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ICEMAN – POWER SCALE June 21, 2008

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Track Listing

  2. Something feel like Heaven
  3. Narctic Boy
  5. Mr.D
  6. White Fusion ~ Kasoi Renai no Tebiki
  7. Dear My Friend -Make Your Shine Way-
  8. Freeter Blues
  10. Edge of the season


I thought it’d be a ballad after the beginning, hell no.  This is a rockin’ song.  Michihiro, the vocalist, sounds kinda bored in thorugh the chorus.  He does get better later in.  The bridge is pretty awesome.  I love Daisuke in this song, he made the song livelier.  Kenichi’s solo was WHOA!  I’m like impressed beyond with him.  Go ICEMAN!

2. Something feel like Heaven

Starting with Daisuke’s finger power, it kind of has a islandy feeling to it,  It eventually does sound even more like it, I was like hehehe, definitly fun.  Though, there is little work in it, since it’s mostly Daisuke and Michihiro at the reins in the song.  Very reminescent to like Sonic the Hedgehogs’s music…..lol and what’s with the girl….she sounds very uhm….XXX rated lol

3. Narctic Boy

It’s got a funky beginning I’ll start off by saying that.  Sounds like there’s a rapper guy in it.  We hear Kenichi come back playing the acoustic.  It’s something you don’t hear from ICEMAN much.  Though the music eventually covers it back up, it was a treat.  I know that this was a single, but it just sounds very filler to me even.


REIMEI’s got more of a mellow tone to it, like a elevator song lol.  The random synths is unusual in a song like this, but it really help the boredom with the song.  I have no idea, why I’m even listening it’s just bleh…

5. Mr.D

Ooooo, we’re jumped back in a dance mood with Kenichi powering with his guitar.  Ok, the verses are very fast for me, and they sound a bit like Orange Range in here but with synths.  I was thinking that this song is poppy.  OMG, I love the entire chorus.  I think this is their fun song of the album, I wouldnt blame them, It’s a good listen and funny too.

6. White Fusion ~ Kasou Renai no Tebiki

After the joyride, where brought to this dark, and droning song.  I think Daisuke in the early parts of the tune, was very random.  Though after Michihiro stops singing then it actually sounds good.  After that it turns out to be something you’d her from Red Hot Chili Peppers.  It’s got a strong bass sound and even nicer guitar playing.  I guess the fusion is here. 

7. Dear My Friend ~Shine Your Own Way~

A ballad?  From a rock/dance group?  This is just pandemonium.  Lacking any Daisuke/Kenichi.  It’s pretty much a Michihiro solo, though I like how the music sounds like it’s being played by a record player.  There’s an interlude where it leads to more instruments, probably is a good thing, I was getting bored pretty fast.  Still am by the end.

8. Freeter Blues

Haha, very jazzy like here.  Michihiru is definitly is into this song I can tell.  Though he lets himself go too much, as some of his notes are squeaked or very outta tune.  Love, the fact that there’s so much to it and it’s overly catchy. Oh yea, Trumpets!


Hmmm?  I’ve seen a close title like that, oh yea T.M.Revolution has a track called “BEDLESS NIGHT SLIDER”.  Though this song beats the latter because it’s at a faster pace.  I can imagine this song being connected to Gundam Wing, it has that sound, where most of T.M.R’s music represents.  I just like the wildness of the song.  Daisuke also won points with his playing. 

10. Edge of the season

Ok, I’m also thinking this song is kinda of unusual, the dance beat just doesn’t quite fit.  The guitar also makes point of the reasoning as well.  I didn’t enjoy this song also because it was just too slow.  If it was a bit more alive there prolly wouldn’t have been so many issues.


This definitly made me feel like I was in an ice cave, I like how they portray that feeling at the beginning.  Then we got into a synth starting sounding and wow, it drives even further more down the “make the song more cold”.  Though I think this doesn’t have any lyrical content, except for that guy who repeats the same phrase.  It takes a while, but eventually Michihiro comes in late in the tune, but it’s a nice entrance dont ya think?  Still, great ending song.

 Tracks Recommended

  • Freeter Blues

Song of Avoidance

  • Edge of the season

So ICEMAN’s first album was very catchy, some of the songs were boring but right when I was too bored they came back with an even better track.  My favorite track has got to be the 1st track, totally, ICE BREAKER is probably my 2nd, I just like how that song conveyed the track almost perfectly.  AHHHHH, you should get this album