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XIAH junsu – XIAH May 26, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Intoxication
  2. Kanashimi no Yukue (CD Only)
  3. Kimi ga Ireba ~Beautiful Love~ (CD+DVD only)
  4. Kimi ga Ireba ~Beautiful Love~ (Short Ver.) (CD Only)
  5. Intoxication (Instrumental)
  6. Kimi ga Ireba ~Beautiful Love~ (Instrumental)

1. Intoxication

Junsu’s “literal” debut single starts off with Intoxication which is unsurprisingly not far from the stuff Tohoshinki released but maybe a little more slicker and sexier.  I like that it does get more upbeat and slightly more sultry from Junsu.  Even though it the energy level is lower than I thought it’d be for Junsu, it’s not a bad song.

2. Kanashimi no Yukue

As the CD only track, Kanashimi no Yukue is a ballad from Junsu.  Like I said bout the group he was in, they excelled in ballads and Junsu by himself sounds really nice in this ballad.  The arrangement is ballad typical, strings, piano, and jingle bells…wait bells?  Ok, so it has that but I think Junsu sung this song right and I liked it!

3. Kimi ga Ireba ~Beautiful Love~

As for the other song on the single, Kimi ga Ireba kind of sits in between the two songs arrangements.  It is a filled out acoustic R&B mix and of course reminescent of THSK stuff, but I don’t mind that at all really.  His voice is a little bit less liked than in the two other songs but it’s not at all bad.  Maybe a little plain but still nice.



So with all the Tohoshinki drama unfolding and ended up with the split, Junsu’s single was announced before the final decision and while things are all over the place this single is an alright single for him to start off with.  The three songs do sound strong enough to me and I hope he gets a dance track in his 2nd single.