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Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 – Kibou Sanmyaku December 2, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Kibou Sanmyaku
  2. Inugo wo Hanaseru Otoko no Ko
  3. Saru no Cymbal (Type A only)
  4. Omoide wa Tooi Hodo… (Type B only)
  5. Hi-Dokkiri de Ikou (Type C only)
  6. Koi wa Shinpaishou (Regular Edition only)
  7. Kibou Sanmyaku (Instrumental)
  8. Inugo wo Hanaseru Otoko no Ko (Instrumental)
  9. Saru no Cymbal (Instrumental)
  10. Omoide wa Tooi Hodo… (Instrumental)
  11. Hi-Dokkiri de Ikou (Instrumental)
  12. Koi wa Shinpashou (Instrumental)

1. Kibou Sanmyaku

I almost got Indian vibes from the intro of Kibou Sanmyaku and kind of keeps with a lighter take on it for majority of it which is something interesting for the 7-nin group.  I’m not gonna lie but despite the various parts where they repeat a word three times, this song is surprisingly catchy and and probably their best A-side yet!  As for the girls, I couldn’t tell who was who but it wasn’t poor which is a good sign right?  Yeah solid song here!

2. Inugo wo Hanaseru Otoko no Ko

Found on all editions of the single, Inugo wo Hanaseru Otoko no Ko is kind of pushing it for me since the members are singing in a higher, much cuter pitch but fewer solo lines than in “Kibou Sanmyaku”.  It’s weird but this song kind of sends me back to their first single with it’s pop/rock-based arrangement.  I’m not much into the song unfortunately because of the whole cutesy-vibe. 

3. Saru no Cymbal

On versions A, B, and C the group is split into three smaller groups with all of the including Mayuyu…>.>  The first one, Saru no Cymbal is between Mika, Haruka, and Mayuyu and it seems they’re showing their cute vocals for this song which isn’t surprising to me.  Together, they sound actually quite good but alone it’s clear that Mayuyu is the better singer of the three in this song.  Seriously, this song sounds like something YuiKaori would pull off (better is the main question LOL).  It’s funny that I hear a dog barking in the song…then again…Dog’s Cymbal?  Just unusual…

4. Omoide wa Tooi Hodo…

Aika and Ayaka join Mayuyu for our next track and it’s funny that after such an odd song we get a song that kind of fits the wintry season without being that LOL.  Now here in this song, I actually enjoyed the girls vocals a bit more since Aika and Ayaka kind of have less of a cute tone (Mayu actually covers that well).  It’s a fun little tune and my favorite of the small group songs.

5. Hi-Dokkiri de Ikou

Last but not least, Misaki and Natsumi get their song with Mayu with Hi-Dokkiri de Ikou.  Just like “Inugo wo Hanaseru Otoko no Ko”, the song presents us with more of a nostalgic run by being a little more rockin’ track.  Likewise, I also feel like I heard this somewhere before but it’s an interesting song since the three members kind of fall in between the cute and deep vocals.  Ehhh, it’s alright but kind of forgetful…

6. Koi wa Shinpaishou

Of course Mayu gets her own solo song on the Regular edition with Koi wa Shinpaishou.  I was impressed with her on her last couple of solo songs and was wondering she’d hit it again with this one.  While I do think it’s more cuter than previous solos, she scores another one.  Her voice might be squeaky cute but they aren’t annoying as they once used to be.  As for the song, some people might think it’s very uninspired and sounds like some typical idol track (which is true, not gonna lie).  However, there’s a certain charm to it that caught me off guard and I ended up liking it.



Why does it feel that there was three singles before this (in reality only two).  Kibou Sanmyaku might be the group’s best A-side of the era so far but the rest of the single kind of was disappointing in a way when compared to “Hetappi Wink”.  Inugo wo Hanaseru Otoko no Ko and Hi-Dokkiri de Ikou harken back to when Watarirouka were just four members remember?? XD and they were alright.  Saru no Cymbal and Omoide wa Tooi Hodo… were more of the cuter songs and they were kind of bleh and Mayu’s Koi wa Shinpaishou was a little bland.  Hope the next single will be better altogether!