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Let’s Talk Pokemon Gen 7! October News Pt. 3 (Trailer!) October 28, 2016

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So here we are at the end of October and we had one more trailer to handle and boy was it a pretty interesting one!  So let’s talk about it!

  • We finally got confirmation that the 3rd & 4th islands are indeed called Ula’ula & Poni island respetively.
  • The Pokemon league seems to be in its early stages and you get to battle on the Battle Tree with familiar opponents like Cynthia, Wally, Red, and Blue.

Decidueye, Incineroar, Primarina


The trailer did actually start off with the official showing of the final evolutions of the starter Pokemon which were actually making the Chinese leaks 100% real (strange that once again we found out by a leak).

Decidueye was probably the most interesting being typed as a Grass / Ghost (shared with both the Gourgeist and Trevenant lines).  I’m not sure quite where the Ghost typnig fits in with this one, but I really do enjoys its Robin Hood-look.  It does come with a signature move called Spirit Shackle where once it hits, the opponent cannot leave the battle or switch out.

Incineroar was also pretty interesting and despite how it looked, it avoided being a Fire/Fighting but instead is a Fire / Dark.  Funny enough that it shares its typing with the Houndoom line.  Since this is who I’m choosing for the game, I really liked its full line and sounds like it’ll be a brute!  Its signature move, Darkest Lariat ignores stat changes

Finally, we have Primarina who has the Water / Fairy typing (shares with the Azumarill line).  It might not be the top choice for me, but it looks so serene and beautiful, but definitely a bit feminine (moreso because it can be a male or a female).  Though Sparkling Aria actually heals burn wounds, but at the same time to deal damage?  Weird ideas in this move.

Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, Tapu Fini


Next up was that they showed off the remaining 3 Alola Guardians for the remaining islands.

First up is Tapu Lele, the Psychic / Fairy deity for Akala Island and it’s pretty cool that they split the Tapu’s into male and female guises and that their shields are based off different animals.  Not sure what Tapu Lele is based off of but it’s cute.  Its ability, Psychic Surge casts a perma Psychic Terrain (a new move that’s like the other ____ Terrain moves where in this case, Psychic moves get boosted power).

While many were thinking that Oricorio would dictate the other Tapus, it was shot down with the other two!  Tapu Bulu is actually a Grass / Fairy with its signature ability, Grassy Surge.

Finally there’s Tapu Fini which is Water / Fairy (another one eh?).  Even though the other Tapus have a Surge that focuses on their primary type, Tapu Fini’s Misty Surge is a Surge based across its secondary typing (why that is is beyond me, but I feel like we’ve got that in abilities like Drizzle (Kyogre & Politoed) & Primordial Sea (Primal Kyogre).

All 4 Tapus do learn Nature’s Madness and they all share a Z-move called “Guardian of Alola”.

Alolan Persian


We finally get video confirmation of Alolan Persian and just like Meowth, it continues to be a Dark type and it has Fur Coat or Technician.  I think its original look is pretty memorable, but this Persian feels almost comical to me.  While it is held highly by Alola residents, I just wonder how well it’ll be in the meta…



One of the most interesting and the only one that wasn’t tied to anything specific or special, we have Cosmog which is a pure Psychic type.  It has been shown that it’s the Pokemon, Lillie is carrying around and the Aether Foundation has interest in it.  I think it’s really cute and it seems important to the story, but to what extent because it’s just kind of in its own weird place



Let’s Talk Pokemon Gen 7! October News Pt. 2 (Demo & Etc.) October 20, 2016

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So here we are on the 19th (a day after the demo dropped) and I feel like I’ve drained the demo for what it has for the moment!  So let’s go over it!

  • We of course obtain our special Greninja at the beginning of the demo and we get a basic look of our first town, Hau’oli.
  • We meet up with Professor Kukui after taking a short trip to the Pokemon Center after beating some Team Skull thugs.
  • Kukui gives the OK to go onto Ten Carat Hill (where we meet Yungoos, Pikipek, Rockruff, and Pikachu) in the tall grass and battle a trainer.
  • Once at the cave, we begin our Trial which is to take pictures of Jangmo-o & Hakamo-o.
  • After the 3rd picture, the last one is against a Totem Hakamo-o (and a Rockruff helper)
  • Afterwords, Kukui will give you a Z-Ring & Electrium-Z (for Pikachu) to go against Team Skull Admin Plumeria’s Golbat.

Then the demo sort of ends.

  • Though after the trailer, you’ll be brought back in front of the PKMN Center and Kukui will give you an item where you can call Pokemon to do different things.  In the demo, we get Tauros which helps with traveling (much faster than running).
  • A PKMN Capturing Challenge which you can practice capturing the grass Pokemon (sadly you can’t keep them).
  • A couple events that actually happen days after you obtain the demo (1, 5, 12, 18, and 24)…
  • There’s also a random NPC that mentions something weird of the beach and we get our first glance at Alolan Dugtrio


Yup, it gains hair for some strange reason.  While we don’t exactly know what it’s all about besides the fact that it exists.  I figure because of the surfer looks it has, it might be a Water / Ground but that’s just under assumptions.


Though there was more!  A little before the demo Amazon decided to leak the upcoming TCG to begin the Sun / Moon string of releases and on the box came a new Pokemon


Just from looking at it, this is definitely a Water type at best, but I can also see a Poison type as well with the barbs it has and the coloring…


Then a couple days later, we got the preview for the Pokedex Guide out in Japan and it included a new Alolan form for Persian (which most fans guessed would happen since Meowth has one).  While I assume it’ll keep its Dark type, I’m unsure if it gets another type.  Visually, it’s mostly the same, but its head is bigger and has a blue gem in the midde (whereas the original had a red one).

(I know the datamined leaks happened, but I want to keep up with the updates, so I won’t cover them at least until the game is out, but what I can say is that I’m a little bummed about how many are new, but also that the designs are wild!


Let’s Talk Pokemon Gen 7! October News Pt. 1 (Corocoro & Trailers) October 15, 2016

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Seems like so far, October has been packed from just having two trailers (from the 4th and 14th) & the Corocoro leaks that there’s just a good amount of things to talk about!

  • Most importantly, a demo will be released on the 18th! a month before the full game releases!
  • Festival Plaza is a new feature that includes a lot of minigames to help out
  • Poke Pelago is also a new feature where your boxed Pokemon can have adventures and level up and such (makes them being in a box less depressing).
  • Megas return, but for right now it doesn’t seem that there’ll be new Megas this time around, at least the feature will still be around right?
  • A new Kahuna was announced in Olivia who is Akala Island’s lead.  She uses Rock types (like Nosepass and Lycanrok).
  • Another trial captain was announced in Ilima who uses Normal types (strange how HE was not announced along with the 4 a couple months back because Ilima is the first trial captain of the game.

Dartrix, Torracat, Brionne


So we start off the announcements from the trailer released on the 4th and it mostly retained more information on features and the upcoming demo, but it did kick off with the middle evolutions of our starters.  While nothing too worthy to not came out of it, I do think they look really well and funny enough supporting the Chinese leak even further (especially the features that look like it’ll be placed upon the the final evolutions.



So when they announced the demo, they also told us that we will be able to transfer a special Greninja (with a special ability, Battle Bond) where once it defeats an opponent it’ll turn into this Form.  While its profile did say it’ll be faster, there’s not much information about it otherwise.  Now where will AZ’s Floette land?

Alolan Grimer, Alolan Muk


Then we get into our Corocoro leaks which technically opened with Alolan Grimer being announced (with Muk being announced a couple days later).  As they are both now Poison / Dark, Grimer and Muk went through mostly color changes than shape changes.  I do like that Muk actually has its color move down its body (a little bit of an acid trip if you ask me).  Though Grimer is a bit off with the yellow lip balm going on there.  Either way, unexpected, but I’m sure there’ll be some uses (especially since both Drapion and Skuntank had good uses as they are the same typing).

Hakamo-o, Kommo-o


Next up was also another sort-a surprise with the reveal of Jangmo-o’s line.  Personally, I could’ve left off the hyphens on both and given them stronger names, but still.  After Jangmo-o, it seems to gain a typing which turns it into the only line currently with the dual type of Dragon / Fighting.  Kommo-o though comes with a new move called Clanging Scales where it’s a strong attack, but it lowers defense (like Close Combar).  I like the designs and it’s looking to be the pseudo, Dragon legendaries of the generation (surprised that it was even revealed, so there might be a chance there’s another pseudo out there!



So last month’s Corocoro hinted about Type:Null actually having an evolution and they didn’t let us down with introducing Silvally which continues to be the same Normal type.  Though with the helmet broken off, it does get a different ability called AKS System (Arceus much?).  With this ability whichever item it’s holding (something like Arceus’ plates), it’ll change it’s typing and its signature move, Multi-Attack (sounds like Arceus’ move Judgment).  Yeah, there’s definitely some apparent similarities going here aren’t there…

Steenee, Tsareena


Luckily today’s trailer didn’t disappoint as they revealed the English names for all the Pokemon released on Corocoro and gave us some other new Pokemon as well!  If you didn’t know, Bounsweet actually evolves into this Pokemon (which are pretty feminine as things go, so I assume they could be female-only.  While they don’t change types (stuck as a pure Grass type), Tsareena has a new ability called Queenly Majesty which stops priority moves (like Bruxish’s new ability, which has a different name xD).  On top of that, it has the new move Trop Kick which can lower an opponent’s Attack stat.



So in the last post, I had mentioned that what was an evolution to Cutiefly was shown (albeit very briefly in the JPN trailer).  Though it’s nice to see it confirmed officially as Ribombee.  Nothing to really note here though, the scarf is so cuuute!  I might have to catch one of these!



Let’s Talk Pokemon Gen 7! September News Pt. 2 (Corocoro & Trailer) September 24, 2016

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Yeah as we’re heading for the end of the month we had Corocoro leak and another official trailer released (technically two, but the first was little to no information given really.  So let’s talk about the small things

  • Customization is finally confirmed and there’s a LOT more choices this time around even a small nudge towards a new Pokemon (looks like a toucan actually!)
  • Pokemon-amie is now called Pokemon Refresh and this time comes with an additional things you can do including taking off their status effects (eh, Poke Centers becoming less necessary?).
  • Forgot to mention but we did get our first version exclusives from old Pokemon with the Drifblim line in Sun and the Mismagius line in Moon.

So let’s get on to our new Pokemon!

Lycanrok (Midday & Midnight Form)


Let’s start things off with with Corocoro new Pokemon starting with the answer to the mystery of Rockruff.  Now this post in itself is entirely about Version Exclusives.  So with Lycanrok, in Sun it has the Midday form (on the left) and in Moon you’ll get Midnight form (due to the power of Solgaleo & Lunala respectively.  As both are still Rock types, I don’t feel too much out of them but at least the Midday form learns an exclusive move in Accerlerock which it always goes first.  Midnight form gets Counter, but it’s a well-known move.

UB02: Absorption, UB02: Beauty


While we still don’t know the true purpose of the Ultra Beats, we do get two more in Absorption and Beauty (UB01 does have a name but it’ll come sometime later.  Personally, I think the designs are quite something and definitely doesn’t scream Pokemon right now but they are seen in-game fighting against Tapu Koko.  It doesn’t help that Beauty looks a LOT like Lusamine (the head of the Aether Foundation) and the color scheme of Absorption does suit Gladion (member of Team Skull) and on top of UB01 looking like Lillie…this could be quite interesting!

Passimian & Oranguru


The last two on this post are also split into each version and are not related in evolution!

The Pokemon in sun is Passimian who is funny enough a pure Fighting type.  While I am interested because it does support the Chinese leaks, in-game it has a new ability called Receiver where in 2 vs. 2 battles, if your team member faints, Passimian will obtain their ability.

In Moon, we get Oranguru which is the 3rd Normal/Psychic (next to both Girafarig & Meloetta).  Personally, I wasn’t surprised by all the Harambe jokes, but c’mon XD.  Anyways, Oranguru has a new move called Instruct where it makes the Pokemon it uses it on use the same move.



Let’s Talk Pokemon Gen 7! September News Pt. 1 (Direct & Trailer) September 7, 2016

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So another month and another barrage of news in the Pokemon world concerning the upcoming Pokemon games, Pokemon Sun & Moon.

  • There are a couple specific Z-Stones in the game and the two we know is for Alolan Raichu and Snorlax (the latter being the first event distribution for the game).
  • A new organization was revealed to be the Aether Foundation which is headed by Lusamine, her Branch Chief Faba and Assistant Wicke.  The premise for the organization is to protect Pokemon in a place called Aether Paradise (which is the manmade island in the middle of the Alola map).  Honestly, from looking at the footage of the organization, the connections to the Ultra Beasts and some of the background hinting…I call bullshit on their “goody-good looks”…
  • Which isn’t helped by the reveal of the new Team Skull member, Gladion who ironically shares the same skin, eye, and hair color as both Lusamine and Lillie
  • As mentioned, Ultra Beasts were announced and I’m not quite sure where it lands if its actual monsters or Pokemon.  Though name-wise it’s slightly unoriginal and the first is seen coming from a portal at the Aether Paradise sooooooo….another red flag for Aether.
  • Poke Finder was announced and for what it sounds like it’s Pokemon Snap xD..take pictures of Pokemon and send it online and it’ll get (hopefully positive things).
  • Oh yeah, Pokemon Sun and Moon are seperated by 12 hours (Sun actually follows current time while Moon is pushed 12 hours (making them opposite when it’s played).

With that out of the way, let’s meet the new Pokemon (and that Ultra Beast)!

Alolan Rattata & Alolan Raticate


So I’m starting out with these two because Rattata was actually introduced in the Nintendo 3DS direct that happened at the beginning of the month.  Surprise though that they are now Dark / Normal.  While the story about this change came about because of sending Yungoos to deal with regular Rattatas and in turn led into the rat Pokemon becoming nocturnal.  I will say Raticate looks hilarious with the pudgy look.  It’s interesting to say the least and the coloration is cool too. Also Alolan Raticate is the Totem Pokemon on Melemele Island in Moon (while Gumshoos is the Totem in Sun).



Wow, interesting looking Dragon.  Probably the Pokemon that made the least amount of hype for me.  Jangmo-o is to me what I think might be the pseudo-legendary, but I could easily be wrong.  I like the heart-shaped head shield it has, but really I want to learn more about this one! It reminds of a Neopet, to be honest.

Type: Null


Ehhh???  Why give it a name such as that?  I mean Null is the name of the helmet it’s wearing and it’s supposed to hinder it’s strong power.  Beyond the weird name, it is based on the Chimera which is made up of different animal parts (like as it’s seen here).  I am a little surprised by the Normal type. Still, it looks pretty badass and it’s used by Gladion in the game, so who knows how we’ll be able to get our hands on it!



Now we have our Ultra Beast.  Codenamed UB-01 (sounds like the first of many), there’s not a whole lot of infomation currently behind it besides we apparantly meet it for the first time at the Aether Paradise.  The Pokemon site says that it moves like a little girl and because of other eerily connections, maybe people believe it’ll be related to Lillie in some kind of way.  No type, no ability…don’t even know if it’ll be catchable in the game



In the Japanese version of the trailer today, we also caught a little glance of Cutiefly’s evolution…no name yet and we might get that info in Corocoro later in the week so…this is a thing.



Let’s Talk Pokemon Gen 7! August News PT. 3!! August 20, 2016

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Wow, it just seems GameFreak just keeps rolling out the news.  This time is from both Gamescom (EU E3) and the Worlds Championship.  There wasn’t too much from the new systems or anything rather in-game, but we did get confirmation of some new Pokemon and some Corocoro released Pokemon, so let’s go down!



So it feels like this should come first.  At Gamescom, the company decided to show off more of the Battle Royal and then endthe session with a showing of a new Pokemon, Turtonator.  Interestingly enough, it is a Fire / Dragon type (the first that isn’t a legendary (Reshiram)).  It does come with a unique move in Shell Trap which acts like a counter by giving double damage once it’s set up.  I personally feel like it was shown off randomly, and somehow gives off this feeling that it’ll have a pre-evolution in the future.



We finally get the English names for our Corocoro entries finally (though it has only been about over a week since they were introduced).  Stufful of course eventually evolves into Bewear and it does share the same typings and abilities.  Really though, it’s just an adorable Pokemon and its backside has a little tag on it which is too cute!  Much more better than Bewear’s design!

Sandygast, Palossand


Yup, the strange sandcastle Pokemon has also been given its English names so if you missed my initial impressions, then there’s a previous post the talks about their designs and typings!  Though we did get info on its ability, Water Composition where its defense goes up two levels after being hit by a Water attack.  After seeing them in in-game footage though, I like Sandygast, but Palossand needs a little more time to grow on me.



The last Pokemon shown off was actually the only new Pokemon shown at Worlds (because Stufful, Sandygast, and Palossand were shown off previously).  When I saw this, I immediately thought it was going to be a Water type, but in all reality it’s actually a Fighting type.  A little strange, but here’s hoping that it’ll be evolving into something scary!



Let’s Talk Pokemon Gen 7! August News PT. 2!! August 11, 2016

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We finally got through the week where both a new trailer AND Corocoro releases and we got some interesting new designs and other things!

  • We get our first look at our evil team for our generation, Team Skull!  Also we meet the leader Guzmo and his admin, Plumeria!

Sunabaa, Shirodesuna


So since Corocoro leaked first, I’ll start there.  Our first Pokemon we see are a two-line evolution with Sunabaa & Shirodesuna.  Both are of Ghost / Ground which it shares with the Golurk line!  Honestly, its design is a little of the wall, but there’s been plenty of those since the beginning.  I am loving that there’s a lot of Ghost types being introduced this generation and this one seems cool, if not maybe slow. Beyond that, not much else is known of its abilities or how it evolves.  Hoping that the trailer today would help, but it didn’t appear.



Looks like Bewear does have a pre-evolution!  Nuikoguma is definitely a bit more cuter than its evolution.  It’s typing remains the same as a Normal / Fighting.  That’s all about this lil guy beyond that it was confirmation that the dex leak was pretty much fake.



A Pokemon that first saw light on Corocoro and was later featured in the trailer, Wishiwashi is a pure Water type and normally that would just be boring as there’s plenty of them in the games.  However it comes with a unique ability, Schooling.  Where at a certain level it becomes it fearsome School Form.  Even Gyarados are afraid of it….  Overall, I love the gimmick and this stronger form could be quite useful.



Despite that it did leak from Corocoro (a day later) and then was featured in the trailer, Pyukumuku at first glance looks cute, but boy it sure gets strange.  As another pure Water type, it might not have the gimmick that Wishiwashi has, but because of its design, it also has a new ability, Innards Out, where if it gets fainted the damage it got from the dealing blow is struck back at the opponent at half strength (like Destiny Bond, but weaker).



Then we have the only new Pokemon shown off in the trailer this morning, Morelull!  After being teased with the shenanigan typings of both the Florges line and Comfey, we finally have our first Grass / Fairy type.  We did get the ability choice of Illuminate or Effect Spore so it might be useful, but it might not, who knows.  I’m hoping it evolves into something cool!

Alolan Meowth, Alolan Marowak, Alolan Raichu


So the trailer finishes off with some more Alolan forms of Kanto Pokemon.

Starting with the two from Corocoro, Meowth is first and its typing has changed to a pure Dark type.  Not sure what’ll be like with this new typing or if it’ll gain any new moves, but the thought is there for an Alolan Persian in the future.

Sadly, which it seems that Cubone doesn’t get this change, Marowak is now a Fire / Ghost type which is pretty cool.  Though we did get a hint of this from Kiawe’s profile so this made a WHOLE lot of sense as it’s based around a fire dancer now!

Last, but not least, Like Cubone, Pichu and Pikachu apparantly don’t get Alola forms, but instead Raichu does!  What caught my attention the most of our updated evolution was that now it’s an Electric / Psychic type and floats in the air looking like it’s surfing on its tail!  It really gives me vibes of Puka (the blue-eyed Pikachu from the anime), Surfing Pikachu, and the Raichu animation from using Surf in the Pokemon Stadium games.  Still, a bit odd with Psychic, but I’m definitely enjoying it!


Alright, See you all next month!  Though, I have a feeling it’ll be earlier lol!