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Chiaki Takahashi – Kon’ya wa Chupa♡Riko October 14, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Kon’ya wa Chupa♡Riko
  2. Juicy
  3. Kon’ya wa Chupa♡Riko (instrumental)
  4. Kon’ya wa Chupa♡Riko (acapella)

1. Kon’ya wa Chupa♡Riko

I wasn’t expecting a new artist to kick start her career with such a deviant song such as Kon’ya wa Chupa♡Riko.  I will say that besides the rather raunchy PV that accompanies the song, I really enjoy Chiaki’s vocals (minus the unneeded auto-tune this song has).  I’m kind of disappointed that the chorus (or lack of one) is ~chupa riko~ being repeated many times.  Still, it fits the club atmosphere of the arrangement and all the random whistling and synths worked.  It’s a fun song to listen to and everyone should try her out!

2. Juicy

I was more curious to what she was going to release for the B-side and she takes the lighter route with a mid-tempo R&B track.  We get to hear more of her vocals without the auto-tune and she sounds really pretty and moves along the song quite smoothly and breezy vocals.  I’m really enjoying this song and was surprised from what I saw in the A-side that she actually came off as a pretty voice ^_^

3. Kon’ya wa Chupa♡Riko (acapella)

My curiosity for the track after the instrumental took over and was hoping she actually resung the song fully.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t and like other acapella versions, it has the very awkward silences and the auto-tune is still there in her vocals.  It just disappointed me that she didn’t have a little more effort in treating this.



I instantly thought of HYNA when I saw the previews for Chiaki’s A-side because let’s be honest, the girl went into trashy mode for the PV for this song and while I guess it fits the nature of the song, it also probably turned a couple of faces away and it’s sad because she sounds really nice like in Juicy.  I actually do wanna hear more from her because she has a lot of potential if she plays her cards right.