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Dates of Releases November 2, 2008

Yeah so I decided to make a page of what’s to come from each of my artists.  It also helps me to remind me what’s coming up to review

BLUE = already reviewed
RED = sometime this week
GREEN = Well, you know the drill
BROWN = Questionable
PURPLE = Not to be reviewed, but it is one of my artists

  • Akiko Hasegawa – Miracle Yell! (October 24) [single]
  • Bentley Jones – UPGRADE 1.0 (October 24) [album]
  • ONE OK ROCK – Jinsei×Boku= (March 6) [album]
  • Sayaka Kitahara – Haru no Gradation (March 6) [album]
  • Tohoshinki – TIME (March 6) [album]
  • girl next door – Life of Sound (March 13) [album]
  • faylan – PRISM (March 20) [album]
  • AMOYAMO – LIVE/MAGIC (March 27) [single]
  • FLOW – FLOW THE MAX!!! (March 27) [album]
  • Maon Kurosaki – VERTICAL HORIZON (April 10) [album]
  • Momoiro Clover Z – 5TH DIMENSION (April 10) [album]
  • yanaginagi – Yukitoki (April 17) [single]
  • Yun*chi – Shake you* (April 17) [mini-album]
  • Kanako Ito – Anata no Eranda Kono Toki wo (April 24) [single]
  • miwa – Miracle (April 24) [single]
  • Zwei – Re:Set (April 24) [album]
  • Fudanjuku – Shita wo Muite Kaerou/RIKISHI-MAN (May 5) [single]
  • access – Eien dive (May 8) [single]
  • i☆Ris – Ichizu (May 22) [single]
  • AKB48 – Sayonara Crawl (May 22) [single]
  • S/mileage – 2 Smile Sensation (May 22) [album]
  • PUFFY – Datsu Dystopia (May 23) [single]
  • Kanako Ito – Rakuen no Hologram (May 29) [single]



  • Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku – Te wo Tsunagou/Kindan no Karma (June 5) [single]
  • TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – Unmei/Beautiful Smile (June 5) [single]
  • AAA – Love Is In the Air (June 26) [single]

112 Responses to “Dates of Releases”

  1. keyinjpop Says:

    SID’s new single Rain comes out on June 2.

  2. Twinblades Says:

    \(•o •)/YEAH!!!!! Jasmines new single is almost here!!\(• o•)/

  3. MacaroniMark Says:

    MEG has a new album coming out on June 23rd.

  4. MacaroniMark Says:

    SAWA has a new album coming out on July 7th called “Welcome to Sa-World”

  5. Twinblades Says:

    Diggy-MO’s new album comes out July 7

  6. supermario4ever Says:

    Don’t forget about the new Megumi Hayashibara album: CHOICE: 2010.07.21

  7. Alphonsekun Says:

    Ali Project’s new single is called “Ranse Eroica”. 🙂

  8. Scott Says:

    Rina Aiuchi released two digital singles, Sing a Song and GOOD DAYS. Both suck though. GOOD DAYS is more acoustic pop/rock and Sing a Song sounds like cheap gospel rock. Not very good.

    • solarblade Says:

      Yeah I managed to hear those….if there were bigger covers I might’ve reviewed them…but since there’s a third digi single announced imma hold off on it.

  9. Twinblades Says:

    I laughed my fuckin ass off when I saw that diggy-mo’s new album would be called diggyism II like wow how long did it take him to think of that lol!!! And damn jasmine when you comin out with an album shit it’s been like two years since you came out lol!!

  10. Scott Says:

    Why does it say that you reviewed 6 FORCE when you haven’t yet? I really want to see what you think about it too.

    DISC 2>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> DISC 1

  11. wildconnetta Says:

    Just FYI, go onto AHS and you will find Spiral and MAVERICK there.

  12. keyinjpop Says:

    Just so you know I checked the official website and BUCK-TICK’s single Kuchizuke will be released on 9/1.

  13. Twinblades Says:

    Well Brett just got done listening to diggyism II and it’s weird as fuck lol!!! If you think the singles were weird holy shit!!!! One song sums up this whole album Bambi lol!!!!!!

  14. satsuki Says:

    Holy crudz Joe Inoue finally has a new single!! It’s been like a year since GO★ (lolz). His hair is so wicked on the cover xD

  15. Alex Says:

    You need to review Miliyah’s new album now!! It’s the most amazing album this year!

  16. keyinjpop Says:

    What’s up. Reminder, BUCK-TICK’s album RAZZLE DAZZLE (I think that’s what it’s called) is set for Oct 13.

  17. keyinjpop Says:

    Porno Graffitti is releasing their next single on Oct 27 titled Kimi wa 100% (not kidding, that’s really the title).

  18. keyinjpop Says:

    FLOW is going to release a new single on 11/24. It’s called ___Graffiti (sorry, couldn’t make out the kanji).

  19. Alex Says:

    Buono has a new single on Janurary 12 called BAM☆BOO

  20. keyinjpop Says:

    Hey, have you checked out this blog:


    It deals mostly with J-Rock/Visual Kei, has PVs, news, and downloads. Thought you might want to check it out.

  21. Alex Says:

    You should review Disc 2 of Utada’s best…. just because! 🙂

  22. Miss E Says:

    Angela are releasing a single on Dec. 22. I think it’s called Soukyuu.

  23. keyinjpop Says:

    ROOKIEZ IS PUNK’D is releasing their third single on Mar 2 called “Song for…”

  24. Stephy Says:

    Thank you for this awesome list! So psyched for 2011 now. 😀

  25. keyinjpop Says:

    Wait a minute! Is that really the name of alan’s March release? Don’t tell me avex is pulling of the same shit they did with Kumi’s last album again.

  26. AKB48 Fan Says:

    Berryz Koubou is releasing their next single “Heroine ni Narouka” on March 2.

  27. Alex Says:

    Nami’s single is all that other junk but it’s not Time to Go. It’s Time to Love.

    Also, Maaya’s new album is titled Catch me if you can, not You can’t catch me.

  28. Blade Says:

    I’d highly recommend you check out Piko. He is really good. His next single “Sakurano” is out on March 9th

  29. Alex Says:

    Hey! Just to let you know, SUPER☆GiRLS’ new single is coming out 23rd March, and Chara’s new album ‘Dark Candy’ is out March 30th!

  30. keyinjpop Says:

    Ayahi Takagaki will be releasing a single on March 30th. No title yet.

  31. keyinjpop Says:

    UVERworld is releasing a single on March 23. No title yet.

  32. keyinjpop Says:

    ON/OFF new single 始まるのは、サヨナラ comes out on 4/27.

  33. keyinjpop Says:

    Koi no Doutei is going to be released sometime in June not April.

  34. Miss E Says:

    Jsyk, hinaco is releasing a single on June 15th

  35. keyinjpop Says:

    kanon x kanon’s single is actually being released on June 15.

  36. Frances Says:

    I really recomend that Lia+Key best album. Her collaborations with Key are really good!

  37. Miss E Says:

    Kalafina’s 3rd album, After Eden, is coming out on September 21st.

  38. keyinjpop Says:

    ClairS new single is called ‘nexus’.

  39. hola Says:

    I have to say, after following so many j-pop blogs for so many years, yours is the only one that is updated consistently, with gusto, and helps me keep up to date with recent releases. I may not always agree with your reviews, but I always love them! Thank you for all your hard work, and keep at it!

  40. Just a tiny correction~ Kalafina’s next release, ‘After Eden’ is an album, but you have it listed as a single here 😛

    Alsooo, I love this page to no end <33 I come here probably every other day or so, haha. You're so up to date with your updates! [lolol]

  41. keyinjpop Says:

    Prague’s releasing a new album titled 明け方のメタファー on 10/26.

  42. keyinjpop Says:

    Dude, Safarii is releasing a new album on 8/31 titled もう一度笑えるから.

  43. Miss E Says:

    Sukima Switch have a single coming out on September 14th. And I dunno if you knew this but KOKOMI (of Asriel) has her second solo single coming out on September 21st.

  44. keyinjpop Says:

    Tohoshinki’s new album is called TONE & SPYAIR’s new album comes out 9/21.

  45. Miss E Says:

    Porno Graffitti have a single coming out on September 21st.

  46. Royu Kiyo Says:

    2PM’s Jap album REPUBLIC OF 2PM comes out 11/30.

  47. keyinjpop Says:

    DUSTZ’s first album, TROIS, comes out 12/14.

  48. treize-kun Says:

    Hey, I was wondering if you still plan on reviewing Ceui’s music. She released an album earlier this year, and now she released a single a few days ago, but I noticed it’s not in your list. The album was a bit of a flop, but this new single seems pretty good, so I look forward to your review if you plan to do it.

  49. aquagon Says:

    There’s also a doujin release by Akiko Shikata this 31th, titled Istoria ~ Kalliope ~, which serves as a continuation and culmination of sorts for her Istoria ~ Musa ~ collaboration album project.

  50. kimihe Says:

    FLOW will be releasing a single and an album @ February 22.

  51. Ashen Twilight Says:

    RAINBOW’s single got moved to the 14th of March.

  52. keyinjpop Says:

    access’ new single Wild Butterfly comes out April 4. New album out July but no specific date on that.

  53. Lalaland Says:

    SID’s new single, S, will be out on May 9, one week after Nokoriga.

  54. treize-kun Says:

    Do you plan on reviewing Yanagi Nagi’s new album, Owari no Hoshi no LoveSong, which will be released on April 25? Here are some of the songs that will be included: http://www.youtube.com/user/FlamingJune2012

    Also, Akiko Shikata will release a new concept album, Laylania, on June 27.

    Also, ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D released a new single, ZERO SATISFACTION, a couple weeks ago.

    Also, Yanagi Nagi will release a single, Ambivalentidea, on June 6.

    Also, Mami Kawada will release a single, Borderland, on May 30.

    Sorry if it just looks like I’m throwing stuff at you, but these all look promising to me, and I look forward to reading your reviews.

    • aquagon Says:

      And Shimotsuki also released other album this April 25th titled “Koboreru Suna no Aria”, which I can say it’s pretty good, but much more heavier in storytelling than any of its predecessors. And furthermore, it’s also a direct prequel to Griotte no Nemurihime’s story, which fills it with a lot of musical connections to it and to Tindharia no Tane (although unfortunately, that also makes its ending quite tragic by default).

  55. Apprarently Haruka Tomatsu will release a new single called ユメセカイ (Yumesekai) in July 25th 🙂

  56. everyvillainisLEMONS Says:

    Kana Nishino’s new single GO FOR IT!! comes out July 25.

  57. aquagon Says:

    And we have other release from Haruka Shimotsuki this July 7th called “Tindharia no Kanade”, which it’s going to be a two-disc compilation album for the bonus songs that came in the drama CDs, bonus CDs for the manga tomes and bonus CD for the novelizations that Tindharia no Tane and Griotte no Nemurihime had, and the BGMs used in each of these drama CDs.

    As a compilation, you’re bound to find some familiar songs in there (let’s say for example, Negai no Shirushi?), but it also has the advantage of allowing to listen to the instrumental BGMs without the voices of the characters or the sound effects in the way, as well as also publishing the lyrics for these songs, most of which had the choruses missing or weren’t even published in their original release.

    Oh, and the album is going to be sold initially this 30th during Haruka’s FEL FEARY WEL fantasy concert (focused in Griotte and Koboreru Suna no ARIA), but I don’t think anyone we know can go there. T_T

  58. 123 Says:

    Yui Sakakibara is releasing a new Phantasm single on august 1

  59. selenitedreams Says:

    Although you don’t normally review CPop, but will you be reviewing alan’s latest Chinese album ‘Love Song’? It does have one new Japanese song on it 🙂

  60. 123 Says:

    Zwei has released a new single called “Kakuchou Place”.

  61. New single from Nagi Yanagi called Laterality for November 7th 😀

  62. New single from ClariS called Luminous for October 10th

  63. The title for sphere new single is “Pride on Everyday”

  64. 123 Says:

    What sites do you use to find new releases and stuff??

  65. 123 Says:

    T.M Revolution released Burning X’mas UNDER:COVER 2 version single today

  66. LOVE Says:

    “Rabbit” band debut album on 12.12 (Ai Otsuka as the vocalist)

  67. The title for Annabel’s new Album “miniascape”

  68. Treize Says:

    Please review Ceui’s newest album, 穢翼のユースティア 夢想曲(トロイメライ)~Seeking Asphodelus~, if you have a chance. She’s also coming out with a new album on Dec 26. http://ceui.jp/

  69. New album of Haruka Tomatsu “Sunny Side Story” in January 16 😀

  70. kieyuku Says:

    you’re missing AAA’s Miss you / Hohoemi no Saku Basho releasing Jan 23.

  71. aquagon Says:

    And Haruka Shimotsuki had two new releases this December 31th: a mini-album titled “canoue ~Meguru Rashinban~”, and a compilation for her Laq-Quara series albums titled “Rakujitsu no Mayoigo”.

  72. Also new album of KOKIA to celebrate her 15th anniversary titled “Where to go my love?’”

  73. Album from Etsuko Yakushimaru “Radio Onsen Eutopia” for April 10

  74. ryusenkai Says:

    You’ve missed RADWIMPS new single “Dreamer’s High”, which releases this coming week on March 27th.

  75. dreamers Says:

    Dream will be releasing new single ‘Only You’ on 29.05

  76. myna Says:

    Mizuki Nana’s single “Vitalization” will be released July 31.

  77. rei Says:

    NEWS just released their new album. Are you planning to review it?

  78. Kheronic Says:

    Err what happened to FLOW THE MAX!!!

  79. Kheronic Says:

    Also FLOW has a new single coming out on Sept. 4. It’s called Tokonatsu Endless.

  80. ryusenkai Says:

    Monkey Majik have announced that they’ll be releasing their new album “DNA” on October 16th.

  81. vingutsch Says:

    faylan new singles:

    2013/07/24 – Wonder Fang

    2013/10/23 – Blue Blaze

  82. Ohboy Says:

    Akiko Shikata releases a new album on the 23rd called “Turaida”. Will you/would you please review that?

  83. tPenguinLTG Says:

    I don’t know when this page was last updated, but Hanako Oku released her new single “Fuyu Hanabi” / 冬花火 on January 22, 2014, and will release a new album, “Kimi to Boku no Michi” / 君と僕の道 on March 19, 2014.

  84. 26er Says:

    FLOW and GRANRODEO will be collaborating and releasing a single together on November 26!

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