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SUPER☆GiRLS – Akai Jounetsu October 23, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Akai Jounetsu
  2. Shiawase Wonderland
  3. Joshiryoku←Paradise (Switch Vocal ver.) (CD Type A only)
  4. Amita Gahaku ga Iku! (mu-mo Limited only)
  5. Original CD Drama “SUPER☆GiRLS Chouzetsu Gakuen School Days Collection Ase to Namida no Taiikusai!” (Event/mu-mo only)
  6. Akai Jounetsu (Instrumental)
  7. Shiawase Wonderland (Instrumental)

1. Akai Jounetsu

From the last couple of singles, SUPER☆GiRLS has kind of lacked a good and fun song and with Akai Jounetsu, they kind of found their place here.  The song is slightly darker and a little more mature for them but still retaining their cuteness.  While it might strike as something a bit plain and almost AKB-like, I kind of enjoyed the song and is currently the best A-side of the era.

2. Shiawase Wonderland

As the B-side found on most editions, Shiawase Wonderland kind of goes back to their normal style of genki emotions and just bright all over the place.  The song is pretty much the typical kind of song you’d expect from SUPER☆GiRLS.  Even down to its summery tones…it’s just very plain and not very eventful.



*Will review the other 2 tracks when they pop up*.  SUPER☆GiRLS has just been riding the line of mediocrity for me ever since the era started, but luckily the light shone for Akai Jounetsu this time around.  Even though the song isn’t anything new in the idol world, it’s a lot better than what we’ve been getting from the group.  Shiawase Wonderland though was pretty bland…there’s nothing remotely interesting about it for sure…I hope this era’s album will be more exciting than what I’ve been hearing from them….>.>