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What’s On Brett’s IPhone?: WEEK 21 & 22 May 28, 2012

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Reason I didn’t do Week 21 last Sunday is mainly because I wanted to give space to the posts since there would’ve been three up.  So I just made this week 10 songs.  Next week it’ll go back to normal.

1. Animotion – Obsession

The Song: Yup, starting out the ten, Obsession is definitley a pull to my nostalgic 80’s new wave appreciation.  It’s definitely the group’s biggest hit and some consider them a one-hit wonder.

The Video: The video for Obsession is kind of weird but funny at the same time.  Most of the time the band is dressed up as different famous people like Cleopatra, Mark Antony, and even Amelia Earhart.  It’s goofy and kind of a flirtatious video as well because both lead singers seem to flirt a lot in the MV. 

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: The song was definitely ahead of its time and really stuck out to me when it came out.  I love the rather futuristic tones of the song and wasn’t expecting to have such a bizarre video to go with it.  Great song!

2. Drake – Find Your Love

The Song: Drake’s Find Your Love is one of Drake’s biggest songs in his career…yeah lol  What more is there to really say huh?

The Video: Simply the story for Find Your Love is that Drake wants to see this girl again that he met at the club and had hot shmex clearly.  Though I guess the girl belongs to some gang leader and the video ends with Drake being caught and tied to a chair and that’s how it simply ends…on some cliffhanger that really isn’t explained otherwise in Drake’s later stuff.  Oh yeah and he’s performing in a studio as well…hmmm…all in Haiti?

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: You don’t see many hip-hop/rap songs on here so this is a rare occasion for me.  I will admit that I was happy that Drake was actually singing in the song rather than just doing rapping.  I love the mysterious and dark glow and funny that I love the ~yeah yeah yeah~ parts…catchy tune here!

3. The Jonas Brothers – Hold On

The Song: Hold On is the trio’s 2nd song off their debut album.  One of their harder hitting songs shockingly enough…not really very poppy but somewhat angsty.

The Video: The video is just the three performing the song in a room at first.  After the first chorus, things start to change like wind starting the blow the objects in the room around and the final chorus the walls fall down and they’re performing in front of tall rocks/small mountain?  I don’t know but that’s about it lol.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Now, I’m no JoBro fan, but this song actually is kind of good despite it’s three guys still going through puberty.  I mean granted they aren’t great singers but still it’s a good and catchy song.

4. The Cranberries – Zombie

The Song: Zombie by The Cranberries is definitely a 90’s song but it’s also quite good from this Irish band heh. 

The Video: Well, the video is done in black and white (well except for when O’diordan and kids are in front of a cross.  I think the video is about the whole Northern Ireland deal (maybe just on kids and war, I don’t know).  It’s a really dark video for such a topic but it sent it well…though it did get confusing towards the end because I’m not sure if the boy dies or not…but hmmmm…interesting.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I love Zombie because it is quite dark and the lyrics are kind of true stuff.  Plus I love the lead singer’s vocals for some reason…it’s unique and powerful and I love it!

5. Perfume – Butterfly

The Song: Ahhh Butterfly, one of the more interesting Nakata songs he’s done.  Off from GAME, Butterfly stands out a lot because it’s not a song that focuses on lyrical content but more on the musical aspect of the tune. 

The Video: For the video, it’s not as conceptual as many of their others because this PV was only on a Live DVD so it’s kind of understandable.  They’re wearing their “Dream Fighter” outfits (maybe a little different) but it’s still kind of underwhelming.  The effects used though were pretty cool…all the colors and and the phasing in through spaces effect is awesome. 

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Butterfly always paints a picture in my mind that it’s supposed to be like a jungle in your mind…almost tribal.  I really love Nakata’s work in the song and the girls worked it well too.  Is it sad that I prefer the shorter version from the video than the album’s long take?  Weird…

6. HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR – fly me to the other moon

The Song: This sog is from HaMC’s final album, swamp man.  Sticks out because it has a bit more synth than more than their discography. 

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Like I said, the synths really made me love the song quite a lot.  Plus HALCA sounds really pleasant and Yuusuke is edgy like crazy.  It’s a great song from them…damn I miss them quite a bit!

7. Kylie Minogue – Red Blooded Woman

The Song: Red Blooded Woman is actually Kylie’s most-well known song in the states from Body Language.  Quite an interesting track.

The Video: There’s not a lot to this video either but it’s kind of made up because it’s quite sexy.  Kylie is kind of weaving her way through traffic doing many different things.  By the time the song gets into the ending area, it gets dark and choreography is seen.  Classy video and really fun.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Well, this song was pretty much locked my love for the it because of how much exposure it got in the states.  Might not be my favorite from the album, but this song is sassy and cool to listen to. 

8. KOTOKO – Ketsudan no entrance

The Song: Ketsudan no entrance isn’t exactly a single for her but it was featured on the compilation does every once in a while, EXTRACT

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: This song is powerful and makes me respect KOTOKO as a singer because she can hit and hold notes quite well.  Plus it’s I’ve Sound trance so it’s of course going to be really good.  Definitely a strong song to listen to.

9. Utada Hikaru – HEART STATION

The Song: HEART STATION (an A-side and was eventually raised to be a title track of said album.  Definitely different but still quite cool.

The Video: I’ve always wondered what was going on in the PV for this because it’s so elusive and mysterious and it definitely has hidden meanings strewn through it.  I mean we have Hikki sitting on a train with headphones on while everyone else is in shadow form.  It’s completely unusual but it does give a feel of loneliness (which kind of works with the song too).  It still doesn’t make too much sense to me otherwise and I would’ve thought she would’ve made this PV more bold or something.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I love HEART STATION despite having such a confusing PV.  I love the cold and lonely feel of the song for sure.  I know vocally, it’s kind of Hikki’s low point to the song but it’s really pretty otherwise.

10. Unwritten Law – Seein’ Red

The Song: Once again, Seein’ Red to me feels like it’s the band’s biggest hit and only one most people could remember lol. 

The Video: Kind of simple from them, a lot of the video is them performing inside a home with a crowd enjoying the music and such.  There’s other scenes like the main singer singing the lyrics around the house actually. 

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I remember sitting in the bedroom watching MTV2/MTV and this song was all over the airwaves there.  It’s pretty emo/angsty without having been named so yet (before Fall Out Boy basically).  It was just rockin and energetic and the lyrics fit me well too so…this song kind of stood out and I loved it enough to be in my iPhone.


What’s On Brett’s IPhone?: WEEK 20 May 18, 2012

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So here’s the other one I missed, this time, there’s 10 of em so I’m catching up ^_^

1. Nobuo Uematsu – Balamb Garden

The Song: Balamb Garden is one of the most heard themes from Final Fantasy VIII because this is essentially where you’ll be quite a bit in the first half of the game, before the Ragnarok replaces the Garden.  It’s one of the more relaxing songs from the OST, that’s for certain.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: FFVIII is my all-time favorite Final Fantasy, so I also love the OST to death as well and Balamb Garden is probably my favorite “City” theme of the game.  I mean it’s really soothing and the melody is left in your head.  When the song gets going it’s playing a version of “Ami” which is heard through most of the songs but it’s REALLY sweet to listen to.

2. Masae Ohtani aka Himawari – Killing My Caddy

The Song: Killing My Caddy is ex-Melon Kinenbi member, Masae Ohtani’s debut A-side.  Released in 2011, the song was after the group broke up and went their seperate ways.  Also to note, she’s under the penname Masae Ohtani aka Himawari. 

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I’ve always had a soft spot for Ohtani.  Between her and Megumi Murata, they were my favorites and just amazing but Masae was so different from your normal H!P girl because she changed hairstyles so damn frequently and just was different in each PV she was in.  Hearing Killing My Caddy, impressed me because she could stand on her own as an artist and the tune fits her personality like a T.  It’s a great song for her ^_^

3. Kelly Osbourne – One Word

The Song: One Word stands out as one of Kelly’s best songs (maybe not sales-wise…but it was pretty popular when it was released for her sophomore album, Sleeping in the Nothing.

The Video: A lot of videos seem to be easy to understand but the MV for One Word has left me SOOOO confused.  I mean it’s kind of set in this mish-mash of steampunk and Bonnie & Clyde setting with a little mad scientist on the side.  It’s really hard to follow since there’s a lot of weird shit going on like picture taking of ladies, walking down hallways (A LOT), then vultures, a rating contest of ladies, and a ping-pong ball with a “1” on it….then at the end Kelly leaves the building and the lights of the city go out behind her…like what is really going on here…I’M SO CONFUSED!!!!

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: One Word is such a dropoff after all the stuff Kelly released before this.  She was wild, rambunctious, and just in your face.  With this one she took a more cold and dark and serious route and lyrically it’s like a deep message…I just somehow love the song and is quite catchy.

4. 2PM – Take off

The Song: Take off is 2PM’s debut song in Japan and an original song as well…quite surprisingly for a K-pop group right?  Take off is also well-known as a theme to Ao no Exorcist which I hold in high regard with choices of songs to promote it. 

The Video: 2PM’s video for Take off is quite simple, though a little odd.  It begins with the 6 members fooling around and doing a little dancing and some of the guys notice something landing so they go to the roof and it turns out that some spaceship landed and wants them to come in.  Basically after that the scenes move between fooling around in the spaceship and the choreography which is set on both the rooftop and inside the ship.  You notice if they’re in the ship when they look a bit more spiffed up and/or they’re floating and being silly…then it turns out it was just a dream…OR WAS IT.  Simple like I said but looks FUN!  BTW, Junsu and Taecyeon were SEXY!

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I love Take off, the song is so breezy and synth heavy that it really did give off that feeling of flight and weightlessness.  All the guys sound great and more props to Junsu for being the vocal powerhouse in the song.  I still do kind of wish they cleaned the ending area (because let’s be honest, the song feels too short).  Still an amazing song by the group!

5. m.o.v.e feat. 8-BALL – SPEED MASTER

The Song: SPEED MASTER is m.o.v.e’s 28th A-side and is a collaboration with J-rock band, 8-BALL.  I have to mention as well because there’s also a SPEED MASTER where 8-BALL leads and m.o.v.e is the secondary.  NO, this is the first one and the one I’m used to much more. 

The Video: The video for SPEED MASTER is also quite a simple one.  It’s both acts performing together (of course more m.o.v.e since it’s their track) with RAY behind them because he sings a lot in the song alongside yuri.  Beyond that, there’s a sword fight between a Samurai and a Ninja (they have swords that glowwwwww).  The fight doesn’t seem to end even though the ninja rolled away and the PV ends with a close-up of the Samurai readying his sword.  If you were gonna ask, they never answered the question of who wins in the other SPEED MASTER PV either…disappointing.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: It’s the closest thing m.o.v.e has done that’s anywhere close to their epic “DOGFIGHT” IMO.  I love SPEED MASTER and the fact they collaborated with a nobody-band but still made it sound amazing for both parties ^_^.  I think RAY should’ve joined but that’s pretty shallow of me to say xD.  Still, a great song!

6. Cirque du Soleil – Mirko

The Song: Mirko is one of several pieces of music that is played for this Circus/Performance/Play/whatever it might be to people.  It’s a really good show, trust me!

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I’m not sure for this one but I love Cirque du Soleil and I DEFINITELY LOVE Alegria for that sense so Mirko isn’t a surprise because it stands out and it’s heavy march feel works with the powerful vocals of the lady that sings it (not sure who but she’s good!).

7. Morning Musume (Aika Mitsui) – Watashi no Miryoku ni Kizukanai Donkan na Hito

The Song: It’s one of three solo songs from Platinum 9 DISC amd it’s all for Aika who we all know is leaving the group as of tonight…ironic for my iPhone right? 

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Before knowing of Aika’s graduation, I actually loved this song for some reason.  I mean I know Aika isn’t an amazing vocalist that’s for sure but this song is cute and fits the anime-esque sound quite well.  It’s such a happy song and suits her very well ^_^

8. Country Musume ni Konno to Fujimoto – Uwaki na Honey Pie

The Song: Uwaki na Honey Pie marks as the first single of the third incarnation of Country Musume (who are Asami, Miuna, Mai, Konkon, and Mikitty).  It’s pretty energetic and full of life…totally different from most of the group’s old stuff.

The Video: Who knew Country Musume would get a Tennis-themed PV to go with Uwaki na Honey Pie XD.  It’s an odd video for what its worth.  The dance is so wacky but so catchy to watch ^_^.  Of course my H!P bias, Konkon is in the video so clearly I’m going to enjoy every minute of it…and Asami looked cute too!

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: To be honest this should be one song every person should have (if they love H!P) on their iPhone/iPod/mp3 player.  Uwaki na Honey Pie is just so epic and fun to listen to plus the vocals are all kinds of great!  Definitely one of my favorite songs of all time.

9. immi – Klaxon

The Song: Klaxon is immi’s 2nd A-side after taking the immi name.  Yes, it is the single version and not the album take since I like the chaos of the original just a bit more plus the ringing is COOL! 

The Video: Call it artistic flair but I really didn’t understand much of immi’s PV for this song.  I mean it does begin with immi being blindfolded and kind of pushed out the door to basically start an adventure (more like blind adventure).  The video looks like it was done by high-schoolers to make a horror film but failed XD.  At the end, she takes the blindfold off and walks up to a microphone…take that as you will. 

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I love the chaotic nature of the song for some reason.  The constant ringing is ingrained into your head while immi’s whispery vocals fill the empty spots giving this uncertain air about it.  It’s kooky and I love it!


The Song: If you have to know, this cover of Katamari on the Swing is done by the 8bit remixers, SEXY-SYNTHESIZER!  However, it’s on Katamari Takeshi which is mainly a two-disc OST where one is mostly covers of the older Katamari songs. 

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: 8bit can be quite off and on for me because it’s such a niche style and not many people use it to the level SEXY-SYNTHESIZER does.  I love the happycore-ness of Katamari on the Swing handled this way and the Galaga/Pac-Man-ness of it all is just one HUGE nostalgic trip lol. 




What’s On Brett’s IPhone?: WEEK 19 May 17, 2012

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Heyyyy, so yeah being swamped with tons of reviews and missing Friday, I decided to make tonight the 5 post and tomorrow the 10 post since I have to catch up and all….sooo here it comes!

1. capsule – Sugarless GiRL

The Song: You would be surprised, but Sugarless GiRL actually was a B-side to the analog release of “Starry sky”.  It’s really surprised because it’s also the title track for said album as well. 

The Video: To me the video for Sugarless GiRL (hmmm odd a B-side getting a PV) seems to be made for 3D viewing because while it is black and white, I see blue and red on the perimeter of different things so perhaps it was.  I like that Nakata and Toshiko are present for the PV and the various effects on the video like the sound bars and that “old” Windows starry space is cool too.  Neither of the two really do much and the camera is focused mostly on Toshiko (because she sings) so it’s plain but a cool video.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I love Sugarless GiRL, it’s like at the top of favorite Nakata-produced songs he’s done.  I mean it has this bittersweet feeling in it and mix it with this almost guitar-laced electro sound and it’s just gritty but refined…I just somehow am addicted to the song.

2. Michiko Naruke – Bramble Blast

The Song: If you’ve played Super Smash Bros. Brawl, then you know most of the songs that were featured are all revisioned songs from the past.  Bramble Blast in this case is a remake of “Stickerbrush Symphony” from Donkey Kong Country 2 and was done by David Wise. 

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: To be honest, Bramble Blast isn’t as amazing as the original but for what it got changed into with it’s more acoustic rendition and natural composition, it actually turned out really soothing…actually one of the more relaxing pieces from the game (notice there’s no official OST out there >.>)

3. Nami Tamaki – Kurayami Monogatari

The Song: If you really need to guess then jeeze…but if you haven’t noticed the name of the blog DOES come from this tune which is an album track from Nami’s sophomore album, Make Progress

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I LOVE THIS SONG.  It might not be my favorite Nami song (Believe, Reason, etc.) but it’s damn catchy and her attitude is what brought me into the song initially.  Unlike her epic dance tracks, this one kind of was dancey, but at the same time poking at rock without really going there…it’s a great song to listen to for sure…but I’d prolly show you guys a different song first.

4. the brilliant green – Ash Like Snow

The Song: Ash Like Snow is pretty much known as the last A-side they released under SONY before moving to Warner and going on with their career under that label.  Plus, it’s a GUNDAM song, how can it go wrong at all?!?

The Video: The video is quite interesting and a lot more darker than your normal Buriguri PV for sure.  The trio seem to be performing on the battlefield because you see explosions and pandas aiming at the band…it’s really funky.  Plus there’s scenes of Tomoko being aimed at, her on some bike with an oddball character next to her (which I REALLY don’t know the point of it being there) and just not a lot of plot.  It’s a good rock video and it fits the dark atmosphere of the song.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: While I know the song is a “Heavy Starry Chain” clone at best, Ash Like Snow is still an awesome song and kind of a surprise if you only really paid attention to Buriguri and not the Tommy spins.  This song definitely shows my aggressive side to my mind and I love rockin’ out to it!

5. Nami Tamaki – Blue Jeans Memory

The Song: Something you see quite often with Nami Tamaki is cover songs and even more rare is that a cover that isn’t a part of Nami’s discography (as in never made it on an album or a single).  Blue Jeans Memory is a cover of an old Masahiko Kondo track and it’s found on his tribute album, Matchy Tribute.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Of the songs here, I’m quite unsure why it’s on the iPhone since my overly stanning of Nami days are over, Blue Jeans Memory is good dance music and it sort of reminds me of a better “Final Memory” but I don’t know…I love her high notes though…edgy!




What’s On Brett’s IPhone?: WEEK 18 April 29, 2012

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So before I start this I have to say next week’s will be out on Friday because I won’t be home for the next week…plus when I do week 20 will be out and well that’ll be 10 songs XD.  So here are the 5!

1. school food punishment – butterfly swimmer

The Song: butterfly swimmer is best known as the group’s second single and follow-up to “futuristic imagination”.  Quite nice!

The Video: Their video’s have usually been quite artistic and butterfly swimmer does not disappoint on that effect.  It starts out with Yumi singing by herself in black and white (thrown in with some water effects).  Once the slow part stops, the color gets added and the band appears more.  It’s still in its core, a performance video so it might not be the most original concept, but it’s pretty ^_^

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I love the song itself even though it’s not my favorite song from them lol.  It’s pretty and I love the long intro part before it gets into it’s experimental pop/rock sound that just goes well together. 

2. Hilary Duff – Party Up

The Song: Yeah it’s an album song from her debut album, Metamorphosis

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Party Up is pretty much a party song through and through and I love the fun energy it brings to my ears when I listen to it.  It’s quite the song and doing the ~la la la la la la la~ of the song is really catchy.

3. Ayumi Hamasaki – Marionette

The Song: Marionette was an album song used to promote Ayu’s album, GUILTY and one of the darkest songs on said album as well ^^

The Video: It’s definitely one of the concept-heavy PVs Ayu loves to do in her career.  To me, it’s also one of the creepiest one’s she’s done as well since it’s so dark and Ayu looks so possessed since she’s the marionette and her pupils have white irises in it.  It gets better especially the choregraphy starts to shine a bit more and the story gets a little more exciting but just as confuzzling as before XD

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: It’s dark and dramatic and combines the good things Ayu can do into one song which I love to death hahaha.  Besides “Mirror”, Marionette is my favorite from the album and good reason it stayed o the iPhone.

4. Kana Nishino – Every Boy Every Girl

The Song: Every Boy Every Girl is an album song from Kanayan’s 3rd album, Thank you, Love.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: It’s on there because it’s just so catchy and shows off a good amount of attitude from Kana by being all aggressive about love XD.  Just a really cool song and she needs more of these songs!!!

5. Koda Kumi – That Ain’t Cool feat. Fergie

The Song: Well, Kuu has done collaborations before but with someone like Fergie?  Totally came out of nowhere for me.  It was part of the “MOON” single. 

The Video: Most of the PV is pretty much the two ladies performing in a parking garage (hmmm original).  It’s such a near-lesbian experience for those two because they are just touching all over….DAMN Kuu!!!  Either way, it wasn’t so bad though the storyline is kind of an afterthought because most of it was close-up shots with Kuu and Fergie…very sexual!

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: It’s clean lyrically but it does have some moments.  That Ain’t Cool is quite nice and while it was more Fergie than Kuu, it’s a nice enough collaboration and could’ve been handled a WHOLE LOT worse XD.





What’s On Brett’s IPhone?: WEEK 17 April 22, 2012

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Heya there…another Sunday, another round of 5 so let’s see who we have this week ^_^!

1. angela – Tsunaga Ro→om

The Song: Tsunaga Ro→om is the B-side from “Aoi Haru” ^_^

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Well, besides another song that’s also on my iPod…it’s a very adventurous sounding tune.  I love atsuko’s vocals here meshing with the heavily electronic arrangement here and it feels like you’re traveling and that’s a great picture to have in your mind while listening to the track itself ^_^

2. Bella Thorne – TTYLXOX

The Song: Well this song is sung by Bella Thorne who’s is an actress on the Disney show, Shake It Up!.  Now this song comes from the second compilation album from said show and is the only song she sings on (minus the mashup).  It was also released as a single simultaneously with Zendaya’s tune “Something to Dance For”.

The Video: While it doesn’t get a full video, it does share a nice long part with Zendaya’s song as it’s a mashup between the two and TTYLXOX goes after it.  It’s nothing too extraordinary since it goes between a close-up of Bella and the dance routine which is kind of cool…maybe a little odd in places like the chorus area but fits the beat nicely. 

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: It’s one of those embarassing moments when you like a song that you really shouldn’t but somehow TTYLXOX has a rather interesting beat to it and the synth lines/dance beats intertwining keeps me engaged.  Lyrically, it’s beyond cheesy (of course with TTYLXOX) XD.  Still, it’s kind of one of those songs that can be a worm to the mind…yikes!

3. Nobuo Uematsu – One-winged Angel

The Song: Every RPG gamer should know this song!  It’s the damn final boss theme for Sephiroth silly! 

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I think everyone who loves Video Game music has this song on their playlist, it’s actually a great dramatic piece for Uematsu and is ranked up there as a favorite in many’s eyes.  It’s got punch, has latin chanting (well w/e it is) and the original is just that nostalgic.  There’s been numerous touch-ups to it through things like Kingdom Hearts, Dissidia, countless orchestra versions and different compilations (even Uematsu and his band, The Black Mages, covered this).  It’s hard not to have the original on here ^_^

4. Van Halen – Jump

The Song: Van Halen’s Jump was a different side to the band than what you might think it would sound like.  As a band known for their rockin’ sound and fun attitude while doing it, I don’t think no one back then expected the band to release this (a very heavily synthesized song but still managing to retain their rockin’ sound). 

The Video: Not surprising, the video is pretty standard (well for the times) it’s mostly the band having fun and performing on a stage of course.  Like the title of the song implies, there’s a lot of jumping…especially from one David Lee Roth hahaha…enough air splits! XD.  They did look like they were having fun though and while it’s showing its age…I think it was a good performance…

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I always loved Jump as a kid since my father listened to this stuff all the time and it just stuck to me.  I will say I’m more of a Haggar fan than a Roth fan, but this is a great exception to the rule and c’mon…it’s like their most recognizable tune (amongst a couple others) XD.

5. Linkin Park – One Step Closer

The Song: Ahhhhh…One Step Closer was the group’s debut track and boy did it explode onto the airwaves and split the bubblegum fandom down quite a bit.  I think the rock crowd was asking for something new to pop on the radar and you can’t deny that LP would be the one’s taking charge!

The Video: I could never seem to figure what the video was all about but at the age I was…(entering my teenage years), I thought it was badass of a video.  There’s teens that catches this hooded guys eyes and they decided to follow him and that’s when the band kicks the song off.  Add in floating ninja-like peoples and fire and all other chaos going on and in the end the group escapes…interesting.  The band is also quite the stand-outs as well from Chester’s angry-filled performance to Mike’s blood red hair and everyone’s aggressive look…though hmmm no Phoenix…but a different bassist?  Interesting to know…It’s just a dark but powerful video!

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Everyone has that one pissed off song you just love to agree with everything on and I took to the song pretty damn quickly.  Plus it started my love for the band even though they have matured a WHOLE lot since Hybrid Theory.  One Step Closer is so powerful and the message is quite clear and Chester is the voice to put the right amount of angst and aggression (especially that ~shut up when I’m talking to you~ passage of lyrics lol…JUST BADASS!





What’s On Brett’s IPhone?: WEEK 16 April 15, 2012

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Yup, new week!  Nothing big happening so let’s kind of just slide right in!

1. Nami Tamaki – Get Wild

The Song: Get Wild is Nami’s first single to represent her 3rd album, Speciality.  It’s also a cover song of the famous TM NETWORK song, just given a more dance-styled arrangement ^_^.

The Video: Nami’s PV for Get Wild is a lot like her other PV’s (at least during her SONY days.  I mean it’s a lot of choreography for the video and some close-up shots of the gal.  There are some interesting stuff though like the posing on the motorcycle and car…and cube effects…and that whole using technology to show yourself off.  Not the most amazing video she has but it fits the mood of the song.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Despite being one of Nami’s strongest songs and is in the leagues of her best covers, Get Wild is simple and catchy and I find myself liking it.  Fun song to listen to or exercise to lol.

2. Mandy Moore – Candy

The Song: This would be Mandy’s debut song of course she would debut during the days of bubblegum teen pop! 

The Video: Like most late 90’s and early 00’s, Candy was definitely girly and just very cutesy stuff.  Mostly in the case here it’s Mandy vying to get attention from her crush!  There are flirty scenes along with driving in a Bug and choreography in front of a diner (she’s not that great of a dancer though, not gonna lie).  Still it’s adorable though.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Candy is pretty much a song that I kind of love to be nostalgic to since I saw her when she was the guest performer for Backstreet Boys (back in the day) so hearing Candy then was pretty big for me.  Plus she has such good vocals back then and still to this day (despite leaving the bubblegum behind). 

3. Morning Musume – Manatsu no Kousen

The Song: Manatsu no Kousen is the 5th single released by the group and the first single after Asuka Fukuda’s graduation.  It’s also on Second Morning but remixed.

The Video: As it is their second PV that has a summer theme to it (the other being “Good Morning”), Manatsu no Kousen is pretty simple of a video with the girls either in a car driving or doing other summery things like posing on a beach, swimming, or just relaxing and there was that CGI bubble of water that had other scenes of the PV playing.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I know the song is a giant Nacchi fest so it is a little bit of a problem but at least the other girls are backing her up xD.  There’s something nostalgic though about the song that keeps me pulling back to it.  It’s a really comforting summer song to be honest.

4. Kylie Minogue – Secret (Take You Home)

The Song: Secret (Take You Home) is an album track from Body Language!

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I love Kylie (well since her redebut in America and during those times with Fever and Body Language she was my bias (until J-pop started jumping in).  Secret isn’t my favorite from the album but it’s a very seductive and cool sounding track plus with her little rap bits, I was impressed by this song!

5. CHiAKi KURiYAMA – Ryuusei no Namida

The Song: Ryuusei no Namida is Chiaki’s debut and only song under the penname above.  Coming from being an actress to doing music is quite daunting and well there’s been others who haven’t got it right yet but Chiaki, I think is the closest. 

The Video: The PV for the song was and is just a lot of close-up shots (and a lot of awkward poses too XD) mixed with smoke effects to make it more cloudy?  Add in some mirror cuts and the lighting changing quite a bit and you get a nice (simple as hell) video.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Well, hate to say it but there are ballads that I do love and Ryuusei no Namida would be one of those songs.  I can admit Chiaki isn’t an amazing singer, but she sounds lovely in the song and I continue to wonder why it wasn’t added on CIRCUS both editions at that!  Still beautiful song!





What’s On Brett’s IPhone?: WEEK 15 April 8, 2012

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Nothing to exciting about this week haha so let’s just get into it.!!!  Happy Easter though!!!!

1. Melon Kinenbi – Denwa Matteimasu

The Song: Denwa Matteimasu is Melon Kinenbi’s 3rd single and appears on their debut album, 1st Anniversary.  Basically this was one of their EARLY songs hahah.

The Video: When I said old, I mean it has that rather early 2000’s look.  Simplicity is the keyword for the video because it really only has three shots (the performance, the shots of the girls sitting in a lit room, and the close-ups).  I will say in the sort-of dancing scenes, the red backdrop with the black background does stand out to me…but the light blue scenes with them sitting is kind of boring and just is meh.  Good video for its time though.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Despite being heavy with Ayumi Shibata, this song is catchy and the strings plus that dated 90’s sound kind of sound nice together.  Even though it’s not my favorite from MK, this is a pretty good song ^_^

2. Norah Jones – Don’t Know Why

The Song: Don’t Know Why could be considered Norah’s claim to fame because it was such a big hit here.  Definitely impressive and it’s from her debut album Come Away with Me.

The Video: As solemn and smooth the song is, the MV was going to have to be just as relaxing as the song.  The first half of the song is Norah singing along and just exploring the beach she’s on (like walking on rocks and on a walkway and just walking in the sand).  Then the scenery changes and it turns to night and Norah plays piano (because the song has a piano solo in it).  Like MK, simplicity is the key to the video.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Besides being a giant double entendre, Don’t Know Why is pretty and it flows so nicely through your ears.  She just has that kind of voice that lulls you into a relaxing state of mind with her music and this was a definite strong point for her!

3. AAA – Break Down

The Song: Oh I remember this song very well, it was my second A-side getting into AAA and boy was it a big one for me.  It also started the HEARTFUL era. 

The Video: THERE’S SO MUCH GOING ON IN THIS PV!  It does remind me of “Seven Nation Army” from The White Stripes when most of the PV has this progressing movement going on.  Though it’s a LOT more colorful.  There’s so many things going on that’s coming at full speed it’s hard to take it all in.  Hidaka’s raps do have a different scene…all blue and electronic looking haha.  Add in the choreography filled scenes to and you get this explosion of awesomeness of a PV (all green screen) cept for the close up shots with the black background)  Still, damn Hidaka has abs and Chiaki definitely looked like Ayu in the PV too…wow.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Break Down is just a badass song!  I don’t know why but I’ve been wanting a song that just was all around energetic and wild and since “Red Soul” it was like that and I LOVE this song.  It’s crazy, electro, and full of life and I enjoyed every minute of it!

4. Lasgo – Something

The Song:Definitely one of those songs you wouldn’t totally expect me to have but Something from Lasgo is pretty much trance/dance.  It’s one of those songs that have a meaning but is slid with all kinds of synths haha.

The Video: I barely remembered the video before watching it again today, but the big thing I remembered was that it was shot in Prague at a train station LOL.  There’s many allusions made to love and heartbreak in the video like two girls holding hands and a guy stepping on a rose…it’s back and forth but it’s a nice meaningful MV.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Before my dive into the J-pop world I was big on dance music of all kinds and Lasgo was always a big part of that reason.  It could be my love for Evi’s vocals but she always stood out to me with her vocals which were powerful and wrecked with emotion as in this song.  One of the great euro/electro/dance groups at that time ^_^

5. Ayumi Hamasaki – Sparkle

The Song: A surprising song to behold, Sparkle was Ayu’s return to dabbling into electro and boy did she ever.  Was a secondary A-side that made its way into NEXT LEVEL.  This really tickled my fancy hahaha.

The Video: I thought it was weird that it began like it was some kind of karaoke stage performance XD.  Then it just moves into weird land once you see latex and people in gas-masks dancing round her…it was WILD and colorful too LOL.  I will say she pulled off the red contacts quite awesomely…so bold and cool!  Though she doesn’t do a lot and the PV has a lot of posing going on it’s flashy and different from her norm!

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Love when Ayu tries electro, it’s something she hasn’t failed on entirely quite yet and Sparkle was just hot and seductive of a song to listen to.  Loved every minute of this!





What’s On Brett’s IPhone?: WEEK 14 April 1, 2012

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Another week, another set of five!  Let’s get er goin!

1.Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette – Hello

The Song: Hello by Martin Solveig is considered his breakout song because it got popular because of all the random promotion it got plus it was just a great song for him ^_^.  Definitely one of the cooler songs of 2011.

The Video: Dance videos usually have the oddest MVs let’s be honest and Hello’s was weird and didn’t make sense to me…but it does fit the cover of the album it’s from.  It’s a tennis match between Martin and his opponent and for the first half he’s getting his ass beat but then this girl appears and he starts coming back but when a guy joins the girl, he just drops his racket and forfeits the match.  Yeah, weird…easy to follow…but weird.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Honestly, this song when I first heard it was on a commercial and I was like oh it’s a nice little jingle because half the time that’s what they are and there’s no full version.  Then it got popular and I noticed it was being used everywhere and I fell in love with it even more!  Good enough reason for me to put it on my iPhone right?

2. Berry Koubou – Omoide

The Song: Omoide is the B-side from “Ai no Dangan”. 

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett:? I really do love this song a lot because it has a great synth drive plus the ladies in the song sound pretty damn good to be honest.  Plus the line distribution is quite nice ^_^

3.Eiffel 65 – Blue (Da Ba Dee)

The Song: Ahhhh such nostalgia found in this song.  Blue was essentially the big song that came from Eiffel 65 (and is a one hit wonder in the states).  Coming from Europop, Blue was a pretty cool euro song that entered the waves in the late 90’s. 

The Video: If you don’t believe the last sentence, then the video for it will convince you otherwise.  It was so eerily cheesy and freaky to watch but it fit for some off reason.  Like anything else that came out from Europe, it has some pretty awkward looking CGI (like the background and how the members worked with it (actually I think it’s more green screen than CGI to be honest) and the aliens themselves.  Storyline goes that one of the members (the singer, I guess?) gets kidnapped and the other members go an save him but they still perform for the aliens (because they really like em) Oh yeah…they’re blue too (literally).  Yeah it’s such an awkward video but its got charm…I think…

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: This song is a classic to be honest, I mean the damn chorus is a giant hook that gets people going (and you’d be surprised at how many fail at singing that so it becomes lulztastic.  I love the song, it’s dark and somewhat written with that in mind but it’s Europop, it’s going to be ridiculously catchy right? XD

4. Dual Theory – Freedom

The Song: Freedom, is off there (2nd?) album Life on Display and kind of the first songs I heard from the duo eh!

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett: You know, I’m usually not depressed to consider it meaningful but it does have a certain quality that kind of speaks out on its own which is something I do adore despite not being me hahaha.  Plus both Sword and Youko sound really good interestingly enough.

5. Tohoshinki – Survivor

The Song: Survivor was of course released prior to their final album as a full group, The Secret Code.  It was a bit of a surprise to see they were sneaking in one final single before the release because there was so many singles in the era. 

The Video: Even though it’s nothing totally special to the guys, the video is pretty cool.  I mean there’s the dark and dingy side against the light and clean side.  It’s a pretty contrast against both and at the end the guys from the light side escape.  While the choreography was a bit too light (for them) it was a good video…and bygod is CHANGMIN super hot in the video. 

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Sad thing was is that I feel like Survivor would be the last great THSK (5-nin) single they would release because I wasn’t impressed with ANYTHING after The Secret Code.  Survivor was a great K-pop dance track that had pretty awesome vocals from everyone (yes even YUCHUN).  Great song!





What’s On Brett’s IPhone?: WEEK 12 & 13 March 25, 2012

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Since I was missing in action for a week I decided to mesh two weeks of time in this post YAY!…So here are ten songs ^_^

1. Nami Tamaki – Destiny

The Song: Destiny was a album track for greeting and funny enough is one of two (the other being “Eternal Voice”) where it was GUNDAM-like in its presentation. 

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Well, we already know that I stan hard for Ms. Tamaki in a good way and since this is SONY we’re talking about, there’s a lot of songs on my iPhone during this era from her.  Destiny while not on the top of my favorites, it’s pretty energetic and hearing Nami pull off those high notes is awesome!

2. Aaliyah – Rock the Boat

The Song: Rock the Boat was Aaliyah’s second single to promote her final album, ΛΛLIYΛH and unfortunately the song also got remembered as the setting that killed her because she died in a plane crash coming home from shooting the MV for it.  Yeah it’s that big of a song…though I don’t think it was as popular as “More Than a Woman” was.

The Video: Givin that the song has a very sensual feel and flow to it, I wasn’t expecting to see that Aaliyah would actually make the setting around the Caribbean.  It looks so peaceful and perfect for the song.  There’s close up shots of her on a beach and the choreography is done on a boat.  Add in some underwater scenes and an odd green-screen set for some of the dancing, you kind of get this.  I mean since it was he final video she really shot, Rock the Boat is a pretty video for its time. 

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I love Aaliyah too, so I do get nostalgic vibes whenever I listen to her music since she brings such a sweet style to music.  While Rock the Boat’s lyrics are a bit too sensual for a young’n at the time, this makes a little more nowadays and it’s sexual hahah.  Still it’s a pretty song and hearing Aaliyah in such a deep tone really impressed me…miss her!

3. Katy Perry – Firework

The Song: Third single from Teenage Dream, Firework might be one of the best songs from this album (even though there’s a lot of great songs). 

The Video: Interesting that she shot this in Prague (in the Czech Republic), Firework’s PV is like the song’s lyrics…you know uplifting and having a positive message.  There are different scenes that basically just turns out to be a message that says you’re great in your own way don’t let it bring you down.  A couple of things stood out like the gay guy being smokin’ hot!  and the fact fireworks shot out of Katy’s boobs…I mean if that literally happened I’d prolly die XD. 

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I love Firework for some reason, it’s uplifting lyrics really popped out at me and Katy sounds powerful for this song which helped it gain that No. 1 spot on the Billboard charts.  I just really love this song.

4. Mai Kuraki  – NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP (featuring Michael Africk)

The Song: Ahhhh, her fourth A-side, NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP might have tooken some notes from that well-known rickroll tune from Rick Astley.  Of course this is also the first song Mai-K has collaborated with and that’s Michael Africk who tried to follow the bubblegum-pop craze in America but kind of failed and stuck with Mai (oddly enough they still work together!) ^_^

The Video: The tune begins with a short intro piece with a different song/melody that isn’t found on any version of the song.  Sadly the PV for the tune is mostly shot in a recording studio.  A little interesting since it’s like behind the scenes and all that.  Also most of the video is played out in black and white which is a bummer.  At least you see both Mai and Michael singing their respective parts.  However, the rapping part does go in color but Africk….why are you wearing mesh clothing to show ur body…it’s so RANDOM!!!  Still not a very epic PV but it’s nice.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Like Aaliyah’s song, NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP is a sensual tune and quite different from Mai-K before this single was released.  I do feel the rapping part is still very odd but somehow without it, it wouldn’t have left the same feelings.  Great song ^_^

5. KARA – Speed Up

The Song: Speed Up is KARA’s 6th A-side though shares it with “Girls Power”.  Unlike the past three singles, this is a bit more like K-pop regular than KARA’s cute stuff which is a nice jump. 

The Video: I was surprised with KARA’s PV for Speed Up since it really took them to a different side of their personalities.  I mean the closest to it was “Mister”.  The PV is a lot dingy and darker than I thought it’d be and the girls look sexy rather than just cute.  Does remind me of a f(x) PV but this is quite nice for the group!

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett: Speed Up is the most recent addition to the iPhone that’s for sure and it’s because it’s so different for KARA but somehow ended up working for em.  It’s just a pretty good song and quickly growing on me.

6. 5DOLLS – Your Words

The Song: Your Words is the main track that was used to promote 5DOLLS’ Charming Five Girls and if you must know, 5DOLLS are a sub-group from Co-ed School ^_^

The Video: It’s such a tragic song to be honest.  I mean a girl that fights for a guys attention/love just only to end up dying at the end of the PV…saddening T.T  Also they used an extended version of the song so the story could be filled out more.  I mean “Lip Stains” was part one and “Your Words” was pt. 2.  It’s just a little sad it ended the way it did but it’s still a nice story. 

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I kind of ended up enjoying this song because it was during my K-pop wave.  Your Words might be a little repetitive because of its chorus but I still think Your Words was pretty awesome for a subgroup.

7. Morning Musume – Souda! We’re ALIVE

The Song: Such a great and loud song from Momosu.  It had a lot of weird things going on like chanting and some kind of weird Russian motif through a certain part of the song.  Still it had a powerful arrangement and great vocals from the girls who actually put emotion to the lyrics. 

The Video: Like the song’s feel, there’s a lot of punching the air in the PV funny enough.  It’s pretty glossy of a setting and the ladies are doing a good job keeping up with the song (even when some of them are doing choreography while wearing handbags and such.  Other mentionings are the dancing in the russian-sounding area and the ladies falling onto some hay and some group shots with stop-motion.  Pretty nifty video!

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Despite being pretty herky-jerky of the song, Souda! We’re ALIVE stands out with it’s great chants and boost of personality for the girls with this one.  I do think it’s one of my favorites from the group…odd right?  Chahhhh…good song indeed!

8. Morning Musume – Onna ni Sachi Are

The Song: Onna ni Sachi Are represents as the first single to include the Chinese members, Junjun & Linlin and also the second A-side to represent Platinum 9 DISC

The Video: Nowadays, I feel like it’s a more classier version of “Pyokopyoko Ultra” in the fact their using feathery boas and their outfits are also yellow.  I mean after most of the previous PVs from them, Onna ni Sachi Are felt very low quality and didn’t feature the new members enough IMO (which is something I say a lot during the Panda’s tenures).  The choreography was nice but a lot of it was odd because of the boas getting in the way.  Also the close-up shots were interesting especially the ones shot at their sides…that was pretty cool.  Still not one of the more thought producing PV’s they had.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I love this song for some reason, the fact that it has this parapara feel to it plus hearing ~baka~ over and over is pretty ballsy for Tsunku XD.  Great and energetic dance track from them.

9. T.M.Revolution – Trace Millenium Road

The Song: Yup, Trace Millenium Road is part of those songs where he has his signature T.M.R lettering across it.  Meaning it was an album song, this one from progress.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I love the stringwork in the song and how it moves from that to some epic guitar strikes that just made the song seem so right for Takanori.  I do think it’s one of those rare songs that I like from T.M.R before “coordinate” existed.

10. Steely Dan – Dirty Work

The Song: Released in 1972, Dirty Work was track 2 on Can’t Buy a Thrill though I don’t know if it was a single or not.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Well I’ve said before that I do like songs from the past (even before I was born) so seeing Dirty Work is no surprise to me.  I loved the laidback feel of the song plus the added saxophone solo in it were quite awesome. 





What’s On Brett’s IPhone?: WEEK 11 March 11, 2012

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Nothing major this week so let’s just dive in eh?

1. Nelly Furtado – Maneater

The Song: Maneater was the second single to represent her album Loose and like other songs from this album, it was different from the norm…a little more aggressive you can say here since it was produced by Timbaland (I think). 

The Video: I wasn’t expecting Nelly to have released a video but oddly enough it’s a lot like “Promiscuous” in the way that most of it is like club dancing but more underground and less celebrity cameos haha.  I did find the part at the beginning where Nelly is chasing after her dog, “Toby” was a little unnecessary but after that it’s basically dancing around a lot of people.  Not necessarily a MV with a story but her just having fun….oh yeah at the end of the video she finds her dog….I guess that’s as much of a story we get right? XD

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I think it’s the fact that the song had a very heavy beat and sounds a little more anthemetic than her other singles stood out to me.  Plus the lyrics are kind of cool if you get what I mean hahaha.

2. Meisa Kuroki – BYE BYE MY FRIEND

The Song: BYE BYE MY FRIEND is an album song from MAGAZINE.  Not much to say here about the song hahaha.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I think the 80’s vibe of the song gets to me and since the arrangement is simple but grows from the beginning is pretty nifty.  Plus I remember a lot of hooks from this song so that’s another good reason IMO.

3. RIZE – Pink Spider

The Song: Pink Spider is the first single from RIZE after taking a 3 year hiatus.  Also good to note is that this is a cover of the late hide’s song.  Yeah, pretty much saying that a song like Pink Spider got RIZE back together hahaha.  I forgot to mention that the version I have is the single take since the album’s is a lot more different.

The Video: I have to say RIZE’s return was a surprise because the PV for Pink Spider is rather dark and foreboding.  Most of it though is the band performing the song but there’s parts where JESSE is doing most of the work on the camera like posing and close-up shots and having a weird lady floating around him lol.  That’s about it, not too over the top.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: While I know there’s a whole lot of hide fans out there and I haven’t seen what the general eye is towards RIZE and covering one of his songs, but I have to say that if the original hide song was to go harder than I’m happy RIZE took it because comparing both, RIZE’s has a lot more edge and grittyness than I thought it would and JESSE put a lot of emotion into it.  It’s probably my favorite RIZE song but I’m sure there’s others out there.

4. Asuka Sakai – Overture II

The Song: It’s one of the shorter tracks from Katamari wa Damacy but it’s memorable because it’s one of the songs you hear before actually playing the game. 

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: It’s rare to see me have short songs on it but there’s something so very charming about this piano-only introduction to the game.  I think it’s because it’s happy and just puts a smile on your face. 

5. Hitomi Shimatani – Destiny -Taiyou no Hana-

The Song: Destiny -Taiyou no Hana- is the second A-side released for PRIMA ROSA.  Had an anime tie-in and was a part of this Crossover era as well (meaning combining classical and electro together).  This was probably the poster child for that too hahaha.

The Video: I love the setting for the PV for sure!  It starts with Hitomi walking through a forest and in her viewing sight, she sees a group of string players and interpretive dancers.  As for the story portrayed, it’s a little odd but as Hitomi walks through the forest she looks to the side and there’s a scene playing out where there’s a lonely girl and then it shifts to a guy…then moves to both but then the guy disappears again…but I think the girl Hitomi is seeing is herself she she’s carrying flowers.  It’s a pretty video and is left for us to figure stuff out.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I don’t think there’s anyone that doens’t like Destiny at all because while it might not be her most famous song, it’s pretty damn impressive of song muscially and vocally.  She just sounds strong and powerful and just ruled.  Great song!!!!