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Miyu Kasegi – Sakura/Shiawase na Hi March 8, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Sakura
  2. Shiawase na Hi
  3. Sakura (INST)
  4. Shiawase na Hi (INST)

1. Sakura

Wow, talk about a nice track.  Only at 19, I’m surprised Miyu sounds so pretty under the strings and other light instrumentation.  I do feel that sometimes she squeaks, but it’s not terrible.  It might not be the best ballad out there, but it’s a good track to represent the upcoming cherry blossom days.

2. Shiawase na Hi

I love the little latin guitar opening.  I found this song to be more interesting because there’s a little bit of synth involved and there’s a pretty cool beat.  Miyu even sounds better as well.  Showing a more calm and pristine side of her and how she can do some upbeat stuff as well.



Miyu Kasegi’s debut was interesting.  I was expecting enka or something even more traditional, but when Sakura started playing it calmed that theory and it was a nice ballad.  Shiawase na Hi was more of a nice pop track and made a notion that she can do more.  Sweet debut.