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Morning Musume – Wakuteka Take a chance October 10, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Wakuteka Take a chance
  2. Love Innovation (Regular only)
  3. Fuutsu no Shoujo A (Limited A & B only)
  4. Daisuki 100 Manten (Limited C & D only)
  5. Shinnen Dake wa Tsuranikitoose! (Limited E & F only)
  6. Wakuteka Take a chance (Instrumental)

1. Wakuteka Take a chance

Why not?  Robo-musume did great with the last A-side and now we see it again for our A-side here.  Luckily, unlike “One・Two・Three” the line distribution is a tad better with the new members getting longer lines.  It’s still mostly Reina and Riho which I’m used to at this point.  As for the arrangement it does kind of follow the same path the last A-side went which is a little weird to me, but if it worked the first time, why change a good thing.  The only thing I can say negatively about is the auto-tuning here.  It’s heavier here and I’m starting to find myself mixing up vocals (I hope this ends soon because while I like Robo-musume, I would love to go back into natural voice (even if the girls are not vocally stable).  Still, I really enjoyed this song otherwise (especially that intro….ffff so cool!).

2. Love Innovation

As the true B-side of the single (as in all members are present), Love Innovation is kind of a nostalgic trip back to the earlier days of Momusu.  When I saw the title, I kind of thought it’d be a  retread of “LOVE Machine” but I was WAY off on that one.  Sadly, the song is kind of plain and boring to me.  There’s just not enough oomph to really make it pop out…oh well.

3. Fuutsu no Shoujo A

So unlike the last single where three of the songs were split between the Generations, this single has three random shuffle units.  Fuutsu no Shoujo A has Reina, Masaki, and Haruka and good lord is this good.  I wasn’t expecting a darker (almost ALI PROJECT-esque arrangement here).  I was surprised because all three gave a pretty awesome performance though most of the positives comes from young Haruka who seriously at a couple points sounded like Miki 0.o  I just love how unique this song is and how it suited all three gals.  It is my favorite of the three.

4. Daisuki 100 Manten

Our next track has only Mizuki and Ayumi singing and it kind of seems weird to give both these members such a synthy cute song.  Granted, Mizuki has done stuff like this before (Shugo Chara Egg! anyone?).  This song suits her easily because she’s done it before.  Ayumi though sounds like she’s getting better at singing since she isn’t as abrasive and loud like she was in “Seishun do Mannaka”.  The song doesn’t really resonate for me much (but it is MUCH better than “Love Innovation”).  Not bad, but not strong.

5. Shinnen Dake wa Tsuranikitoose!

So the final song on the single leaves us with Riho, Sayu, Erina, Kanon, and Haruna and it really perplexed me that the weakest singers (sans Riho and Kanon) are a part of this (honestly Sayu could’ve fit in “Daisuki 100 Manten”).  Then I start the song and Haruna opens up and I’m already getting some strange dejavu since it reminds me of “Yuujou ~Kokoro no Busu ni wa Naranee!~.  However the song is really poppy and cute which is amping up the nature of poor vocals here.  Like Kanon sounds the best here (yeah, Riho sounds BAAAAD in this song),  Even Sayu’s weak voice sticks out like a sore thumb while Erina and Haruna sounds the same they have been.  This song just got under my skin and I couldn’t take much more.



Wow, with how much I enjoyed the last single, the shock of this single actually being poor is just outright scary.  I mean Wakuteka Take a chance and Fuutsu no Shoujo A are really good songs…one being more awesome robo-musume and the latter being this goth track for 3 strong vocalists (Masaki is more stronger if she sung lower).  Even Daisuki 100 Manten can be good in spurts.  HOWEVER, they really dropped the ball on the other two tracks.  After all the great B-sides the group has been producing…Love Innovation is really bad and needed a boost of speed to even make it relevent IMO….and Shinnen Dake wa Tsuranikitoose! was just a trainwreck for the poor vocalists (and to say this is the worst I’ve heard Riho YET!)…..Hopefully Sakura Oda can turn this group around and bring back some sanity here!