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Let’s Talk About Pokemon Gen 8: August updates! August 8, 2019

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Yup August has begun and once again we’re given a short trailer for Pokémon!

  • Did learn that two more of our rivals were revealed (Bede & Marnie)
  • The new “villain team” is named Team Yell who are huge fans of Marnie.
  • Pokémon Jobs are a thing where you send Pokémon to do tasks while you play the game (reminds me of the training stuff in World of Light from Smash Ultimate).
  • Galar, like Alola has forms based on the area!

Galarian Weezing


Yup, we having Galarian forms now and the first introduced is such an interesting one with Weezing (so maybe I should assume Koffing doesn’t get one?).  Anyways, the new Weezing is now a Poison/Fairy type and interestingly enough while it does get Levitate as its ability, it has a mysterious 2nd one that wasn’t revealed!  I’m interesting to see where this one goes.

Though at the opening of Worlds, its 2nd ability was revealed to be Neutralizing Gas where it sets every Pokémon on the field with no ability (with double battles being re-introduced)

Galarian Zigzagoon, Galarian Linoone, Obstagoon


The other Galarian form introduced is for the Linoone line here changing its typing to a Dark/Normal (reminds me of the Alolan Raticate line) but what’s new this time around is that Galarian Linoone actually evolved into the new Pokémon, Obstagoon.  Interesting to see it go bipedal and such, but it’s definitely cool and a surprise it feels like the line is based more on badgers than anything else!



The only actual “NEW” Pokémon shown off in the trailers is unsurprisingly classified as Galar’s Pika-clone, Morpeko which is a Electric/Dark type and what makes it stand out is that depending on the ability, Hunger Switch (a new ability) if it uses the move Aura Wheel the move switches types between Electric & Dark.  It’s cute but good lord can we be finished with these Pika-lookalikes I know Pikachu is the lord and savior Pokémon, but we have so many Pika-clones.  I will be curious to see what moves it gets!

Opening of Worlds did show off a new trailer showing new things like abilities, moves, and items so let’s talk about it

  • Corviknight’s Hidden Abilty is the new, Mirror Armor which bounces back stat-changing moves
  • Two new items were shown, Room Service (Speed is lowered when Trick Room is active) and Eject Pack (will call back Pokemon if its stats are lowered).
  • A new move, Breaking Swipe, that lowers the Attack stat to whoever it hits
  • Dynamaxed Pokemon ignores Flinching moves


That’s it for this month maybe?  No clue if Corocoro will announce anything in the next week, but I think that’s about it for now.