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Ciao Bella Cinquetti – High Tension! Wagga Jinsei!/Wadachi August 23, 2017

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Track Listing

  1. High Tension! Wagga Jinsei!
  2. Wadachi
  3. High Tension! Wagga Jinsei! (Nanchatte Samba mix) (Limiteds only)
  4. High Tension! Wagga Jinsei! (Instrumental)
  5. Wadachi (Instrumental)

1. High Tension! Wagga Jinsei!

With a title as such, High Tension! Wagga Jinsei! was going to of course be the more idol-like track here with a fast beat and a lot of synths and funny enough finger snapping!  There’s something a bit different to past endeavors which felt more straightforward.  I’m liking all the different areas of the song and while I hear a lot of Hashimon, the remaining members seem to get some feature as well.  Decent A-side!

2. Wadachi

The other A-side included, Wadachi is a bit of a 180 for the quartet from going to an upbeat and fun vibe to something more pop/rock and serious.  This is what reminds me of stuff during their “1116” album where a lot of there songs were kind of more mellow and rockin’ at times.  I like the tune itself since it is CBC being all musician-like and what to me feels trying to pull away from the

3. High Tension! Wagga Jinsei! (Nanchatte Samba mix)

Though in Regular editions, it comes with a remix of the leading A-side!  Obviously comparing from the original cut, this remix has a LOT more synths involved.  Now, I did follow that the song would take a (fake Samba) vibe and the only times it gets close to Samba is the chorus where it has whistles and a faster beat.  I kind of like this remix, suits the tune nicely!



As the first single to kick off a new era for Ciao Bella Cinquetti, I feel like they started off quite strongly with this double A-side release!  I feel like both High Tension! Wagga Jinsei! & Wadachi both represented what works with the group and neither song disappointed me.  Hell, even the remix was decent!  I’m curious to see where they go (also with Berikyuu graduated, makes me wonder when CBC will since they’re about the same age (a little younger though)).


Ciao Bella Cinquetti – Alive 4 U!!!! August 7, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Hyper!! Happiness!! (2015.12.27 Toyosu PIT Ver.)
  2. Start
  3. Never Never Give Up (Alive 4 U!!!! Ver.)
  4. BOOM×3 ~Jerashii Chau Zou! Jirashii Chau Zou!~
  5. Omotesandou (Alive 4 U!!!! Ver.)
  6. Doushiyou, Watashi
  7. Futako-Tamagawa (Hashimoto Aina ver.)
  8. True Hearts ~Fantastic 4~ (Ver. A)
  9. Come On! ~Shuuyaku wa Watashi da (Omae mo na!)~
  10. Pi-kan・Sweet Emotion!
  11. Ichigo Ichie
  12. Gimme Vanilla!
  13. True Hearts ~Fantastic 4~ (Ver. B)
  14. GOOD NIGHT SONG (Robiyuki Ban bonus track)
  15. Dream More Dreams! (TWINS Ban bonus track)

1. Hyper!! Happiness!! (2015.12.27 Toyosu PIT Ver.)

Strange to see that the album would kick off with a live version of Hyper!! Happiness!! (which is its first time showing up and all, also, it’s got a different placement on the other edition, but I’ll talk more about that later down the post).  At first the live feel is there and all and I can believe, but then some of it doesn’t sound live?  I don’t know, the song is pretty wild though and the members are pretty energetic to say the least.  Maybe I would’ve just preferred a studio cut of it, but what can I say?

2. Start

Moving on, Start does remind me a little of “Never Never Give Up” except the beat is heavier and the tune has a certain anison kick to it which is pretty nice!  I remember hearing a lot of Robin in the song which is nice because her vocals are pretty edgy and adds a lot to their songs!  There’s just something about it that’s just REALLY similar to other songs though…

3. Never Never Give Up (Alive 4 U!!!! ver.)

So it seems all 3 songs from the first single after the name change were edited (most likely due to cutting out Yurika after she left the group).  After “Start” though, this song feels very underwhelming and the lack of a strong beat makes this song feel almost unfinished in a way.  Never Never Give Up is an OK song, but it just seemed to also miss the mark for me.

4. BOOM×3 ~Jerashii Chau Zou! Jirashii Chau Zou!~

Chosen to promote the album, I wasn’t expecting a high-energy dance track to come from them.  The amount of sawtooth synths was surprising to me and yet gave the group something refreshing to use.  It’s a pretty good driving track and the verses sound aggressive and loud.  Surprising track to come up!

5. Omotesandou (Alive 4 U!!!! ver.)

Just like “Never Never Give Up”, Omotesandou got a small edit with taking out Yurika’s lines and giving them to the remaining 4 members.  Now I never was a huge fan of this song despite it being a Japanese cover, but it’s still comes off so cheesy to listen to.  A bit weird considering it’s between two dance tracks.  Really though, I didn’t even notice Yurika being gone, but I couldn’t exactly hear who took what though.  Still my least favorite of the A-sides.

6. Doushiyou, Watashi

So it doesn’t surprise me that either of the A-sides from the 2nd single for the album didn’t receive changes.  Even now, it’s still the best song they’ve done since the name change as it has a pretty chill vibe mixed with some of the cool EDM vibes that their old company is currently doing.  It’s just a cool song and I really loved Hashimon and Mororin’s vocals here the most even when all 4 have solos throughout!  Also, ANGERME’s Kanon Fukuda wrote the lyrics, so how cool is that?

7. Futako-Tamagawa (Hashimoto Aina ver.)

I will say the biggest surprise is that the 3rd A-side that was changed on the album is a full-on Hashimon solo.  Back on the single review, I did say that of the 3, it was my favorite despite the fact it was a ballad.  Not gonna lie though, maybe it should’ve went the same route as both “Omotesandou” and “Never Never Give Up” did instead of making a solo track because now it sounds lifeless and while I do like Aina, she needed the other 3 to add a bit more life here.  Decent track, but the original single version is much better!

8. True Hearts ~Fantastic 4~ (Ver. A)

There’s two different versions of True Hearts?  This’ll be interesting that’s for certain.  While I know this song has been performed a couple times before the album’s release (even before “Doushiyou, Watashi / Ichigo Ichie” was released.  True Hearts follows “BOOM” with a heavier dance sound and the group being loud and chanty.  It does feel like it goes all over the map in styles and tempo which throws me off a little bit, but it’s still a catchy song and makes me wonder what Ver. B has to offer.

9. Come On! ~Shuuyaku wa Watashi da (Omae mo na!)~

I kind of love the intro to Come On! as it has a little march sound but goes into this happycore kind of arrangement which shocked me a bit there!  I should’ve saw it come, but the song is definitely the cutest track I’ve ran into yet on the album so this might interest idol fans.  Strange song and all and even the the chorus is a bit repetitive here and there, but it’s an energetic song and gets the crowd going.

10. Pi-kan・Sweet Emotion!

If there was a song that reminded me of stuff from their last album, “1116”, then this song might be that.  It’s still a bit more cuter than I thought, but not as sugary as “Come On!”.  I do love the pre-chorus that quiets things down before kickin’ off the loud and bright chorus.  It sure has a lot of someone in it but I couldn’t tell if it was Hashimon or Gotuu.  Very wild and fun!

11. Ichigo Ichie

Then we hit the focal point with Ichigo Ichie which is pretty aggressive and hard-hitting in its pop/rock sound.  Yeah, it does remind me a lot of Buono!’s songs with the similar chords and verses.  I really did like everyone’s energy.  Great A-side and paired awesomely with “Doushiyou, Watashi”.

12. Gimme Vanilla!

I definitely remember hearing this being performed as 5-nin before Yurika left, but I feel happy this actually made the cut!  Like a bunch of other songs on the album, it’s an upbeat dance track but this one feels more raw and focuses on the quartet’s vocals and power.  I’m loving the attitude of the ladies and they give the song an amazing amount of style here even if there’s songs with similar sounds.

13. True Hearts ~Fantastic 4~ (Ver. B)

So version B of True Hearts is actually much shorter than the first version (not even making 3 minutes).  The song feels a bit more empty and stripped until the chorus kicks in where it’s back to upbeat sounds from the first version.  I really don’t know what’s up with its existence besides the fact it’s shorter.


So depending on which version of the album you buy, you’ll end up with a different ending song (which are bonus tracks).  The first is found on the RobiYuki edition of the album and is a self-cover of the B-side off the Robin/Yuki duet single (as THE Possible), “Kingyo Sukui to Hanabi Saikai”.  I was surprised that it’s actually only acoustic guitar and light percussion here so I don’t have the original to compare, but I’m 100% sure that vocally its got MUCH better.  The song does begin with some talking between the members and the studio players.  It’s a nice little rendition and the girls sound so good!

15. Dream More Dreams!

Then we have the TWINS edition exclusive and just like “GOOD NIGHT SONG”, this is also an acoustic rendition of a B-side found on their “Ijiwaru Crazy love” single.  The song is a bit more upbeat in nature and there was nice bass and light sounds on top of pretty sweet-sounding vocals.

Tracks Recommended

  • Doushiyou, Watashi
  • Gimme Vanilla!
  • Ichigo Ichie
  • Dream More Dreams!
  • BOOM×3 ~Jerashii Chau Zou! Jirashii Chau Zou!~

Song of Avoidance

  • True Hearts ~Fantastic 4~ (Ver. B)

As the first album as Ciao Bella Cinquetti, (the group’s actual 4th album), I feel like Alive 4 U!!!! is definitely an upgrade after “1116” with less forgettable songs and much strong output from the members (even if Akiyama is gone).  Now it has to be said that there’s different tracklists between both the RobiYuki & TWINS editions of the album, but it has the same songs barring the choice of the bonus tracks.  Honestly, this was energetic and had a feeling of having fun and being energetic with most tracks!  Great album!


Ciao Bella Cinquetti – Doushiyou, Watashi/Ichigo Ichie February 1, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Doushiyou, Watashi
  2. Ichigo Ichie
  3. Ai no Dotanba – Dai 6kan ni Iya na Yokan!? Kanashimi ni Kureru… Robin ver. (Limited A only)
  4. Ai no Dotanba – Suki Dakara Shinjiteta!? Namida ni Yureru… Gotuu ver. (Limited B only)
  5. Ai no Dotanba – Kowaresou na Glass no Heart!? Nayameru Joshi… Hashimon ver. (Limited C only)
  6. Ai no Dotanba – Nankai Demo Nando Demo!? Shiawase na Doko… Mororin ver. (Limited D only)
  7. Doushiyou, Watashi (Instrumental)
  8. Ichigo Ichie (Instrumental)

1. Doushiyou, Watashi

Being the leading track, Doushiyou, Watashi was something I wasn’t expecting from the (now quartet) at least not since “Ijiwaru Crazy love”.  It’s a bit more electronic than A-sides previous and it has a certain mature vibe to it.  I think the best part is that everyone has a lot of solos and spotlight (especially for Gotuu and Mororin who usually are in the back).  Also special mention to ex-ANGERME member, Kanon Fukuda, who wrote the lyrics for the song which is quite catchy.  Very cool song for the group and a smooth transition after Akkyan left the group.

2. Ichigo Ichie

The other A-side is a little more towards the group’s sound before the name change.  Meaning this song is a bit more guitar-heavy and just in-your-face which is nice since I’ve missed that sound that THE Possible was delving in through their 2nd/3rd album.  Little strange that I can see Buono! or even ANGERME be given this song and I think it’s from the producers here.  Still, the song is pretty much what I was expecting from the group.

3. Ai no Dotanba – Dai 6kan ni Iya na Yokan!? Kanashimi ni Kureru… Robin ver.
4. Ai no Dotanba – Suki Dakara Shinjiteta!? Namida ni Yureru… Gotuu ver.
5. Ai no Dotanba – Kowaresou na Glass no Heart!? Nayameru Joshi… Hashimon ver.
6. Ai no Dotanba – Nankai Demo Nando Demo!? Shiawase na Doko… Mororin ver.

It’s weird that the B-side of the single is split in the four regular versions here but are essentially the same track.  Ai no Dotanba is a quick-paced track for the group and while it might not be at the same levels of its A-sides it definitely stands out.  Though with the track having 4 different subtitles, this means that all four members have a different intro dialogue and final chorus corresponding to who is singing.  I personally think it’s just unnecessary and would’ve been perfectly fine as the only version of the B-side and not try to have each member have a small difference depending on which version you ended up buying.  Still besides that, I enjoyed the song for the most part and which it was an A-side!



This single was actually a lot better than their last single (which was their first under their new name).  All 3 songs gave a pretty good vibe even if it seriously is blending to H!P’s arrangements.  Also, I’ve mentioned already, but this is also the first single with only 4 members after Yurika’s announcement of leaving the group back in August.  Great single overall and their best one in quite a while!


Ciao Bella Cinquetti – Omotesandou/Futako-Tamagawa/Never Never Give Up July 13, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Omotesandou
  2. Futako-Tamagawa
  3. Never Never Give Up
  4. Omotesandou (Acapella Ver.) feat. Yurika Akiyama (Regular A only)
  5. Omotesandou (Acapella Ver.) feat. Robin Okada Shouko (Regular B only)
  6. Omotesandou (Acapella Ver.) feat. Yuki Goto (Regular C only)
  7. Omotesandou (Acapella Ver.) feat. Aina Hashimoto (Regular D only)
  8. Omotesandou (Acapella Ver.) feat. Kanami Morozuka (Regular E only)
  9. Omotesandou (Instrumental)
  10. Futako-Tamagawa (Instrumental)
  11. Never Never Give Up (Instrumental)

1. Omotesandou

Being a cover of the classic song, “Les Champs Elysées”, I wasn’t expecing CBC to cover something after the name change, but what can ya do?  For a cover though, it’s rather cute for the group having a nice bouncy arrangement alongside some electric guitarwork here and there.  After a while though that chorus of repeating the title kind of grinds my gears and I start to ignore the rest of the song, it’s sort of cute in a way, but I definitely won’t remember this after a month.

2. Futako-Tamagawa

The next A-side, is funny enough the ballad of the single and I was happy to see that every member gets a solo line in the first stanza of the song…very nice.  As for the rest of the song, it’s a nice slow song and we haven’t gotten an A-side like that from the group since “Family ~Tabidachi no Asa~” so this was a nice song to come into.  Plus everyone sounds great (even Gotuu!).  Very soft, but nice track from the group.

3. Never Never Give Up

Finally, we have Never Never Give Up and it took notice because Tsunku worked on this one!  The song itself sounds really nice and very Tsunku, but there’s a feeling in my gut that wants this song to have a heavier beat because despite the great stringwork and vocals…it’s missing a backbone and a solid push to really make it a powerful song, like it sounds like a watered down version of C-ute’s “Tsugi no Kado wo Magare” for some reason and I can’t seem to shake that thought off.  Still it’s a nice song overall, just needs more oomph.

4. Omotesandou (Acapella Ver.) feat. Yurika Akiyama
5. Omotesandou (Acapella Ver.) feat. Robin Okada Shouko
6. Omotesandou (Acapella Ver.) feat. Yuki Goto
7. Omotesandou (Acapella Ver.) feat. Aina Hashimoto
8. Omotesandou (Acapella Ver.) feat. Kanami Morozuka

Feels like with every single, we’re getting these tracks so it’s probably time to stop mentioning these lol.  Though, this is basically solo versions with no music so there you have it…it’s OK and definitely there for people with their biases intact so I suppose it’s a win for the wota/fans.

So you might be wondering what’s up with the name change.  Well in a string of news, their old label, TNX went under (well the idol part of it) and the group had signed onto UP-FRONT with that announcement (after “1116” that is) and then a month later announced this single on top of the fact they were changing the name from THE Possible to Ciao Bella Cinquetti to start a new chapter (odd timing to do so, but it’s whatever).  The first single under the new name is OK for the most part.  Omotesandou is kind of repetitive and the lightheartedness might be too much.  Never Never Give Up is OK, could’ve used a little more work, but as it stands it’s a decent song.  Finally, I would that Fuktao-Tamagawa was the best off the single, nice vocals, nice arrangement and simple…hmmm.  Wonder what’s next for them!


THE Possible – 1116 March 23, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Reborn
  2. Do Me! Do!
  3. Lovely! Lovely!
  4. Otome! Be Ambitious!
  5. Nanja Korya?! (Vocal Nude Version)
  6. Yuuki Superball! (Album Version)
  7. Sakura
  8. Nanka Sungoi Koto mo Dekiso da Zou!
  9. Koi ga Dancing!
  10. Eien Fireball
  11. Saa Koi! Happiness!
  12. Zenryoku Banzai! My Glory!
  13. Itoshisa no Kasanete

1. Reborn

The group’s 3rd album kicks off with Reborn and it starts with a heartbeat and some guitar chords and a darker sound than I was expecting from the group.  I do find the ~bumbumbum~ parts to be humorous for some reason.  This song does some interesting things with the vocals (or vocalist because for most of the song, it’s only Aina Hashimoto singing)…she’s pretty damn impressive in this song showing so much of her singing prowess here.  Eventually the remainder of the group join up, but at that point it’s almost the end.  Overall, it’s an interesting opening song and totally unexpected after the singles representing the album.

2. Do Me! Do!

It leads into the B-side from “Yuuki Super Ball!” which was one of the many B-sides of said single.  Do Me! Do! is a bit more energetic than “Reborn” was and has a lot more going on with its arrangement like heavier beats and synths all-over.  Plus it’s essentially Aina and Robin with the lines here.  I love the energy though and kind of reminds me of the more memorable songs of  the past.

3. Lovely! Lovely!

Seems like Yuki Goto gets a solo song in the form of Lovely! Lovely! and already the tune has a kind of nostalgic idol sound to it.  While Gotuu doesn’t have the strongest vocals within the group, it’s cute for sure and there are some catchy parts like the after-chorus.

4. Otome! Be Ambitious!

I remember hearing this single and was surprised how much energy was coming from the group.  It’s a fun song to listen to and the group has a lot of interesting moments on top of the easy-to-chant arrangement for sure.  I also loved the PV that accompanied this song, really show how far the group will go hahaha!

5. Nanja Korya?! (Vocal Nude Version)

As their first single under Victor, Nanja Korya?! got me into the group which means it’s an instant favorite for me.  The energy is off the wall and the ladies sound so cool and managed to match the different areas of the song.  Now you must be wondering what the Vocal Nude version is all about and what it is…the second chorus and some of the final chorus cuts out the music and the only thing you hear are the girls sing (basically this version was used in the PV).  To be fair, I was so surprised when the music cut out and the members have their solo lines…  Still a pretty awesome song from them!

6. Yuuki Super Ball! (Album Version)

Seems like the 4th A-side released for the album also got touched up for the album as well.  The differences aren’t as apparent except 10 seconds were shaved off of the song.  It feels like the song was just slightly updated and certain sounds stand a bit more than the single version.  Oh wait, they edited out the concert chanting found in the mid-8 section, which was a problem I had with the single cut since it kind of made the song become really low quality (at least to me it felt like it) so the album version omits that mess….GOOD!  Overall a fun song and definitely worth being an A-side.

7. Sakura

Next is the B-side from “Otome! Be Ambitious!”, Sakura.  After the string of upbeat songs, I was surprised that Sakura would just randomly pop up and slow things down.  Yeah, a mid-tempo with a whole lot of acoustic guitar and piano.  Sadly, it’s a song that I forget exists from them because of its lowkey presence to its single AND album.

8. Nanka Sungoi Koto mo Dekiso da Zou!

Back to new songs, Nanka Sungoi Koto mo Dekiso da Zou! is an instant upbeat slap in the face after “Sakura” especially with the excitement Robin brings in with her opening lines.  The track is kind of odd-sounding, but it does sound like it’d be great at concerts because of its upbeat nature and the group sounding full of life.  I will say though that Akkyan (Yurika) and Gotuu sound terrible singing together (could be because of the latter’s poor vocals) but still it’s an OK song…not totally great though.

9. Koi ga Dancing!

I was hoping the next new track was going to be dance-heavy like “Ijiwaru Crazy love” but this was the total opposite.  It sounds like a typical idol song, but a touch of 80’s groove and Saturday cartoons.  Funny enough the only solos belong to Yurika, Aina, and Robin.  Still the song is kind of too saccharine for my tastes.

10. Eien Fireball

It didn’t help that the next song felt the same way (plus this was older as it was the B-side of “Nanja Korya?!”).  Take out the synths and you basically have this song which still doesn’t fully stick to me even after spending as much time with it.  Just a bit generic on the album.

11. Saa Koi! Happiness!

Then we get the B-side from “Zenryoku Banzai! My Glory! and I had said this was the best song from the single and funny enough it still is one of the better songs from the album because it’s energetic like most of the tracks here.  It would’ve fit snuggle alongside “Otome! Be Ambitious!” because they both share a certain concert explosion feel that I would love to see.  The quiet parts are still funny too XD…I liked this one!

12. Zenryoku Banzai! My Glory!

Funny enough we move to the A-side and I have slightly grown to somewhat enjoy it because like MANY other songs here, it’s very cheer-friendly, but with the numerous tracks already taking it, this one feels weak and the whole ~banzai~ is a bit overdone.  Overall, forgetful, but by itself not a bad listen.

13. Itoshisa wo Kasanete

As the final track on the album, Itoshisa wo Kasanete is a bit somber of a song (makes sense being the final track).  The best thing about this is that all 5 members have a significant solo (happy to see Kanami be the first one to sing actually).  I mean beyond that, the song isn’t all the memorable and its simplicity and slow factor is kind of covered by the rest of the album being so upbeat.

Tracks Recommended

  • Nanja Korya?! (Vocal Nude Version)
  • Reborn
  • Saa Koi! Happiness!
  • Yuuki Super Ball! (Album Version)
  • Otome! Be Ambitious!

Song of Avoidance

  • Sakura

As the group’s 3rd studio album (let’s be honest their first one was a mini-album), 1116 might not be as amazing as their sophomore effort, but still a solid one at best.  A lot of the songs really surround the idea of pumping the crowd up.  Beyond that, most of the non-cheer songs felt lacking or a bit generic.  Maybe would like to see other members get the spotlight like Mororin and Akkyan in the next era…here’s hoping it happens!


THE Possible – Yuuki Super Ball! August 2, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Yuuki Super Ball!
  2. Do Me! Do! (Regular & Type E only)
  3. Jinsei wa Parley! da! (Type A only)
  4. Shiawase no Tenbin (Type B only)
  5. Nasty! (Type C only)
  6. Zenryoku de Aishite ne…! (Type D only)
  7. Yuuki Super Ball! (Instrumental)
  8. Do Me! Do! (Instrumental)
  9. Jinsei wa Parley! da! (Instrumental)
  10. Shiawase no Tenbin (Instrumental)
  11. Nasty! (Instrumental)
  12. Zenryoku de Aishite ne…! (Instrumental)
  13. Yuuki Super Ball! (Live)
  14. Do Me! Do! (Live)
  15. Jinsei wa Parley! da! (Live)
  16. Shiawase no Tenbin (Live)
  17. Nasty! (Live)
  18. Zenryoku de Aishite ne…! (Live)

1. Yuuki Super Ball!

So THE Possible kicks the single off with Yuuki Super Ball! which immediately brings excitement with a chanting opening.  I was quite surprised when this song released because it’s a little calmer than the previous A-sides released in the era.  I’m enjoying the vocals from the group as they haven’t lost the energy and such.  I wouldn’t say this song beats “Nanja Korya!?” but this song is quite nice!  Though in the mid8 section, the gals sound live and they are doing a call and response chant which is a little odd because this is the studio version and feels like they clipped this in it.  Overall, it’s a good song…tad odd with the live shouting, but still good.

2. Do Me! Do!

So prior to the single release, fans were ask to choose between all the songs on this single to be promoted as the A-side, as you can see Yuuki Super Ball! was the winner of course and I assume that Do Me! Do was the 2nd winner as it’s found on two editions.  Anyways, this song is a bit more serious but it has the same energy as the leading song.  Aina and Robin lead the song which is pretty cool as the both had a lot of cool moments.  Definitely a fitting song

3. Jinsei wa Parley! da!

So the next song is a little more hokey that what I would’ve expected.  Jinsei wa Parley! da! is definitely you all-around typical idol song which I suppose works but I don’t remember much of it.  All the members (except Mororin) got solos which surprised me.  Otherwise, it did nothing for me.

4. Shiawase no Tenbin

A 6 minute mid-tempo song with Shiawase no Tenbin?  Well I suppose it had to happen right?  Anyways this song is pretty laidback for the group and we have solo lines from everyone which is great to hear.  The only problems was that it dragged a lot and the chorus is very pitchy with some of the duo lines (especially trying to hit those high notes) whoever thought that bringing two ladies to try to hit those lines together was pretty damn on drugs because no one worked it right?  I just didn’t care for this one much.

5. Nasty!

I actually voted for this one because I thought it would be hilarious to see an A-side like this.  Funny enough, this is my favorite track from this single.  It’s set in a dance style and it’s such a catchy track (almost “Ijiwaru Crazy love” levels of catchy).  I really love that Akkyan was leading alongside Hashimon and Robin.  It’s definitely the best off the single and I wish they did more songs like this.

6. Zenryoku de Aishite ne…!

The last track reminds me a lot of “Jinsei wa Parley! da! with the overall idol tones.  It does have some disco feels but it honestly sounds like an AKB song for some reason.  There’s nothing totally memorable here except for the arrangement with all the horns, but other than that meh.



*Won’t review the live versions* Closing out the group’s era before their next album, “1116” releases, we got Yuuki Super Ball! and this single was filled and so many versions too (like the other singles).  I really found myself enjoying most of the single especially with Yuuki Super Ball!, Do Me! Do! and Nasty!  Well looking at it now, it was half and half because the other 3 songs were either too generic or just boring as hell.  Can’t wait to see what will appear on the album!


THE Possible – Otome! Be Ambitious! February 13, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Otome! Be Ambitious!
  2. Sakura (Regular only)
  3. Sakura (Acoustic Version) (Solo versions only)
  4. Otome! Be Ambitious (Instrumental)
  5. Sakura (Instrumental)
  6. Otome! Be Ambitious! (Robin no Solo Vocal Version)
  7. Otome! Be Ambitious! (Hashimon no Solo Vocal Version)
  8. Otome! Be Ambitious! (Akkyan no Solo Vocal Version)
  9. Otome! Be Ambitious! (Mororin no Solo Vocal Version)
  10. Otome! Be Ambitious! (Gotuu no Solo Vocal Version)

1. Otome! Be Ambitious!

I definitely remember this song as this is the skydiving PV.  It feels like the group took their song into a more fun and boisterous sound by retaining their rock sound but the tune has trumpets that Tsunku would love to hear.  It’s pretty catchy and makes ya wanna jump up and down along with the tune.  They definitely impressed me with this one and just pepped me up all over the place!

2. Sakura

The B-side of the single, Sakura brings things down a bit to a more of a mid-tempo acoustic track and hearing it kind of sits in the middle of the road which I suppose is a good thing.  The ladies sound surprisingly good in this setting and the chords sound pleasant to the ears.  It’s not bad and is a good comedown from the energy from the previous track.

3. Sakura (Acoustic Version)

On the singular member editions, it comes with another track which is just merely an acoustic take of the B-side.  I mean it’s better that it doesn’t have most of the things that made the original and the focus is more on the ladies, but acoustic versions never really interest me lol.



As the group’s 3rd single of the era, Otome! Be Ambitious! really picked up where “Zenryoku Banzai! My Glory!” bombed in for the most part.  The leading track is fun and loud and just wild (plus the PV was awesome).  Sakura was pretty standard, but actually kind of catchy though the acoustic take wasn’t necessary lol.  Overall, not bad, but still not better than “Nanjakorya!?”.


THE Possible – Zenryoku Banzai! My Glory! February 4, 2014

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Track Listing

  1. Zenryoku Banzai! My Glory!
  2. Saa Koi! Happiness! (Regular only)
  3. Blossom ~Dakara ne Zettai da yo.~
  4. Zenryoku Banzai! My Glory! (instrumental)
  5. Saa Koi! Happiness! (instrumental)
  6. Blossom ~Dakara ne Zettai da yo.~ (instrumental)
  7. Zenryoku Banzai! My Glory! (Robin no Solo Vocal Version)
  8. Zenryoku Banzai! My Glory! (Hashimon no Solo Vocal Version)
  9. Zenryoku Banzai! My Glory! (Akkyan no Solo Vocal Version)
  10. Zenryoku Banzai! My Glory! (Mororin no Solo Vocal Version)
  11. Zenryoku Banzai! My Glory! (Gotuu no Solo Vocal Version)
  12. Amanori-Inari (bonus track)

1. Zenryoku Banzai! My Glory!

Whenever I listen to this song, I feel like Zenryoku Banzai! is a cheer song for some team out there in Japan.  At least the group is still energetic with their songs and it seem like the voices are sounding stronger than they did one single ago 0.o.  I will admit, I wasn’t too big of a fan though as it’s a too cheery and the shouting in the background got more annoying as the song went by.  “Nanja Korya!?!” stomps all over it!

2. Saa Koi! Happiness!

Only on regular editions, we get Saa Koi! Happiness! in my opinion sounds like it would’ve been like the previous track but this one is a bit more edgier and less smiley pop.  Though it still carries that cheer song kind of groove which I suppose is OK.  I actually would’ve preferred this song more than “Zenryoku Banzai!” to be honest…at least the vocals show a lot more oomph to them (though those quiet parts are random xD).

3. Blossom ~Dakara ne Zettai da yo.~

On the other 5 editions of the single, you’ll find a different B-side in Blossom.  It’s a bit random as it’s the ballad B-side of the single while everything else is more bombastic and exciting.  Sadly, it’s a 6 minute ballad so it kind of zones me out overall.  It’s also funny that midway through verses they just say ~daijoubu~ one by one.  Forgetful song overall.

4. Amanori-Inari

I’m not sure if the member versions of the single comes with a different bonus track, but Akkyan’s does with this little tune.  It’s a minute long track and in Akkyan’s she begins by talking before singing with an acoustic guitar backing her up.  It’s cute and if it’s the same thing on the others, I’d be fine listening to them!



As their second single under Victor, Zenryoku Banzai! is kind of disappointing.  The main track just gets under my skin a lot and has many annoyances overall. Saa Koi! Happiness! was the best thing on the single as it wasn’t as too peppy like its A-side was.  Blossom was just boring of a ballad…though it sticks out like a sore thumb lol.  Plus there’s a bonus track…I would love to hear em!


THE Possible – Nanja Korya?! September 27, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Nanja Korya?!
  2. Eien Fireball!
  3. Nanja Korya?! (Original Karaoke)
  4. Eien Fireball! (Original Karaoke)
  5. Nanja Korya?! (Robin no Vocal Nude Version)
  6. Nanja Korya?! (Hashimon no Vocal Nude Version)
  7. Nanja Korya?! (Akkyan no Vocal Nude Version)
  8. Nanja Korya?! (Mororin no Vocal Nude Version)
  9. Nanja Korya?! (Goto no Vocal Nude Version)

1. Nanja Korya?!

For a debut on a new label, it’s always interesting to see how it would turn out.  Nanja Korya?! is a hyperactive and feisty tune from the group who has really not a lot of great A-sides.  I really like the vocals during the sung parts and the group can sing some pretty quick lines.  I have to say that all the members impressed me (especially Akkyan and Mororin).  Such a feisty and fun song from the group and the hooks are just so awesome…great redebut!

2. Eien Fireball!

Moving into the B-side, it’s kind of the normal idol fare that I’m used to (even though Tsunku didn’t have a hand in this release at all).  It’s upbeat and it does showcase vocals quite nicely (even though Mororin got shafted in line distribution but the other 4 do split the lines between themselves.  Also noted, Masae Ohtani from Melon Kinenbi sings in the chorus which is pretty nifty.  The song isn’t really much for me and I don’t remember how it goes after a while.



Even though THE Possible is quite established idol group even with Tsunku’s “help”, I think the move to Victor might do them MUCH better than their days in NGP.  Nanja Korya?! is ridiculous and it’s just so catchy of song that I’m happy they did something really good as an A-side (something I haven’t seen since “Ijiwaru Crazy love”.  Eien Fireball! is just B-side material, nothing totally great about it.  As for the 5 bonus tracks…solo versions of the lead track might something awesome (and I personally would love to hear Akkyan’s and Mororin’s version the most!