and it’s signature move Shell Side Arm is great especially as a Poison-type move.  Also shocked at how fast it can be and with the Shellder being a cannon now, it really seems cool now.  Also, it evolves by giving it a Galarica Ring which is made by an NPC who needs 8 Galarica Twigs that you find around the Isle of Armor.  Now I really am curious to what Slowking will turn out when DLC 2 releases.

096: Kubfu, 097: Urshifu


So here we have where the main arc of the DLC surrounds.  After getting through some of the story of the DLC, the leader of the Dojo, Mustard will give you a lvl. 10 Kubfu to train and with some training, you’ll be given the choice to either take a challenge (with yourself and your partner Kubfu) between two towers which will net you two different forms of Urshifu when you complete one of them; Single Strike (Fighting/Dark) or Rapid Strike (Fighting/Water).  I do like that it’s a strong and powerful Pokemon, but it does feel slightly weird you could only get one or the other.  Plus each form has a unique move and Gigantamax form (seen below).  Yeah, cool Pokemon I’d say!

098: Zarude


I know I placed this initially after Eternatus, but it was because I thought it would’ve been released before IoA since it was revealed and kind of promoted due to its movie, but I think because of the pandemic, it was postponed and saved for later.  Though it’s files were added through the DLC update and it’s interesting.  While it’s Grass/Dark typing isn’t new, I do like that it has Jungle Healing (signature move) that heals HP with no setbacks which is nice.  The big new thing though we learned is that there’s a special form Zarude (from the movie) where it’s wearing a cape, but beyond that nothing is known about it except it’s called the Dada Form?  Interested to see when it releases for people.

Gigantamax Forms

Gigantamax Venusaur


I had a feeling that the remaining Kanto starters would get Gigantamax variants primarily because Charizard had it in the main game.  Luckily I felt relieved by it at least.  That said in the story of the DLC, one of the characters give you a choice between obtaining a Bulbasaur or a Squirtle, myself?  I chose Squirtle because I know I’ll come back and get my Venusaur to have Max Soup so it can also Gigantamax down the line.  The design itself is OK, it feels like it’s becoming more similar to a Vileplume with the giant petals and all and its Mega Evolution back in Gen 6.  I mean I dunno what else you could’ve done.

Gigantamax Blastoise


Like I said above, I ended up choosing Squirtle primarily due to the fact that Blastoise looks even more like a tank than ever especially with all those cannons from his shells…makes his Mega Evolution looks ridiculously tame lol.  It’s unique Max Move is pretty awesome to look at too.  Yeah, it’s definitely pretty awesome for sure!

Gigantamax Rillaboom


Yeah, the Galarian starters also get Gigantamax forms too which is rather surprising to see.  Of course since I chose Grookey as my starter, of course I’m going to give it the Max Soup so it’s able to make the shift!  With Rillaboom, turning it into a literal percussionist with a drum set was not surprising but damn it looks wild.  I do like it though!

Gigantamax Cinderace


Cinderace’s Gigantamax is really neat giving itself a fireball with a ghastly look to it which initially made me hope that it’d be the first of the Gigantamaxes to change a Pokemon’s typing.  Though after seeing it and being impressed that it’s keeping with its Soccer vibes, I’m pretty impressed by it.

Gigantamax Inteleon


Finally we have Inteleon’s Gigantamax and it turns straight into a sniper, with the water rifle and the water geyser (which in actuality is its tail) acting as its perch, I found this clever and yet pretty damn unique.  I mean it doesn’t do too much with Inteleon’s design ironically, but everything it does just seems so much more dramatic here.  Really awesome!

Gigantamax Urshifu


Yup, of course the main Pokemon of this DLC would get Gigantamax forms towards the end of the main campaign of Isle of Armor.  Just like how Urshifu regular is, its Gigantamax depends on which evolution route you chose for Kubfu.  I do like how it gets a little more scary looking and beastly alongside the red & blue look they have as well.




GENERATION 8: Gigantamaxed! Should we call this Kaijuumon now? Pt. 5 March 19, 2020

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Alright time to talk about the biggest addition to the game and I mean BIGGEST!  So in the region’s lore, it seems this Dynamaxing (and Gigantamaxing) is a phenomenon in Galar due to Eternatus.  Dynamaxing is pretty much the ability all Pokémon have to grow huge (basically in battles, it grows and can be it for 3 turns before returning to its original size).  Gigantamaxing turns certain Pokémon to a new form (in battles, the same as Dynamaxing, but it comes with a unique move) though Pokémon who can Gigantamax can also Dynamax but not both (unless you train in the Armor of Isle DLC).  It’s a mix of Gen 6’s Mega Evolution & Gen 7’s Z-moves, so I suppose it’s OK but made Sw/Sh a lot easier than it should.  So shall we see these Gigantamax forms?

Gigantamax Charizard


When Gigantamaxing was first announced, we had 6 Pokémon show off this feature (Charizard, Pikachu, Eevee, Meowth, Corviknight, and Drednaw).  Seeing Charizard getting it (and Meowth as I mention later on the post) made me feel like Gamefreak was pandering too much to these two, but they’re popular Pokémon so yah.  I think what made me a little more frustrated was that Blastoise and Venusaur were left behind (well until the DLC announcement).  So about them, a lot of these Gigantamax forms are for Pokémon under gym leaders, Elite 4, and the Champion himself, Leon who actually owns said Charizard.  It’s also one of the first Post-Game Pokémon you get is gifted Charmander from Leon who can evolve with the ability to Gigantamax which is pretty awesome I’d say and it looks cool with it’s flamed wings.  Cool, but man does GF love Charizard a LOT!

Gigantamax Butterfree


Yeah, Butterfree got one (maybe to even it after Mega Beedrill became a thing lol).  I have to say the green wings was an interesting choice, but I also kind of dig the falling scales despite that.  I think out of all G-max forms, Butterfree is simple but workable but also kind of not exciting at the same time!

Gigantamax Pikachu


Lord they brought in fat Pikachu as its Gigantamax form?  I guess it’s nice nostalgic feels when I get to see this and it’s neat to see especially with it’s tail being more ridiculous and lightning-like.  Though this (and Eevee) are kind of unique as they are currently not found by Raid Battles (fights against both Dynamaxed & Gigantamaxed Pokémon in the Wild Area).  Instead you find them right before the Wild Area when you enter the train station and talk to one of the two characters.  It’s basically available if you have either Let’s Go Pikachu! or Eevee! save data.  So unsurprisingly, I don’t own either of them, but the G-Max move is pretty cool.  I think it’s OK…pandering once again for Pikachu but I mean could you blame them?

Gigantamax Meowth


So it wasn’t enough that Meowth got a Galarian variant, but the original Kanto form gets a Gigantamax version and it’s based off a meme?  Yeah, maybe this was a bit too much pandering for this one in this game and it’s also an event inclusion that happened at launch (though it did end on January 15th) making it hard to find nowadays in which I don’t think is possibly currently.  It’s OK and its cry is hilarious to hear ~MEOW MEOW MEOW~ xD.  Not bad I guess.

Gigantamax Machamp


So like I said with Charizard, many of the Gigantamax forms are due to them being the main Pokémon used by Gym Trainers (with the exception to Piers because his gym lacks a Gigantamax field).  Anyways, Machamp is actually Bea’s main Pokémon (Bea is one of the Sword exclusives gym leaders).  Despite what you might think, they don’t change typings so Machamp’s look of Fighting/Fire is not the case.  It would’ve been cool and explains the lava-esque orane in its arms, though why were pants added?   Seems absurd when Pokémon just gains clothes for an evolution or form changes such as these.  Neat, but eh at the same time.

Gigantamax Gengar


So even though I never got to fight one of these in Sword (it’s the main Pokémon Alister uses in Shield, Ghost gym battle exlusivity), seeing Gigantamax Gengar feels more like an evolution from Mega Gengar ironically!  I really enjoy the fact that Giga Gengar kind of fuses the idea of its Mega look with some Japanese history through it with the gate-like mouth (reminds me of Guzzlord too in that aspect).  Plus once again its shiny look, is cool tooo!

Gigantamax Kingler


I think of all of the Kanto Pokémon that got a new form, I never thought Kingler would’ve ended up with one.  This one is also kind of not used by anyone important in the game, so it’s kind of pretty nice to see Kingler stand out here.  I mean the bubble beard is probably the oddest look, but to see it become even more crab-like and have that HUGE pincer is scary lol!  Cool look!

Gigantamax Lapras


Another Shield exclusive gym battle main used by Circhester’s Melony, Lapras got a Giga form and I instantly loved that Lapras got something new.  I mean the main new thing about it is that it’s shell is not like a cruise ship style situation which makes so much sense because Lapras has kind of been known as a carrier in waters (thanks Orange Island league).  The staff/icicle wrap-around is interesting, but it makes it look more majestic in a way.  Very pretty!

Gigantamax Eevee


I think of the Gigantmaxes, I think I was mostly disappointed with Eevee here due to basically just getting more fluffier and poofy (a slight? nod to its Gen 1 look?).  Regardless, I never got one because I didn’t get Let’s Go Eevee.  I’m slightly surprised it was given one and made more sense than giving any of its evolutions a Giga form.  Yeah, not much interest out of me.

Gigantamax Snorlax


So in this odd period between the game releasing and the first DLC to be released in June, there were 3 added Gigantamax post-release and Snorlax was one of them.  Now I mean, we’ve had this kind of land on a Pokémon before (Torterra anyone?), but this is HUGE and now Snorlax’s stomach has becomes this park almost lol.  Goofy yet interesting as the first of the three to come out!

Gigantamax Garbodor


What a surprise that Unova would actually get represented, but how troll-like to choose Garbodor of all Pokémon from Gen 5 to get a Gigantamax for (Garbodor is the main Pokémon used by Oleana).  It really shows how gargantuan and scary these huge Pokémon can get.  Look at Garbodor, I mean it has big toys lodged into its body and just looks demonic.  I haven’t gotten one yet, but it looks neat.

Gigantamax Melmetal


So the last of the 3 (and currently unreleased Gigantamax), Melmetal gets one and I’m surprised at how alien it looks like at this point.  Considering since Pokémon HOME is available, I’m kind of surprised they haven’t made this possible to get (especially with how difficult it is to get a Melmetal in the first place).  Looks cool, though I can’t wait to see this release because it means I also get a Melmetal!

Gigantamax Corviknight


Onto the Galar Pokémon, Corviknight was revealed alongside Drednaw with their Giga forms and I really liked Corviknight despite not changing too much about it.  I mean the red is nice, but I really like the bladed birds that surround it makes it much more interesting despite not really utilizing them.  Looks great!

Gigantamax Orbeetle


Damn, I know that I loved using Orbeetle in the main game, but learning that once it shifts into its Gigantamax form, it’s a UFO of all things is pretty rad of a design, really unique versus many others.  It doesn’t belong to anyone important, but damn this is a pretty awesome Pokémon!

Gigantamax Drednaw


Like I said above Nessa used a Drednaw in her team, but strangely enough that Drednaw didn’t Gigantamax so we ended up not being able to see this until Max Raid Battles or interestingly enough the rematch with Nessa in the Elite 4.  I mean seeing it the first time eerily reminded me of Blastoise with Bowser colors lol.  I didn’t think too much of Giga Drednaw’s design and even now slightly struggles to pop out at me.

Gigantamax Coalossal


Ok, so seeing Coalossal getting one (due to being Sword’s Gordie’s main Pokémon), was interesting because while I’m not the biggest fan of Coalossal, seeing its Giga form made so much sense because it’s now burning the coal in its body and looks monstrous (though funny enough reminds me of the Rock Titan from Hercules).  It’s pretty decent overall I’d say!

Gigantamax Flapple / Gigantamax Appletun


So this was a strange one, despite my excitement that both Flapple & Appletun did get a Gigantamax form, it’s the same between the two sorta?  Ok yeah, that’s a little disappointing, but I mean the candy apple, worm apple thing is looking surprisingly original and awesome.  The only difference between Giga Flapple & Giga Appletun is the Pokémon cries and its G-max move.  Though I think my biggest issue is that you spend this time with the split evolution and then it just comes back to one essentially (and honestly feels like its Applin’s Gigantamax more so than Flapple’s winged look and the apple pie derp Appletun.  Yeah, was really confused by this xD.  Oh yeah, and in Elite 4 rematches, Milo uses both (but chosen randomly).

Gigantamax Sandaconda


Oh you’re telling me my MVP in Sword also can Gigantamax?  Yeah!  Sandaconda can and while it took me a while to deal with its coiled up look, once it blows up, Sandaconda turns into this coiled up sand twister and I’m loving it as much as the UFO that is Orbeetle.  There’s just something destructive about this guy and while I’m waiting for Armor of Isle to be able to move my MVP into being able to Gigantamax, this looks awesomes!

Gigantamax Toxtricity


So the 2nd of the 3 post-released added Gigantamax is the breakout star of the game, Toxtricity!  It is a little sad that in its Dex entry it mentions that the poison in its body has taken over its brain and now it’s wild and uncontrollable.  Also, yes both Amped & Low Key end up in this, but it’s not as odd as the Flapple & Appletun situation.  It’s such a badass looking Gigantamax form and the fact that it’s main move makes it pull a bolt out in the shape of a guitar to attack and I LOVE IT!  Crazy, yet epic design!

Gigantamax Centiskorch


For most (if not all players), the first Gigantamax Pokémon you battle against is owned by the 3rd Gym Leader, Kabu. Just by looking at it, it’s pretty long and a lot more ferocious especially in its animation for its G-Max move making it stiffen up in this wild S-like curl and shoots a fireball, it’s pretty crazy!  I likes it and may want to obtain one for the future because I was so interested in using Centiskorch, but it got knocked out by other more interesting Pokémon.

Gigantamax Hatterene


So it wasn’t surprising the parallels would get Gigas (this and the one below), but they’re for the side characters, Hatterene is for Bede who kind of takes over Opal’s role, but it’s a mix of his original Psychic team and his later Fairy team.  I never was really intrigued by Hatterene and its Gigantamax doesn’t really help matters either, it just looks like the body is taken over by the hat lol.

Gigantamax Grimmsnarl


As I said it looks like the hat took over Giga Hatterene, well the same could be said about Giga Grimmsnarl except it’s its hair this time that took over its body.  It looks crazy demonic and surprised it ended up being Marnie’s main choice (and not Piers since he’s the Dark-type gym leader?).  Looks pretty epic, but other than battling it twice, and knowing it’s still a glass cannon makes me not want to really use him heavily or look for its Giga form.

Gigantamax Alcremie


Of course Opal would have her choice and hers is in Alcremie!  First question I’m sure people would ask, no it doesn’t take into account on whatever form of Alcremie you have all of them end up taking the same looking when it shifts over into Gigantamax form where it literally turns into a towering cake!  I enjoyed how ridiculous it looks, not sure if I’d use it personally though since Alcremie never ended up on my team really.

Gigantamax Copperajah


I think of the Galarian Pokémon, Copperajah getting a Gigantamax is probably the strangest to get it over some others that probably could’ve used it.  Though at the same time, it is Chairman Rose’s main Pokémon.  Now seeing Copperajah become bipedal and it’s trunk growing into a ridiculous size is just strange.  It’s like a wall with a ramp for a nose almost xD  I think they could’ve done better with this design honestly.

Gigantamax Duraludon


O…K?  Duraludon (Raihan’s main Pokémon) was of course getting a Gigantamax, but I wasn’t expecting it to literally become a skyscraper of a Pokémon here.  I mean in a way I could see a little of Gen 6’s Prism Tower in this one which makes me chuckle a bit.  In-game, it looks way huge to the point you can’t really see its face anymore, just this huge, towering Steel/Dragon.  I like it though, may have to search for one!

Eternamax Eternatus


Even the antagonistic Pokémon, Eternatus, comes with it’s Eternamax (named because Eternatus created the phenomenon of Dynamax/Gigantamaxing).  You do battle this at the climax of the arc in the game and it’s stats go way hard (having the highest base stat total essentially)  Though unfortunately you don’t get to use it once you’ve caught Eternatus as it won’t let you change its forms.  I’m kind of wondering if that’ll change once Isle of Armor releases, but whatever.  I kind of like the whole UFO to a giant claw design, it makes it looks more insane (and gives me MAJOR Ultra Beast vibes, but it’s cool, just wish I can use it…




GENERATION 8: Galarian Forms! The sequal to Alolan Forms! Pt. 4 March 17, 2020

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So now that we have gotten through the bulk of the Generation, it’s time to tackle the Galarian Forms, new variation takes on older Pokémon, though the difference this time versus Gen 7 is that some of these lines get brand new evolution where the previous ones didn’t (like Hoenn had Zigzagoon & Linoone and now it’s those two plus a second evolution in Obstagoon, so let’s check them out!

075: Galarian Meowth, 076: Perrserker


Seems like Charizard and Meowth have been getting a lot of pandering and love these last two Generations.  For Alola, we had a Dark Meowth and here in Galar it’s a Steel type which is pretty interesting and happy that Meowth covered both types that were introduced in Gen 2.  Though I wasn’t expecting Meowth’s evolution to be visually different to either of the Persians introducing Perrserker who resembles Meowth more than the aforementioned Pokémon.  I do enjoy that it’s based off of Vikings, but it’s so tiny and easy to find in the game.  Interesting idea, but I think GameFreak could lay off of Meowth for a while…

077: Galarian Ponyta, 078: Galarian Rapidash


Seems we get some exclusives here, we first get the Shield exclusive in Galarian forms of the Rapidash line.  Going from it’s Kantonian form which were pure Fire-types to this is a BIG change.  Ponyta in Galar are Psychic-type which explains the glowy tail and the unicorn-like appearance.  Once it evolves at lvl. 40, it’ll become the Psychic/Fairy Rapidash and I was kind of hoping for more out of this design, but I suppose sticking to the unicorn look made sense.  It’s interesting and feels a bit more useful than its original Kanto look.

079: Galarian Slowpoke


So Slowpoke was actually a post-game addition to Sword & Shield (was announced and added to the game when they announced the DLC, so I didn’t know if it should be included in this post, but considering I now own one, I suppose it fits here.  This variation of Slowpoke is different in that it’s now a pure Psychic-type, but also learns Acid which is the only move difference.  With the DLC bringing in Slowbro in Isle of Armor and Slowking in Crown Tundra, we will see what happens!

080: Galarian Farfetch’d, 081: Sirfetch’d


Sword got their exclusive in Farfetch’d here and it was a long time coming.  I didn’t Farfetch’d itself would get a Galarian form.  It’s now a pure Fighting-type, but it also comes with an evolution in Sirfetch’d which is pretty awesome, though it is of a few odd evolutions with an even weirder way to evolve.  In this case Farfetch’d has to land 3 critical hits in one battle before it can evolve.  The best way early on is to catch it with a Leek (a held item it commonly comes with and fight against a Wobbuffet).  That usually does the trick IMHO.  I do really like Sirfetch’d though and its signature move, Meteor Assault is awesomes!

082: Galarian Weezing


Only a couple lines were like a few in Alola where not the entire line gets a new form in this case Koffing wasn’t touched, but instead Weezing was the one that got the change.  Though seeing as its type was changed to Poison/Fairy left me rather intrigued and I’m surprisingly happy with this new look because it’s humorous and it’s new moveset is nice, despite still having Explosion in its arsenal (especially trying to catch it late-game), it’s pretty decent!

083: Galarian Mr. Mime, 084: Mr. Rime


Like I said above, not all Galarian formed lines all had the change.  In this case, Mime Jr. didn’t get the change, but now Mime Jr. with the help of knowing the move, Mimic, in Galar, will evolve to the now Ice/Psychic Galarian form, Mr. Mime.  At first I kind of wonder if it was to kind of cover up the fact Jynx probably won’t get one, but if you train it to level 42, it’ll evolve once again to Mr. Rime.  This was a surprisingly interesting line and Mr. Rime really sticks out because it has 4 eyes (2 on his face and two on his jacket (chest?) that looks a little bit like Mime Jr.  Strange, but I guess it works?

085: Galarian Corsola, 086: Cursola


So Shield users had another exclusive in the form of a new variant of Corsola.  Though it’s pretty tragic because it’s based off of bleached coral (dead coral basically).  That said, Corsola’s new type is pure Ghost which is such a different feeling than its original Water/Rock type.  At level 38, it’ll evolve into the new Cursola and it’s even more interesting because it breaks from the coral and now is like ectoplasm.  Very unique and just cool, something I had missed out on, but I do enjoy using mine now!

087: Galarian Zigzagoon, 088: Galarian Linoone, 089: Obstagoon


When the Galarian forms were introduced (to no one’s surprise), we knew we were going to get some interesting Pokémon from it and the Alolan forms previous did that (albeit to only Gen 1 Pokémon).  Seems Gamefreak decided to make the leap and make non-Gen 1 Pokémon with the introduction to Hoenn’s Linoone line which was given a pretty badass black & white look (the reminds me of KISS, who…well weren’t British.  Though another new thing happened where these Galarian forms can have a brand new evolution only set for the Galarian variants like for example Obstagoon!  All 3 had become Dark/Normal type and you could only get Obstagoon by getting it to level 35 during the night hours.

090: Galarian Darumaka, 091: Galarian Darmanitan


For Sword users, we got the Galarian Darmanitan line.  Another choice from Unova, the Darmanitan switched types to be a pure Ice-type and looks ridiculously funky at the same time.  I do think Darumaka is really cute though, but Darmanitan looks weird with the giant bubble head.  Still, it was a rather solid design.

Just like in Unova, we also get Zen Mode Darmanitan and yeah, what an odd change it is with getting a fiery snowman which yes, means it’s the first Ice/Fire type we’ve gotten in the series.  Little strange is that we can only kind of obtain it through just raid battles currently, but it looks pretty neat and IMO is WAY better than Unovian ZM Darmanitan.

092: Galarian Yamask, 093: Runerigus


Another great choice from Unova to have been given a new look, Yamask here instead of taking over a mask takes over now a piece of a dragon rune here.  Add on that it’s a Ground/Ghost type (something that I actually was originally hoping Unovian Yamask was going to have).  Though I think the evolution process to get it’s new evolution Runerigus is rather strange and yet unique (though makes me wonder how they’ll work around this in later generations). What I mean is that you have to have Yamask lose 49 HP (in battle) and then take it to a certain arch in the Dusty Bowl (in the Wild Area) to get it to evolve…yeah, slightly convoluted.  Still, it’s a really solid Pokémon and surprised to see how big Runerigus actually is.

094: Galarian Stunfisk


Last, but not least we have Stunfisk which is probably my WTF choice here in this game and it takes the role of the (fake Pokeball, surprise battle) situation.  Changing it to Ground/Steel, it makes sense because Stunfisk looks like an actual bear trap.  I dig it, but I never really used it on my team, just because there was others that were better.  I don’t know if it stacks up against the original’s Ground/Electric-type, but I guess it’s ok.




GENERATION 8: Oh that’s pretty short of a Gen, but still bigger than Kalos! Pt. 3 February 27, 2020

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Yup, we’re finally here with last batch in Galar before going into Galarian forms and Gigantamaxes so here we’ll be goin through the last batch!  Shall we dive in?

052: Milcery, 053: Alcremie


Seems like we got this Generation’s Vivillon with the Alcremie line!  What I mean, it’s got many different looks to it!  Milcery isn’t quite that interesting although it’s clean slate look has its appeal is interesting (still kind of odd) but then once you give it a sweet (of 7 different kinds), do rotations (clockwise or counter-clockwise), how many spins and time of day, you can end up with 63 different forms of Alcremie.  Though outside of the many different kinds of Alcremie, it’s not totally special otherwise being a pure Fairy-type, but it does have a Gigantamax form, so I guess it pops off a little bit.  Also I really love Rainbow Alcremie, so it was my definite goal to get!

054: Falinks


When I first saw Falinks, I had kind of thought we had another Bug-type on our hands, but like the Grapploct line, it was a total lie and we have another Fighting-type on our hand!  It turns out this is like Exeggcute in where the 6 Falinks are they’re own thing, but the one with the big horn is the leader and with its Signature Move, No Retreat, it goes into a phalanx position (hence the name).  I’m a little surprised it doesn’t evolve or anything, but it’s odd type given could surprise opponents I’d say!

055: Pincurchin


When I first saw Pincurchin, I thought it was going to be like a Galarian Pyukumuku because they’re kind of similar in ways, but then it turns out it’s its own standalone Pokémon.  It’s also a bit better because while it’s a pure Electric-type, it does have a bit of power behind, but because it’s a one-stage, it doesn’t quite live up and just is a dex filler here.

056: Snom, 057: Frosmoth


See, all the Bug types are just interesting this Gen!  This line caught my attention immediately due to the fact that it’s a unique typing of Ice/Bug and Snom is just a cutey patootey!  Though I’m surprised they brought back the friendship/love evolution back for Frosmoth and even so shares what with Umbreon where they evolve through the night with max friendship.  I really like their designs and I enjoy this one exists even if its pretty frail.

058: Stonjourner


Wow, I had assumed we’d get a Pokémon based from Stonehenge, but boy is Stonjourner a strange looking Pokémon.  Granted, I didn’t get to use it much in Sword (even if it was a Sword exclusive).  Not much to say about this Rock-type though, but it kind of doesn’t give me a Pokémon kind of feel to it to be honest, but I think maybe it’ll stick out with visuals.

059: Eiscue


Shield players got Eiscue though which may have been the more interesting between it and Stonjouner to be honest.  If anything, Eiscue is kind of like a less useful Mimikyu because of its ability Ice Face.  What it means is that it’s head can protect it from moves, but it means it loses the cube and becomes it Noice Face until Hail is used where it can get its head back.  Beyond that, this Ice-type Pokémon isn’t quite interesting either, I think it could’ve used an evolution to be honest.

060: Indeedee


It seems we have our helpful Pokémon in this Generation in the form of Indeedee who remind me a LOT of Audino.  Sharing Girafarig & Aria Forme Meloetta type of Psychic/Normal, Indeedee was definitely not going to stand out to me, but it does have a Meowstic vibe due to it having a Male/Female variant with different moves (though they are version exclusives).  Just not my tea I guess.

061: Morpeko


Yup, it isn’t a Pokémon Generation without a Pikachu-clone somewhere in the list, but I’m surprised Morpeko is towards the end of it, but I mean you do find in the 2nd half of the game!  Being a unique typing of Electric/Dark, Morpeko also comes with a unique ability, Hunger Switch which works coinciding with its signature move, Aura Wheel which makes it change to its Hangry Form (the angry one of course).  It’s cute, a little gimmicky for me, but it’s fine (I still think Emolga & Pachirisu were more memorable).

062: Cufant, 063: Copperajah


It’s weird that Cufant is the first Pokémon we see from the intro of Sword & Shield in the possession of Chairman Rose.  Skip towards the end where they actually became available (with the exception of Raid Battles).  For me, I never got either until I had defeated Leon and the post-game story.  Being a pure Steel-type and a new elephant (after the Donphan line), Copperajah was interesting to see and considering how late game it is, I thought it was a good Steel type to have just in case.  Of course since it was the main Pokémon of the antagonist, it ended up with a Gigantamax form.

064: Dracozolt


I’m not really sure what to think of the selection of 4 fossil Pokémon.  I mean none of them evolve which is a bit sad, but a LOT of them are surprisingly good in their stats.  Now their design is a little shocking because they’re fusions of two fossils that DON’T work together.  I mean Dracozolt here looks strange because the electric chicken things doesn’t look right because it’s plastered on a dragon body (hence its Electric/Dragon type).  Interesting for sure and something that isn’t Zekrom xD.

065: Arctozolt


Seee the -zolt remains but now we’re giving the Arcto which makes this line Electric/Ice (which if I remember right is pretty unique besides Frost Rotom).  Beyond that, Arctozolt just brings more because the Electric half has a runny nose!  It’s just a goofy design, but I really like the typing!  Though these two (Dracozolt & Arctozolt learn the signature move, Bolt Beak so that’s pretty cool!

066: Dracovish


This is where the designs went from I get it to WTF happened here.  So if you’ve noticed the -vish is actually the head and it’s place onto the Draco’s tip of its tail which makes this incredibly uncomfortable and awkward especially since it has no arms to speak of as well.  Being a Dragon/Water type is a little interesting (Kingdra exists), but just on visuals alone, it’s probably my least favorite (though players seem to really like Dracovish’s stats and moves and abilities so it may be the best of the 4 ironically?

067: Arctovish


So at first I thought of all of Cara Liss’ creations (oh the pun hurts!), Arctovish was the best looking?  Maybe the most plain and not screwed up version of it.  Though with closer inspection, -vish’s head is upside down xD so the top of its head is its mouth which brings this design into a WHOLE ‘nother level of wtf.  Sad though that Arctovish’s type is the most commonly seen of the 4 (Ice/Water).  I mean it’s OK…still weird af.

Overall, these fossil Pokemon are so janky and slightly disturbin, but they do seem to work well in the game.  They are slightly version exclusives since Sword you can find Bird & Dino fossils easily and Shield has Fish & Drake.  I kind of hope that in one of these DLC packs that we can get correct fusions of the 4 because these don’t need to exist lol!

068: Duraludon


When they introduced Duraludon, I had kind of pointed it as the pseudo-legendary because it kind of had this aura about it on top of it being a Steel/Dragon (shares with Dialga).  Though to find out that it’s a standalone with no pre-evolution nor evolution (though a Gigantamax because Raihan did own one), Duraludon is kind of the oddball here.  I do like it though and it’s a nice ‘mon to catch towards the end of the game.

069: Dreepy, 070: Drakloak, 071: Dragapult


The actual pseudo legendaries comes in the form of the Dragapult line who literally was only available before the E4 battles.  Though it seems you could only catchy Drakloak in the Wild Area (and Dreepy on occasion), I felt this was incredibly and I ended up loving it real quick (though I didn’t use it in the final battle).  Dreepy is adorable though it is pretty weak and doesn’t evolve until lvl. 50 and then 10 levels later evolves into Dragapult and it’s a pretty good way to show that Dreepy sticks with the line (hell, Dragupult can launch 2 Dreepys when it uses its signature move, Dragon Darts).  Really cool line and the Ghost/Dragon type (shares with Giratina) is pretty awesome too!

072: Zacian


Now we finally enter the Legendaries starting with the box art legendaries!  Zacian is the main one for Pokémon Sword and it’s just such a cool doggo!  Now you may be wondering the two forms because prior to the game’s releases, we only knew about the one on the right.  The one on the left is the Hero of Many Battles form which is only a pure Fairy type and when it holds the Rusted Sword, it’ll become the Fairy/Steel Crowned Sword form.  It’s pretty powerful to say the least.  Definitely chose well!

073: Zamazenta


So the Shield doggo ended up taking the…err Shield!  Instead Zamazenta is curiously a Fighting-type and later becomes the Crowned Shield Zamazenta (Fighting/Steel).  While Zacian was proven to be the better of the two, Zamazenta looks pretty cool especially when it becomes its Crowned Shield form.  I haven’t had much time (it was the last to be added in my living dex), but it looks cool!

074: Eternatus


So the big baddie Pokémon in Sword & Shield, this Poison/Dragon type (shares with Dragalge & Naganadel) Eternatus is kind of the key behind the Dynamaxing/Gigantamaxing phenomenon and if I had to be honest gives me Ultra Beast vibes because of how outrageous and angled it looks.  I mean it looks fierce but unfortunately due to how lukewarm the story was, Eternatus wasn’t really given a lot of emphasis and was just presented like throwaway boss.  I kind of wonder if there’s more to it than meets the eye because it’s Eternamax form is unusable after the battle…which sucks, but I’ll talk more about that when I go through the Gigantamax Pokémon.





GENERATION 8: The next batch! Pt. 2 February 25, 2020

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So here we are with part 2 of the run-through of Galar and we get into some more interesting designs, so shall we dive in?

025: Yamper, 026: Boltund


Kicking this post off, we have the electric doggo Boltund line!  I mean it is in line, parallel to the Manectric line (who are also in Sword and Shield funny enough), but these are more British tampered here.  Yamper is really adorable and is a porky pooch before evolving into Boltund.  However, beyond its cuteness…I really didn’t use it for too long for some reason, but I’m not quite sure why beyond there was better Pokémon, I think it could’ve used another evolution too it seems.

027: Rolycoly, 028: Carkol, 029: Coalossal


Ooooh a new dual type comes next huh?  Well, not so much the case for Rolycoly since it’s a pure Rock-type, but once it evolves into Carkol and again into Coalossal, it becomes the Rock/Fire type and it’s pretty cool albeit has some weaknesses.  I initially had hoped the design would be a little more unique, but seeing Coalossal is kind of giving me a mix of Golem and Rhyperior for some strange reason and Carkol’s eyes are just freaky to me which kind of killed the design sort of.  It does get a Gigantamax form though, but I’ll talk about that later.  I’m OK with it, but I think it could’ve been better.

030: Applin, 031: Flapple, 032: Appletun


Ok, I have to say this is probably one of my favorite lines from Galar to be honest (though I also didn’t use one in my team in the finals).  You get Applin pretty early I’d say, but it’s such a useless ‘mon due to it only knowing Withdraw & Astonish which is just piss poor IMO.  Though luckily in Motostoke, you can obtain either the Tart (Sword) or Sweet (Shield) Apple to evolve into either Flapple or Appletun respectively.  So yes, it’s the region’s only new split evo line!  I did enjoy Flapple though (even though I REALLY wanted an Appletun, but I didn’t obtain it until post-game).  Really cool designs and the Grass/Dragon type is pretty neat as well.  Though what confused me was that both Flapple & Appletun got Gigantamax forms but they look way similar and kind of feels confusing being in line, but I’ll talk about that more when I get to that!

033: Silicobra, 034: Sandaconda


As the only Ground-type to be introduced for the Generation that isn’t a Galarian form of an existing Pokemon, the Sandaconda line was the surprise for me here.  I already enjoyed Silicobra’s design a lot (especially the green eyes)!  Then I saw Sandaconda and was a little surprised at coiled up it is and its head poking through the middle like it’s a donut.  Though I quickly warmed up and it LITERALLY became my MVP of Sword as it came in clutch going up against Leon’s Charizard at the end of the E4.  Add on that its coiled-like state carries into its Gigantamax form which actually makes it into a sand twister!  Grown to be one of my favorites from Gen 8!

035: Cramorant


Something about green eyes here huh?  So Cramorant was one of the few that were shown off before the game came out and really, I wasn’t entirely sure what to think of it due to not having the more interesting typing of Flying/Water (many others share it).  Though it does come with a unique ability in Gulp Missile in which whenever it uses Surf or Dive it’ll either return back with either an Arrokuda or a Pikachu in its mouth and then if it’s hit it’ll launch them (Pikachu adds paralysis, since y’know an electric missile).  Other than that, I didn’t find Cramorant all that interesting, but I suppose it’s pretty derpy!

036: Arrokuda, 037: Barraskewda


So when Cramorant was first shown off and its ability was explained, we got a quich shot of a fish Pokemon and I had wondered why they never talked about this Pokemon until after the game released.  At least I was right that it had to be one since it was designed like one.  The Barraskewda line is definitely this Generation’s easy to find fish Pokemon so it initially didn’t pull me (I did use it for a couple gyms though), though Barraskewda might be interesting because it gets quick and attacks hard!  It may stick out a little bit, I may return to using it and see what else it can do!

038: Toxel, 039: Toxtricity


I think the getaway favorite of this Gen has to be the Toxtricity line and for good reason!  First off, the line is the unique typing of Poison/Electric which was immediately a pull for me to try out.  Though it did fall back when you have to deal with Toxel who really isn’t all that great stat-wise (especially since it looks like a baby).  Though what gets interesting is when it evolves at lvl. 30!  Depending on the nature of the Toxel will net you what Toxtricity you’ll get.  The more energetic and upbeat nature get you the Amped form Toxtrictiy while the more quieter and low-end natures will end up as the Low Key form.  The differences between the two outside the visual is the difference of two moves (Amped learns Venoshock & Shift Gear, while Low Key learns Venom Drench & Magnetic Flux).  Add on its unique ability Punk Rock (powers up Sound-based moves) and its Signature move Overdrive and a post-game added Gigantamax form (which may have some historical prevalence in Galar), Toxtricity got a LOT love here…One of my favorites and was on my final team in the game!

040: Sizzlipede, 041: Centiskorch


I was hoping to see more new Bug-types this Generation and I’m just happy that the 3 lines that are, are pretty good so to speak albeit the Centiskorch line doesn’t have a unique type with Bug/Fire (Volcarona line says hi).  While we have had a centipede line before as well (Scolipede also says hi), I feel like Centiskorch is really cool looking and seems pretty strong.  Though me being me, I spend like an hour looking for Sizzlipede on Route 3, not knowing I could just easily catch one at Kabu’s gym challenge >.>  Throw on that Centiskorch has a Gigantamax form and you have a pretty dangerous Bug/Fire on your team!

042: Clobbopus, 043: Grapploct


I feel like there’s a sense of deja vu with this next line that’s for sure.  Like with Crabrawler last gen, I get tripped up because the Grapploct line are pure Fighting-type and not Water/Fighting as I assumed as they’re octopi.  Though it also follows Hawlucha’s Lucha Libre feel as well which doesn’t quite strike me much.  May be my least favorite design out of Gen 8 possibly?

044: Sinistea, 045: Polteageist


When I saw Polteageist for the first time, I knew it had to be British-based, but fusing it into this Ghost-type was smart and pretty unique, even if it slightly reminds me of the Chandelure line for whatever reason.  Though interesting is that evolves with the Cracked Pot which is something that isn’t new, but I like we’re bringing back item evolutions back.  THOUGH, that’s not all…after the game released, people found an item called the Chipped Pot and later learned that the Sinisteas that can evolve with the Cracked Pot are Phony forms while the others are called the Antique form (which is REALLY hard to tell because the only difference is a mark of authenticity on the bottom) besides that same Pokémon.  I kind of wish there was more to it, like a stat difference or something, but otherwise yeah…I don’t know…

046: Hatenna, 047: Hattrem, 048: Hatterene


It seems they’re trying to go for that Lolita vibe once again in this Generation (like Gardevoir and Gothitelle before)  Though I have to say, it’s one of those times where I’m actually not really interesting in the Psychic line in this case.  Hatenna & Hattrem are pretty cute to say the least and that works, but seeing it evolve into Hatterene just left me kind of scratching my head especially since its hair surrounds the body and the arm is the part of the hat…it just felt weird and on top of that in-game, it’s incredibly slow so it gets out matches by both Gardevoir (who shares the Psychic/Fairy type with) and Gothitelle who both are in Sword/Shield too…kind of a bleh design if you ask me and its Gigantamax form didn’t really help much either.

049: Impidimp, 050: Morgrem, 051: Grimmsnarl


As the last on this post, the Grimmsnarl line was a curious one when we were first introduced to Impidimp who was odd but had some cute quirks about it.  Being the first Dark/Fairy line, my thoughts are kind of that the Grimmsnarl line is more or less the glass cannon which means it hits hard but its defense is a bit shoddy and while it ended up on my Final team, it was used sparingly because it’d usually get killed quickly.  Still, it’s pretty edgy looking and it even has a Gigantamax form too to make it more of a threat.




GENERATION 8: Bring your Sword & Shield, It’s Galar time! Pt. 1 February 21, 2020

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Yep, it’s been a couple months since Sword & Shield have been released and finally all the Sugimori Arts have come out (with a small few still kind of missing).  Anyways, we are in the Galar region and its been a rather controversial Generation so far (y’know, with the #dexit thing going on and just random things.  I’m here to talk about the new Pokémon that were introduced, but it’s going to be handled slightly differently than previous gens, so here’s how it’ll go down

  • I’m going to talk about the brand new designs and Pokémon from Grookey to Eternatus
  • Then I will talk about the Galarian forms of older Pokémon (example Galarian Meowth & Perrserker, and Galarian Slowpoke)
  • Following that will be Gigantamax forms (includes Snorlax, Toxtricity, and Melmetal)
  • Then it’s the first DLC’s exclusives from The Isle of Armor (which will include Gigantamax, and Galarian forms)
  • and finally, the Crown Tundra which will be wayyy down the line

So with all that said and done, let’s jump right in!

001: Grookey, 002: Thwackey, 003: Rillaboom


As the starters of the new Generation, I knew I had to choose the Grass starter (especially since I haven’t chosen one since Chikorita in Gen 2.  Grookey was also incredibly cute right from the start (although Scorbunny & Sobble were too).  Though you don’t see it, Rillaboom has a drum it uses (especially in its Signature Move, Drum Beating) and it was pretty great on my team, making it to the final battle against Leon!

Though it did get me surprised that a Gigantamax form would be introduced in the Isle of Armor DLC, so we will see how I will feel (though I’m feeling bummed, I may have to train a new Grookey to get it…)

004: Scorbunny, 005: Raboot, 006: Cinderace


If I wasn’t locked into Grookey, the Cinderace line would might have been a next-to-go line.  I already enjoy the fact that it’s based off of soccer players and the fact it’s a pure Fire-type is exciting (and haven’t you seen it’s signature move, Pyro Ball…wow the visuals are good).  I really enjoy this line after using him post-game, but I think I like Rillaboom a little more.

Though from the Isle of Armor, Gigantamax Cinderace is looking really cool and the fact that it’s soccer ball is like a pyroplasmic ghost and it just looks crazy cool!

007: Sobble, 008: Drizzile, 009: Inteleon


Finally with the Water starter, it felt like once again Water types got not a lot of love, but honestly I really like the Inteleon line because of the fact they’re based off of both reptiles & spies.  Just like Cinderace though, it’s move Snipe Shot is just so badass and the fact it can glide is awesome.

Like the other two starters, Inteleon will be given a Gigantamax form and seeing it on a geyser perched high and aiming like a sniper, it might be my favorite of the 3 to be honest.

As for how I think of the 3 as a whole, I don’t think they’re the best as all 3 are all pure-types which haven’t happened since Johto which is a slight bummer, but I do think they’re better stat-wise (maybe not so much Inteleon). 

010: Skwovet, 011: Greedent


Of course, it wouldn’t be a new Generation without the typical rodent, bird, and bug Pokémon to represent the gen.  Honestly, the Greedent line didn’t get much of a response out of me and even though I think Skwovet is super adorable, there really wasn’t much interest in these two outside of the first 1 or 2 gyms.

012: Rookidee, 013: Corvisquire, 014: Corviknight


Wow, I figured when they first showed off Corviknight, I thought it’d be elsewhere in the Pokedex, but it turned out it was the last of the line of the actual beginner bird.  What’s interesting and what slightly seperates it from previous Gens is that both Rookidee & Corvisquire are pure Flying-types (the only other Pokémon that is pure Flying is Tornadus).  With Corviknight also being the 2nd Steel/Flying type (next to Skarmory).  Still, I really liked this and Corviknight stayed with me all the way to the end.  Add on that the Gigantamax form is really awesome looking and the blades shaped like smaller birds are so cool!

015: Blipbug, 016: Dottler, 017: Orbeetle


Though I think the biggest surprise is this Generation’s choice for their early Bug Pokémon.  Honestly, Blipbug (despite looking incredibly dorky) isn’t really much worth noting, it isn’t until it evolves at lvl. 10 where things get interesting.  Once it evolves into Dottler, it’s type becomes Bug/Psychic (a first time dual-type) and it becomes quite a nice tank and Sp. Attacker.  Definitely was a strong member on my team and really nice against Leon too.  Add on the UFO look when it Gigantamaxes and I’m just blown away by it.  Definitely by far the best regional Bug!

018: Nickit, 019: Thievul


I guess to kind of parallel with the Mightyena line, we got Dark-type foxes with the Thievul line.  I really like Nickit as it’s just clever and cute, although the tail is a little funky at times though I do understand why it’s a thing.  Thievul is OK, maybe if the mask wasn’t a thing either, but it’s curiously more interesting than the aforementioned Pokémon above.  Not high up, but it did serve it’s purpose about til halfway through the game for me.

020: Gossifleur, 021: Eldegoss


This was also the part of the first few that were revealed, but was surprised that the Eldegoss line was entirely shown off in the 2nd trailer of the game.  So lest be not surprised that I was slightly disappointed this line didn’t go further (or even get a Gigantamax form).  I don’t know why, but nothing really popped out at me with this Grass-type.

022: Wooloo, 023: Dubwool


So another early reveal, Wooloo was an early fan favorite and for good reason as it’s just adorable and innocent.  I think we all knew it was going to evolve too, but I’m not sure many were thinking it was Dubwool (also that name is bad tbh).  I think it has good Attack, but I didn’t find myself using the line in the game.  I mean it’s a Normal-type which is already kind of putting it in a meh place.  Cute, but I don’t know honestly.

023: Chewtle, 024: Drednaw


A new turtle huh?  I suppose so and Chewtle is derpy enough to kind of stick out.  When it evolves into Drednaw it becomes a Water/Rock type which is interesting and it makes sense to me (although we already have that in Carracosta too).  Though I think what bothers me (like with the Eldegoss line) is that it doesn’t evolve but it does try to reflect that by having a Gigantamax form…though IMO, maybe it should’ve been a 2nd evolution at the end of the day (especially since Blastoise is getting one too).