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Let’s Talk about Pokémon Gen 8: October Gigantamax Updates~ October 17, 2019

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So it seems this month was all about new Gigantamaxing Pokémon, I have noticed now with paying attention to them, they get this red smoky ring around them.  I’m still on the fence on how this will turn out, but I’m kind of wondering why we haven’t got any new Pokémon.

Gigantamax Charizard


Dear lord, Charizard is a behemoth now.  It definitely looks like it’s body is now becoming the fire itself!  Design-wise it’s pretty badass although not sure what’s with the yellow diamonds on its belly.  Regardless, it’s pretty cool and its main attack now causes damage to non-Fire types for 4 turns, not bad!

Gigantamax Butterfree


Who would’ve thought Butterfree would get its own form?  It basically is Mothra it feels like (does it mean Charizard is Godzilla?)  Anyways, the one that kind of didn’t stand out in the reveal was this one and while I’m impressed Butterfree got this attention, there’s really nothing much that stands out here besides visuals (although it’s Giga move has it giving a chance of Paralysis, Sleep, or Poison status.  Still otherwise, decent.

Gigantamax Pikachu


Good lord is that FAAAAT Pikachu, it seems fans of the old Pikachu design will rejoice seeing this beastly thing appearing in battle.  One of the more noticeable things would be its tail which is pretty much wildly striking here.  It’s big attack paralyzes everyone on the opponents side so that’s pretty neat to say the least.  My only gripe though is that with Pikachu and Eevee, they’re only available if you’ve played Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee respectively.  Which I haven’t so I’ll more than likely miss out on these two.

Gigantamax Meowth


Good lord and oh dear, Meowth got way the stretched out and boy does it look freaky to me having to see this.  Also the new pupils in the eyes is kind of freaking me out too, but damn does it look like an evil cat now.  Another interesting choice, Meowth’s main thing is that it’s big move is like its signature move, Pay Day where you get money after battle.  Though unlike Pikachu and Eevee, Meowth is the first event Pokémon that’ll be released alongside the games, woot!

Gigantamax Eevee


I think of the 5, I think I was least moved by the new look Eevee is sporting with just its neck fluff being more fluffier which isn’t exactly the most interesting, it’s big move doesn’t quite do much for me either causing Infatuation on the Pokémon…odd…

Also the Pikachu, Meowth, and Eevee you get won’t be able to evolve into Raichu, Persian, and the -eons so there’s that sacrifice.  Kind of makes it seem like that they are a one of a kind situation.



Let’s Talk about Pokémon Gen 8: September & October Updates~ October 12, 2019

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So it seems that unlike previous generations, Galar has so far been pretty sparse on some information (mostly that we’re one month out and we still don’t even know the name of the starting town) and it even show because between this and the last post we only got confirmation of two new Pokémon at that.  So let’s talk about that



It initially started with September when a glitched out Pokémon appeared on the main website for Sword & Shield and it had Rotom’s cry for some reason.  When the fog cleared up though it turns out Farfetch’d has a nice evolution!  This Sword exclusive Pokémon is a little surprising mostly due to the fact that now it’s a pure Fighting type (and that secondly it’s holding both a sword and a shield (shouldn’t it be in both with that knowledge?).  Anyways it does get a new move in Meteor Assault (Fighting-type Hyper Beam almost?)  Not bad!

Galarian Ponyta


In October, however we were given a 24-hour livestream of Glimwood Tangle and its inhabitants and while it mostly was kind of a useless thing to do because not a lot happened, we did get the reveal of this Galarian Ponyta which to many surprised everyone when it turned out it wasn’t a Fairy type but instead a pure Psychic type (hmm).  It does come with a new ability in Pastel Veil which cures Poison on the team (including its partner in double battles).  Though with this Fairy-type going around, I wonder if Galarian Rapidash will have it….


And that’s pretty much it…nothing else really happened these two months unfortunately.


Let’s talk about Smash & Pokémon: Nintendo Direct for September! September 5, 2019

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So yup, Nintendo had their September Direct and boy was it a doozy with a lot of great announcements throughout, but let’s focus on Smash Bros. and Pokémon as this was what I was happily awaiting for!


So today, Nintendo (and Sakurai) talked a lot more about Banjo & Kazooie and revealed who is the 5th DLC Character is as well with some other surprises so let’s get the smaller showings outta the way

  • Home-run Contest returns with this update, but to be honest…without any incentives to do it, it kind of became the least interesting announcement of them (on top of Online Mii’s getting customized movesets from the Shared Content section)
  • Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Snake are the next amiibos to release
  • Mii Costumes in this wave include Proto Man, Zero, Team Rocket outfits, Goemon, and seriously Sans from Undertale (which was made sweeter that he came with a music track!).

With that said, let’s talk about the characters!

Hero (Luminary, Erdrick, Solo, Eight)


But before we get into Banjo, I thought I’d get into Hero since I didn’t talk about him post-launch back in July.

I want to say I liked Hero, because he’s a lot like a mix of Link & Robin, especially in the moveset besides his Down B.

His Down B brings a menu of 4 different (and random) spells he can use (also depending if he has enough MP too).  It just seems bizarre to me and gives me this rather RNG kind of feel to this mechanic especially since there’s moves where he can heal, buff, freeze, put to sleep, make high damage in a large radius, and blow him self up.  There’s more but those are the ones that stick out to me.

As for his stage, Yggdrasil’s Altar, it’s like a mix of Skyloft, Halberd, and Pilot Wings.  It starts off on a main platform like Halberd, but it takes off and travels around the world like Skyloft, but unlike those two the platform just keeps flying around Erdrea.  Not quite a memorable stage, but I couldn’t imagine anything else really!

Overall, Hero is probably at the bottom of the DLCs for me currently…

Banjo & Kazooie


Though the main star for the direct was for this N64 classic, Banjo & Kazooie and it was a LONG time coming and I’m so happy to see him reappear.  The first HUGE announcement came in the form that he was released to the public today!  Then it was shown that Sakurai was going to do a gameplay presentation (like what he did with Hero).  Showed him off which was awesome and after playing him, he’s quite interesting with a LOT of Kazooie usage.  I really am a little more comfortable with Banjo and has a lot of interesting specials.

Spiral Mountain though is an odd stage but the effort was high in bringing all of those Banjo assets.  Still, the stage rotation is a little odd to get used to at first, but it makes the stage so unique and the fact that it has 10 songs (7 being remixes) really made me happy to see.

This was just such a great DLC choice and can’t wait to play more!

Terry Bogard


Despite Nintendo themselves basically giving away which company was getting the next DLC spot, I was pretty excited to see that SNK was getting this and I honestly knew who they’d choose because Terry Bogard is like the Ryu for Street Fighter.  I have to say, this one really excited me despite not many knowing who this was (seems like the opposite effect with Hero).  We didn’t get too much information on his, just his artwork and a small clip of him doing Crack Wave and Burning Knuckle so that’s interesting.

As for his stage, it looks like the arena from King of Fighters XIV and it’s flat which makes sense to me and there’s a cameo from Ryo Sakazaki in the background (which is a staple for SNK’s fighting games).  Curious to see more once November rolls around.


Though to be honest, the BIGGEST news to come out from Smash is that after this Fighters Pass (Piranha Plant (if you want to count it), Joker, Hero, Banjo & Kazooie, Terry, and the last unannounced character), there’s going to be more DLC characters to be released and I like many others hope they pull it back and focus on Nintendo characters!


Though didn’t get quite as much of the light like Smash did in the Direct (and the fact it had its own presentation afterwards) Pokémon didn’t get too much info here.

  • Deeper character customization
  • Pokémon Camp which I feel like replaces Poke Pelago, but I mean it’s better too!
  • Curry seems to be like the Pokeblocks from back yonder that you can feed to get closer to your Pokemon.

New Pokémon? Let’s talk about them!



The first was kind of hinted at (maybe not intentionally) in the E3 video, but Polteageist is definitely the first where I was like this is pandering to the British culture as they do love their tea!  I feel like this Ghost type is interesting because they sure do like talking about its tea, is it going to be a mechanic in some way?  It does have the ability Weak Armor so who knows!



The other Pokémon shown off was Cramorant and interestingly enough is a Flying/Water type (primary Flying?).  Besides its derpy look, Cramorant has a bit of a gimmick to it called Gulp Missile.

If it uses Surf or Dive it’ll pop up with a fish in its mouth and if it’s attacked it’ll fire said fish as an attack!  Which brings me toooooo…


That first seems a bit too designed to not be a Pokémon, so I assume that it’ll be given a proper introduction in the future, but it already seems it’ll be a Water type so it has that going for it.


While not touched upon, we also learned that Alcremie gets different looks (fruits) and colors.  Not sure how, but it is a thing (might be connected to those Curries?).  I don’t know, but that’s something unique and makes me think of Vivillon.




Let’s Talk About Pokemon Gen 8: August updates! August 8, 2019

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Yup August has begun and once again we’re given a short trailer for Pokémon!

  • Did learn that two more of our rivals were revealed (Bede & Marnie)
  • The new “villain team” is named Team Yell who are huge fans of Marnie.
  • Pokémon Jobs are a thing where you send Pokémon to do tasks while you play the game (reminds me of the training stuff in World of Light from Smash Ultimate).
  • Galar, like Alola has forms based on the area!

Galarian Weezing


Yup, we having Galarian forms now and the first introduced is such an interesting one with Weezing (so maybe I should assume Koffing doesn’t get one?).  Anyways, the new Weezing is now a Poison/Fairy type and interestingly enough while it does get Levitate as its ability, it has a mysterious 2nd one that wasn’t revealed!  I’m interesting to see where this one goes.

Though at the opening of Worlds, its 2nd ability was revealed to be Neutralizing Gas where it sets every Pokémon on the field with no ability (with double battles being re-introduced)

Galarian Zigzagoon, Galarian Linoone, Obstagoon


The other Galarian form introduced is for the Linoone line here changing its typing to a Dark/Normal (reminds me of the Alolan Raticate line) but what’s new this time around is that Galarian Linoone actually evolved into the new Pokémon, Obstagoon.  Interesting to see it go bipedal and such, but it’s definitely cool and a surprise it feels like the line is based more on badgers than anything else!



The only actual “NEW” Pokémon shown off in the trailers is unsurprisingly classified as Galar’s Pika-clone, Morpeko which is a Electric/Dark type and what makes it stand out is that depending on the ability, Hunger Switch (a new ability) if it uses the move Aura Wheel the move switches types between Electric & Dark.  It’s cute but good lord can we be finished with these Pika-lookalikes I know Pikachu is the lord and savior Pokémon, but we have so many Pika-clones.  I will be curious to see what moves it gets!

Opening of Worlds did show off a new trailer showing new things like abilities, moves, and items so let’s talk about it

  • Corviknight’s Hidden Abilty is the new, Mirror Armor which bounces back stat-changing moves
  • Two new items were shown, Room Service (Speed is lowered when Trick Room is active) and Eject Pack (will call back Pokemon if its stats are lowered).
  • A new move, Breaking Swipe, that lowers the Attack stat to whoever it hits
  • Dynamaxed Pokemon ignores Flinching moves


That’s it for this month maybe?  No clue if Corocoro will announce anything in the next week, but I think that’s about it for now.


Let’s Talk About Pokemon Gen 8: E3 & July update July 9, 2019

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Yup it’s finally time to talk about all the happenings that passed during E3 and the recent July video update (will mostly likely update again after Corocoro comes out!)

  • So the leak that happened prior to E3 has been more or less confirmed to be true with a few things left to confirm!
  • Nessa was confirmed as a Gym Leader; as well as Bea & Allister (though those two are version exclusive gym leaders)
  • Gigantamaxing  was announced as a kind of Mega Evolution-type of change where certain Pokémon will change in design and are much stronger with unique moves (don’t know if there’s more differences to Dynamaxing, but it’s a thing
  • We did start getting some version exclusives (the Hydreigon & Kommo-o lines in Sword and the Tyranitar & Goodra line in Shield)

That out of the way, let’s talk about the new Pokémon!



The first up from E3 is Yamper who is an Electric-type Corgi and boy it’s super adorable!  I really found myself enjoying it’s cuteness and it has a new ability in Ball Fetch in where it’ll catch a Pokeball if it fails to catch (but just the first one).  I think it will evolve and it’ll be even cooler I’m sure!  Awesome!



The other introduced at E3 is Impadimp who has the unique typing for Dark/Fairy and while there’s not much information on it, it’s sort of freaky and cute.  Can’t wait to see what else is going on with this one and I hope it does evolve too!



So moving onto July’s update, Alcremie was our first shown off and wow did this cater to the sweets crowd (honestly it reminds me of Slurpuff).  As a pure Fairy type, I’m not sure how well it’ll be in the meta, but knowing it has a Gigamax form is quite interesting!



I’m not sure what to think of the next Pokémon, Rolycoly who is our Rock-type Pokémon and from it’s explanation it moves around like a wheel and that’s pretty interesting since it’s based off of coal.  Would like to see more of it and curious to see if it has evolutions too and also a new ability in Steam Engine (Speed is raised if it’s hit with a Fire or Water move).



Last, but not least, we got our Steel/Dragon Pokémon, Duraludon to talk about and from what I’ve seen so far, it makes me wonder if Duraludon is our pseudo-legendary of Galar here.  It looks super shiny and yet powerful too!  Even so far as to have a new move (JP Name: Exhaustive Beam) where it fires a powerful beam but in return it loses half its life points.  Not sure how I’ll like it, but so far it’s interesting.

Gigamax Forms


So this is the answer to the Mega Evolutions from the 6th Gen games?  I guess this works especially so far with making Alcremie, Corviknight, and Drednaw into something a bit more wild and fierce.  I can only wonder how this stacks up in the meta, but I’m liking them so far!




Let’s Talk About Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC! June 13, 2019

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So the last post I made about the game was actually in the last Smash Direct they did before the game (the one that announced Ken, Incineroar, and Piranha Plant).  Though we’re halfway through 2019 and we’ve gotten quite a bit in Smash updates since the game’s release so we should talk about that eh?

Piranha Plant

Piranha Plant

So since the last post we’ve actually gotten the first 2 of 6 DLC characters playable (since the other two were just announced yesterday).  About Piranha Plant, yeah it’s not part of the Fighters Pass since it didn’t get new music or a stage, but it was kind of a nice gift regardless.  P. Plant is a pretty tricky character to play as since a lot of its special moves has a lot of quirky things going on about it, so it takes time for this one.  Though, what a surprise Sakurai would include a regular baddie to the roster (as in like a minion and not a hero or main antagonist).



So in December at the Video Game Awards, we actually got a huge bomb dropped when they snuck in a reveal trailer for Joker from Persona 5 joining the Smash Bros. cast (although it was in mystery with no in-game footage).  April was when we’d get the in-game stuffs for him (on top of new Spirits and Stage Builder (with VR added in May).  So this was a pretty big release to say the least.

Joker himself focuses a lot on kind of odd setups and managing his bar to summon his Persona, Arsene, but boosted attacks and a change in his Up+B.  I thought he’s a little more difficult to master up, but he’s quite fun to play as too…  Even his winning animation quirks is AWESOMES~.

Though let’s be honest his stage, Mementos was the more memorable part from Joker.  It’s such a vivid stage and I love the fact that it changes colors depending on the song from which game (Blue for Persona 3, Yellow for 4, and Red for 5).  Could’ve used more songs, but I’ll live.



So on Nintendo Direct yesterday, we got two reveals the first was kind of no surprise because codenames of the DLC Characters were leaked for Piranha Plant & Joker and Hero’s was “Brave”, but most people were predicting it was specifically Erdrick.  Though as it turns out that the default is Luminary from Dragon Quest XI (the main protagonists usually don’t have names as you can name them yourselves with the exception of Erdrick (from III) and Solo (from IV) who are ironically 2 of the alternate costumes alongside the protagonist from DQ8 (who fans call Eight)).

From what was shown off Hero’s gimmick is an MP bar and a menu where you can use different Magic skills, though not much was talked about (well not at all really), Hero is a bit like Robin with the mix of swordplay and magic so that’s cool.

As for the stage, not much is known about it besides it floating around Erdrea (the main setting for DQXI) and the flying whale Cetacea somehow flying about.  Very little was shown sadly and it kind of reminds me of Skyloft to be quite honest, we’ll prolly learn more in the coming weeks about it.



Let’s be honest though the HUGE news was towards the end of the direct where we kind of got a similar trailer to when King K. Rool was announced but instead were we trolled again by Duck Hunt before the REAL reveal popped up and its Banjo & Kazooie!  Many fans have been hoping for this addition for MANY MANY games and we’re finally here with this duo!  Grateful to Microsoft/Rare for letting this dream happen!

From the reveal trailer, a LOT of moves from the 2 N64 games seem to be translated into the moveset, though there is a move they do (the charge and it depletes a feather…wonder if there’s a limit and what happens when it’s all gone.).

As for the stage, it was no surprise it would be Spiral Mountain, but it makes me wonder how it’ll work…there’s the bridge that goes into Gruntilda’s Lair…but there’s a scene where it looks like the stage is spiraling up (items are moving across the grass to the fore/background as if the stage is moving them).  I’m curious to see where it leads.



So now that’s all done we have only TWO more DLC characters to release (one prolly set for Winter & one for February…I’m pretty curious since it’s open season since there hasn’t been many hints to anything since a lot of it was for Erdrick and Banjo so I’m very curious to how this Fighters’ Pass ends!!!


Let’s Talk About Pokemon Gen 8!: The beginning of Generation 8! June 6, 2019

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Wow, after the Pokémon event last week, I was more excited to see the first actual talks about the upcoming dual games, Pokémon Sword & Shield.

Lets talk about the big things!

  • The main thing was the new way to battle with the mechanic, Dynamax which feels like a comination of Gen 6’s Mega Evolution and the Z-moves from Gen 7.  Essentially the Pokemon grows into gargatuan size to be able to damage harder (and use a unique move for each type) but the drawback is that they can only sustain this Dynamax form for 3 turns.
  • We also meet the Galar region’s Champion, Leon and his brother Hop (he’s your rival) on top of two Professors (Magnolia and her granddaughter/assistant Sonia).
  • The return of Gym Leaders for sure with the first shown off being Milo!  (a Grass-type Gym Leader).
  • Of course there’s going to be some online stuff that’s new, especially the Max Raid Battles which seems to be in the Wild Area which is a massive landscape where many Pokemon can be found!

But let’s get to why we’re really here!  Some new Pokémon!!!



So the first shown off is this Normal-type Sheep, Wooloo!  From what was shown from the direct, I get the feeling that this might be an early Pokémon (dunno if it takes a certain category like the Region rat, bird, and bugs but it just feels like an early catch).  Though I am curious to see if it evolves because it seems like it has potential (though it does have Fluffy & Run Away as its abilities).  We shall see!

Gossifleur, Eldegoss


So I was pretty surprised to see our first new evolution line in this Direct so early on!  As our 2nd & 3rd Grass-type Pokémon shown off (Gossifleur & Eldegoss), I was more surprised to see that Eldegoss is the Pokémon Milo uses in his Gym Battle (which seems to be based around Dynamax).  It’s pretty cute and noteworthy also in having the first new Galar ability, Cotton Down (to which we don’t know what it does yet) and Regenerator).  I also think Eldegoss reminds me a lot of both Petilil and Whimsicott lol



I think the one I’m pretty much still rather confused about is Drednaw which is kind of dropped on us hahah.  This Water/Rock Pokémon does kind of have me curious (looks less scary than Barbaracle, Omastar, and Kabutops).  Though it does also look like it has potential as its abilities Strong Jaw / Shell Armor makes it seem strong especially if its Attack is high!



Wow, I definitely didn’t realize we never had a Raven Pokémon but it seems things have come to fruition with this edgy bird!  Though considering it kind of replaces the HM Fly (makes me wonder what is going to happen with HMs altogether since Corviknight takes you to places you’ve been to and you can ride your bike in the water, I mean it’s pretty curious).  Also, I was expecting Dark/Flying (like the Honchkrow and Mandibuzz line) but instead it’s a Flying/Steel type (like Skarmory), makes me wonder how powerful it will be especially with the abilities Pressure & Unnerve…this might be a late-game catch perhaps (or even there could be a pre-evolution too!

Zacian, Zamazenta


Before the direct ended, Masuda surprised us with one more short trailer introducing the games legendaries, Zacian & Zamazenta.  Honestly, I’m surprised with how similar they look to one another minus the fact Zacian has the sword and Zamazenta wears the shield.  Though not much else is known currently (not even they types, but I’m guessing one of the types will be Steel).  Though it definitely pushed me to getting Sword now so I’m pretty excited!


Though there was a hint of a new Pokémon during the Gym Battle scene where this kid wore a sweater with this mysterious Chipmunk Pokémon (though another LQ picture shows said Pokémon in the crowd with a Munchlax, Riolu, Vulpix, and Pikachu).  Curious to see what becomes of this…and of the current big rumor going around of that there’s 2 Squirrel/Chipmunk PKMN.

Of course they also showed Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble off, but nothing really new information-wise about them and nothing on Meltan and Melmetal so…  Still a lot of older Pokémon return too!

I guess I should mention that importantly, Pokémon Bank is going to be now Pokémon Home which be the place to store PKMN (although this will be coming in 2020 so that’s kind of a bummer, though it may not since Sword & Shield releases on 11/15


RUMOR: Shortly after people have found a 4chan post by someone Anonymous that leaked some information, normally 4chan posts get ignore but this one (posted last week on the 23rd), so let’s break it down!

Things that were leaked correctly!

  • Rival is Hop
  • Dynamaxing
  • Name dropping Sonia & Leon and the mention of her Grandmother as the professor
  • Name dropping Milo as a Gym Leader
  • The Wild Zone being an expansive biome that has weather changes and battles against Dynamaxed Pokemon in 4-people battles (Max Raid Battles).
  • Legendary is a wolf that either holds a shield or sword (Zacian & Zamazenta)
  • Wooloo was talked about by name

There’s a lot that wasn’t talked about that was in this leak


Though with E3 & Corocoro coming up we might get one or two more new Pokémon, so I will see you next week!