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Recs (OPEN) March 28, 2009

Yep I’m bringing back sexii, so I’m gonna let you the fans point me to things i might like or might add

I’ll Add

  • GIRL NEXT DOOR (Megumi)
  • Q;indivi (Selryam)
  • Ataru Nakamura (Kishimoto Hana)
  • SCANDAL (Miss E)
  • SNoW (Sachiko)
  • KOTOKO (Sachiko)
  • Aki Misato (Sachiko)
  • FLOW (Radiant Dawn)
  • Miliyah Kato (Ashen Twilight)
  • Hanako Oku (Selryam)
  • YUI (Ashen Twilight)
  • Miho Fukuhara (Miss E)
  • ikimono-gakari (keyinjpop)
  • ON/OFF (keyinjpop)
  • Diggy-MO’ (keyinjpop)
  • PUFFY (keyinjpop)
  • AKB48 (Sora to Kujira)
  • NEWS (misa)
  • Megumi Hayashibara (elfwitch)
  • Chara (elfwitch)
  • JUJU (Nujeebster)
  • Maria (Miss E…indirectly though)
  • MISIA (keyinjpop)
  • Yuya Matsushita (keyinjpop)
  • ICONIQ (Ashen Twilight)
  • Joe Inoue (keyinjpop)
  • faylan (Miss E)
  • SID (keyinjpop)
  • miwa (keyinjpop)
  • BUCK-TICK (keyinjpop)
  • DOES (keyinjpop)
  • Sukima Switch (keyinjpop)
  • moumoon (isafff)
  • GRANRODEO (Gundam Meister)
  • Eiko Shimamiya (Miss E)
  • VAMPS (keyinjpop)
  • Prague (keyinjpop)
  • ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D (Miss E)
  • RYTHEM (keyinjpop)
  • DUSTZ (keyinjpop)
  • Eri Takenaka (isafff)
  • Airi Takasaki (everyvillainisLEMONS)
  • exist†trace (keyinjpop)
  • Ayahi Takagaki (keyinjpop)
  • the GazettE (keyinjpop)
  • anNina/annabel (Battler)
  • Suneohair (Battler)
  • Etsuko Yakushimaru (Battler)
  • Lia (Battler)
  • Kaela Kimura (Alex)
  • ClariS (keyinjpop)
  • KARA (Alex/Reed)
  • eufonius (azauraa)
  • DOMINO (keyinjpop)
  • Kazusa (everyvillainisLEMONS)
  • Piko (keyinjpop)
  • Dir en Grey (keyinjpop)
  • Ceui (treize-kun)
  • LIL (Selryam)
  • 9nine (keyinjpop)
  • Jade Villalon (Selryam)
  • Safarii (keyinjpop)
  • SDN48 (Devi)
  • JYONGRI (Sylfi)
  • SPYAIR (keyinjpop)
  • ONE OK ROCK (Naru)
  • Plastic Tree (keyinjpop)
  • mochA (Alex)
  • PASSPO☆ (Candy)
  • no3b (kieyuku)
  • Nagi Yanagi (treize-kun)
  • IU (keyinjpop)
  • Jin Akanishi (keyinjpop)
  • ELISA (eltmanypieces)
  • FLOWER (deepriver)
  • hitomi (Miss E)
  • LiSA (freza)
  • May’n (eltmanypieces)
  • FictionJunction (eltmanypieces)
  • Fudanjuku (keyinjpop)
  • Acid Black Cherry (icymirage)
  • FLiP (Luka)
  • DaisyxDaisy (eltmanypieces)
  • Eri Kitamura (1 2 3)
  • Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku (nijikanata)
  • RADWIMPS (isafff)

I’ll Think About It


Yeah, they aren’t gonna be on this site XD

  • Miho Komatsu (Reason: She has a pretty ehhh voice, nothing too catchy either)
  • Shiina Ringo (Reason: Godawful vocals…Only one song worth listening to and that’s “Honnou”)
  • Anything from Johnny’s Entertainment (except NEWS) (Reason:  They suck every single one of em suck!!!!!   (except NEWS))
  • SONI (Reason: She lookalikea man…plus Sweet Song kind of rubs me the wrong way, like the way a bad catchy tune goes.)
  • BENI (Reason: Not connected to her at all, not a hate thing, but more of a she’s there kind of thing)
  • Younha (Reason: She doesn’t release any good JPN material, but her Korean stuff is definitly worth listening to)
  • AQUA TIMEZ (Reason:  I’ve tried getting into their music…but to me it’s otherwise nothing new and I’m kind of bored of them quickly)
  • Shota Shimizu (Reason: I lost interest in his music once I delved into his songs…not really flattering if you ask me.)
  • TIGARAH (Reason:  Not many songs are out…is she even releasing anything?)
  • Jonjolena Allie (Reason: Ugh….what a Tommy feb6 ripoff with reggae vibes…that’s just terrible on all accounts)
  • ROUND TABLE feat. Nino (Reason: I don’t feel for them and their music right now xD)
  • L’Arc~en~Ciel (Reason: As much as I like their music, there’s just too much for me and HYDE isn’t one of my favorite singers, but I’ll say some of their songs are good.)
  • HOME MADE KAZOKU (Reason: Yeah after hearing one of the members on a.b.s.’s “Lost Reason” that turned me off and tried them a bit after and didn’t like em still.)
  • 80kidz (Reason: Besides the title track, “This Iz My Shit”, their music is just meh to me)
  • Suga Shikao (Reason: Not that he’s bad or anything, he just doesn’t peak my interest like he used to)
  • MARIA (Reason: The band, is a bit jarring to me honestly…it’s like chatmonchy, and I don’t need another XD)
  • Fantastic Plastic Machine (Reason: Rather stick with listening to his works with other artists than his own)
  • 12012 (Reason: I have enough V-kei bands to last me a while)
  • AZU (Reason: Bleh R&B artist…I have enough of those…)
  • Asian Kung-Fu Generation (Reason: I have listened to “Haruka Kanata” and trust I love that song, but I’m not too fond on the other stuff they released since then)
  • SEAMO (Reason: Rapper?  Yeah, no that’s ok)
  • Atari Kousuke (Reason: A male Minami Kizuki?  I just can’t fathom listening to him continously…but he’s hot…like Ken Hirai hot!)
  • Nightmare (Reason: Kind of on my limit on V-kei bands right now)
  • Luna Sea (Reason: Disbanded group, I mean if they ever come back perhaps…)
  • Hitomi Yaida (Reason: Well, she’s prolly on an extended break, so I’m not gonna try with her right now.
  • ViViD (Reason: Yeah…explained it with Nightmare, just read that!)
  • alice nine. (Reason: Read above)
  • NERDHEAD (Reason: Well they just started and since I only know of “Brave Heart” and haven’t heard since…makes me think they’ve quit or something >.>)
  • Lena Park (Reason: If she returns to J-pop then I’ll add her til then, nope)
  • Lee Soo Young (Reason: One single that’s J-pop?  That’s just a little too little to be reviewing and it’s been way long since she’s released anything that pertains to that)
  • Lil’B (Reason: An R&B female duo?  No thanks, I’ll pass them for right now)
  • Rake (Reason: I do like the acoustic flow to his music, but something about him is rather…iono off, but adding his music it’s so hard to find online too x.x)
  • THEATRE BROOK (Reason: They just seem to release way to sparingly nowadays…I mean “Intention” is their first album in like 6 years…too long.)
  • A-bee (Reason: Not much of a discography…then again…nahhhhh.)
  • Mass Alert (Reason: For a band that has a hard name, they are anything but…not really liking the guy’s voice + the rapping included…)
  • Toshinobu Kubota (Reason: I listened to LOVE RAIN and I didn’t exactly like the song much, but if he does something more danceable, hell I’d go for that!)
  • MUCC (Reason: Iono why but Tatsurou’s voice bothers me especially recently, so I’m gonna pass MUCC up)
  • TARO SOUL – (Reason: Funny guy he is!…BIG SOUL is definitely funny…sad he doesn’t release a lot from what I see so…sorry…)
  • Hitomi Takahashi (Reason: Y’know, she holds a place in me for introducing Bokutachi no Yukue for sure since it’s GUNDAM and her pop/rock style is great, but ehhh iono why, I just don’t feel for her other songs.
  • aiko (Reason: I know she’s like ayaka, Ai Otsuka, and some other soft-hitters, but her songs actually do bore me…ouch right?
  • AYUTRICA (Reason: While their music is definitely worth reviewing, their stuff is hard to come by and so are the cover arts, so I’m prolly going to pass it up maybe until someone uploads a full discography or something)
  • Yusuke (Reason: His voice has always bothered me in and out of various songs he’s done and most of the time his music doesn’t exactly move me)
  • Half-Life (Reason: Lead singer’s vocals are kind of very annoying…how the hell did he get to be lead singer…still kind of a meh band for me.)
  • Eri Kawai (Reason: Even though she’s kind of good, she’s dead and no more music from her…unless the record company pulls a ZARD on her.)
  • Hilcrhyme (Reason: As popular as they are, I’m starting to get really tired of R&B music right so I declined them hahaha.)
  • Kagrra, (Reason: Broken up = no need to really review them IMO)
  • Clazziquai Project (Reason: As much as I love Alex, their music can be pretty meh sometimes and it’s been a while since a JPN release from them so who knows.)
  • Sambomaster (Reason:  I really did enjoy “Seishun Kyousoukyoku” back in the day when it was new and tied to Naruto…but they haven’t really moved up since then and the music is just kind of lost meaning for me…still pudgy lead singer FTW!)
  • THE LOWBROWS (Reason: I’ve never really liked the remixes they’ve done for different artists so I’m kind of biased to the point where I just kind don’t wanna review them).
  • Superfly (Reason: Their music has never really moved me, I guess you can say.  Their 70’s-ish music doesn’t really speak to me and I usually pass them over.)
  • KARLY (Reason: No downloadable stuffs make this tough to not review.  Though I do like her music since it’s shibuya-kei and all.)
  • BRIGHT (Reason: Something about their music seems bland, but it could just be me)
  • Hata Motohiro (Reason: He always sounds bored in his music…I dunno if that’s the point, but it just doesn’t cut it for me hahaha.)
  • Miz (Reason: Maybe I’ll change my mind when she announces another single, because it seems she’s back on hiatus for the time being.)
  • HY (Reason: They sounded good, but their release effort is kind of low right now and they don’t have singles x.x).
  • BUMP OF CHICKEN (Reason: At the time I’ve been looking at the band, I was already getting tired of the rock bands and liked what I have already so I skipped this…).
  • BOOM BOOM SATELITES (Reason: and this…).
  • Ling toshite sigure (Reason: and this…).
  • heidi. (Reason: and even this).
  • SKE48 (Reason: To me, SKE seems more cutesy idol types than sexier SDN and AKB’s more powerful arrangements.  It’s kind of like ehhhhhh not wanting to go there XD).
  • Shinichi Osawa (Reason: He’s an amazing producer don’t get me wrong…but solo works seem to be for the music purists of instrumentals for the most part.  Still his work is amazing otherwise.
  • BACK-ON (Reason: FLOW sound-alikes?  Well, of course I’ve heard them through the collabs with mini and misono and it was good, but I kind of found it meh, plus I have ORANGE RANGE for now).
  • Ai Kawashima (Reason: Ai K. doesn’t really interest me and even though she has nice vocals her music is the kind that would normally put me to sleep so I’m going to pass her up).
  • 2AM (Reason: Since they were shown as the balladeers to 2PM so that means right at the beginning, I’m not even liking the idea because their first single isn’t very intriguing).
  • The Gospellers (Reason: The same reason applies here, their music isn’t my kind of thing).
  • Yuka Masaki (Reason: Yeah, do I need to explain…it’s just not interesting).
  • AI (Reason: Besides her great additions to stuff like “Crazy World” and “Wonder Woman”….her solo stuff doesn’t really attract me as much…plus “Happiness” is such a shameless product placement song LOL).
  • French Kiss (Reason: Not really into their music and I already have enough AKB sub-units at the moments).
  • NMB48 (Reason: ^Same as above minus the latter comment).
  • binaria (Reason: I think just reviewing Annabel and Nagi is enough for me, plus they don’t really release much as it is).
  • Tomiko Van (Reason: Already have DAI and it doesn’t seem like she’s going back anytime soon).
  • ISSAxSOULJA (Reason: Heard their album and I was definitely not into it).
  • MBLAQ (Reason: I think I have enough Korean boy groups at the moment, plus their songs don’t really resonate with me).
  • DOUBLE (Reason: I liked her when she collaborated with Namie on “BLACK DIAMOND” but ever since then she really hasn’t done it for me.)
  • Galileo Galilei (Reason: They aren’t a bad band at all since I like some of their stuff, but they’re kind of too tame for me otherwise). 
  • SE7EN (Reason: A Korean soloist does intrigue me but that’s why I have SHOW at the moment). 
  • Fumika Sato (Reason: She doesn’t really interest me and she doesn’t release much).
  • Choucho (Reason: Voices are pretty much not my interest).
  • Every Little Thing (Reason: Even thoughI do enjoy some of ELT’s music, recently they’ve kind of fallen off for me). 
  • azusa (Reason: Voice is a bit too squeaky for me).
  • Soutaiseiriron (Reason: Ahhhh, Etsuko’s band, they are nice but they haven’t released much since Etsuko went solo so I’m holding off). 
  • spangle call lilli line (Reason: Name looked rather familiar but that’s because they were on the V.A album, BEAUTIFUL TECHNO, since then they really haven’t popped on the radar for me and their music is kind of meh now).
  • Nao Yasuda (Reason: As a rather new artist, Nao sounds good, but her style is kind of tiring to me so I’m gonna pass her up).
  • Hemenway (Reason: To be honest, I think I have too many guys that play guitar on the blog, so this is a pass).
  • TOTALFAT (Reason: I have seen this name recently since they had a collaboration with Joe Inoue and all, but TOTALFAT doesn’t really do much for me…their vocalist has such a high voice XD).
  • GReeeeeN (NOOOOO I’m not reviewing that album with the long ass name XD…Though the band is also kind of too light for me).
  • Yuuka Nanri (Reason: I would be normally up for reviewing another singer that’s produced by Yuki Kajiura, but I don’t like her voice very much).
  • SUN OF A STARVE (Reason: So Yuusuke from HaMC ended up in a new band huh?  I don’t think their stuff has released on the webs so it’s kind of hard to do when stuff doesn’t come out, Plus it’s just not the same without Maaki or HALCA T.T).
  • palet (Reason: I don’t think they rightfully debuted yet, so I can’t review them, but since they’re also related to PASSPO, I’m going to pass it up).
  • SOUL’d OUT (Reason: DIGGY’s group huh?  Well, it feels like more DIGGY plus the other rapper…but I kind of don’t like rap so I’m keeping to just DIGGY at the moment.
  • Akina Nakamori (Reason: She’s not really relevent no more since it’s been a couple of years since her last single so I’m going to pass her up since she’s not fully into music at the moment.

200 Responses to “Recs (OPEN)”

  1. Selryam Says:

    Hm… How about Soni? She isn’t as fantastic as I envisioned, but eh, you may or may not get a kick out of her.

    Also, Q;indivi.

  2. Selryam Says:



  3. radiantdawn Says:

    Emi Hinouchi and BENI plz.

  4. radiantdawn Says:

    Ken Hirai. ;D Oh and FLOW

  5. Selryam Says:

    Oh, oh, one more, one more.

    Hanako Oku. ❤

  6. Kishimoto Hana Says:

    Ataru Nakamura.

    She’s written and composed some of Jero’s music.

  7. josh012595 Says:

    how about trying Shimizu Shota? he’s one of the few male jpop singers i listen to. 🙂

  8. Miss E Says:

    what about Aqua Timez and SCANDAL?

  9. josh012595 Says:

    how ’bout Tiana Xiao? 🙂 she’s a pretty cool artist.

  10. Sachiko Says:

    Round Table Feat Nino usually has impressive albums 🙂 Though I can only find one album, SNoW had a nice cd. I also enjoy Aki Misato. I assume no Kotoko because someone else is doing her? 🙂 Just a few off the top of my head.

  11. Moon Shadow Says:

    I think it would be amazing if you added YUI. I just recently have gotten into her music and i would like to have someone’s opinion on her music who does well rounded/constant reviews. Thank you!

  12. Sachiko Says:

    @ Moon Shadow: Yui can be amazing sometimes :). You should check out all of her cd’s. I really can’t think of one I didn’t enjoy.

  13. solarblade Says:

    Yeah, if i do YUI it’ll probably start with this new single “again”

  14. Moon Shadow Says:

    @ Sachiko
    I actually have listened to all her albums and they all were pretty good. I really like her album CAN”T BUY MY LOVE since it had alot of energetic songs and my one of my favorite songs from her CHE.R.RY. Some of her B-sides are pretty good too like Oh My God from her SUMMER SONG single. I LOVED YESTERDAY in my opinion was a good album, but a little repetitious, but still good. I think it would be amazing if she pulled something way out of left field (like something without a guitar).

    @ SolarBlade
    I would be very appreciative if you did review her. Your blog and Die’s are pretty much the only blogs I check constantly. I’m planning on starting my own, but I’m just to busy. I think I’ll email you sooner or later, so be on the lookout for on email with ninja in it’s title!

  15. Moon Shadow Says:

    yay! also i think another person you might like is miliyah kato. ahe is r&b like crystal kay and her new single love forever is really cool. she is like a mix of BoA’s r&b music (kinda) and jyongri/yuna ito’s vocals except she is japanese =\. her tokyo star album is also pretty good, but diamond princess is…. not.

  16. Selryam Says:

    How about some love for Hector? x:

  17. Miss E Says:

    How about Miho Fukuhara?

  18. keyinjpop Says:

    I have a couple, hope u dont mind. First, ikimonogakari.

    Recommend they’re latest single futari, maybe next single hotaru no hikari.

  19. keyinjpop Says:

    How about on/off. Their first album legend of twins 1 -futago densetsu- came out in april and it has the two songs from vampire knight. Try it.

  20. keyinjpop Says:

    How about sid. They first major album hikari comes out in july and they have songs like monochrome no kiss and uso (both tie-in songs).

  21. keyinjpop Says:

    How about diggy-mo. j-rapper with crazy lyrics and flow. Start with his solo album diggyism.

  22. keyinjpop Says:

    How about l’arc~en~ciel. I know their on hiatus, but i’d like to see someone review their work. Just start with kiss or their last singles if you want

  23. keyinjpop Says:

    How about puffy. They have catchy music and a big discography. Try their bring it! album first.

  24. keyinjpop Says:

    How about home made kazoku. a j-hip-hop group with catchy music, their good. Try the album home and maybe the single you.

  25. Miss E Says:


  26. Sarah Says:

    You should listen to Shuukyou by Shiina Ringo. That’s the only song I like by her. It’s quite strange, but very, very good.

  27. Miss E Says:

    Hmm let’s see…
    How about Suga Shikao and MARIA (the girl band not the JPop singer)?

    • solarblade Says:

      Funny, I’ve been listening to Suga Shikao recently, but I’m still in love with his track, 19sai and I really liked that.

      MARIA, I’ll try out and maybe I’ll try out the other Maria just for kicks too

  28. Miss E Says:

    One more recommendation before I’m done! What do you think about Hitomi Yaida?

  29. elfwitch Says:

    I would like to recommend Megumi Hayashibara and Chara, Megumi because you do a lot of seiyuu and I think she’s one of the few good ones and her voice is nice as I believe you already know and Chara, because her music is just amazing and she has a unique voice, plus it feels kind of lonely being the only one reviewing her, I’d like to see someone else’s point of view.

  30. keyinjpop Says:

    I have three recs; MISIA because she has an amazing voice, CHEMISTRY cause they have great harmony and Yuya Matsushita cause hes been coming out with good stuff lately.
    And yes all three are rnb artists.

  31. Najeebster Says:

    Would you consider reviewing JUJU? She has a distinct, smoky, soulful voice and sings mostly jazz or r&b. You should start listening to her last four singles (Sunao ni Naretara feat. Spontania, Yasashisa de Afureru you ni, Ashita ga Kurunara with JAY’ED, and Present) ;D

  32. keyinjpop Says:

    Two more; NICO Touches the Walls and Joe Inoue, both rockers and good songs from them.

  33. Miss E Says:

    Woo Hoo! First recommendations of 2010! Anyway, along with my previous request of Hitomi Yaida, what about Faylan and ViViD?

  34. Selryam Says:

    Fantastic Plastic Machine. :3

  35. Alex Says:

    BoA’s new album IDENTITY has leaked for your information…

  36. mihisachi Says:

    I would like to recommend 12012.
    (They’re a visual kei band… and I don’t seem to see any of these bands in your artist list…)
    Try out their single “Cyclone”.
    They will be releasing a new single “Tattoo” near the end of February. It’s very good!

  37. keyinjpop Says:

    Include Nightmare, they’re a good band. Also what’s the status of SID? Also, look into including older bands like LUNA SEA and BUCK-TICK.

  38. What about ICONIQ? Also know as what that flop Nami Tamaki should have done when she went all RnB and stuffz. She is less RnB than that though which is good… You should check out CHANGE MYSELF.

    *too many RnB skanks nowadays*

  39. keyinjpop Says:

    AZU, alice nine., Asian Kung-fu Generation, DOES, miwa, SEAMO, Kousuke Atari, Shota Shimizu. Huge list, sorry, pick any like.

  40. tikitok Says:

    Sorry if it’s been mentioned before, but you should try NERDHEAD. Their collaboration with Kana Nishino was amazing! Maybe you might like it too! ^_^

  41. avven Says:

    Ummm.. how about Lena Park (Park Jung-hyun) and Lee Soo Young? They’re really nice on the ear.

    I think Lee Soo Young’s best albums are : The Colors of My Life, Dazzler( Specifically the song ” No”), Grace, and the also the song ” I Believe”

    I think Lena Park’s best album/songs are: Op.4, Come to Where I Am, and Beyond the Line…..Best songs : Sanctuary, Smile, Love Come Back ( Both the English version and Japanese Version)

  42. keyinjpop Says:

    K, Lil’B, Rythem, Taro Soul, Theatre Brook, Sukima Switch, Hitomi Takahashi. Just throwing out some there now but they have some good songs.

  43. josh012595 Says:

    how about giving aiko a try? 😀 her recent material is quite good! 🙂

  44. bokuranorekishi Says:

    ^I second that request. And it’s not because she’s my favourite Jpop artist. xD

  45. Gundam Meister Says:

    How about giving GRANRODEO a chance

  46. isafff Says:

    Takenaka Eri has a REALLY pretty voice!

  47. rubikura Says:

    “A-bee” please.
    Particularly his “Polyphonic City” album.

  48. Miss E Says:

    I’m gonna second the requests for THEATRE BROOK and Sukima Switch but in addition, I want to recommend ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D and Eiko Shimamiya. =)

  49. keyinjpop Says:

    Requesting Mass Alert, Toshi Kubota, and hopefully MUCC.

  50. isafff Says:

    If you liked Natsuko Aso’s Everyday Sunshine Line! You should defenitely check out moumoon’s Sunshine Girl, it’s so cute~!

  51. everyvillainisLEMONS Says:

    Okay, I know you already do a bunch of artists, and I appreciate that ^.^

    BUT…if you ever do decide to follow any more then I think you will like Airi Takasaki. She just debuted this year, and her album First Letter has all the singles and their b-sides. Definitely worth checking out!

  52. keyinjpop Says:

    I know you said you’re on your limit with v-kei bands, I know, I’m sorry but just listen to them: the GazettE and existtrace. Ayahi Takagaki (she’s a member of sphere). No Sleeves/no3b (AKB48 subunit, not bad though.

    • solarblade Says:

      I actually thought of adding existtrace, just because there’s not many female V-kei bands and I also thought of adding all four of the sphere girls in their solo states as well.

  53. Battler Says:

    Finally 😀 I’ve waited for this, you should listen to annabel, she’s wonderful (she’s also a member of anNina, my favorite band).
    Oh yeah, an SUNEOHAIR, love him, just listen to his music and you will see why.
    And last but not least: Etsuko Yakushimaru, she have special voice, but I like her ^-^
    You should them really give a try, they’re great.

  54. IYFreak Says:

    You should Try, Ayutrica

  55. idioticpi Says:

    MUCC is one of my favorite jrock bands… they experiment w/a lot of different types of sounds so their albums are always interesting to listen to

    • idioticpi Says:

      oh nvm, decided to read what you weren’t adding after I posted that. sorry.
      but I second existtrace, SUNEOHAIR, and Yakushimaru Etsuko

  56. isafff Says:

    gee, i don’t know whether you’ve heard of them or not, but Radwimps has got to be like the best japanese band out there hdjhdjhf C:

  57. Battler Says:

    I’ve forgotten someone: Lia. She have a very nice voice and the most of her songs are great.
    Uhm, and oh, when you’re looking for annabel’s music, search for natal, this is her mini-album.
    And anNina (the name means annabel x inazawa) is better than only annabel, and it’s quite difficult to find her songs, you should take a look at anNina’s Taishõ.a, I love this song so much.
    I’m sorry for push you, but I really want to see someone who reviews my favorite japanese artists >.<

  58. Alex Says:

    Why not Kaela Kimura? Oh and you should review some stuff from Eiko since she was added back in May. 😉

    You should look at Shoujo Jidai also, well, their Japanese stuff.

  59. IYFreak Says:

    I also think you should try 9Goats Black Out, there relatively knew, so there discography isnt that big, but enough to make reviews on. Personally the band reminds me a little of Rentre En Soi & Dir en grey. Please check em out!

  60. Miss E Says:

    Would you consider these artists: Hata Motohiro, Hilcrhyme, and Clazziquai Project?

  61. azauraa Says:

    Erm, have you tried the band HY?

  62. isafff Says:

    i second Miss E on Hata Motohiro, he’s got a quite nice voice! What do you think about bump of chicken? Even though I ain’t no fan, they have pretty interesting singles and songs alike, especially singles’s hidden tracks, that are like the funniest thing I’ve EVER heard.

  63. Alex Says:

    How bout some love for Superfly?

  64. Reina-chama Says:

    Will you try kanon x kanon? They will be releasing their single in Nov soon. http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/Music/Arch/DF/kanon_kanon/index.html

  65. Manabu Says:

    Hey, loveee this blog ❤
    I think you should consider Nomoto Karia/KARLY.

    She started out as a shibuya-kei artist, then graduated to a more dance/tech sound.
    Look her up 😀 you might like and i'd love to read a review of her!

  66. azauraa Says:

    Oops, can I recommend again? Would you like to consider eufonius?

  67. keyinjpop Says:

    I can’t think of any new artist to recommend but would you reconsider Ken Hirai, K, and CHEMISTRY? The first two guys don’t have that big of a discography, hell they don’t release as much in a year like others.

  68. Selryam Says:

    Jade Villalon and anything this woman has, is and ever will touch.

    Though since Eternity 2 is gonna take forever to come out, you could do Saint Vox and just wait there or something. Or do the first Eternity album and do the second after it when it comes out. Whatever. :’D

  69. Alex Says:

    Oh, you should also take a look at the Japanese releases KARA is… well releasing. XD

    They are releasing a Japanese version of Lupin on their new album and the original was amazing. You might even want to check that out on youtube.

  70. Reed Says:

    How about KARA? I feel like thats a group whose type of music would be highly reviewed by youuuu but I could be wrong.

  71. keyinjpop Says:

    Just throwing these out there: Yusuke, DOMINO, Ling tosite sigure (I think that’s how it’s spelled :p), SPYAIR, ClairS, Motohira Hata.

  72. Sylfi Says:

    Jyongri. I kinda view her as the next Utada Hikaru (not Jasmine, but she’s great too). She writes and composes all of her own music, she’s fluent in both Japanese and English, and she’s signed EMI! She shares those characteristics with Hikki! XD She also plays keyboard (tilted forward so she can move around at the same time)! Her last album and past few singles have been ballad central, though. Just warning you. But she’s really great. 😀

    P.S. If you already knew all of this stuff, I apologize for wasting your time.

  73. angelicmoon Says:

    I support the request for 9Goats Black Out xD

    Also, maybe you could try the band heidi. They did two songs for Kaichou wa Maid Sama and they’re both on the latest album, Senkou Mellow.

  74. bluesakura Says:

    DOMINO, oh and Bright I can’t seem to find them here, wich is weird cause I’m sure I saw their reviews around, same goes for JASMINE, waaa am I going crazy???

  75. idioticpi Says:

    I have a request this time!
    I recently got into Sambomaster and their music is really great, it has a light-rockish feel and their vocalist sounds really nice.
    (Also I second BOOM BOOM SATELLITES and Hata Motohiro)

  76. keyinjpop Says:

    Just listened to Piko and recommend him.

  77. Cleutinho Says:

    I recommend “Eri Kawai” (R.I.P.), she was a great singer-songwriter, lyricist and contibute with various animes theme/songs (like: Tales of Symphonia, Aria -The Animation-, Air Movie…) and game’s original soundtrack (like: soma bringer, fate/stay night…).
    But, she was passed away. 😦

    Since she died, you will not need to worry about updating to her discography. She had an incredible voice, able to take the stress, soothe the soul and make you happy too. In addition to soothing music, music is well animated.

    There are two songs that I recommend:

    *Peaceful: “Undine ~Zougoshi Version~”.

    *cheer up: “Ao ni Sasageru”.

    I hope you like it.

  78. Alex Says:

    You should give mochA a try. Her debut album just leaked on KMC. She is pretty much a good version of Meisa Kuroki. If you like Meisa’s THIS IS CRAZY or Hear the Alarm? you’ll love mochA.

  79. Devi Says:

    Maybe AKB48’s sister bands – SDN48 and SKE48 😀

  80. everyvillainisLEMONS Says:

    Hope this doesn’t show up twice but…
    Just discovered Kazusa. Amazing voice–definitely recommended.

  81. keyinjpop Says:

    I know you mentioned this in your last blowout but here it is: Dir En Grey.

  82. Selryam Says:


    You need to listen to/review EMOTION. :l

  83. Selryam Says:

    You should do Shinichi Osawa’s solo stuff, too. :l

  84. Ceeney Says:

    Totally seconding more Eiko Shimamiya 😀
    everyone seems to forget about her and her amazing songs D;

  85. Naru Says:

    A small, teeny, tiny request: ONE OK ROCK. Their new must listen album, Niche Syndrome, completely captivated me and when I heard about your site (I was searching for some school food punishment opinions), was curious to see it wasn’t added.

  86. treize-kun Says:

    This may be more of an acquired taste of mine, but I would like to recommend Ceui. I think that she has some really beautiful songs. Her more upbeat songs are questionable at times, but I think that she rarely misses with her slower songs.

  87. Alex Says:

    How the hell can you review AKB48 and not SDN48? They are like a bajillion times better. Step on it!!!!

  88. keyinjpop Says:

    Plastic Tree would be a good band to review.

  89. Selryam Says:



    • startdelete Says:

      *Note* Not the same artist as Lil’B – is an electro pop group


      • Selryam Says:

        Was that note really necessary? I’m sure not everyone is stupid enough to think people are mistakenly talking about a different artist using a wrong name just because it looks similar but is two characters shorter.

  90. Alex Says:

    I request that you review Kou Shibasaki’s album Mitsu. Much better than Love Paranoia and that was really good.

  91. Candy Says:

    Can you please review SKE48 too?!!!
    They debuted in 2009 and are working very hard!!~
    Their latest single sold almost as much as AKB’s and it’s still on the charts despite it being released months ago!
    I’d love to hear your opinion of them!

  92. Blade Says:

    I agree with Piko.

  93. Devi Says:

    Maybe some Orange Range stuff.

  94. azauraa Says:

    Perhaps Half-Life might be a good band to check out? I would like to hear your opinion on this band.

  95. Stephy Says:

    Have you considered checking out Miz? She’s probably the artist I highly recommend the most out of Japan! Her songs are a mix between pop and rock and they’re super catchy without being annoying or cute or anything like that. Also, she has a really great grasp on the English language! A lot of her songs are actually in English and I think that makes them catchier. You get some of those awesome hooks stuck in your had right away! She’s definitely worth checking out!

    Anyhow, if you wanna try her out then I highly recommend her album, Mizrock. But if you wanna check out some single songs before downloading an album, then I recommend these songs: Bittersweet, Not You, and Dreams.

  96. Jason Says:

    Have you tried Back-On? They have some pretty good stuff and they just released heir new single this week.

  97. treize-kun Says:

    I completely agree with BACK-ON. They have a new album coming out next week, and it sounds like it is going to be great. They kind of remind me of FLOW, but more mainstream(?).

  98. keyinjpop Says:

    9nine. A girls unit.

  99. treize-kun Says:

    Even if you don’t decide to review BACK-ON, I really suggest that you check out their new album, Hello World, if you haven’t yet. I can honestly say that most of the songs on the album are better than anything I’ve heard from FLOW, and unlike most albums, I think that most of the new album tracks are a lot better than what they released with their singles.

  100. Candy Says:

    I know requests are closed… But Please consider reviewing the jpop group “Passpo” can also be written as ‘Pasupo” they are a new group that is just debuting. They already released an album ‘TAKE OFF” They are having their debut soon. Also, Dream5, a cute group that has 5 young members. They are unpopular now, but are quickly gaining popularity. I love them.

  101. kieyuku Says:

    I wondered if you were reviewing no3b and came here to check, and saw you rejected reviewing them 😦 I know recs are closed but i’m kind of like just suggesting you reconsider? x__x Well, it’s okay if you’re busy though, I hope you’d try listening to their latest single Kuchibiru Furezu which just released, because it’s just so good and I think you’ll like it too. :X

  102. SL Says:

    how about Ai kawashima?
    She is really talented! And she’s got a sad background story too.

  103. keyinjpop Says:

    Gospellers, MBLAQ, and 2AM (2PM’s brother group).

  104. Blade Says:

    Can you at least just review “Carpe Diem” by Aqua Timez. I do believe this is their best album.

  105. keyinjpop Says:

    DOUBLE (wiki her if you have too).

  106. everyvillainisLEMONS Says:

    I know recs aren’t open right now, but let me put these artists down before I forget (lol):
    *Fumika Sato
    *Yuka Masaki
    Both are fairly new and promising (imo). Worth checking out ^.^

  107. yuko1909 Says:

    RADWIMPS. The lead vocalist can write some great melodies…and his lyrics are AMAZING.

  108. Vivian Says:

    I know as well that Requests are closed XD but when you do happen to look upon this page…

    I was seriously surprised that you aren’t reviewing Mizuki Nana O_O Thought you did, but no. She takes awhile to get used to, in a good way, but she’s one long-time vocalist/seiyuu that’s way too amazing to be missed… unless you’re already listening to Nana-chan and you’re just not choosing to review her…? -SHOTDEAD- XD

  109. keyinjpop Says:

    Fudanjuku, a cross-dressing idol unit.

  110. treize-kun Says:

    Hey, I was wondering if you plan on reviewing Yanagi Nagi’s new releases. She was the former supercell singer, so I was wondering if you were still interested. She released a single at comiket, and she has another single and mini-album planned for the coming months. The comiket single was produced by Jun Maeda, and her next single will be produced by I’ve Sound, so they are some pretty high quality releases in my opinion.

  111. keyinjpop Says:

    IU and Jin Akanishi.

  112. O.o You added mine xD

  113. try Says:

    Why don’t you give review for new song from some artist’s BEST album?

  114. Deagle Says:

    could you bring AKB’s French Kiss subunit onto this site please? I think they’re better than Not Yet to be honest. Yuki Kashiwagi’s voice is in my opinion very awesome.

  115. Devi Says:

    Please – NMB48 or no3b (sub-unit from AKB48) 😀

  116. binaria – A unit by Nagi Yanagi(composition) and Annabel(lyrics).

  117. freza Says:

    how about LiSA? i think she has a great voice

  118. Also azusa, May’n, also as mentioned FictionJunction, soutaiseiriron(band where the vocalist is etsuko yakushimaru), spangle call lilli line, tomiko van as solo singer,

  119. everyvillainisLEMONS Says:

    Nao Yasuda please 🙂

  120. icymirage Says:

    Will you consider Acid Black Cherry? 🙂

  121. akira Says:

    you should review IssaxSoulJa…they’re good XD

  122. bladeblur Says:

    Hemenway and TOTALFAT. Especially Hemenway. Both singles they have released were excellent and their upcoming one, Escape, looks to be another hit when it’ll be a tie-in to Eureka Seven. I’d highly recommend them!

  123. hana Says:

    You should start reviewing GreeeeN…you should listen to hana uta,sorashido and koibumi~love letter

  124. Mirei Says:

    Would you consider listening to Yuuka Nanri? She’s worked with Yuki Kajiura in her FictionJunction project too, but she’s also working solo now as well.

  125. Luka Says:

    Try to listen to FLiP (CHERRY BOMB, Hoshi mono wa and Raira) and Abe Mao (Mada, Itsu no hi mo and Itami) I highly recommend them

  126. AJ Says:

    How about SUN OF A STARVE. Its Yuusuke from H&MCs new band.

  127. Could be also DaisyxDaisy a solo project from Mika Kondou (Nana Mizuki’s sister)

  128. nijikanata Says:

    Please consider the idol group Palet.
    If you like PASSPO, you should check them out because they are passpo’s sister group of sorts.
    They are coming out with CD really soon! More info: http://idolpalet.wordpress.com/

  129. 123 Says:

    I agree with icymirage. Acid Black Cherry is a cool rock band you might want to check out.

  130. bladeblur Says:

    SOUL’d OUT since you already cover diggy.

  131. IYFreak Says:

    How about Akina Nakamori, she has a huge assortment of music and a beautiful voice. Maybe you can just start out with her albums first

  132. 123 Says:

    You might want to try Eri Kitamura’s album RE;STORY

  133. nijikanata Says:

    I noticed that you don’t review Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku! Their Momoiro Clover Z’s sister groups. They finally had their debut single this year, which sold 20k! More info: http://www.generasia.com/wiki/Shiritsu_Ebisu_Chuugaku

  134. bladeblur Says:

    If you are looking for another interesting girl group check ecosystem. Their 2 anime singles were good so far IMO. daisuke seems to be another rising star

  135. bladeblur Says:

    Monobright? AMOYAMO?

  136. bladeblur Says:

    Golden Bomber? They are really popular now.

  137. Sarah Says:

    I could have sworn I suggested it here before, but you should definitely review Ayane!

  138. :P Says:

    How bout idol group BiS? They’re different from any other idol group XD

  139. 123 Says:

    How about these artists:
    Aoi Eir – anime pop/rock
    MEMORIA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XElh5K0drBA

    ANFLA – pop
    Gretel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMrOXyy8VEY

    girugamesh – rock/metal
    Zecchou BANG!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4oLL6xFavg

    LIV MOON – symphonic metal
    Amen!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgT9KIgZmzU

  140. Fe Says:

    Some other interesting artists to review are Kat Mcdowell,Tainaka Sachi and Delofamilia(duo band by Naoto from Orange range and Rie Fu)

  141. 123 Says:

    Another artist worth looking at is Nano.
    No Pain, No Game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRF9AAbhpOI

  142. bladeblur Says:

    One day you’ll accept ONE requests from me!

  143. 123 Says:

    Have you listened to the single Kimi no Shinwa ~ Aquarion Dai Ni Shou by AKINO? It’s really nice, especially the ballad b-side.

  144. juslikethis Says:

    How bout the rock band MY FIRST STORY. The vocalist is One Ok Rock Taka’s younger brother 😀

  145. Luka Says:

    Hi, here you are new recommendations: Negoto (merushiru, Re:myend!), UNLIMITS (Haruka Kanata, and their TRANQUILIZER album), LAMA (Parallel sign, Fantasy) and finally, I have a question, Why haven’t you added EGOIST?, I think Ryo have done really better songs with Chelly than with Koeda XD.

  146. dollssss Says:

    Recommending the band DOLL$BOXX. Check out their album named Dolls Apartment.

  147. Since the members of Chemistry are on hiatus, why don’t you review Kaname and Dochin solo work?

  148. garabagedoll Says:

    Would nice if you would review Kana Hanazawa, she’s a popular voice actor who has released so far 3 (or 4?) singles and will release her first album this February.

  149. MAYU-1 Says:

    I reccomend reviewing the singer Aoi Eir. She’s like a mix of Ieiri Leo and LiSA, so i think you’ll like her.

  150. Yuki Nagato Says:

    I’m surprised you haven’t reviewed Yousei Teikoku already… i was actually coming here to see a review of one of their singles xD

  151. Blade Says:

    Knock Out Monkey, give a listen to Primal and JET, they are downright amazing!

  152. Nothing’s Carved In Stone and negoto are two bands to look out for.

  153. kieyuku Says:

    Just wondering why you don’t really review JE acts, aside from Jin which someone else requested. I’m curious as to what you think of KAT-TUN’s music!

  154. 123 Says:

    A new artist – ayami
    Apacalypse of Destiny: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Aj7_U1h-yE
    She’s only released one single (Revise The World) so far I think but seems pretty good.

    I don’t know if you are interested in Nano but if you are she has just released an album called N which was cool, with great tracks like Silence and Nevereverland.

  155. applicat spectra. Ieiri Leo. FreeTEMPO.
    do you review instrumental music?
    if so, ->Pia-no-Jac<- & mouse on the keys.

  156. Sarah Says:

    I’m going to suggest Ayane again, since she just released a single on 04/24 that was really good and has another one coming up 05/29 that will probably end up her best-selling so far :> I have read your reviews for years and I’d love if you could review one of her singles!

  157. Yat Says:


  158. Yat Says:

    Suggesting Charisma.com

  159. jinhwa Says:

    What do you think about Michiru Hoshino? If you do not like her music, that is OK. But please always review Tokyo Girls’ Style’s new CD. Because I am a loyal fan of them. Thank you very much!

  160. Paru Says:

    I’d recommend Saori Hayami. She’s a seiyuu who’s been in the voice acting industry for a good while but has only very recently been signed to a label. Her voice is absolutely STUNNING and the music they give her is beautiful.

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