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Daichi Miura – Turn Off The Light August 27, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Turn Off The Light
  2. Wakare no Bell
  3. After The Rain

1. Turn Off The Light

After “Lullaby”, I guess Daichi wanted to bring his fans up with a new dance track to throw at us.  To me, if I heard this song during a basketball game, this would fit that scenario so perfectly since it has the clapping rhythm and nice heavy synth arrangement and Daichi is just sounding amazing…not sultry but like he’s puttin emphasis into the song.  I have to say that this is his best A-side of the era…even passing up “The Answer”.

2. Wakare no Bell

If you wanted sultry Daichi then Wakare no Bell would satisfy that appetite quite nicely since it’s as a package, the song is more in the realm of what Daichi is known for and that’s R&B tunes.  I like the more organic feel I get with the instrumentation with piano, acoustic guitar and light percussion mixed with the beats to make it complete.  I gotta say though that Daichi’s vocals are just so damn good here and I just wanted to hear more of this side to him.

3. After The Rain

I was kind of expecting the second B-side to have been a ballad but I was pleasantly surprised that it’s synthy and feels like it could join alongside “Delete My Memories” in the synthy dance track folder (get the joke here?).  I will say that after a few listens to the song and the A-side, I actually prefer this to the leading song because the groove and mood is definitely Daichi perfectly. 



Is it me or does feel like Daichi has been gone for a LONG WHILE (even though “Lullaby” was released back in December)…hmmm OK it has been quite a damn while XD.  Turn Off The Light is pretty much what I hope Daichi Miura would release even though After The Rain was better than the main song but both are great tracks from him.  If you looking for the softer song, Wakare no Bell is your answer and while it didn’t capture my interests as strongly as the other two songs, it’s also pretty good.


One Response to “Daichi Miura – Turn Off The Light”

  1. Vivian Says:

    Thanks for the review!! I LOVE him so much, but I’m so surprised how not many people know him 😦

    Wow…even better than The Answer, huh… gotta check it out soon…

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