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Sweet Vacation – Sayonara my days March 8, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Sayonara my days
  2. Calling You
  3. Suddenly I See

1. Sayonara my days

I’m not sure what to think about this track.  Like I know it’s J-tek but it seems they aren’t really showing off their skills as much as they did before going on a major label.  It’s cool that there’s strings and piano mixed with the synthy beat and how May is under light vocoder.  Other than that, there isn’t much to call it special.  It’s an OK track.  The solo section though was cool.  BTW, why is some of the PV copying Ami’s “ONE”….seriously…how many artists has it been?

2. Calling You

Calling You has a more happier tone.  There’s less synths, but they’re still there, but that’s besides the point.  I can also hear Daichi singing along in the chorus.  (Well, I did in the last track as well).  Calling You though is still somewhat on the safe side of J-tek so it’s not too memorable.

3. Suddenly I See

I can’t believe they cover tracks well and covering KT Tunstall was definitly a good choice.  I love the original because it was spunky and had attitude.  Sadly, May doesn’t really give off the right kind of attitide, especially in the ~why the hell it means so much to me~ section.  It was cool to hear May in English because she’s got a good grasp on our language. Good track.


I miss you was a track off their 1st major EP.  I haven’t heard the original to make a connection but it’s a long track.  It’s almost 8 minutes in length and is for being a remix this actually was just a bit repetitive for me.  I don’t why, but it isn’t until the actual track starts up that things get better.  I love the heavy vocoder part and synth melody.  Maybe they could’ve left off that long startup, but this was pretty cool.



Sweet Vacation’s debut single was very meh to me.  Both original tracks were just missin something in each of it.  The cover song was very likeable and had me dancing.  Same thing with the remix.  I love the synths in that song.